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Ava Phillippe & Deacon Take Their Pooch to the Park!

Ava Phillippe & Deacon Take Their Pooch to the Park!

Ava and Deacon Phillippe carry chairs as they take their dog for a walk on Tuesday (August 24) in Los Angeles.

The children of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were joined by their nanny for a day of fun in the sun.

Can’t believe how much 10-year-old Ava looks like her mom!!

Earlier in the week, mama Reese was spotted visiting a friend’s place and stopping by a medical building.

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ava deacon phillippe dog park 02
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  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ this is digusting!! You don’t even have the excuse that they are with one of their parents! Leave these kids alone!

  • Lisa

    Taking a pic of a celebrity while their kids are with them is one thing. Taking a pic of their kids when the celebrities are not along is just WRONG!

  • allie

    They look just like Reese and Ryan. The paparazzi should leave them alone.

  • AutumnM

    Those kids do look like their parents, but why is anyone taking pictures of them? They’re alone. Not even with their famous Parents and they are still being photographed. That’s not right at all.

  • Pattycake

    Hmm, isn’t it against the law in LA…and most places…to take pix of children without their parents? Kinda pervy.

    Aaaand, I’m part of the problem becuz I love to see these kids. They are my favorite children of celebs. Deacon is looking SO much like his father when Ryan made White Squall.

  • BEAN

    Hold up.. so they weren’t even with their parents and paparazzi was following them? Wtf?

  • In public at park…..

    It is only against the law in other countries….rightfully so, but here in the good ol’ USA you can take a picture of anyone, anywhere you want in public. Freedom, freedom…..because they are with the nanny, you are all upset with these kids are having thier pictures taken. But I don’t know why I don’t see any of these names complaining when other celebs kids are photographed without thier parents…..Just saying….
    The kids are the spitting image of thier parents…very cute kids!

  • Nome

    Its one thing to photograph children of celebrities when the celebrity is with them but when they are not then it isn’t right. The kids themselves are not celebrities so it is sick that the paparazzi are following them and the nanny around.

    I don’t care if the paparazzi aren’t breaking any laws in this situation, it isn’t right.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I complain all the time about them bugging Jen Garner and her girls and even Katie Holmes with her daughter. It’s a disgrace. So if the kids were in the public bathroom it would be OK for the paps to climb over the stall and photograph them b/c it was a “public” restroom??

  • In public at park…..

    These people go to a public park, Jen G, Jess A, Nanny and Ava and Decon, etc… they aren’t sitting in front of these peoples houses, especially when the parents aren’t there. Yeah maybe TC & KH with Suri, BP & AJ with thier kids, just trying to snap a pic, unless a scandel is involved, Sandra Bullock & JJ, or Tiger Woods & Elin, aren’t photographed any other day unless at a public place…Mall, public park,etc. Grow up people. I hate the paps, but I do enjoy seeing the pictures for free on these websites, and YES any childs school should be OFF LIMITS and they should be thrown in jail for being there and snapping pictures.
    I mean come on these stars or wanna be stars, have huge yards and could afford a playground in thier yards and could invite friends over to play or play at thier house. Public is public….if you walk out of 7eleven and are picking your undies out your butt, I might just snap a picture for laughs for my friends, LOL.

  • Pattycake

    I think we’re getting opinons here from people who do not know the law of the USA as it applies to children. Talk to a school. Children’s pictures cannot be published, even if anonymously much less identified, without the written consent of the parents. The excuse used when they are photographed with their parents is that the parents are being photographed. Not so here. AND, there is a particular law in LA that the families of celebs cannot be photographed in a private family setting. The solution, “in public at park”, is not to imprison the children but to respect their privacy. As has been pointed out here, they are not the celebs and have the same rights as all children.

  • In public at park…..

    OH Please!!!Pattycakes, they always publish close up of the kids, Suri, BP & AJ kids, Jen G kids even when they are with thier parents, without consent from the parents…and crop out the parents.
    Any child should NOT be photgraphed at any school or private setting, home, backyard, etc. but we see them all the time. Look at Ms Halle B. who would not consent to sell a pic of her lil one, because she was above that, they snuck over her private wall or climbed a tree or what ever, but snapped pictures of her in an “at home, comfy (ugly wore out) nightshirt” holding her lil one!! Why they heck didn’t she sue them if that was the law???

  • Question

    They’re not celebrities, paps shouldn’t take their photos, this is not right!

  • varya

    WTHeck! This is disgusting, why are there pictures up of JUST the children? Do you have no boundaries? Pathetic JJ pathetic!

  • mery

    Poor children.
    Why this pictures? They are´t famous and they aren´t guilty of nothing.
    Please, remove this pics!



  • lexy hates bilson

    Excuse me but you don’t have to be a celeb to have one of those swing/slide things in your backyard. My friends have them but their kids like to go to the REAL public park too! Why?? Because it’s also a social experience – playing with other kids.
    These celebs pay taxes – that pay for public parks – so why shouldn’t they be able to take their kids to the park and NOT be bothered??

  • Jerry

    These pics are wrong. Not going to click on them. This is a sickening invasion of these kids’ privacy.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    ok i can understand if mom or dad is ther but come on, stalkin jus da kids jus isnt rite!!! seriously leav them alone. theyr not ur typical hollywood kids so PLEASE dont turn them in 1. they r 2 cute & look exactly lik theyr paretns, luv them but leav them ALONE!!!

  • sylv

    i think those parents are wrong, who live in la with their children, that’s the worst place ever for a child. I love them, they’re so cute.

  • elliemae

    You can snap photos of “public figures” like Reese and Ryan all day long. But these children are not public figures and, as such, should not be stalked when they haven’t done anything to be famous other than win the gene pool.

  • California DUI Lawyers

    Yes they are very cute I love them.

  • Crufts Dog Show

    I think the dog is adorable

  • westminster dog show

    can’t wait for the next dog show

  • Puutarha tiedot

    Very cute litle childrens!!! Its like Puutarha in the Park :)