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Elin Nordegren Breaks Silence, Feels 'Stronger Than Ever'

Elin Nordegren Breaks Silence, Feels 'Stronger Than Ever'

Elin Nordegren has opened up to People magazine after a nine-month silence.

“I have been through the stages of disbelief and shock, to anger and ultimately grief over the loss of the family I so badly wanted for my children,” Elin, 30, shared.

But, she added, “I also feel stronger than I ever have. I have confidence in my beliefs, my decisions and myself.”

“My immediate plan is for the kids and me to continue to adjust to our new situation. I am going to keep taking classes, but my main focus is to try to give myself time to heal,” Elin concluded.

FYI: Elin said that her chat with People was her first – and last – interview about the matter.

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  • MlleF

    Now That what we call a scoop…

    No one information we could even imagine or guess ;)

    If this is the reason why People has increased heirs prints and upping theirs prices….it definitly (don’t) worth it !

    Do they say too that rain can wet ? :o)

  • Alaia

    I thought she had more dignity than that.

  • Shyanna

    I Don’t like Elin & I never will! She was a gold digger anyway.

  • http://beth_atkinson Beth

    how is that not having dignity, she’s not slated Tiger nor has revealed anything about him. I’m pretty sure Sandra Bullock did the same type of interview.

  • juneyes

    Way to go People Magazine. They always get the story. The correct story. More magazines should be like them.

  • ihateph

    i wouldn’t have gone to tabloids but good for her.. I glad she left that pig I hope he gets the monster

  • anon

    here we go, “the so called MY STORY” seen and heard it all before, trust me she’s not gonna stop at this one, she”ll be lookung for a day job to add on to the 64 miilion she’s got and dis is how it starts. Expect an appearance on THE VIEW very soon!!!!

  • anon

    didnt all the so called “mistresses” sell their “OWN STORY” to PEOPLE, if she didnt want to be one of the “TIGER WOODS WOMEN” well she’ s messed it up, difference is she’s got his kids and a fat paycheck!!!!

  • Kelly

    There can’t be that much information in that article about the ordeal. I was almost positive that she was awarded a substantial amount of money to keep her mouth zipped. I highly doubt she would risk that.

  • Screech Hater

    What a horrible photo of a very beautiful woman.

  • Zey

    She had to speak sometime.. She’s been getting HOUNDED…. I think it’s Personally the best way to do it out of the bunch… no dignity would have been to do a sit down interview… She got her word out now.. so it like there leave me alone…

  • poshi

    I hope that she said something like sandy graceful not something that shapes her in a victimhood lane for years from now.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    puttin out da same borin sad story out doesnt mak her any beter. i thought she wasnt lik da rest but guess not. her silence should b indefinet!!

  • Rainy Day

    I can’t believe the hatred towards this woman. People calling her a gold digger and worse. Tiger PURSUED her for months. It took him along time to get past her doubts about him. She has done nothing but conduct herself with dignity throughout this whole “affair.” Tiger has repeatedly broken promises to her from their wedding vows to not going back to golf until they resolved their relationship.

    She has been hounded night and day by paps, reporters, gossip hounds wanting a scoop. From what I’ve read of the article, she says very little about Tiger and reveals her feelings and her goals. She says this is her first and last interview and she wants to fade back into the background and raise her kids and get her degree. She has been working on her degree for a couple of years now. With all that money she had while married and now being divorced she could have led a useless life like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. Instead she has quietly tried to raise her kids, better herself and keep her family intact.

    I’m sorry #’s 2, 3, 7, 8 and 13–how you can hate on her and give Tiger a free pass to cheat on a wife with over 13 high priced and low priced call girls is beyond me.

  • dh

    It’s sad to see a marriage end but when someone has cheated that is really low. I am glad that she is going on to get her eduation and in the end it will be better. My parents were married and together for over 35 years until my mothers death. Tiger had it all and threw it away for a bunch of home wreckers who knew he was married. I don’t trust Tiger also now.

