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Britney Spears: 'Pop' Magazine Bonus Shot!

Britney Spears: 'Pop' Magazine Bonus Shot!

Check out this new picture of Britney Spears from her shoot for Pop Magazine!

The 28-year-old pop princess tweeted this brand new shot of her chatting on a bright pink phone.

The cover of Pop‘s latest issue was released earlier this week! Britney‘s issue hits shelves on September 1.

Yesterday, Brit and her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, were spotted relaxing in Hawaii together. Brit looked fab in a yellow bikini!

Just Jared on Facebook
britney spears pop magazine bonus shot 01
britney spears pop magazine bonus shot 02

Photos: Todd Cole
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  • jensenLUVER tanya

    FINALLY shes actually has clothes on!! minus da cell phone, it looks good.

  • Katsaridoula

    this picture looks cheap. No class whatsoever.

  • MlleF

    So ugly….

    I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, but Gaga choose better the photographs and the photoshoots with manga themes…

    But maybe that Britney don’t choose anything…

    NB : Sorry if my english is not perfect, I’m french, but I’m learning…:)

  • jake

    Britney looks great as usual!

  • milo

    Britney looks amazing. I can’t wait for her new album!

  • Tammy

    Britney’s copying Gwen’s Harajuku Girls.

  • Mario

    @Katsaridoula: its meant to look slightly cheap and tacky… Its Harajuku fashion!!! its sooo KAWAIII!!!

  • Ashley!

    @milo: I KNOW!!! Brit’s new album is coming this Nov. I think. All I know is that it’s going to be amazing!

  • Mario

    @Tammy: lots of people have done the Harajuku theme…. Gwen was definitely no the first one! Still, Brit and Gwen both look Kawaii as Harajuku’s!!!

  • Dominic

    She looks a little older in this shot. Which makes me think there was a lot of air brushing going on in this shoot.

  • frieda

    @Tammy: WTF! does gwen own them??? stfu and stfd..and Britney looks so CUTE! She is the prettiest celeb out there!

  • miley



    awww, Britney looks 17 again! She is gorgeous! and I WANT NEW BRITNEY SPEARS MUSIC NOW!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …too bad she doesn’t look good on a daily basis. ahahahahahahaaa.. we all know what she looks like every single day and she runs in and out of gas station rest rooms. ahahahahahahahaha

  • teresa

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: ..u are always trashing Britney on this gossip site! do u have a life? and good job bringing back something that was 3 years ago u stupid douche. and FYI, Britney has been looking amazing these past months.

  • heather

    Britney has always been a pretty woman! I’ve been wondering, when does her new album come out? I’ve heard she’s coming out w/ a new one this year, is that true?

  • sasha

    Britney Spears is so pretty!

  • slambang

    She’s almost 30, ffs. It’s time to stop dressing like a little girl.

  • Katsaridoula

    @Mario I see… got it. No wonder, coz this woman simply cannot do a class act anyway!

  • TT

    I’m sorry haters BUT, one ting is for sure you don’t become the best selling female artist of the last decade (especially is this last decade ruled by woman in music) by the looks only, she obviously has talent,
    she has something that makes her a “star”, i’m a fan of her and i know that she doesn’t have the most powerful voice but she’s not known by her powerful voice, she is known by her amazing music videos, performances and powerful songs, one thing that she used to have “back in the day” that she doesn’t show today is her personality, that was so light e bright, but we understand after all she’s been trough.

    I could like lady gaga more, but realized that she’s not very original in the “visual” aspect of her work and thats what made her who she is today,so if u ask me i think that she’s more of marketing job than britney because what she sales doesn’t actually come from her, but other people who work for her (house of gaga), and obviously that she’s talented but to be honest her music is nothing new.

    While britney from the first video to this day has been totally original in the visual aspect of her work she came with the concepts for all of her biggest hits, so she is by far more genuine artist than gaga ’cause what she sells is what actually come from her.

    About the photo i think it looks cool i get the concept, for the people that don’t like, relax is just a photo shoot.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @teresa: ..i’m always?! ahahahahaha.. are you stalking me?!? cause um, i’ve never seen you comment before. stay in your place newbie and don’t type to me unless i give you permission. and they’re daily pictures of rat-head brit looking like shiit. ahahahahaha

  • MlleF


    I don’t give a damn about Gaga, even if she’s more talented then Britney.

    I’m sorry but the music is not only about selling, this is so sad to think that way.

