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Leo DiCaprio: Teddy's Club Night!

Leo DiCaprio: Teddy's Club Night!

Leonardo DiCaprio tries to sneak out of Teddy’s nightclub at 2:30AM on Tuesday night (August 24) in West Hollywood.

A random tweeter said a few hours ago, “Spotted tonight: Leonardo DiCaprio at Teddy’s and of course the hottest girl in town.” Bar Refaeli, is that you?

FYI: Leo is wearing a South Carolina Gamecocks Baseball Cap and a Power Balance wristband. He was also clutching onto a cigar!

10+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio‘s club night at Teddy’s…

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leo dicaprio teddys 01
leo dicaprio teddys 02
leo dicaprio teddys 03
leo dicaprio teddys 04
leo dicaprio teddys 05
leo dicaprio teddys 06
leo dicaprio teddys 07
leo dicaprio teddys 08
leo dicaprio teddys 09
leo dicaprio teddys 10

Credit: Ian Daniels, Devone Byrd; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, Startraksphoto
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  • lol

    `hottest girl in town`? That`s definitely NOT Bar Refaeli! LOL!

  • MlleF

    Poor Man, he’s constantly harrassed by paparazzi while he’s never opening about his private life.

    He’s always trying to hide under a cap or a hat.

    Okay okay, we understand that he’s dating Bar Rafaeli for a century now, leave him alooooone !

    PS : the person who said that on twitter is shameless…it’s like denouncement…I hate that.

  • Nickki

    Slow day, Jared? Is this really post-worthy? Leo clubbing and hiding from the paps? Btw other sites also have the photos but no mention or sighting of his girlfriend. It`s only you, Jared. Somehow you always find a way to bring her up I wonder why.

  • nikki

    good actor but he’s really a Hollywood guy (date with models, friend with douchey peoples ):
    GUY when you party in a posh club,don’t be shy ,take your responsability

  • Just Me

    It isn’t Bar. Bar has been in Israel for the past few days.

  • Just Me

    I meant “It’s not”…

  • here we are…

    …the same old Leo. Pity that he is really starting to look old. And boring.

  • Just Me

    I meant *It’s not…

  • Red Velvet

    This tweet just make me even more sure that Bar is just his sure thing not his exclusive gf.
    He keeps his options open

  • @5

    I`m sure she is gonna be happy to read that Leo is definitely not bored while she is away and as usual he found the `hottest girl in town` to keep him company! LOL!

  • @here we are

    How can you say he looks old you can’t even see his face?!

  • lagirl

    bar is in israel,-

  • Il divo

    His gf is no problem for me lol. I’ll always support Leo because I like the way he is. Paparazzi are pissed because he never shows his face perhaps they harass him because of that

  • Team Bar

    Bar not only is in Israel… she reunited whit her ex bf Guy Geor for a tennis match… so i guess they split… is anyone from Israel here who can tell us what happen whit Bar and Guy?

  • french

    It’s not Barf (she is in Israel)

  • Jessica

    Leo is a great actor, but that dude is ugly. Good thing he isn’t judged on his looks the way women are, or he would be in trouble. Round face, skinny fat body. He looks like any of the douchebags I go to college with.

    I If he wasn’t a multimillionare, Bar, Giselle or any of the other bevy of beauties that he has dated, wouldn’t so much as f.a.r.t. in his direction. He should thank his lucky stars he is famous, because without that, he would be pounding his pudd on Friday nights.

  • Lik Bar

    They didn’t broke up, and Bar and Guy never dated, i’m sure Bar and Leo are still together

  • @17

    Yeah, and it looks like he misses her terribly! LMAO! Ever since he got back from Europe he is out doing what he likes the most: clubbing ( and flirting )! LOL!

  • tinkerbell

    It WAS probably Charlize Theron, and that is the hottest girl in town-they were hanging at Teddys before. Or its the Playmate. It will come out. Def not barfie girl. Oh he is so on the look-out for next. If I wanted to meet him and lived in LA just go down to Teddys–looks like that is the new celeb spot. It would be interesting just to observe anyway.
    In any case glad he is getting out.

    Actually I kind of like the picture, I like his big hands and shoulders, think they are sexy. But I want him to date a real woman, not someone from the club / celeb scene. (she can be beautiful and be a celeb..just not someone from the club)

  • abba

    the other girl is someone else….barfie is away!!

  • Team Bar

    i guess leo and bar broke up, but i´m not sure… that´s why i´m asking if someone from israel can tell me what´s the deal whit bar and guy… last year whem she broke up whit leo she went straight to guy´s arms and that´s what seems to happen again… leo is partying and acting like a single boy and bar is in israel whit guy… just like last year… and btw where is Lisa Rose???? girl i need your help to find out what´s going on whit bar and guy!!!!

  • http://. What’s happening?

    He’s not handsome anymore!!! He’s aging quickly!!!

  • xoxo

    @Team Bar: you will find LisaRose over at BellaFreaks!! They’re going to break up so DEAL with it! If they havent done so already they WILL!!! You’re sad!! lol

  • leo and bar

    they didnt break up shes in israel with family nothing going on with this guy from israel if anything just friends leo and bar are going strong its in all the papers here in israel and if leo goes out at night which he normally does and we see it here it doesnt mean anything to bar shes not worried or concerned about it

  • where the girl?

    i dont even see a girl in any of these pix if there is a girl where is she ?