  • Its a wrap

    Elin is coping and addressing the public who knows about her personal life. good for her. Elin has her freedom and the will to live her life and Tiger will have the freedom to live his. When you are married you trust that your best interest will be of the upmost importance to your spouse. No one forces you to marry, so you trust the person wants you and your style and life. No one wants to be married if it is a lie and you have got to spy and not trust your spouse. No One.

  • Mike

    She had to do an interview .. they freaking stalk her life… SHe can’t just stay silent forever and hope they’ll go away.. they wouldn’t because there is too much money at stake…That’s why Sandra did it too … Like a band aid quick and get it over.. Plus this is the best way .. NO NO NO sit downs where you cry and look pathetic and you are on defense rather than offense … Smart move by Elin.. Divorce is finalized she’s said her piece without really saying anything.. Now shell be left alone..

  • well

    Tell your story this one time and move on Elin, do not bash your kids’ father or wallow in self pity as some in the spotlight think it is cool to do for years. REAL women with or without children know that getting on with your life, focusing on healing and forgiving is the key for happiness. In reality, friends and family lose patience and respect for those who stagnant and wallow in the self-pity pot, refusing to take control and responsibility of their own lives and destiny. Good luck, Elin and take care of those babies!


    After the divorce is final that is when she comes out.. and now for the
    great news … the media is going to go after Tiger and Rachel right..
    Knowing that his kids are in school. .. They do not need the trauma
    of this anymore.. it is old news…Please when is Hilary Clinton going
    to come out and tell her story of how Bill lied to the Supreme court
    and said that he never had an affair with Monica.. Elin deserves one
    interview and that is it.. No TODAY SHOW AND MATT ASKING HOW
    WE do not know the rest of the article so lets see it when it comes out.
    A lot of people have negative feelings towards her…but she has way
    more class than Sandi did.. leading the public to think that she was
    getting back together with Jesse.. and announcing on every award
    show blabbing about her divorce…

  • hahaha

    Elin, you should have talked to Newsweek or Time magazine. People is nothing but a PR rag. Most people quit buying People fluff long ago. I think you are a woman that will survive this just fine, keep getting your education and working on yourself. Learn to laugh about it (in private), you’d be surprised how it cleanses your soul. No head games about the children with Tiger, there should be no winners and losers when it comes to your kids. They are the most important, they come first…always!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ug bish. another one running her mouth about personal business. ~smh~

  • Johny

    Marriage between Super Model and Sports Star goes bad, news at 11. Oh please, like that was going to last. She was looking for money and fame, he was just looking for another trophy to hang on the wall. The only ones to feel sorry for are the children that come out of these self-interested marriages. Now if she were to marry a garbage man and he a regular looking waitress at a diner, then I would believe is true love.

  • Ronda

    Elin is a class act IMO. She stayed quiet despite all that she was put through by Tiger. She just quietly went about her business with her children and kept a low profile.

    I applaud her. She deserves everything good that she gets. I wish her and her family (yes, even Tiger) the best going forward.

  • http://Www Kaz

    Were child bretty charlie and sam ?

  • ICU

    She was being hounded by the press, so I think she did the right thing for her and her children… now everyone can just leave her alone and she can try to get some normalcy back in her life and put this to rest. She didn’t say too much, nor did she say too little. Pure grace, she is one classy woman, not anything at all like the bimbo’s that Tiger gave her up for! He truly had it all… what a shame:(

  • MM

    I dont feel sorry for her…where exactly is her intuition,,.you marreid a RICH man who cheats with 30 plus females and YOU HAVE NO IDEA..girl sit your AR–SE DOWN!!

  • MM

    RAINY DAY…..He poursued her or was INTRODUCED by the family sh e was auparing for…she knew how to dig well and her gold came to fruition. If at any point she forgot herself , then too bad. You dont have to love your rich husband because chances of being replaced are 99.9%.

    I dont feel sorry for her…where exactly is her intuition,,.you marreid a RICH man who cheats with 30 plus females and YOU HAVE NO IDEA..girl sit your AR–SE DOWN!!

  • jaye

    I just don’t understand the point of her giving an interview to anyone. She had been a private person during her marriage and should have stayed one. She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, least of all the public. When has giving an interview made people leave someone alone? She isn’t going to reveal any ‘dirt’ , so they’ll keep digging. Knowing the paparazzi do you really think they won’t take every opportunity to photograph her and her kids?
    Giving an interview didn’t stop them from photographing Sandra Bullock either. It’s just that her story is getting old. At some point Elin’s story will get old too.