    The world is full of people with f*cking great talents, who’s videos or songs are not on the air 150 times a day.

    I think that some of Britney songs are really cool, but come on, I’m not sure that she even choose something, she don’t even sing on stage.

    She don’t EVEN SING on live ! This is the first job that we ask to a singer before photos and videos !

  • Agency

    nasty woman!

  • miss infamous


  • Cheap

    She looks like a Ursula! What unflattering photos.

  • TT

    MlleF@ i agree that there’s a lot of talented people in the world that don’t get that much success, but in what way britney’s success is bad for those people???

    and about the singing, all of her tours were amazing even with the lip-syncing and she only does that on the dance tracks ’cause in the ballads she sings live (excluding circus tour), but her fans don’t really seem to care that much (if i want to hear real good vocals i go christina aguilera concert, which i’m a fan too), if you’re going to her concert thats what you get, everybody is free to not go.

    i personally prefer see Britney’s circus tour and her theatrical show that a “talented” artist singing with a “amazing” voice, there’s artists for everybody’s taste.

  • MlleF


    First, I’m trying to defend my point of view as best as possible, because my english is not perfect.

    I’ve never said that Britney was bad for other artist with less success, I was answering to someone who said that she was a best selling artist, so it’s like she’s the best !

    For the lip syncing, you dance if you can do both, a singer is a singer, a dancer is a dancer.

    Some artist can do both, Pink can even do some circus “acrobaties” while singing perfectly (so amazing by the way).
    So I’d rather follow an artist who can do ONE GOOD THING, like singing, then an artist who pretend to sing 95% of the show.

    Many audiences in the world were offended to paye the concert ticket so expensive to see someone NOT SING.

    So the end of the explanation for me, a singer is a singer, and God knows how much I like the Jackson family for example, Janet (or Michael God bless him), knows and knew how to do both.

  • TT


    First, an Artist has the right to perform whatever the way they want, and EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT SHE LIP-SYNCS so if you don’t like JUST DONT GO, and for the “jackson family” i’ve seen a lot of videos of michael and janet lip-syncing at a concert on you tube.

    I think she’s the best along side with Christina Aguilera, is my opinion too, so what????

    i didn’t say she was best than anybody because she sold more, i said that she is THE BEST SELLING female artist of the last decade, and that’s a fact.

    and i asked if anybody thinks thats possible an artist without ANY talent out sold all the others, and become the best selling artist of the decade!!??

    for me talent is not all about singing, there’s other talents that a person can have that i admire.

    and she can sing , just because she doesn’t sing often doesn’t mean that she can’t sing, i heard her sing before and she can.

    and i ask again in what way britney’s success is bad for those “talent” people??

  • yo sista

    @slambang: Oh shut up! It’s a fcking photoshoot

    haters need a life

  • Bruna Spears

    She’s so cute. Now she has a better body, just look at the photos of her in Hawaii, she is better than ever, and she has a beautiful face, and she sings, she really sings, she sings perfectly well. Lady GaGa, Katy Perry and Beyoncé sucks, Britney is the best. And I can’t wait for her new album, I want to hear her new musics. And follow Britney on Twitter, make her the queen again, she deserves :)

  • Salty

    how can anyone find this cute. She looks deranged. I swear Britney fans are so dam.n blind

  • leo the one and only!


  • yo sista

    @MlleF: Oh for your record, Pink lip synched her Grammy performance. Watch it again

    GUHHHHHHHH haters make me sick

  • jess

    i find it HILARIOUS that people actually think Pink’s Grammy performance and MOST of Beyonce’s Grammy performance was live. These people lip-synched, but of course people are easily fooled. My uncle was and ex. producer for the 2010 grammies. I asked why does Britney always get harsh acclaim when many others do it to, and he said it’s becasue people are just shallow and ignorant against her. i agree 100%!

  • lava

    she can do so much better!

  • O

    people find it easy to ASSUME britney lip-synchs but hard to admit Pink does too O_o ! I mean watch the performance and its easy to see, no human alive would be rolled like that and be able to sing NO WAY , plus with Pink it was TOO OBVIOUS , me and my friends immediately recognized she was miming to a pre-recorded track, she almost lost her mike twice! same with beyonce or rihanna, they ALL pre-record their vocals, they use pre-recorded tapes to make it believe it is LIVE when it is not.

    everyone in the music pop culture does it, which is cool but is britney the ONLY ONE to be called out for it when everyone else does it???? O____o