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Austin Nichols & Sophia Bush Protect The Waters

Austin Nichols & Sophia Bush Protect The Waters

Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush show off their “Servo Aequora” shirts in this brand new shot.

The couple teamed up with Veritas to create a fashion forward shirt that served a purpose, too – $15 from every shirt purchase will go toward Gulf Coast cleanup efforts!

Sophia and Austin headed down to Louisiana earlier this summer with Global Green USA, and she’s raising funds for the victims of the spill by running a half marathon this November!

FYI: “Servo Aequora,” or “Protect the Waters,” is printed on the shirt, as is an ancient map of North America, where the waters were once pure.

Pick up your own shirt over at! Bigger pics inside…

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  • Melanie


  • amanda

    making money off of a disaster is pathetic. disgusting fame whores. nobody needs them to step in and sell t-shirt that require an insane amount of fuel (which is what they are fighting – ironic much?) to be shipped. not to mention – BP and the government are responsible for the damage.

  • B.S!!!!!!!

    @amanda: You know NOTHING about Sophia or her husband! Not everyone has a bad mind like you.

  • B.S!!!!!!


  • http://@RebeccaAzzi Rebecca

    Sophia & Austin are such inspirations and truly shine in their roles as Hollywood stars. We can only hope more celebs will put their status to the good that they have; KUDOS to the pair!

  • Shana

    Gotta love ignorant people. Let’s see if these idiots aka haters can make this article one of the most popular posts on JJ by tommorrow morning with their lame a$$ comments and remarks.LOL
    Any ways, Sophia and Austin have been raising awareness about the Gulf oil spill since the very moment they took the trip down to the Gulf Coast for themselves to check it out. Kudos to them for sticking by this disaster to help progress things along as well as raising money to help out with the spill. I have family overseas who weren’t getting any coverage about the spill but only found out what was happening through Sophia and Austin’s twitter accounts seeing as how they’re OTH fans like myself. And they have even made contributions despite not living in the US. Every bit that they are doing is helping those who desperately need money and help down in the Gulf. So like I said, kudos to them!

  • Sarah

    @amanda: Are you high? “Making money off a disaster”? How stupid are you. The money doesn’t go to them, moron, that’s the point of CHARITY and FUNDRAISING. It goes towards compensating for that disaster. If you’re such a righteous humanitarian I’d like to see you get off your ass off your computer chair and go train to run a marathon like Sophia is for the Gulf.

  • G23

    Regardless of their intentions, they are still raising awareness about the spill. Plus, 40% of the profits are going straight to the spill… which is a pretty good number.
    I think if people are so opposed to celebrities working with the spill for “fame”.. well maybe they should get off their ass and do something about it. Because the most you did today was blow up at a celebrity on an online forum.

  • .

    this is getting too pathetic!

  • Paige

    I think it’s nice to see celebrities supporting a cause but if anyone wasn’t aware of this spill then they must have lived under a rock. I do have to agree that taking a cut from a charity program is in poor taste.

  • Kelly

    What you said was awesome.
    Seriously, if some people are so opposed to celebs doing something to help others and the planet in general, then why not get off your sorry ass and actually do something about it yourself? It beats sitting in front of your computer trying to act all tough by bitching at those who are actually doing good things. So stop hatin and try acting mature for a change. People might like you more.
    And Paige, they are NOT taking a cut from anything. From day one, Sophia and Austin have been raising money for the Gulf as well as other causes and they have been making large contributions themselves as well with there very own money. Why would they be taking a cut from anything if they’re donating money as well? Sophia would never stand for that which is why she mostly supports non-profit organizations where the majority of the money goes to the actual causes instead of into the pockets of the CEO’s etc. And Sophia just recently started making people aware about donating to these causes. But its a fact(and those close to her know and will vouch for this as well) that Sophia has actually been donating a lot of money to her favorite charities for years and will continue to do it in the future as well.

  • Bella

    Gotta say – Sean Penn for Haiti is the real deal. He has been in Haiti cleaning up for months on end. This is just good PR.

  • G23

    Sophia and Austin don’t get a cut. They are only lending their names. Veritas is the organisation that recieves the profits (and I’d imagine it’s for manufacturing, administration and advertising costs. The designer may also get a cut; well it is his source of income….)

  • Brightside

    Ah, but who uses the oil that wrecks the environment, though? We all do! Drilling for, extracting and transporting oil is never going to be 100% problem free and 100% environmentally friendly, no matter what the oil companies tell you. Weaning ourselves away from the black stuff would have the greatest benefit to our environment ever conceived. But how would we work, drive, manufacture and transport. If we are not part of the solution then we are all part of the problem. Like it or not if you eat, work and play then you are part of the problem. The responsibility is on all of us to use greener solutions…solar panels on the roof (I had mine installed six months ago and they have cut my heating bills by more than two thirds…more sun, less oil), wind power, thermal power and wave power. Find alternatives to using the car too, car pooling, public transport, cycling etc. We have to all work together on this. It’s a bit like fur wearers complaining about cruelty to animals. We all use oil. We should try to use as little as possible.

  • jen

    Austin, please stop wearing female shirts.

    Sophia looks gorgeous

  • good

    Love the pose! haha
    I like that they are using their fame/names to raise awareness of good causes

  • kbk

    I heard they got engaged but they decided together that sophia would not wear the ring until oth is over.

  • alex


    Where did you heard that? I wouldn’t be really surprised if they did!

  • ….

    Austin looks so gay here

  • Anna

    Both Austin and Sophia look HOTT! Love them!

  • Rachel

    Sophia used to be my favourite but now she’s getting too annoying.

  • Irene

    They both look great and so passionate about Gulf, love it.

    And Sophia joining twitter was the best decision, I know bunch of people who never watched OTH yet they started following her because they were inspired by her blogs.

