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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibiran: Taverna Tony Twosome

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibiran: Taverna Tony Twosome

LeAnn Rimes hops onto the back of her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian‘s Harley Davidson motorcycle on Sunday (August 22) in Malibu, Calif.

The twosome grabbed a quick meal at yummy Greek restaurant Taverna Tony.

After lunch, LeAnn tweeted, “Kinda sick of eating out. Haven’t had time to cook lately. Headed to the studio again tomorrow. Maybe cook after! I miss it.”

10+ pictures inside of Taverna Tony twosome LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

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Credit: Pedro Andrade; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • so. gross.


  • Sacha, 23


  • Sacha, 23


  • Matt

    Man they both got so fugly LMAO

  • who

    A hot, beautiful torrid affair is one thing.
    But homewreckers are vile. Smug, fickle, immature homewreckers are revolting.

  • jade

    I can’t stand these two. Didn’t LeAnn say not too long ago,that she wasn’t going on Twitter? Something about the mean remarks,said to her and that she was going to concentrate on her career.

  • James

    They’re so lame. Fame hungry tw.ats.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    @go away grimes & cibrian:

    If you judge Leann’s looks, you should post a picture so we can see YOU!

  • @twitter

    Some people think LeAnn has 62,000 twitter followers. Not so. Twitter followers are accumulated over the years and all but a couple of thousand have left LeAnn. Does anybody really think Jessica Simpson has 2.5 million followers? Who? Yes, Jessica supposedly has 2.5 million. LeAnn doesn’t have a following. If she did, would she be so desperate as to keep posting these ridiculous photo ops?

  • Tammy

    I don’t know who posted this photo-op but if it was LeAnn, she is truely desperate. She looks absolutely horrid and Eddie looks his usual “I’m only in it for the money” self.

  • George

    Neither look all to happy today, guess her performance reviews had hit her. Kind of like the ugly stick gave her those revolting tree trunks she’s constantly showing off. Guess Eddie doesn’t care about LeAnn’s safety attire she wears while riding the motorcycle, really not the best, half helmet and shorts, I’m more protective of my gal. Maybe Eddie’s already got LeAnn to make him her primary beneficiary

  • trudy

    Well. get ready Racy alias Leann will be here shortly to tell everyone how good they both look They look horrid especially Leann Ugly legs 27 and cellulite I’m 47 and have had two babies and do not have one bit of cellulite It’s an inherited trait and Leann has her mother to thank for her ugliness. inside and out Wish they had a helnet to hide her entire face and one for her to wear when she is headed to the gym.


    If Tim Gunn shows up he’s going to have a crap fit.

  • mary ellen

    Trudy you are right as soon as Leann wakes up ,goes to the studio and rushes home to fix dinner she will really get started as racy to tell us all how much she loves herself Know she will find time in her busy day to tweet and to visit here to say she looks good , very sad why would she wear those shorts it just shows nasty legs think she is really losing it What is it about her that looks dirty? cannot figure that out

  • jo jo

    You can take a pig ,spray tan it ,put a bathing suit or dress on it and it’s still a pig

  • robert

    would have thought Eddie had better taste in women than that. those flaring nostrils under the hemet should give any one the heebie jeebies But would sumise they are that big from her running her fingers up there sorry Eddie but you can’t pick winners every time

  • Racy

    @mary ellen: Wrong. If I was LeAnn, some of you would already be talking to my lawyers. Guess again.

  • anon

    Welcome back, Cotter I mean Racy We are all so afraid of you Leann has the snout of a hog and she can’t get it fixed because that might ruin her singing as if her singing career is not already ruined Get that MOTE out of your eye

  • SD

    LeAnn’s legs look great! Muscular yet toned. I’d take that look anyday over somebody who’s emaciated. She has a good body, but an unfortunate looking face.

    Eddie looks like a clown, with his cheekbones and all. His looks are vastly overrated. I don’t know what LeAnn sees in him.

  • jackie

    Leanns legs are dimply especially on the thighs And at 27 in the next few years it will be even worse

  • Keiser

    I see Mr. Troll is busy at work. Is this the only job he holds?

