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Adam Lambert & Katy Perry: Scissor Sisters Concert!

Adam Lambert & Katy Perry: Scissor Sisters Concert!

Katy Perry and good friend Adam Lambert come out to support pal Jake Shears at his Scissor Sisters concert in New York City on Wednesday night (August 25).

The concert was also attended by actresses Susan Sarandon and Parker Posey (pictured with Adam below).

Katy tweeted, “I (heart) Scissor Sisters!”

Later in the evening, everyone hit the after-party at NYC hotspot Highbar, which was hosted by Chip Duckett and Ben Wymer. The event also benefited LIFEbeat, a non-profit organization the fosters HIV/AIDS prevention by mobilizing the music industry.

10+ pictures inside of Scissor Sisters fans Katy Perry and Adam Lambert

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adam lambert katy perry scissor sisters concert 01
adam lambert katy perry scissor sisters concert 02
adam lambert katy perry scissor sisters concert 03
adam lambert katy perry scissor sisters concert 04
adam lambert katy perry scissor sisters concert 05
adam lambert katy perry scissor sisters concert 06
adam lambert katy perry scissor sisters concert 07
adam lambert katy perry scissor sisters concert 08
adam lambert katy perry scissor sisters concert 09
adam lambert katy perry scissor sisters concert 10

Credit: Jackson Lee, Derek Storm; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jory

    oh Adam SO HOT SO CUTE I LOVE HIM <3 JJ Thank you for the best pictures.

  • Dave

    @Jared you don’t have the picture that Jake Shears tweeted out posted on this page.

  • Uh No

    What a ridiculous comment to make. They had to split the group in some way, and this is how it was set from the very beginning of the tour. Since you really don’t know if Adam’s band is feeling slighted, why don’t you keep your pitiful concern-troll comments to yourself.

    Adam and his guitarist Monte have been friends for years, and Tommy and Adam have formed a very tight bond, “lifetime friends”, per Adam. So I think they’re just fine.

    Nice try though.

  • are you on crack?

    @Whatev: LMFAO what the F are you on about ?? You expect Monte to go clubbing with Adam when he has twins to help his wife take care off?

  • damien

    @Whatev wait, whaaaaaaaaaat?

  • lunar love

    I <3 Adam’s craters

  • GChelsea

    What was Katy thinking with that skirt / shoes / hair?
    Adam needs to grow his hair out again. Or cut the longer side shorter or something. Jake looks waaaaasted.


    RT Bridgetolove Susan Sarandon an Adam lambert are outside my dressing room

    RT jdharmstar adam lambert in the houuuuuse. (@Carnival NYC w/ 14 others)

    RT: kylehatt Just met Adam Lambert. HOW NICE IS HE!!!!

    RT: Ana is wonderful. Katy Perry is here with Adam Lambert and his dancers. Both their eyes are to die for. We’re waiting for Jake to show up

    RT boynewyork Carnival with Adam Lambert

    RT DaNator At the Scissor Sisters show, along w/Adam Lambert & half of gay NY!

    RT Murray*Hill: adamlambert Great to meet ya tonight, kid! #showbiz

    RT Rockuboff Standing next to the tables in VIP at scissorsisters reserved for Katy Perry, Drew Barrymore and Adam Lambert (haha) weird!!

    RT mxjustinbond: Crazy Pop Music night scissorsisters show. Hung out with adamlambert katieperry susansarandon backstage. Too much!!

  • ALLYoko

    @lunar love: You’re really lame : / at least he’s not Spokesperson for PA like Katy and has to do this

  • fierce

    the scissor sisters are fun live, even if i can’t stand jake shears’ voice.
    adam is adorable. i love his talent / personality
    katy’s personality & singing voice is annoying and but she’s beautiful.

  • Jennifer

    I’m glad Adam got out and had some fun! He deserves it, he’s been working so hard! And I love Adam and Katy together. They both look hot so I appreciate it lol but they also seem to have fun and they both need that with someone going through the same lifestyle. Saw pics of them at the This Is It premiere and they looked like bro and sis

  • Jennifer


    You should get the picture of Adam, Jake, and Katy all together on a couch or something

  • Chip

    nothing gives me wood like Adam’s latest fruity hairstyle

  • Sandy

    Adam has those killer vocals and he’s so cute!!!!! And Katy is always as ravishing as ever!!! Two of my fav artists!!!!! Hope they had a great time at the show!!!

  • Jason

    Woah!!! Super sexy Katy and that Adam dude has awesome vocals!!!! Two great entertainers!!