  • FACT

    They make me vomit..
    Austin looks horrible as always. He’s just so plain looking. Everytime i see his face i wanna punch him really hard. And Sophia is not aging really good.

  • Ally

    Oh please. Morons who sit there protected behind their little computer screens and who write stupid insults that make them look petty and jealous beyond belief make me vomit.
    And as someone who saw Sophia up close and in person at the airport last week, I’ll be the first one to yell out loud that she is seriously the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Her skin is so flawless and she’s stunning. Plus, she’s one of those women who looks even more beautiful in person and trust me, she looks much younger than her age. And although I’ve never seen Austin in person, I’ve been told by those who have that he’s gorgeous……although I don’t need to see him in person to know that.

  • NE Sports Fan

    Love them & all the wonderful things they are doing!

  • Bridge

    Austin looks hot!

  • Douche


  • Alexandra

    He’s so unattractive to me.
    Creeper smile/receding hairline/oddly shaped ears/JT nose…

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    y only $15 goes 2 da cause? shouldnt ALL OF IT go 2 da cause?? im stil happy they r out ther bein involved. Sophia looks good. Austin needs 2 comb his hair. LOL but both look great. dont stop guys!!!

  • quincy

    What’s with those rumors that S/A got engaged?!

  • demi

    sophia – stop commenting on here and get a life. also – youre just giving money right back to the people responsible for this disaster by shipping tshirts. where do you think freight costs come in?

  • gNt

    sophia’s got a huge a$$ head…at least when I saw her in person it was huge. like bobble-like. so sick of hearing of these two. pathetic what they are doing, shocking how people fall for it.

  • gNt

    @demi: yup and shipping stuff on those freights that let off all those carbon emissions. diaster

  • Becky

    Wow honey……..someone sounds a little jealous. Well seeing as how I saw Sophia just a few days ago in Wilmington along with my friends, all of us couldn’t help but admire her beauty and her warm personality. Hell, if there was someone I could choose to look like, it’d be Sophia Bush and I’m not afraid to admit it. The girl is hott and has an awesome personality.
    And FYI, if someone is sick of hearing about a particular person, step 1 would be to STAY AWAY from articles, posts, etc. etc. written about them INSTEAD of actually spending time reading up on them and then actually wasting time leaving dumbass comments. It’s make you all look pretty damn stupid.LMFAO

  • Jen2

    Jen-lmao I totally agree! It’s like they ordered the same size shirt…xs in a female fit! Yuck. Good for them though they’re doing something about how they feel. They could be wasting their time like other celebrities w/ money and buying stuff they don’t need and going bar hopping etc.

  • Hilary

    Sophia needs to STFU and stop being so damn annoying.

  • B

    that girl got real ugly.. I swear she was hot in some gay movie i watched her in awhile ago.. so annoyed of her PC campaigns.. nobody cares. youre not famous, therefore NOBODY cares that “your name” is attached to a project. If anyone recognizes it.. they are some pathetic loser 14 year old that somehow still is entertained by that lame show youre on.. OR they think youre the dumb, ex-president’s daughter. its a lose-lose situation.

  • aaron

    there seem to be a lot of “i saw sophia and she is the most beautiful girl ive ever seen” comments. austin – stop leaving fake fan comments and go clean up the gulf.

  • Baci

    Trying to hard to be the next Brad and Angelina, except with out all the movies Brad and Angelina have done. I get what they want to do but why can’t I just get it out of my head that they are also doing it as a way to garner some publicity seeing as their careers aren’t really doing such a great job for both. Austin was a total no name and Sophia lost her mojo big time. Once OTH is gone so will they so they need to have something to fall back on and keep their names out there. Clever, but will it bring them movies, I don’t think so. I hope it helps the Gulf at least!

  • Cassie

    Austin is such a joke. He thinks he’s the shit now that he’s on OTH but in reality he’s a no one.

  • hokiegirl

    LOVE SOPHIA AND AUSTIN!!! Thanks Jared!!

  • Irene

    Once again, thank you haters for making more comments and making this post more popular…

    And if you’re so sick of her then why are you following her on twitter and posting here?

    One more thing, if you think only 14 year old teens love Sophia, well then you’re the one that’s pathetic. Just go on her crowdrise page and look at wonderful comments made by people in their 30s,40s etc. Something tells me they couldn’t care less about OTH but they are still supporting her.

  • Alana


    Totally agree!

  • hu

    @Ally: I ve seen her in person a couple times and it aint no thing. . . where do you live? backwoods of Kentucky?

  • jen


    LOL at you

    ” morons ” have the right to put their opinions out there don’t get angry because not even loves Austin like you do.

  • jen


    crazed fan alert LMAO

    Hilary has every right to post whatever she likes, not everyone agree’s with everyone. I didn’t read your whole post because that would be insane of me but I read parts.

    Jesus get help hun

  • Carrie

    No, I think you should get help hun. I read what Arianna had to say and she was right on. But you’re right in the sense that not everyone agrees with everyone and people tend to have differening opinions but when you’re being downright obnoxious and cruel in your so called “opinions,” don’t expect people to get not angry and take it lightly. Like the saying goes, if you can’t handle the heat, then get out, but in this case, just shutup.

  • NE Sports Fan

    I usually keep to myself when it comes to negative comments, however, people really need to grow up. If you don’t like someone then don’t bother writting something nasty, or even looking for that matter. Everyone has a different definition of what beautiful or attractive it, but there is no need to attack either Sophia or Austin on their looks. I’m sure that other people could comment on your looks if you wanted to post a picture of yourself for the world to see and I’m sure that some of those comments would make those of you attacking their looks cry. Please grow up because the only people who rip apart others are those that are insecure or very immature!

  • misslovely

    engaged! SOON TO BE MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!