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Unforgiven: Angelina Jolie's New Role!

Unforgiven: Angelina Jolie's New Role!

Angelina Jolie is being put on the fast track to play the lead role in the big screen adaptation of the 2009 British miniseries Unforgiven.

Synopsis: Fresh out of prison after serving 15 years for the murder of two policemen, Ruth Slater (Jolie) struggles to rebuild her life in an unfamiliar world. Her happiness with new boyfriend, Brad, however, is threatened by the vengeful sons of one of her victims. And the troubled woman is haunted by even further reaching reverberations from the events of 15 years before. Ruth may be out of jail, but breaking free of the past is not quite so simple as stepping out of a cell.

Angie will also be serve as director, producer and screenwriter in the upcoming Bosnian love story pic that she’s developing. “The film focuses on a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman who meet on the eve of the war and the effect the war has on their relationship,” Graham King‘s production company GK Films announced.

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  • estelle

    Yes!!!!!! I really like the story

  • Iffy Miffy

    Unforgiven was a great show, she would be so good in it! I would love to see her in this!

  • whodunit?

    Oscar # 2. She needs Clint Eastwood to direct. This project seems like light years away though. Probably won’t film till 2012.

  • candy

    Robert Pattinson and Angelina Jolie should be cast in this!

  • !

    Busy lady!

  • Dominic

    Well, I wish her well. It’s not like there’s anything to compare it to as far as her directing and screenwriting talents go.

  • Maddy

    Angelina Jolie: Respected Hollywood Powerhouse!!!

  • sasha

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  • dd

    yeah i hope this is true…

  • Lurker

    Somewhere X is thinking thought…. playing with her hair, that’s not fair, why is she getting all the interesting roles and all the great directors want to tailor those roles just for her. .. Huvane, she was supposed to be over in Hollywood….. I was the one left by Brad Pitt, America was supposed to love me……I am America’s sweetheart darn it…..What happened?

  • oh dear

    Yeah, Angelina!

    OT but relevant and something all could use, and “some” cough, cough will never get. Love you, Jolie-Pitts!


    The news just keep getting better for Angelina Jolie and the Jolie-Pitt fans. You go girl.

  • Alissa

    Where do they get the crummy ideas for these crapola movies?

  • Passing Through

    How ironic that Angie’s considering a movie with the same title as one of Clint Eastwood’s greatest movies…

  • Ozzie

    Thought I would repost this here since we have a new thread.

    Good catch PT. I love Clint in, “Unforgiven”. Am sure Angie will be brilliant in this adaptation. Loved the mini-series. Good role for Angie.

    Hi Neleh, hope is all well with you and yours x

    Happy belated birthday wishes PT. I hate my DL’s photo too. We’re not allowed to smile…so I look utterly miserable ;) LOL.

    Nan, keeping up the good work. It’s sending certain folks crazy. Good times and fun!

    Hello to all JP fans. Hope you are all healthy and happy.

    Angie is amazing! She could’ve talked about this new project during Salt promo, but she didn’t. Says a lot about her professionalism! This woman doesn’t brag. She quietly goes about getting business done.

    The twins are getting so big. They grow so fast. Love Vivi’s side-eye at Knoxy. See Miss Zee has been teaching her :D

  • to alissa

    unforgiven is a brilliant mini series. that someone of your limited intelligence hasn’t heard of it doesn’t surprise me. as for the other story in bosnia; i have no doubt it will be great

  • groundcontrol

    It’s great to see Angelina’s dedication to her craft and her professional reputation has brought her to and kept her at the top of her profession.
    Kudos to Jolie for her courage in tackling the job of screenwriter and director and to others such as Graham King for recognizing what an incredible talent Jolie is.

  • ok

    at least its not another Tom Cruise movie

  • gg

    It gives me a sad feeling just reading the plot and reminded me herself for some reason. Hope she signed for it. It sound good story line as it sound sad.