  • damaged goods
  • bb

    this didn’t surprise me one bit

  • bb

    Leo has never changed or curbed his behaviour for Bar, why would he is she tolerates this.

  • flirting in the club

    @where the girl?: there is NO GIRL on the outside and NO Barfiee..I think Leo was flirting when he’s in the club but he came outside by himself…but I def think he was flirty inside the club!!!

    I think that tweeter saw leo with another girl but it wasnt barfie obviously!!!

  • bb

    Leo will never change for Bar so long as she tolerates this behaviour. He’s never curbed his party/flirting for Bar. Why would he

  • ha!

    @leo and bar: oh please shut up! What are you going to do when Leo finally dumps this ragged old witch?!?! You serisouly don’t think they’re going to last do you?!?!? he’s just flirting down the place!! LOL!!!

  • lol

    I assume the girl was INSIDE the club and these photos were taken OUTSIDE when he was leaving.
    @24: `leo and bar are going strong its in all the papers here` It`s incredible how well informed the Israeli papers are all the time about their status knowing how private Leo is! Impressive! LOL!

  • geezer

    Pathetic. The definition of a middle aged loser. No personal growth at all. He should be sick of being the older person in the club. At some point it becomes embarrassing.

  • tinkerbell

    @leo and bar:

    If Bar is not worried….she ought to be….heh heh heh heh it wont take long……..

  • SD

    Great actor, but he’s as homely as they come. He’s got a round, fat face and a skinny-fat body with absolutely zero muscle tone. On top of that he isn’t aging gracefully at all. He looks much older than his years IMO.

    I guess that’s what happens when you hit up the party scene as much as fugly Leo has. You start to look worse for wear. No sympathy here.

  • tinkerbell

    seeing a little bit of chub a lub there, if you look close. He goes to this kind of a place to be king leo and get attention….but if he keeps going it wont be long til the random hook-ups start or one-nights witha B-lister or a real thing.

    Note, hes wearing his power band. That is what that thing is-saw it in Italy. Definitely sporting spare tire too. Poor baby.

  • Mr. Bloated CatFace
  • ??

    @tinkerbell: what is a power band??

  • face puff
  • ha!

    @face puff: he’s still hot barf fan…and hes going to be hottest when he gets the right woman!!

  • in here

    thats right we know everything in israel… i wish i could tell u too… sorry.
    and to 31: stop being jelouse and try to find your own man… you wish he would even look at you

  • face puffWE
  • We’re on ONTD

    “The demise of his beautiful face really is an American tragedy.”

  • lol

    @41: Sure, whatever you say and whatever makes you happy! What do the wise Israeli papers say about Leo clubbing and flirting after their vacation? I`m sure they have reliable inside info about that, too, right? LOL!
    You mean jealous? Of Barfy? That`s funny! LOL!

  • @ leos obsessed fan

    @41 i wouldnt give leo the right time of day hes gross a druggie fat dirty looking pathetic alchy looser aging fast immature cant keep a woman suppose to be a man but is a child im sure bar sees this and will dump him first and im sure shes using him for whatever she can get out of him at this point of what hes become any girl will do the same hes so coked up and drunk half the time he probably cant get it up bar is probably resting happily in Israel away from him for a few days its just a matter of time she dumps him then he will find some other young model that will use his ugly loosing a-s-s for the same thing ps get yourself some help look how many posts you made in just a few seconds youre just as sick as he is pss im married happily

  • @45

    Getting frustrated? LOL! It`s funny that you keep calling people obsessed for posting here a lot and at the same time you do exactly the same thing but instead of bashing Barfy you bash Leo. But I guess that`s OK, right? You keep blabbing about him being a drug addict and stuff like that but I assume that`s just fine. Hypocrite!

  • @ leos obsessed fan

    @46 far from frustrated i dont post half of what you do you already admitted to being obsessed everyone saw it so continue your obsessiveness not blabbing about it its a known fact hes a drug addict and alchy anyone in LA knows it not a Hypocrite i dont do drugs or drink have a happy clean life and FYI count my posts and count yours and see for yourself whose sick have a nice day i have a life you dont im sure there will be 50 60 more posts from you by this evening! hve fun sicko LOL

  • @47

    LOL! Yeah, `well-known fact` of course so why don`t you give us proof other than `anyone ( rather `everyone` don`t you think ) in LA knows` because that`s not really convincing. I just love it when people are so sure that he is gay and a drug addict but there`s no proof, Leo is a celeb but after all these years in the business nothing leaked to the media but people with `happy life` posting here know everything. LOL! I saw your posts on other Leo threads you just keep posting just like others so stop judging others.

  • …….

    wow the leo haters ar out in force today, LOSERS!! if u were half as good looking as leo u would be doing well…….if hes soo ;ugly’ then why did he top many list this year on being ‘most eligible bacholer’ hottestguys of thesummer and some other one on people mag in which he bet out R PATZ for hottest summer blockbuster guys all of which were vote YAAAA hes real ugly alright…….

  • laura

    haha love his face in that pic it looks like hes saying WAAAAAAHEY or something! lol