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Katie Holmes Joins Adam Sandler's 'Jack and Jill'

Katie Holmes Joins Adam Sandler's 'Jack and Jill'

Katie Holmes is set to portray Adam Sandler‘s wife in the new comedy Jack and Jill.

According to THR, Adam will play both Jack and his twin sister Jill. “The man version of me has a family out in LA,” Adam has explained. “The twin-sister version of me lives out in the Bronx and comes out to LA for Thanksgiving and then refuses to leave.”

Adam is re-teaming with director Dennis Dugan, who has worked with Adam on I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, and Grown Ups. Al Pacino is set to play himself.

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Credit: Avik Gilboa, Patricia Schlein; Photos: WENN
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  • MlleF

    Good Photo Choice guys….Even Adam Sandler looks cutter than her…:)

  • kizbit

    I don’t understand how and why Katie gets all these movie roles. It seems she’s always MAKING movies, but they never come out in theaters. The last thing I remember her in that was actually in a theater was that disaster money movie with Queen Latifah.

  • Adam’s Fan

    No, Adam! NO ADAM!!!!!!
    Katie is box office poison. I’ve been a fan of yours since Remote Control and SNL. I got a giggle when I saw you on reruns of the Cosby Show.
    I’ve even tollerated some of your films that I felt were below par for you.
    I can quote almost every line fron The Wedding SInger and 50 First Dates.
    I love your embarrassing revelation in Big Daddy that you are a closet Styx fan (South SIde Chicago babay!!! yeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!).
    Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssseeeeee Adam!!!! Don’t do this to your fans!!!
    The only benefit in all of this is that Katie has turned Suri into “the stinky kid” a’la Big Daddy, and maybe you could help straighten out the situation. Dylan and Cole ended up pretty well…
    No. That’s not a good enough reason. No. Please don’t! :-(
    Can’t you call Drew? Isn’t it time for another movie together?
    Katie is crazy.

  • Gina Gina

    Adam is way cuter than Katie on the inside, which is where it really matters.

  • Susan K

    Does Adam realize that he will get virtually no promotional support for this movie from Katie? She’s only allowed to do taped interviews, and only as approved and monitored by Tom and the Scientology Minions.
    Every interview and public appearance that Katie WON’T do will affect the ultimate box office take. I don’t see Tom loosening his grip and Adam will pay the price.

  • guy

    Oh God, is Katie trying to emulate Kidman so badly?
    I have nothing against her but I think she suffers of a complex that brings her to do a lot of Kidman does. Being a fashion icon for example…Kidman is, Holmes not but she’s still trying; she also wore the same dress Kidman used many months before her.
    I think she’s a nice woman, pretty, intelligent, but I also think she has to find her way and being original…She is inclined to emulate many people (Vicky Beckham). And she should try to find better movies…She always play supporting roles, and that’s a pity because in Pieces of April she wasn’t bad at all!

  • Annie

    Katie’s facial expression there makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  • annie

    Let’s get this right ok
    It’s some of you here that don’t like Katie…..for whatever reason, but Adam and Guillermo del Torro and the guy who hired her to portray Jackie O and the rest, seem to like her just fine……something to think about.
    Please, don’t say her husband buys her roles please please!
    love the way she wrinkles her nose when she is really happy. She looks young and cute.

  • annie

    Oh there’s 2 Annies
    1 that’s me, says nice things about Katie
    The other Annie says ,not so nice things, just so that we know, who is who!

  • runnergirl

    Lately Adam’s work is not that good. Predictable humor. Hope this is better.

  • teri

    She’s trying way to hard to be cute.

  • bananarama

    Annie = Smart Lady
    annie = Scientolofreak
    Katie = Brainwashed manipulative biachh
    Adam = Good dad in unscripted marriage


    No but does Adam knows that he will not be promoting this movie she
    will be doing it.. All her ..Yeah right and who dies in The Jackie Kennedy story it Katie no.. So tell me where do we see John
    F Kennedy at all coming down the stairs at the Dallas Airport …or
    Greg Kinear at all …playing him… in any of the pix no way man stand
    back…only Katie.. right….Now that the Romantics is coming out do
    you think we will be seeing Anna Paquin who is one of the major characters in the Fashion Ad no way.. Katie and Josh co stars.

    So go ahead and do this movie… So what if Katie is the only star
    in the Jackie Kennedy Store when John F Kennedy is shot to death..
    no way do we see that seen …no just her pregnant..walking around
    the set of the movie… Nor do we see any seens at the White House
    Just HER..

