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Jennifer Aniston's Cougar Town Character Revealed!

Jennifer Aniston's Cougar Town Character Revealed!

Jennifer Aniston will guest star alongside BFF Courteney Cox on the season two premiere of Cougar Town, can confirm.

“She’s going to play Courteney‘s shrink named Bonnie,” exec producer Bill Lawrence tells EW. “Kind of a get-too-involved-in-her-life-type of therapist. Those guys are so close in real life they kind of do that for each other anyway. Bonnie has the life [Courteney's character] Jules’ wishes she has.”

Lawrence adds, “It starts and ends with Courteney and Jennifer being really great friends and excited to work together again”especially doing comedy together. Every day that those two talk they have more ideas about [the role]. It’s definitely something they’re both involved in creatively.”

In 2007, Jen guest-starred on Courteney‘s then-show Dirt as a rival tabloid editor.

Jen‘s Cougar Town episode will air on Wednesday (Sept. 22) @ 9:30PM ET on ABC. Her latest comedy, The Switch, is in theaters now. This past weekend, It opened at #8 at the box office.

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch Jennifer Aniston on Cougar Town??

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  • Erika

    Cool XD

  • LMAO

    They have been sitting on this info for a long time and just had to release it the morning after thebig BOMB to divert attention.

    She needs to just go back to TV already.

  • Dianna


  • melissa

    that’s great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FAKE

    Where is her, (or should I say Huvane her PR monster’s) apology for using that offensive word, what a disgrace??
    Or is that all forgotten about now?? Oh and we’ve also to forget about her movie bombing big time, A-list movie star, GMAFB, she’s not even a TV standard actress.
    Cougar Town, who gives a shit?? If her “fans” won’t support her movies, they sure as hell won’t watch her on that, what a loser!!

  • omg

    OMG I hate that fake smile on her !

  • BLAH

    Well, JJ, how much did you get for this?
    You already posted this forgettable piece of news, remember? You wont succeed in diverting our attention from Jen’s box office performance.
    BTW, do you want to know My opinion on HER performance? After all this PR crap we had to tolerate in the past weeks? and all the fake threads, the cheap perfume, the pathetic naked covers, the fake bikini bod contests, the pilates, yoga, diet, balance BS she spread around, etc? Here it is:


  • :)

    Courtney is so beautiful.

  • Reality Check

    You may choose not to read anything about her instead of whining to the sky, you hysterical Texas psycho.

  • jane

    I rather watch paint dry on my walls then to watch this “Rachel”
    on anything.

    She’s the most boring one trick horse.

  • Jenny needs speech 101

    Still waiting on that apology statement from her PR team…its been a few days now.

  • Rachel

    Enough with the pity Rachel. This is where she belong…on TV. Yes, she is a TV actress…why would we pay to see her in the movies? For what, same hair, same one character Rachel. It is time for her to own her BO bomb instead of blaming other people/thing. She is a joke in Hollywood and so is her PR team…next move for Rachel is to have a fake boyfriend/being naked on another cover/show more legs…boring no substance or talent. This is for Rachel/Maniston…at the end of the day, it is about the product (good movies) not about silly gimmicks…GET IT!

  • Bombaddic Maniston

    Maniston appeatance to “30 Rock” plunged the show on the low compard to what it usually does.
    People are repulsed by Maniston and her movies bomb consistently even when it is in her genre.
    Run Courtney, run !

  • melissa

    hahaha the haters are really pathetic……. it is getting to a sick obsession….

    Great to hear this i will be watching this

    Go Cougartown

  • @reality check

    Yes, reality check, we understand you cannot understand that this b…h career is over. Why dont you check the reality of her box office results?
    And we read this posts because after all the crappy adv, pics and events she inflicted us, we can at least have some fun laughing at her making fool of herself.

  • amy

    Great, so now Aniston is going to destroy Cougar Town just like she did DIRT!!!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Oh wow, what a supremely challenging role where she will get to display her amazing acting abilities. The drama, oh how wonderful it will be to see her … oh what a role…. NOT!

  • Lol

    I knew we would hear an announcement about Jennifer aniston on cougar town after her movie pretty much bombed and made less than bow wow’s movie. Now it will be non stop media coverage about how awesome she will
    Be on cougar town . Yawn lol

  • helena

    how cute!! they are so funny!



  • F*ck you, haters

    I really don’t know why Jennifer has so many haters. Seems people make sure to bash her in every single post about her. Really, like what is that all about? She seems to me no different than any other hollywood celebrity. If you haters are Angelina fans, go worship her in some post about her. Jennifer has never attacked Angelina or anything like that. She moved on but it seems that you haters can’t. I wonder if Jennifer has cheated on all of you to deserve all this hate?
    Regarding the actual post, I will sure watch the episode.

  • 100mph

    Wow!!!! check out her Mug next to Courteney, good going.. JJ
    one up for Courteney
    I would like to thank Fug for keeping her new Bomb Real,
    staying true to her …cough!! talent… Jen you never disappoint.