  • gg

    It gives me a sad feeling just reading the plot and reminded me herself for some reason. Hope she signed for it. It sound good story line as it sound sad.

    jared, your thing abort every attempt to post. fix it pls.

  • lala

    Sounds romantic with a little action great, cant wait to see it..luv Angie!

  • NEXT

    WHO CARES???

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …now that’s a real actor right there. `taken real roles, and taken chances w/ each of them being different. `not doing the same bullshiit over and over again.

  • Jennifer

    Oh another role that she can draw from her inner mental problems. great

  • roxy

    I just want to see the JD and AJ movie and then whatever she does. she rocks.

  • Jennifer

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…:

    all of her roles have related to her in some way. she basically just plays herself

  • busted

    Whether this is true or not or if she does it.. the point is she is offered quality material and gets to work with amazing people.

    Trust there are tons of actresses that are hoping that she turns down a lot of these offers. Angie gets offers before scripts are written, because the scripts are written with her in mind. She gets to pick from the best scripts and offers. So Ms. Jolie is doing quite well. She works when she wants and not because she has to.

    This is a possible project, and as was stated on another article Angie does not commit to projects until she has read and approved the script..

    So if she does it.. great..her fans will be there to support her.

    OT: OK.. Drew Barrymore has her latest Rom com coming out…I won’t be seeing it.. I have to say there are only a few Drew movies that I loved.. Home Fries (she was so cute and Luke Wilson was so yummy), Never Been Kissed, Charlie Angels (First one) Grey Gardens, and ET (haha).. and I really can’t recall any more..

    I mention her because I am curious how her BO numbers will be. I just hope if it beats TSs numbers..

    OK no more about the Hag..

  • an oldie

    Wow, I never thought I would agree with Infamous.

  • stefany

    She looks pretty in that picture, a movie with Brad that sounds good can’t wait to see it.

  • busted


    awww.. don’t be pissy.. YOU freaks are pulling the same old tags out of your as*es..

    At least Angelina has emotions.( you get those from actually living a full life, and seeing the world) . the thing that they say about Aniston is she is wooden and boring.

    With SALT being such a GLOBAL hit.. she will be in more demand then before.. now she is writing, producing and directing..

    PUTS the less talented to shame I know..

    Go Angie.. Brad is I am sure quite proud of “his girl”.. She tries new things.. her second directing project. And she didn’t talk about if for 2 years.. or tell the world she would Burst.. she just did it and let her actions speak for themselves..

    Talk is cheap. Talkers talk.. Doers do. Angelina is a Doer.. Others are Talkers.. LOL


    I love Angelina Jolie because she chooses diverse movies roles. Quality over quanity. Looking forward to The Tourist in December.

  • niwatori

    oohh YES!!! Angie sure has some great projects coming up. That’s how A+ list stardom is done. Can’t wait for this one.

  • teri

    Looking forward to seeing Angelina in anything that comes out.

  • Ann Howard

    Angelina rules – if the film ends up being as good as it sounds she could easily win her 2nd Oscar with this role. She is so much more than the mean action star she played in Lara Croft/Wanted – her performances in Changeling and Gia (among others) have proven that. Hoping for a great director and supporting cast. Excited – even if we have to wait 3-4 years to see it! Thanks, JJ!

  • vickifromtexas

    belated happy birthday wishes to pt. i hope you had a great one. hugs.