  • anon

    Erm, isn’t the extra man going straight to bluray/dvd next month???? OUCH!!!!!!

  • robot

    Good for the robo she can coatileride his success making lame lame movies. She looks ugly here.She normaly is robotic not ugly.

  • annab

    That photo of her here makes her look so unattractive. Has one of those faces that don’t age well.

  • Josh’s girls

    So…the plot of this movie revolves around Thanksgiving, and National Treasure 3 is due out at the end of next year. hmmm…Who needs personal family holiday drama when we’re going to get to witness a Hollywood style box office chick-fight?
    It’s all good for Josh. He still gets to go home with the sane one.

  • noH8

    I like Katie. She’s cute

  • No Worries

    @Josh’s girls:
    Uh oh! Well I’m sure Tom’s top notch crew is already getting this situation under control. I would guess that the contract will contain the following stipulations should Ms. Holmes agree to appear in J&J:
    1) Premiers(both domestic and international) for J&J are not to occur in the same city within 7 days of the premier of NT3. Additional security will also be provided, at the expense of the production company, to ensure that Ms. Kruger and Ms. Holmes are not within 2000 feet of each other at any given time for fear that Ms. Kruger may be in the company of Mr. Jackson.
    2 a) Interviews/promo clips: It must also be agreed to that NT3 and J&J promotional clips are not to be aired on the same day on any nationally syndicated entertainment program (ET, Access Hollywood, etc.).
    ALL questions to be asked must be presented to the Church of Scientology a minimum of 48 hrs before the interview in order to allow adequate time to draft answers and allow Ms. Holmes time to rehearse.
    2 b) Frequent references must be made regarding Katie’s brilliance as an actress; as to imply that Katie is really the star of the movie.
    3) Distribution: Both NT3 and J&J may be shown in the same multiplex, however, the films must be screened no less than 3 theaters apart.
    Posters must be placed no less than 50 feet apart and the films may not be listed next to each other on the marquee.
    Katie’s name shoud appear more prominent that Mr. Sandler’s on all print advertisement.
    Please be advised that this is a preliminary list of demands and that additional and more unreasonable demands may be added at any time.

  • Rainy Day

    Annie–she gets these parts because she is A list by association with Cruise. If she were plain old Katie Holmes with her body of work–most of which has made very little money and many have been panned by critics–you bet your whatever that she’d be seen as old at 31 and washed up.

    While I don’t care for this brainless twit, this is a good move for her if Sandler can pull in the $$$$ for the movie at theaters and on DVD. It will, by association, make Katie look as though she made a film that made money.

    Now if this were Kidman or Jolie everyone would be screaming about how she works too much and neglects Suri and Bella and Connor.

  • Yellow Teeth

    Why are her teeth always so yellow?

  • Jason

    Annie #7, your lucky, that photo made me throw up a LOT!

  • scrunchy

    Katie has become a self-parody!

  • Eonyk

    This movie premise sounds awful. I actually like Sandler’s earlier work, but man he’s sinking.

    As someone pointed out at another forum, Katie seems only now to be playing ‘the wife’ or ‘girlfriend’ characters. Hm…

    And yes, this is a wise move Katie, because look what playing Sandler’s love interest did for the careers of Keri Russell or Jessica Biel or Kate Beckinsale. Obviously there is greatness ahead!

  • Star Fox

    She filmed many things in 2009 and 2010, #2. Only one of those films has been released so far.

    She’s not poison or gold, #3.

    That’s so inaccurate that I don’t even know where to begin, #5.

    How is Holmes trying to emulate anybody, #6? Because Kidman was in an Adam Sandler flick, that must be she’s copying her? Kidman isn’t a fashion icon and neither is Holmes.

    What’s wrong with supporting roles?

    Everything is Cruise’s fault according to critics, #8.

    Learn to write, #13.

    Actually, that movie was released on VOD and later in theaters, #14.

    You’re a moron, #17 and #19.

    That’s a stupid argument, #20. Holmes who actually took a year off after having a kid and only started filming movies again last year unlike Jolie and Kidman who worked endlessly in big pictures.

    If by ‘wife’ or ‘girlfriend’ character, you mean second fiddle to a male lead, that’s inaccurate, #24.

