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Natalie Portman: Judi's Deli Delicious

Natalie Portman: Judi's Deli Delicious

Natalie Portman heads to lunch at Judi’s Deli & Cafe on Tuesday (August 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old Black Swan actress covered up her face as soon as she noticed she was being photographed. Why so shy, Nat?

If you haven’t checked out Mila Kunis and Natalie‘s girl-on-girl action, watch the Black Swan trailer now!

10+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman lunching at Judi’s Deli

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  • Annie

    beautiful, talented and chic! and not a famew*ore! Love her!

  • KellStar

    It’s not being shy Jared. It’s called wanting to be able to walk down the street without your photos turning up all over the net.

  • tina

    love her, perfection in every way

  • Spanish girl-Ramona

    Smart girl walking there. <3

  • mememe


    Yep, all true. But don’t forget she’s also a paedophile-supporter (she signed the petition supporting Roman Polanski’s escape from justice for raping a minor). So you can add “lacking in morals” to that list of her attributes. Like, she is SO awesome!

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ she’s a real actress. She’s not your usual media whore out there trying to get press. She doesn’t want to be photographed.

  • the truth

    @mememe: why keep bringing that up? People can support who they want to This is not your business who she support anyway. Why people hate her because are that. Don’t see you supporting anything against the person. She living her life the way she wants ok. She is talented and smart thats what ‘s count.

  • wishful thinking

    nice bag! NOT! hahahaha

  • Viper


    Do you stop watching movies that Harrison Ford, Ewan McGregor, who just did a movie for RP Or Whoopie Goldberg, Tidla Swenson etc, Do you stop watching or going to movies that Harvey Weinstein produced all these ppl also supported the same man with this petition. Go keep slamming at NP all your doing is making her more popular. Or find the other supporters boards in HW and you will find there are plenty who want to work or give their body parts to work with RP. Say what you will but he is still highly sought out director in HW.

    NP dresses comfrotable and relaxed not everyone has to love what she wears but the woman always said she is not some fashionista she doesn’t care if you like what she wears or not. Good for her.

  • Blahzae

    @Viper: I think there is a difference between being in a film by Roman Polanski ( like Harrison Ford and McGregor did) and signing that petiton (which neither actor did). The difference is personal or professional.
    Just because they are in one of his films does not mean they are on his side on a personal level, while people that signed that petition stuck their necks out supporting a convicted child abuser on a personal level and thats what it boils down to.
    If Natalie Portman had been just in one of his films I wouldnt of thought anything of it, because its just business she cant help who the director is, but that wasnt the case she signed it supporting HIM not one of his films and that is when I lost alot of my respect for her. I dont dislike her, but Im not a fan anymore put it that way and alot pof her recent decisions have put people off to her.
    She use to be an actress that was solid in her moral convictions, having integrity but it seems with time that has faded with her. I hope she finds her way back to that because she is sooooo much better than that I think.
    Alot of people sell out and presswhore and hey she doesnt really do that and thats great…. but alot of presswhores didnt sign that petition either.
    So thats pretty bad when even presswhores wouldnt touch supporting him and SHE did in the end.

  • Viper

    If one’s moral convictions prevented them from believing in the man then no matter who you are you lower yourself by working for someone you feel did a major injustice to children or woman. I don’t see Harvey Weinstein’s Production company hurting or Woody Allen for that matter whom has no room to talk in HW as he was also as bad as RP. STILL ppl supported him and work for him even now and he is amoung the list of best directors in HW.

    And Blazhae truly you will find many did support Polanski but came out verbally and said it. I never saw NP name on that list and I have seen and re-read that list. I know she verbally stated she would support him as did ppl like HF, Whoopie Goldberg, Others like Weinstein out right supported the man with is signature. Did you stop going to his movies. NO..did you stop seeing HF or other ppl whom you might not know supported him. In all honestly this topic is so old it’s unreal. So what if the woman wanted to lead her voice..many other actors, directors, Producers did the same. Also look at HW how many men such as rappers, actors have wife or g/f beating on them but, you all race to watch the tv shows or see their movies. To me one is no better then the other its just being hypocritical over a actress many don’t want to like.

  • abby890

    If you don’t support someone actions personally you shouldn’t be in a movie with them. Morally a person doesn’t separate the issue. Stars star in violent movies, but support non violence issues. Which is wrong.

  • Jimmy

    I think stars like to play the game. I recall Jakey G. walking backward with his mama leading him to avoid being photographed. It gives the impression that what you’ve got is so precious you can’t afford to give it away.

  • hanni

    @Viper: Viper: stop this bull and go back to the rachel bilson boards.

  • G23

    Just a thought to all those posts concerning Polanski’s petition, it should be noted that the woman in question wanted the charges dropped against him in 1997. Not that it makes what he ‘did’ okay, but if she is supporting him, why is Portman getting so much flack from it?

  • Blahzae

    @G23: The woman who was the victim at 13 yrs old only said the charges should be dropped only AFTER Polanski gave her a LARGEunknown sum of MONEY out of court, basically she was paid to say that in the settlement.
    She is a mother and needed the money badly and I dont see the justice in that, him trying to buy his victim and taking advantage of her all over again.

  • G23

    I’m sorry.. are you the victim herself? Geimer has spoken out about the case. If she was paid off, then she was paid off. But I would never put words into somebody else’s mouth. She said whatever she needed to say that is: the media has worsened the situation. I want everything to be over.

  • C41

    For the first time I’m really shocked what she is wearing. She looks like a 12 year boy with those baggy shorts on and running shoes. Granted she is not a media wh*7e and possibly got done working out but, at least change to a tank top and sexy wedge sandals or something.
    The Polanski case is so old already..Natalie has a right to make her own choices and it is no one business what she decides to sign. She should not be judged for something that happened years ago with Polanski and that underaged girl. God! The story is old news already and half of Hollywood signed it anyway and SO WHAT?? Drop this $h*t on Natalie.
    I have seen her look better. She must have been caught off guard I guess???