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Taylor Lautner's Trailer Drama

Taylor Lautner's Trailer Drama
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  • eyeh8twilight

    Taylor Lautner is such a P*SSY and a freaking DIVA! He’s also very COCKY. It’s bad enough that he makes millions of dollars at the box office making CRAPPY movies, but now he wants to make even more money because someone didn’t deliver a stupid RV on time for a movie? He’s sighting EMOTIONAL DAMAGES? We should be the ones who sue HIM for emotional damages because we have to stare at his ugly alpaca-looking face EVERYDAY!

    I can’t believe this. Now I’ve seen everything.

    By the way, you get to see Emma Watson’s sideboob in the new Harry Potter movie out November 19th. Sorry if this is off topic, but I’m trying to get non-HP fans (I know, it’s a rare find) to watch the movie too. EPIC EPIC EPIC-It has to break $1 billion, it just has to.

  • lauren

    Ok I hate this guy but seriously this time I won’t hate on him and I don’t get why everybody is making a big deal about it (Rob fans probably) Stupid Twilight wars I’m sick of it.
    Get robbed by a company who didn’t respect the contract you dealt with em and payed 300, 000 for nothing…after you can talk about it. He doesn’t wanna get robbed and he’s taking his responsabilities so therefore he’s a DIVA! Pffff give me a break…


  • Eric Shinn

    @eyeh8twilight: DITTO!!!!

  • Jaye

    The emotional distress part of it is silly, but h*ell yeah sue for breach of contract. He seemed down to earth in the beginning, but I do think he’s become the Diva of the group.
    As far as Harry Potter ( off topic), I’ve seen all the movies, but really lost interest after the 2nd one. I thought the first 2 were great, the rest of them, not so much. Two through five were, oh well, I might as well see the rest. Didn’t see them in the theater, so I’m good with that. Probably won’t see the last 2. Ten years is too d*amn long to wait for the end of ANY series.

  • izzeandnabby

    @lauren: i completely agree he is getting ripped off and everyone is calling him a diva

  • izzeandnabby

    @lauren: i completely agree he is getting ripped off and everyone is calling him a diva

  • Amanda


    I so agree with you

  • Ashley

    I am not quite sure if you understand what a contract and a legal term stand for but clearly when you add in your opinion of watching his “ugly face” on screen clearly you are immature and throwing in irrelevant subjects into the main topic. No one took your money against your own will to watch those movies to “see his ugly face” therefore the only person that has the rights to sue you would be yourself for spending your own money on those movies that you clearly purchased and sat through.
    Second, I am not quite sure when it comes a diva thing when someone breaks a contract for a “stupid RV” he paid for. The next time a store or fast food company forgets an item or do not deliver an item you purchased I would like to know if you allow them to keep your item and hard own money without one of the other.
    Third, “emotional damages” is a legal term. Some legal documentations only allow you to do ‘check boxes’ therefore narrow on what the claims or circumstances you are suing for. for instance when you file for divorce you get options such as the one mentioned in this case(just used that as an example). I have clearly wasted too much time explaining what a “breach of contract” is to clearly immature person but because you had “8 likes” I thought I would enlighten some of you on how the real world is.
    In conclusion, when you sign a contract and do not keep up your end of deal please I would love for you and your other “8 likes” come back and explain how you did not get sued for keeping your end of a contract.
    good day.

  • i agree

    @Ashley: Not to mention that the rv was 2 months late. I would have called him a diva to had it been a few days late or even a week, but it was 2 months late. not only that but it was also non operable and had saftey issues. who woulnt be upset if they payed that amount of money for that. He may be young but hes obviously not gonna be a idiot and let himself be scammed.

  • i agree

    @Ashley: i also want to add that the comment by eyeh8twilight is very ignorant. although i must agree, twilight isnt oscar worthy material, if people are going to post hateful comments they should at least have a solid argument, not just judge a person they have never met because they dont particularly like their movies.