  • Frida

    To all you people calling her a gold digger, you really have no f*cking clue have you? She comes from a highly influential family here in Sweden, her mother is the former migration minister and her father is a wellknown journalist, she had no reason whatsoever to look for either money or fame. She has always remained very classy and private and I’m pretty sure that this interview is to stop everyone hounding her for more comments. As she said herself, this interview will be her very last.

  • ha

    don’t feel sympathy for her. she has more money now than all of us put together can make in a lifetime. she only was married for 5yrs & had two children with a famous golfer. she black mailed him with their children for more cash otherwise she would have accepted the prenup and ran.
    really, is she worth it?

  • Bellac

    Frida, the money her parents make working for the government, and the fame they get from that (in Sweden only) is nothing compared to Tiger’s Billion dollar fortune and the GLOBAL celebrity status she has received by being married to him.

    PS. I wish this woman all the best, and Tiger’s an animal for doing this to his kids.

  • Britney

    Glad Tiger let her speak to the media. Those Rollins students are lucky to have her

  • sea

    She married him for money, right? Well….

  • Frida

    @Bellac: maybe not, but I’m just saying she had a very comfortable life even before meeting him and she certainly doesn’t strike me as a famewhore or the gold digger type. She’s always been very private and down to earth even while married to him, hasn’t she?

  • jolly folly


    Hey babe, if my husband was a public figure and cheated on me with 13 plus prossies or call girls and dragged our children through his tawdry sexual life–you better believe I’d go after where it hurts–his bank account. He deserved it and she deserved every penny she got. He had s-ex with call girls without a con-dum and then came home and had s-ex with her. Putting her at risk for AIDS, HIV, and numerous other nonfatal STDS.
    I say you GO ELIN.

  • ha

    @jolly folly: their children are babies & can’t read. there’s no way they’re discussing this sh*t at the nursery.
    did you ever think that tiger cheated because his wife was a bore in bed? a marriage without healthy sex is a friendship. maybe she was a crap partner who complained all the time and/or never wanted to be touched, that’s why he dipped his hand in other cookie jars.
    so stop martyring her. ELIN is a classic GOLDDIGGER. she got two kids and way too much money in such little time.

  • to anon

    sorry, but i say good for elin. i hope she puts each and every one of those s**ts in their individual places.

  • bar jolie gaga

    I dont like Tiger and think he is scummy. I think he has issues and also identity issues. BUT $100 million for Elin? Why?? Did SHE play gold and make that billion? How do you justfify a 100 million settlement for her? Elin, you were a Nanny when you met this star golfer and now you get 100 million? Unless she got an STD from him, I don’t see how this is justifiable. Awful.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    God for her YOU GO GIRL .

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    God for her YOU GO GIRL we heard Tiger’s HO’S for months why isn’t she supposed to talk that is stupid.

  • Ucan’tHandleTheTruth

    not true he didn’t pursue her for months…….she was the nanny to his caddy’s children…so they met through him and began dating two weeks after that….and she is not a gold digger just lucky lady with lustful husband….This happens in the poor families as well…now she can live her happy rich life without the man she loves and the father of her children..I would have stayed to make him miserable..who well…Game over

  • MM

    The fact that she was so UNWARE of her husbands sexual needs is what brought the cheating on in full mode..if only she was paying attention..sometimes INACTION ruins a marriage too when you dont meet the other person needs…It still not right to cheat, but if your husband is sleeping with anything anywhere, should you not know….all that happend is that their sham of a marriage ocntract became public and she milked it for all the $$$…spare me the victim crap!

  • Jenny

    That photo doesn’t do her justice. She’s beautiful.

  • XXX

    What did she expect from marrying a black athlete? its pretty clear that this ugly tramp was in it for the money. She got paid, I’ll givd her credit.

  • Lokackl

    Some feel grief. Some identify with Elin’s grief. Others can’t imagine either. Some will heal. Some won’t ever.