    Me…. think she should play a Vampire … she would be good at it
    she has already sucked the life out of everything and everyone she
    could, including her trolls……… hey!!!! bet u still alive troll? lol

  • Jaye

    If there’s one thing she knows about it’s shrinks. That’s not hate, just the fact.

  • hahaha

    I wonder if Jennifer and Chelsea dog/make fun of Courteney and her daughter (call her the R word) behind Courteney’s back? but then Courteney always has to rescue Jen when she makes an ass out of herself or runs another man off.
    NO to watching, Jennifer jumped the shark along time. Handler is trash. I feel sorry for Cox having to pick up Aniston’s million pieces constantly.
    Aniston and Handler’s PR Guru sucks.

  • oh dear

    Is Aniston playing a stalker again like she did on that one show so the google hits go to that show, because you know people do google Aniston stalking the Pitts. Aniston and her friends stalk the children even. SICK!!!

  • slambang

    @oh dear: “Aniston and her friends stalk the children even.” Really? You have any proof of this?

  • brodspit

    i don’t care…let her remain on tv her movies bomb anyways. bring the curse to cougar jen, we love it!

  • Bobbie

    The Switch did not bomb. It made 8.1 Million dollars with a budget of 16 Million dollars. This is per the Hollywood Reporter:

    {Mandate sold off various territorial rights after producing “The Switch” for roughly $16 million. Disney and Maple Releasing will get unspecified distribution fees for handling the pic for Miramax in the U.S. and Canada, respectively.

    Rated PG-13, “The Switch” skewed 65% female, with 72% of patrons aged 25 or older. Couples represented 84% of pic support.

    “It performed right as expected,” Disney distribution president Chuck Viane said.}

    Ha! Take that haters!!!

  • hahaha

    great comment from gossip cop posted by scan…awesome!

    scan says:
    August 23, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    Deflect, deflect, deflect from that 8th placed finish at the box office. LOL Aniston is so predictable. Was the interest level so high, that Gossipcop had to check this out?? …and how could that be since it’s a Monday. This was fed by Aniston’s PR to Gossipcop, since news today is all about yet another horrible DID at the b.o., by Aniston.
    Now we’ll have a weekly update at how Jen’s guest spot is progressing. Constant check-ins, and plants in People online. Hahahaha.
    The ‘Switch’ is dead, long live what’s next — I figured it would either be a tv guest spot incessant hyping, or some new or re-up’d fauxmance….maybe both!
    By the way, nice collaborative spin you put on this – about them both being excited and all…but I just saw an interview with Aniston, and she said, and I quote. “I would do anything FOR COURTNEY,” so spin it how you must, but before her latest film flopped, she was definitely positioning it as her maybe doing Courtney Cox A FAVOR.
    After her bottom of the barrel box office, looks like Cox is doing Aniston the favor. Especially since it will be milked up the wazoo. Oh Jen, how can we miss you, if you never go away. Not that I would. I’m just saying…. lol


    If I was Courteney, I’d be pissed that Jennifer uses her double-speak and spins that she has to help her…when it is the other way around. Jen is a user and needs propped up constantly, how narcissistic is Aniston? VERY. stop being her supply source, Court.

  • man

    This show is sure to be cancelled now.

  • Cat

    No to watching this pos try to act in CC new TV sitcom.

    I just wrote an email to lilclare foundation demanding they fire Aniston from having her on the first page of their support list or at the very least aplogise to these ppl for being an ignorant biatch.

  • andamentothat

    I am quite glad to read this.. She seems to always have Plan B working.. Poor Courtney, the person who constantly has to bail her out.

    Please no more movies..

  • groundcontrol

    Bobbie @ 08/23/2010 at 3:39 pm -1

    The Switch did not bomb. It made 8.1 Million dollars with a budget of 16 Million dollars. This is per the Hollywood Reporter:

    {Mandate sold off various territorial rights after producing “The Switch” for roughly $16 million.

    Too bad you can’t read. The $16 million specifically says that is what waqs paid for the distribution rights. It does not say what the production costs are. They are hiding those as some studios liek to do.
    An older article when The Switch started out as the Baster gave this movie a projected production cost of over $30 million and that was because Aniston was supposedly taking a “lesser salary” but getting a Producer’s credit and possibly share.
    There is almost $10 million in talent alone with the cast not including Aniston. This shot in NYC and Aniston allegedly demanded retouching her images because she didn’t like how she looked.
    This movie was hugely promoted. I saw it on network TV constantly for 2 weeks before and it was advertised all over the internet.
    The distributors aren’t even going to recoup their money let alone the production company. This movie is over.
    The spin being put on this bomb is hilarious. The ignorance underlying some of that spin is even more hilarious.
    Now that Janice Min is running the Hollywood Reporter I wouldn’t trust it to spell its own name correctly.
    Has this ignorant and thoughtless woman apologized yet to the developmentally challenged community? One of the most vulnerable of society’s communities and she cannot put pen to paper and publish a simple and heartfelt apology for the hurt she has caused and the appalling example she has set. She is a waste of space.