    Jealousy is such a burden for the spurned one. Go, LeLe !!!

  • Bliss

    The couple seem very happy together. Remember Eddie married young and grew up, did the X not grow & they grew apart. Sure he admirs a self-made woman who has much to offer and a positive attitude. LR is so much more mature than the X

  • Keiser

    @ natalie

    Some truth except in this case the troll is male gender

  • ride the hogs

    Must be fun riding the Cali coast. Enjoy LR & EC, you’re young and beautiful.

  • @Bliss

    Apparantly nobody cares about this thread so Bliss, is here to taunt-up a few responses. Eddie got married young? He was 29 but yes I agree he was and still is a jouvie. LeAnn with the WeWe and Lele and “cooking din din”. Yes, with maturity like that Eddie and LeAnn can both stop nursing when they’re in their 50′s. So did you like my reply to your taunt? This won’t sell records babe.

  • FameHogs

    Looks like “ride the hogs”, Keiser, Bliss, and natalie all ride to work together. No posts and then within 10 minutes a rash of posts luving on the cali gurl. Come on gurls, CBME would never do such a thing.

  • OLV

    Animal Abuse! Two pigs riding a hog!

  • jackie

    fogot to mention those ugly knees and as for maturity give us a break Leann is the most immature woman ever tweeting constantly about her sex life and boys who she has absolutely no relation to except the fact that she sleeps with their father who is still married to their mother now, that smacks of real maturity, NOT and just how do you know they grew apart and that Brandi is immature The immature one is Leann who got a taste of Lil Eddie and chased him to the ground even when he was in counselling with his WIFE

  • jackie

    OLV Love that line and so true Especially with Leanns nose under that helmet

  • gwen

    Hey JJ. has this man been paying on his child support? I mean here he is dining out again, yet he tells a judge that he can’t pay child support?

    Thanks JJ for giving the public even more reason to dislike these two.

  • betty

    We know Keiser Bliss and natalie are all new akas for racy @Keiser I am the one that stated it wasn’t necessary to respond to all comments and I don’t respond to all pro Leann comments most at the the ones aimed at me.There are very few positive comments about Leann. If it wasn’t for sites like JJ that Leann PR people keep inundating with these ridiculous photo ops no one knows or cares about what they do. They have been doing it for a year and still don’t get it. Eddie has really sunk to a new low he has no pride he has sunk to Leanns level. He has to go along with the MAN of the house. LOL

  • anon

    and,don’t forget Leann has been on twitter again reminding every body that this is her birthday week She must think her Birthday is a national holliday jeepers how mature is that and of course she will take Eddie on an all=expense paid vacation with her so they she can get as much as possible before he runs and after seeing those pictures up above how could any man not want to run Get your next support check in eddie before you take off

  • ?????

    Why has some earlier comments have mysteriously disappered>>>????

  • anon

    maybe Leann made them dissapear like she did Dean

  • joey

    Leann posted about her tickling session last night and if that wasn’t
    enough she then jumped on Eddie’s page and tweeted for him she is so messed up

  • cbme

    @FameHogs: If cbme felt the necessity to reply, she would. Haven’t seen anything yet from you that falls out of the teen genre. Send in somebody worthy!!

  • Leann’s treat

    Hey you trolls want it both ways. You blab that Eddie is using Leann for her money and that she buys him everything, and you also complain that Eddie is out to eat. He can eat out as much as he wants because its Leann’s treat. Leann doesn’t owe Brandi anything. If Brandi wants to go out to eat then maybe she should get a job. Look how hard Leann works for her money. I don’t see Brandi doing any work except on her back.

  • betty

    You just proved your own point. Leann does not owe Brandi but Eddie does. I’m sure Leann is not doing all the treating.If Eddie owes Eddie will pay. Does Eddie have a job?

  • left at home

    Too bad, port call beckoned. lmao

    And, on a separate note- an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LeAnn!