  • XIII

    Who’s directing this film?
    Very Clint Eastwood if ya tell me

  • Lol

    I hope Angelina is successful as a director even if the first movie doesn’t do well. I like the idea of Angelina being an action star, dramatic actress and a director. I think Angelina the worldly director title is sexy. She needs to keep the bang cause I love that look on her. Also, I’m getting he vibe from her premiers and interviews that the brad days are fast approaching the end just like her vegan, Billy bob, Johnny lee, Jenny shimizu, and the days of lovers has past. Brad the large ego dufus will move on fast and Angelina will go on a self finding adventure . Seems like she has one of those more often than ur average woman. She’s always going through a mid life crisis? That’s why she can’t stay in on damn country for longer than a week without vacation to another country for a few days. Iye I think that’s what her seemingly out of nowhere trip into the director chair is all about. Sure she loves brad but it’s never enough for her. Lol she’s said that she’s always searching for more. She enlightened brad when it comes to charity and now it’s time for he next adventure. She will always praise him tho… That’s just how she roles

  • nakedoldjennifer

    This sounds like a great project for AJ, I like Eastwood but I hope he does not direct this
    God bless the Jolie-Pitts

  • Jill


    *Yawn* Shitzy, you still breathing?


    The switch denated in theaters with 8 million. Now that is what I call a flop/bomb from the c-list actress from tv land. The numbers don’t lie. Salt has rake in $110 million while Rachel from Friends has gross an amazing $10 million. That is some Hollywood heavyweight.


    To #10 Lurker @ 08/25/2010 at 8:41 pm

    Somewhere X is thinking thought…. playing with her hair, that’s not fair, why is she getting all the interesting roles and all the great directors want to tailor those roles just for her. .. Huvane, she was supposed to be over in Hollywood….. I was the one left by Brad Pitt, America was supposed to love me……I am America’s sweetheart darn it…..What happened?
    Don’t forget she is also crying to Huvane How am I suppose to be an A-list movie star when I have 2 flops this year and Angelina will have 2 blockbusters this year.

  • Mimi

    Jolie doesn’t commit to projects until scripts are completed. It is a good one. Hope Jolie does it.

  • to jennifer

    rise and shine!! every actor brings a part of him/herself to each role. oh wait, you didn’t know that. how could you since you have never known what you are talking about. now be a good girl and leave angie alone.

  • Mimi

    Jolie and Pitt are so busy with their careers and their family and balance them very well.

  • God Bless you Angelina!

    God bless you dear Angelina.
    No matter how hard the haters try to destroy you the faster and higher you rise.
    No matter how many lies In Touch prints against your loving family life with Brad, the stronger and tighter and more loving the bond of togetherness grows between you and Brad and your families.
    Haters, hear this!
    Every evil, hateful thing you wish against Angelina and Brad and their beautiful children, God converts to a wonderful blessing for them.
    His blessings upon them cannot be replaced or undone.
    Here is what you haters do not understand.

    And every mother watches over her child.
    Give up your hatred against this daughter of God. She has done you no harm and tries to help so many.
    And why would you make God your enemy because you hate God’s child?
    Brad and Angelina and their children walk in God’s Blessings, and God takes care of them.

  • to Jolie is only bones

    angie has no talent!!! let’s see, she has the oscar for best supporting actress, nominated for best actress, has worked with the likes of robert di niro and clint eastwood. she also works for the united nations and various charities around the world. and you?? what exactly have you accomplished? let me guess!! you have absolutely nothing. now tell me, who is the one that is pathetic.??


    Have a good laugh at this latest from FUGLY…and be prepared to not be eating – she looks like Phyllis Diller in these (spread in sept Shape mag):

  • kikay

    Her role in Salt proves how versatile Angelina is, she can be the villain and the good guy and in Mr and Mrs Smith she can also handle a slight comedy….reading the synopsis of UNFORGIVEN…. ANGELINA can do justice of the role….. Good luck Angie…..another blockbuster movie for you….

  • Sean

    Angelina is very talented. Brad is so lucky.

  • Astute

    Astute comment fr another site about ol’ manny’s latest desperate PR move (pretending that Jane Pitt is her “friend”):
    This is just more old, tired, recycled crap ( much like jen herself ) from Jen’s PR machine making one of their very predictable moves- deflect & divert attention from the fact that 1. she said the word ret*rd on national television offending many( and has yet to issue an apology ) and 2. she bombed at the BO. So predictable & pathetic.