  • The Switch bombs !!!!

    Jen Aniston’s ‘Switch’ Bombs at Box Office
    American moviegoers switched off The Switch — preferring vampires, killer piranhas, Sylvester Stallone and Julia Roberts, to name a few.

    In its debut weekend, Jennifer Aniston’s widely promoted sperm donor comedy landed at eighth place, grossing just $8.1 million, Entertainment Weekly reports. Us Weekly’s Thelma Adams wasn’t a fan of the film, either: giving it two stars out of four, Adams says that the actress “treads on all-too-familiar ground; there isn’t an exasperated hair flip we haven’t already seen 100 times.”

    The Switch was bested by such newcomers as Twilight spoof Vampires Suck (#2, $12.2 million) Bow Wow’s Lottery Ticket (#4 with $11 million) and Piranha 3-D (#6, $10 million). Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables nabbed the top spot at $16.5 million, with Julia Roberts’ Eat, Pray Love landing at #4 in its second week.

    Aniston’s March action comedy Bounty Hunter, with Gerard Butler, fared better: grossing $20 million in its first weekend, and nearly $70 million overall.

  • Marieme

    Exactly #3! That’s what I was thinking. What *convenient* timing.

    I haven’t read through all the comments yet, but I’m sure many others here also see the this BS! What a joke.

    Btw has anyone skipped over to Nikki Finke’s blog? Fugs has very few admirers in the industry. Some of those about weekend BO comments are a hoot!

  • ann

    yippe!!!! love to see them acting together!!!! they are soooo cute!!! their friendship is adorable and inspiring!!! I’m sure it is gonna sweet and hilarious!!! I’m so exicited!!!! GO GIIIIRLS!!!!

  • scarjo

    She is trying to get those 10 years ago Friends fans back on line. She is a one trick pony. I saw an interview today on some show when they asked her about doing Cougar Town.. she of course acted like it was new information.

    Then she said anything to help Courteney.. hmmm

    So going on Cougar Town is helping Courteney.. I think her head is bigger then anyone knows. She actually thinks she is the Sh*t.. Court would have done better NEVER letting this loser on her show. It will be all about her..

    but maybe this could be the gateway to her going back to TV where she belongs. She can’t open a film on her name alone.

    The numbers don’t lie. And if The Switch’s budget is lower then The Lottery Ticket. how much money does the untalented woman make.. NO wonder she works all the time.. She has to collect those pennies. ONE to try and stay on the Forbes list which she doesn’t deserve to even read, and she has to take care of all those houses she owns.. ONE she uses to park her Bentley that she never drives. She rents out a home and lives in one and another that she does not even use at all.

    Talk about someone not living in reality. She has money and does nothing of importance with it.



  • della

    can’t wait to see! they are lovely!

  • stew


  • seriously

    I like them both but cougar town sucks…

  • Warren Mallard


  • donnamae

    @F*ck you, haters:
    Jennifer is a snarky manipulative old hag, who is still trying to get back with her ex, Brad Pitt who dumped her for Angelina Jolie almost six years ago, Angelina latest movie Salt have made so much money last reported (214 million ) Salt might become a franchise like J. Bond. Jen and her friends like Chelsea Handler, follows Angelina every move and trys to sabotage her career and relationship with Brad Pitt, Chelsea Handler comments towards Ange’s kids on her show have become vicious and vile. It sickens a person to hear it. It’s hard to believe it is coming from two grown women since Jen says she has moved on. All JA have managed to do is self-destruct.

  • anna

    @F*ck you, haters: I agree completely, these mindless haters should give it a rest..

  • 100mph

    Laughing – My – ass – Off!!!! @

    “yippe!!!! love to see them acting together!!!! they are soooo cute!!! their friendship is adorable and inspiring!!! I’m sure it is gonna sweet and hilarious!!! I’m so exicited!!!! GO GIIIIRLS!!!!”.
    Gag!…. Puke!…. Oops!! ummm!! excuse me!!! hahaha!!!




  • T. Hunter

    Anniston is box office POISON. Every movie she makes BOMBS. As far as this despiacable show called Panther Town or whatever it is, that is a disgusting representation of females. Of course, the whores who star in this trash to make a buck don’t care about anything but themselves and are a huge setback to women.

  • aseret64

    Shrink!!!!!! Shouldnt it be the other way around? Courtney sitting in her chair and CHINnier on the couch lol. Well, anyway, she is back in TV land, where she appropriately belongs……..

  • sara

    YES! now please stay doing tv and stop making boring movies you know were all so sick off you..go away maniston go away!!!!

  • lacy

    feel sorry for courtney’s tv show because if would definitely bombed because of jen…jen’s bad actin and snarkiness would turn off viewers