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Lindsay Lohan: Bye Bye, Rehab!

Lindsay Lohan: Bye Bye, Rehab!

Lindsay Lohan was released from UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Los Angeles on Tuesday (August 24) after 23 days in rehab.

The 24-year-old actress was originally ordered by Judge Marsha Revel to three months of in-patient treatment but will continue to receive outpatient care.

Last month, Lindsay only served 13 full days of a 90-day jail sentence thanks to good behavior and severe overcrowding.

Lindsay is a free woman!!!

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  • yello!

    YYAAYY! now can u get ur ass back to work on Mean Girls 2! thanx, bye.

  • xoxo

    She won’t have changed tho…just see lol

  • Mike

    It’s not going to end until she is found dead some where. Jail and rehab is not going to help Lindsay since her enabler mom keep telling her she don’t need any help.. She don’t have family to back her rehab up. At least Britney Spears’s dad was not a fameho. He seem to really want his daughter to get better unlike Dina. Dina seems to need rehab.

  • Madison

    Wow. Just goes to show that these stupid party girls don’t have to pay for their crimes. So much for the legal system. Like Lindsay is ever gonna change give me a break.

  • alex

    hide your kids people!
    lindsay’s a free girl!

  • http://j ivanka

    she will be back to parties, trust me

  • Jonte

    That was fast tbh.

  • Ben

    This is dumb, shes just gonna continue fcuking up her life

  • http://www. V


  • Monelle


  • Amelle

    I like Lilo but the truth is she won’t have learnt anything from this.

  • JTaylor

    She would have gotten completely different treatment is she wasn’t a celebrity.

  • JTaylor

    ^ if

  • I luv American men

    My gradma looks better than Lindsay, and she’s 71, better skin, prettier face and everything.

  • MJ

    mmm well that wont help :/ i was hoping she might get better but i guess i was hoping for much.. prove me wrong LiLo

  • Dominic

    Whatever. I honestly don’t care anymore. Let her kill herself if that’s what she wants to do.

  • Diana

    You could have chosen a better pic Jared…
    People judging Lindsay already when she hasn’t gotten a chance to prove herself are annoying.

  • whatever

    I’m over her. What was the last good movie she made? Exactly.

  • Logan

    Her family is trash with a capital T and the sister seems to be going down the same path. But at the end of the day, Lindsay is responsible for herself. Drew Barrymore separated herself from her sleazy mother and she went on to recovery and bigger career success. It’s up to Lindsay if she wants to get better or continue down her destructive path. I personally don’t think it will end well for her.

  • Leila

    She’s gonna be straight on Twitter tonight I bet lol

  • Sacha,

    i hope lindsay proves everyone wrong. for herself more than anyone..

  • [marie]

    Coke dealers… start your engines….

  • DIAF

    She didnt do her time after THREE YEARS of disobeying COURT ORDERS, fcuking irresponsible bi*ch could have KILLED someone behind the wheel. A FEW FCUKIG DAYS BEHIND BARS & A FEW DAYS IN REHAB. Drunk drivers make me RAGE

  • sorrybut

    i still <3 her

  • Seth

    @DIAF: I feel the same : /
    A few days because of ‘overcrowding’ was such BS

  • saint

    good for her.. now we should see if there’s a good impact on her treatment..

  • laterna

    Yes JJ! Bye, bue… so far. Ha, ha!

  • Zac Efron Source

    I hope that she won’t do bad things again!! I hope she will make great new movies!!

  • Seo Guru

    At last a free woman and the end of pretentions at rehab. She will be back at her old ways in a jiffy. She is a master of deception and her doctors just don’t see that or doesn’t care at all.

  • Brightside

    So she’s not addicted, not bi-polar, doesn’t have ADHD which means that she’s just a spoilt brat who thinks she’s entitled to behave that way. Glad that was sorted out so now when she goes back to partying, wh-ring, drinking and drug taking I needn’t have any sympathy for her. She does it all to herself because she wants to, she’s all about herself.

  • Atrium

    I Like Her Actually
    She’s Like Britney (in a Sort of Way)

  • K.T.

    I hope she can get it together now and stay sober.

  • Amy

    So instead of 90 days of jail she gets 13 days of jail and 23 days of rehab and they cut her loose?

    If justice is blind it still takes bribes.

  • agedfast

    she’s not aging fast!!

    Just has aged fast!!!!

  • human

    I dont care about this woman since the only thing I know about her is that shes famous for partying so hard. Oh and for showing off shes a bad girl when she looks like a witch. Britney and Lindsay are not hot topics for me. Two total disasters of mankind, and Miley the next (if she isnt already)

  • Iffy Miffy

    Bye Bye, Rehab and Hello premature death the way she’s going!

  • Britney

    I love Lindsay, get well soon

  • to mike

    i agree with you. lindsay needs help and soon. 90 days rehab is just not going to cut it. what she needs is serious time with people who can help her. what ever people may think of jamie spears; he stepped up to the plate he has never given an interview, to my knowledge. the man moved in; got his daughter to the hospital, went to court to gain control of brit and her finances, then tossed out all those enablers. and he saved his child’s llfe. now who is going to step up to the plate and do the same for lindsay. who is going to save her life??

  • AnnieH

    oh just perfect.. another t-wat on the loose.

  • Manoela Lima

    Free Lilo!

  • Angel

    this girl is sad