  • 9Trey

    @Chip @lunar love Man, I cant fkn stand internet cowards like you. Trolls, whatever youre called. Racists and bigots are like modern N.a.z.i.s. N people who are pressed their fave artist or idol whatever aint doing as well as another. Jealousy is WHACK

  • ELBA

    The Lady Marmalade vid’s on TV. Glambert said he wants to do a duet with his mate Slash first and foremost and with his idol Bowie one day but he needs to do a dirty Diva collab as well, it’d be so fiiiieeerce. He needs to come out like Xtina does with his vocal runs lol and kill it. I rememba watching his Slowride duet on Utube, he’s the perfect duet partner person cos he shines but lets the other person shine.

  • prayin for u rn
  • prayin for u too
  • XTRA pic
  • XTRA pic
  • shelly

    love adam

  • Sia

    Katy’s weave looks terrible. And gurl, your bangin body is no excuse for that mess of a outfit.

  • no talent

    Adam sounds soooo much better in the audience listening


    @no talent: You’re really funny. Kris Allen, fan right? Hahahahahahaha.

    Attack the very rare thing which has gotten him respect because you can’t do anything else. You’ll never have a 5range voice and be able to hit every note on the guitar with ease like he can.
    So? Just cry more. You’re pathetic already

  • voiatile

    @no talent: oooooo your resentment is DELICIOUS honey

  • Seth

    @XOXO: ‘ I tried to hate Katy but I couldn’t ‘

    Just watch her cringey interviews and live videos. It’ll come easy!

  • Nathan

    #74 WTF is wrong witu? You sound like a mental escapee. Were you were ignored by your parents all your life ?? Did your mommy drop you on the head as a kid?? What’s the deal here lmfao. That’s the image you’re portraying online. Not enough attention the first time you posted so you post again. And again. And again. And fcuking again. You really don’t care how desperate your need to rile people up for any attention showcases you as?

  • Emily

    trolls are so boring

  • Tyson

    Only 1 of these people can sing.

  • Winter

    Would love to hear a song by both Katey Perry and Adam Lambert! Would love even more to hear a song with Adam Lambert and Sister Scissors. Epic. Maybe on his next album. But, it needs to happen.

  • LLL

    ADAM. That is all ♥

  • lunar love

    I’m a fat vir.gin

  • Chip

    I’m a bitter self hating closet-case.

  • no talent

    I’m lost and confused. I thought this was a KA flop Idol post.

  • :3

    Katy Perry is horrible, idgi.
    Jake Shears has the world’s most annoying falsetto voice but you can’t deny the band are funnn.

  • rock n roll queen

    they both have fantastic styles

  • Darren

    Katy Perry’s new album is awful.

  • Jase

    Katy Perry is dumb as a pack of rocks.

  • Jase

    She’s hot though.

  • LeahMaines

    It’s really sad that in America, a woman (in this case: Katy Perry) singing about kissing a girl will have huge instant success. But a band like SS or an artist like AL who make equally camp music or simply use pronouns like ‘He’, on the other hand are feared and dismissed, particualrly on Radio. Seriously super MESSED UP. So freaking glad I live in the UK where these petty double standards rarely exist. The only hphobe types we have are chavs and everyone despises chavs. Jake + his band & Adam + his band/dancers are welcome to be as fabulous as they like in my country ANYTIME. ♥

  • O___________O

    what is up with his eyes

  • shamrock

    @LeahMaines: I saw the link to this on FB and said it over there as well but I remember in an interview Jake talking about how they’re “too gay for America”. (Adam’s had similar prejudice)

    But Faux lesbianism is not only fine, people do it to sell records.
    It is messed up and made me sad.

  • shelly

    @LeahMaines: I agree, fever is a awesome song and it woud never get played on radio because it has a male pronoun. Pisses me off.

  • Sharon

    @LeahMaines: Adam may not have as much of a problem with homophobia in the UK, but he DOES have to deal with UK radio’s absolute refusal to play him. Because he’s American? Because he’s an American Idol alumnus? Both? “Whataya Want From Me” was a worldwide smash, but went nowhere in the UK because radio, particularly Radio One, wouldn’t play it. Sad for Adam, because he loves the UK so much…and sad for the fans and potential fans robbed of hearing his music.

  • Lyra

    Adam looks very well! So tanned!

  • Lyra


  • kristi

    love adam, like katy, don’t know much about the scissor sisters. hope they had fun!

  • rol

    @MlleF: LOL, this is the most stupid statement I had ever read. So you hate homosexuality as in if they were straight you would have a chance? LOL… keep dreaming… Im sure straight, gay or bi you wouldn’t have a chance…

  • TT

    @rol: She worded it wrong……..I think she just meant “I hate the fact that he’s not interested in me like that” like a lot of his fans say (not me). But you’re right, as if anyone has a chance with any celebrity – gay, straight, married, bi….whatever lol.