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The Situation Paycheck: $5 Million!!!

The Situation Paycheck: $5 Million!!!

Jersey Shore stud Mike Sorrentino, aka The Situation, will stand to earn more than $5 million by year’s end.

Here’s what THR is reporting the 29-year-old is earning:

– $60,000 an episode after bonus incentives, based on ratings

– Event-appearance fees from $15,000-$50,000, which will bring him $1 million this year alone

– He has a fitness video called “The Situation Workout” and a chewable supplement line at GNC

– An autobiography, “Here’s the Situation,” earned him a six-figure advance

This year, The Situation is out-earning Anna Paquin ($900K for Season 3 of True Blood), Michael Cera ($4 million for Scott Pilgrim) and Matthew Morrison ($540K for Glee). Pretty darn impressive!!!

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  • Dan

    I actually think Pauly D is the more entertaining character on JShore but whatever

  • thighmegatampon

    Wtf is up with the world? How does an uneducated douche make more money than millions of hardworking americans?

  • Ashlee

    oh so thats the secret?? All you have to do is spend your life partying, drinking, acting stupid and you get paid millions???? Wow how sad has this world become that we are rewarding these idiots with money and tv shows for their no talent , no brain antics?! While there are REAL people in this country just struggling to feed their children, working 2 or 3 jobs just to pay the bills. Its pathetic and I refuse to waste my time watching a show like Jersey Shore…all that does is help support those idiots. I can think of alot of more important things this country could do with $5 million dollars!

  • UGH

    I would never watch that show to support these douches. I cant stand all these reality show losers. GO AWAY.

  • John

    Jared, how the hell is that impressive. It’s wrong. Someone like this should not be getting paid that much. Anna, Morrison and Cera should all be making more especially Morrison and Anna.

  • BEAN

    What a horrible body!

  • Halli

    So what. He will burn through that money because guido lifestyle is all flash no substance.

  • Lol

    I think vinny and snooky are the most entertaining. The situation is always talking about grenades but i think he’s a major grenade in the face. He’s not worth the money basically

  • Good

    Good for him! He turned nothing into something. That’s the American dream. He won the lotto. He must know hard work whether you like the Jersey Shore or not. It takes a lot of dedication and work to get your body that way. Nothing harder then that! I’m just not a hater.

  • nyob

    This is what is wrong with the world.

  • Frida

    Not impressive Jared, REVOLTING!

  • Franck

    What a shame !!!
    That so discusting ! Some people work hard all their life and him, do absoltly NOTHING and get that money ? Wht’s the hell !!!!

  • TMNox

    No, J. It’s not impressive. It’s pathetic.

  • Milla

    Why can mtv pay these douche bags and not the girls from Teen Mom?

  • why??

    It sickens me that these so called ” reality stars” get paid for what they do; absolutely nothing! What has tv turned into now these days? All the magazine covers have people from The Real Housewives, The Bachelor, etc.; what have they ever done to deserve to be on the cover of these magazines? I don’t want to read about them. Oh, and don’t get me started on that Housewife who crashed The White House party; that idiot is loving all the attention she’s getting and its sad that she’s actually getting it to.

  • In The Know

    Anna Paquin will get back end from True Blood so its not even in the same league.


    Anna will end up making 20 or 30 times what this jackass will make.

  • ihateph

    boy did these idiots step in it

  • blake

    wow how sad that just shows how empty people are this days ratings booming for pointless shows like this and this nobody making this outrageous amounts of money while there’s people dying of hunger around the world.

  • jaye

    I don’t watch so called Reality shows, but I’m not mad at him. If people are stupid enough to pay him that type of money, he’d be a fool to turn it down.

  • jen

    so he has a book deal, for an autobiography? can’t believe this uneducated douche is getting paid for a book on this pathetic existence. People who watch this show must have no life to think that the Jersey Shore is entertaining. Tried to watch it for 5 minutes and had to change the channel because my IQ was going down by the seconds of watching such trash.

  • Alfons

    Ir ok !