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Sean Penn Sounds Off on Wyclef Jean Presidency Run Again

Sean Penn Sounds Off on Wyclef Jean Presidency Run Again

Sean Penn has spoken out about Wyclef Jean‘s run for the presidency of Haiti yet again; this time, the actor has written a piece for HuffPo.

Here are a few highlights:

  • “I have never met Wyclef Jean, and all I really know of him on any personal level has come through the fond comments of a few mutual friends. Hence, nothing I might say, was in ANY way personal, or intended to be lambasting to anyone. My comments were critical observations of a political candidate and a leader of an organization in Haiti.”
  • “I was there for those 6 months after the earthquake and so many of us on the ground wondered where he was when that kind of attention was so necessary and absent, and why he was NOT helping to keep this desperate situation in the news.”
  • “When he chose to attempt to discredit me, claiming on the Gayle King Show on August 9 that my time in Haiti had been restricted to ‘one particular area’, that area he was referring to is the 55,000 person IDP Camp that I and my organization were tasked to manage by the International Office of Migration. Indeed it is at that camp where we are based, but in fact, I and those I work with have operated 24-7 throughout the city of Port Au Prince and the country at large for all these months, distributing thousands of water filters, food, medicine, medical supplies and volunteers throughout the days and nights from the back of pick-up trucks and helicopters.”
  • Read Sean‘s full article at!

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    • flor

      i love sean penn and I think it’s so cool what he’s been doing for Haiti and some south america countries

    • Ana

      Sean Penn can suck it. Both parties will look at the situation from the angle that benefits each, not the better good.


      I don’t know what countries you refer to, but I live in one of the most impoverished nations of Latin America and he hasn’t done anything here worth of applauding.

    • Joanne

      Puhleeze,Sean Penn stop your yappering. WHY don’t YOU run for president for Haiti if you’re so concerned!

    • bebe

      Sean Penn has valid points about Wycleaf. He couldn’t even run his charity properly now he wants to run a country. Ridiculous there are other ways he can help and presidency is not one of them. He would fail especially if he was ever voted into office. Actually let me run i doubt anyone will vote for him.

    • Iffy Miffy

      @Ana: Sean Penn doesn’t have an *obligation* to help any country, except perhaps his own, and even that would be a true obligation only in special circumstances.
      I am sorry you live in a poor country but it isn’t his duty to help you. He is one single man, an actor to boot and he has done his best to help Haiti. Now take your hate and rage that you have aimed at the wrong person and YOU do something for YOUR country with all that energy instead of blabbing on the internet over why he hasn’t helped you!

    • Leni

      @Joanne: Because he’s a smart man and realizes being President isn’t a job for just anyone, you dumbass. You can have your opinion about him, but the truth is Wyclef running in Haiti is like Levi Johnston running for mayor. It’s a DUMB idea, Sean Penn is just pointing that out.

    • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

      …Sean Penn has spent more time in Haiti than Wyclef has.

    • jensenLUVER tanya

      Haitian election officials disqualified Wycleaf 4 a reason. Sean doesnt hold bac & speaks his mind. He jus spoke wat others was 2 afraid 2 say… technically Sean’s not bashin any1. Hes statin da facts. If it is meant 2 b, then Wylceaf wil bcom president.

    • Geena

      Ana, what have you done for your country other than sitting there criticizing Sean Penn for not helping it? I mean was he personally appointed to come and help it?
      I also have one question: under what qualifications does Wycleaf think he can run for presidency of Haiti? Does he really think that a country suffering the aftermath of such devastation needs a clueless entertainer to run it? Jeez.

    • ha

      stupid actor thinks he’s the saviour for iraq & now haiti. sean peen should STFU. he can’t even speak french and knows only a filtered hollywood version of the culture. wyclef at least is haitian & was born there, knows the culture like the back of his hand & has been supporting haiti for decades.

      where was sean’s venom for katrina? true tragedy on american soil

    • ally

      Wyclef can suck it.

    • sea

      @Iffy Miffy:
      Well said!!

    • candis

      Penn is right on the money! Well said Sean! Tired of people trying to be politically correct by not calling out the nonsense we see/hear daily

    • Ana

      @Iffy Miffy:

      I was answering to Flor’s statement on Sean Penn’s “charity” to South America, which aside from Venezuela and his Chavez’s relationship, it hasn’t happened. I don’t expect celebrities (or even the government itself) to fix the system in Latin America but credit where its due. Chirstina Aguilera and Ashley Judd have visited my nation and have helped out, yet I read comments that they were doing it for publicity. Can Penn’s statement be different?

      I don’t believe he’s doing it for the better good but to make himself look good and while at it, help a nation that desperately needs it. I’m not saying what he is doing is bad but I don’t buy he has 100% good intentions. As far as I’m concerned, Wyclef while not a politician can do better than a politician can do. You never know. Latin America’s system is so corrupted, that maybe WJ can be what they need. I don’t exactly support WJ’s decision of running for president but I find it astonishing how many people judge WJ without really knowing what could be Haiti’s greater good (and before anyone tells me, I’ve been following SP’s ‘help’ through some nations and he isn’t either too qualified to talk). If SP is just stating his opinion, then OK, we’ve heard it, we know it. He needs to stop talking as he knows what can fix Haiti or the world. He needs years of living on these nations to be able to say something. I don’t know the exact answer either but SP’s path seems to similar to me of many other people that haven’t done a lot of good, but it has been my experience.

      FYI, I do my share. I pay my taxes, I help out to many charities, my parents donate a lot of food, money to institutions that right now are helping to thousands displaced because of winter. So you might want to ask me first before you judge, ’cause even with the level of poverty there is in my country, we still helped out. Tons of donations were given to Haiti from here (if I recall correctly, three cargo ships left with aid). Do we also get an entry blog on JJ? No. We’re not celebrities.

    • Share


      If sean Penn was doing this for celebrity, he would have done what you said Christina Aguilera and AShley Judd did: visit the country, take a few pictures, maybe donate a few dollars and gone back to America. But no, he was there DAILY since the quake happened and didn’t say a word until it was necessary because people started to forget about it and now because Wyclef would only bring more chaos to this situation. SEAN PENN HAS ACTUALLY BEEN LIVING THERE FOR 6 MONTHS doing the same work that other volunteers do and that without a camera crew.

      I hope you can see and understand the difference!!!

    • Share


      And even while he’s shooting a movie right now, he still takes time to go over there and volunteer – PR move? I don’t think so. All u need for that is 1 day, a camera crew and a camp visit