  • yes it’s so

    Betty you are so right on A man can be a H.O. ,too I bet he does have carpet burn and I just bet it hurts his pride since he is Cuban and speaks Spanish Only the men are called gigolos and he is the biggest one to come along in a double long time Can not stand his smirky face after what he did to his wife and kids and all for the likes of a snout nosed hog with dimply legs and a manlike body won’t go into the other terrible features Come on Leann do you think for one nano second that that man is with you for any other reason than the fact that he is broke. Who paid for the new Star Wars furniture and he let you buy it . most men would say they can just use what you have in here until I can buy it for them not the Big Ed, tho he is just a hanger on

  • canuckers

    I just love LeAnn’s face when she gets that stern look. It’s such an honest face and her heart is on her sleeve. Foreva ‘n eva your fan!

  • sunshine tutu

    Is LeLe heading to Hawaii for her b’day bash?

  • Diane

    LOL, I finally read the posts on this thread and all I wondered was “I wonder how long this back & forth between those who loathe Leann and those who support will last.”

    Seriously, do you guys wonder the timeline at all? All the threads are starting to look alike. JustJared sure does feature Leann’s outings on here a lot. Wonder if that happens for other celebs? I honestly never frequented JJ until the Leann/Eddie scandal last year.

    In other news, Tiger Woods divorce is final (Elin is a rich woman today, I betcha) – and Martin Short’s wife died, mother of his 3 children. Notice the last line of the article. “She stayed home to raise their 3 children”. I think that’s what Eddie & Brandi C. did. But now she should go on and get a job eventually.

    But for those who put Brandi down for “doing nothing” all those years are just ignorant. But you prob. knew that already. LOL!

    “Radar Online is reporting that Nancy Dolman, Martin Short’s wife of 30 years and mother of their three children, has died.

    A representative for the actor confirmed her death, but provided no further details.

    She was born in Ontario Canada in 1952 and married fellow Canadian Short in 1980 and the couple has daughter Katherine Elizabeth and sons Oliver Patrick and Henry.

    “Dolman was a performer as well, retiring in 1985 to raise their family.”

  • Leann’s Treat

    It’s called a REAL RELATIONSHIP. You help and support one another in good times and bad. So what if Leann is treating now. When Eddie gets back to work then he will treat her. He will pay whatever he needs to in child support too. My point is that you trolls have NO POINT saying that he is doing wrong by his kids by going out to eat. Stop talking out of both sides of your mouth. There is nothing wrong with him going out to eat or taking a vacation if it’s Leann’s treat.

    I like Leann’s body. It’s very fit and a healthy weight. She doesn’t have dimples. It always looks like that on fair skinned people. That’s why so many women fake bake because it makes them look skinnier and hides some of their flaws on their skin. When you are fair, everything is exposed and shadows make it look like things are there that aren’t. Leann has beautiful skin and a beautiful body. You fatties are just jealous.

  • Fern Hill

    I’m seeing that JayZ and U2 are going to tour together. Tickets start at 39.99 and go up to and sometimes over that. LeAnn’s pics are on a par.

  • anon

    I am 127 lbs and not fat by any means and Leann has cellulite and dimply skin and your saying she doesn’t is not going to make it go away she has bad skin on the beach scene she had a heavy heavy spray tan and most peoples skin looks better with that orange stuff on

  • Racy

    @left at home: Do brave souls fight women?

  • http://deleted A Real Winner

    @Fern Hill:
    haha please do not compare jay-z and u2 to ur idol..the diff btw the two is that their cocert will actually sell out and be packed..u idol couldnt even bring in a crowd with a 2 for 1 deal

  • Racy

    Do 127 pound men have cellulite? Naw, guess not. Don’t preach to a tree stump – they, for some reason, never listen.

  • http://deleted A Real Winner

    have u ever been to a brad and angie post on ANY blog..people still call angelina a homewrecker after 5 yrs and brangelina fans hate aniston and want her to fail..many ppl in holleylwood have affairs its the way u handle an affair is the issue..flaunting it, making C &D orders, stalking the cheated on spouse on twitter, talking about the ex-wife’s kids as if they are ur own on a public website..thats what makes this affair so disgusting..leann is unclassy and pathetic and the public agrees..her single has flopped and she cant even bring in a crowd not too mention she has a sad number of twitter sure leann oops i mean racy will respond to my post immediately hehe