  • Brown Betty

    Adam is such a sweet guy. Maybe he’s just seen that Suri has no friends and this is his way of getting her some playmates for a while.
    Let’s be real here. Other than Drew, the other wives and girlfriends in his films were pretty interchangable, although I did like Salma in Grown-ups. The female lead is just a plotline necessity in Sandler films. What most of us look for are the friends and cameos, and then reminisce about the connections(like SNL) or who they played in other Sandler films.
    You’re a good guy, Adam, for wanting to share your loving family with this obviously lonely little girl, but do you really have to do it at the expense of our holiday film enjoyment?

  • Jolly Folly

    @Star Fox:

    Excuse Mr. TomKat Xenu worshipper–your prejudiced against Kidman and Jolie is showing.

    Neither Jolie nor Kidman worked endlessly on big films after having their kids. Go check your IMDb stats.

    Kidman and Cruise traded off NOT working for a year or two when Bella and Connor were small.

    Kidman did one movie–where she worked a total of six weeks and had Sunday on set–NINE. She then did about six to eight weeks of filming in 2010 for Rabbit Hole. So that is hardly working ENDLESSLY.

    Jolie already had several films in the pipeline that were coming out the year or year after Shiloh was born. Plus she and Brad like Nicole and Tom trade off. She did not work after the twins were born for a year.

    PLUS you are obviously a MALE–an IGNORANT MALE at that. Kidman has been known as a fashion icon within the fashion industry, the magazine industry and the film industry. She has appeared on the Vogue cover and in Vogue as just that. She was and still is known for her impeccable taste on the red carpet and in most of her personal life. One CANNOT say that of Katie who has made so many fashion errors over the last four or five years that she is often viewed as a total fashion flop.

    Check your facts before you lambaste others about their posts. YOU ARE JUST AS BAD.

  • Danielle

    @pac man/star fox

    EXCUSE ME? Kidman is known for her fashion sense. Here are some quotes:

    Actress Nicole Kidman has been selected as the recipient of the 2003 Fashion Icon Award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

    In 2004 for the Golden Globes, Nicole stepped out onto the red carpet in a flapper-type Yves Saint Laurent that was less than a stellar fashion choice for the chic actress. The shiny paillettes, headband and gold overwhelmed the actress. But you don’t get to be considered a modern fashion icon without pushing the envelope (think Sarah Jessica Parker and her missteps, but icon status).

    Style « She’s not just an actress, she’s also a fashion icon

    Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman is one of the greatest fashion icons of our time, and her shopping habits reflect that.

    Some famous female stars such as Nicole Kidman, who have positive impact on the trend of fashion is also present at the ceremonious parties with white GUCCI …

    Who do you think are the best and worst dressed celebrities or style icons? The best is Nicole Kidman and the worst are Russell Brand and Jordan. …

    Nicole Kidman’s tall lithe frame makes her perfect to wear the classic and beautiful outfits she graces the red carpets of Hollywood dressed in at the same …

  • Danielle

    @ star fox or whoever you are today

    I’ll add my EXCUSE me to the previous two posts….

    Now you are a fashion expert as well as a TomKat expert and expert on Kidman and Brangelina?

    You don’t know fashion or you would know Kidman is considered a fashion icon!

  • Goober

    star fox. packy horse…mr orange…whatever he calls himself these days……

    He’s a nut folks! Simple as that.

    Just maybe he is in a mental hospital and has computer privileges now and then. LOL

    Don’t take him seriously….just LAUGH. Funny and free entertainment here. ROMBLO

  • Pookie

    I can see why Suri makes such ugly faces!

  • Azote moral

    I am so happy for her and so happy to see how the haters can NOT avoid this. She’s there, she’s doing movies, getting roles, taking care of her family ALL the time, unlike manyh other actresses, living the good life…I pitty the fustrated people commenting in here.

  • it’s robo-bride

    A blind vice with a guess!

    BLIND ITEM 08/27 from

    This family man claims that his family doesn’t even own a television, and that his family spends its time together doing things like reading books and playing board games. Well, only part of that statement is true. A recent cable company service call revealed that the family actually owns four televisions, subscribes to cable television, and orders several pay per view features each month. Guess our actor he’ll have to look for some other way to convince people that he is terribly intellectual and so above pop culture. Tom Cruise

  • zulus

    coffee stains on teeth, nice

  • someguy

    Isn’t Adam Sandler worried about losing his children to Scientology?, I was just reading Stanley Kubrick’s wife talking about how they lost their daughter to it.