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Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!

Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!

Bar Refaeli tries her hand at tennis at the Nike Tennis Primetime Knockout event held at NYC’s Pier 54 on Wednesday (August 25).

The 25-year-old model competed with tennis star Rafael Nadal in a friendly match against New York Giants player Justin Tuck and tennis player Victoria Azarenka.

John McEnroe served as announcer for the match, and Serena Williams attended the game!

Looks like Bar had a blast at the game!

FYI: Bar is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Jewelry 18K Yellow Gold Heart necklace.

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bar refaeli rafael nadal nike tennis primetime knockout 03
bar refaeli rafael nadal nike tennis primetime knockout 04
bar refaeli rafael nadal nike tennis primetime knockout 05
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195 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!”

  1. 1
    Abbie Says:

    The only interesting person in this is Nadal but yet it`s Refali who deserved a post for some reason.

  2. 2
    Lance Costa Says:

    Bar Refaeli is incredibly gorgeous. Israeli perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

  3. 3
    guest girl Says:

    Nadal looks super cute and hot as always! He is my absolute favorite player! I hope this is gonna be his year at the US Open finally!

  4. 4
    bar none Says:

    bar is smokin’ hot. no wonder leo dumped that horse-faced giselle.
    rafa is my fave player and i pray he wins the us open. nice combination. better get that ring on bar, leo. that spanish charm is irresistible.

  5. 5
    Fare Says:

    I don’t get her appeal, she looks really really ordinary! And short… :/

  6. 6
    lol Says:

    @4: For the millionth time Gisele left Leo and Barbie had nothing to do with it! I wonder why her fans keep bringing up Gisele over and over again especially when she has nothing to do with this post!

  7. 7
    ?? Says:

    leo cheated on gisele with sienna miller didnt he?? and thats what ended it

  8. 8
    Greg Says:

    it would’ve been funny if rafa did 100 mph serves on her

  9. 9
    bronza Says:

    did you know that there ar 56 calories per ‘serving’ of c-men, hence barf is such a fat BIOTCH

  10. 10
    tinnie Says: isnt t this the girl leo hookd up with last summer during their break?? shes hot

  11. 11
    ..... Says: haha good interview with leo mentioning bar he wasnt going to get tricked into talking about her he out witted that guy, musta been a awkward question for JGL as leo wasnt going out with her when they were doing inception bet they talked about all his other girls tho!! lol

  12. 12
    jade Says:

    bars cute but she isnt that hot but i guess that also gives leo points as he doesnt see the need to go out with the most stunning girl on the planet, plus when you see pics off them together shes usualy dressed in like loose fitting jeans his tshirts amd makeupless so their either just out off bed or he doesnt care if she doesnt look STUNNING all the time, goes to show its not all about looks

  13. 13

    BACK OFF BIOTCH LEO IS MINE….while u were in isreal me and him were anaal fuucking in the bed that u sleep in, then i gve him a bj on the couch that u sit on, then he went down on me on the kitchen eat off, then we had s e x in the shower u shower in…I OWN HIM

  14. 14

    BACK OFF BIOTCH LEO IS MINE….while u were in isreal me and him were anaal fuucking in the bed that u sleep in, then i gve him a bj on the couch that u sit on, then he went down on me on the kitchen eat off, then we had s e x in the shower u shower in…I OWN HIM

  15. 15
    lol Says:

    @7: Leo always had and still has his wondering ways but I think the reason why they broke up was mainly his reluctance to commit so Gisele moved on.
    @12: I totally disagree with you. She might not look stunning all the time ( clearly she doesn`t ) but it`s well-known that Leo likes to have `supermodels` as girlfriends and that has something to do with looks. Have you ever seen him dating someone other than a model?

  16. 16
    Sarah Says:

    Bradley Cooper and Roger federer played also WHERE ARE ThEIR PICS…. We get Bar and 2 pics of Rafa … FAIL..

  17. 17
    .... Says:

    his 1st gf in high school wasnt a model….i dont think haha

  18. 18
    tinnie Says:

    he dated juliete lewis shes not a model, not every woman hes hooked up with is a model thats just dumb to think

  19. 19
    french Says:


    a model, her ?really? a model makes covers, fashion shows,… not a tennis event

  20. 20
    lol Says:

    @17: Wow, you got me! His first gf wasn`t a model. Is it really going to change the point I was trying to make?

  21. 21
    Michelina Says:

    Way to go BAR!!!! And what a splendid figure, she has! Multi grazie JARED for the fantastic pictures of Leo’s lady playing tennis with such a champion as Rafael Nadal!

    Yes, indeed…. she sure had a blast at the game

  22. 22
    blah Says:

    hmmm isnt barf like 25 now?! that shes at the prime age for baby making women ar most likely to have a baby at this age…leo to is also in prime baby making territory, i smell DISASTER….shes more than likely on the pill but still WRAP THAT TWICE u dont want to be trapped forever!! considering hes not working (and she never is) their prob at it like rabbits which could easily lead to a ‘SHOCK’ pegnancy….get out now while you can leo!!
    however i would LOVE to some little leos they would be so cute and hed make a super dad we just have to get him the right baby mama!!

  23. 23
    CanadaGirl Says:

    I have to commend the group on Leo (related) threads. You are so AHEAD of the curve and were on these photos long before they were posted.
    Props to: he likes her but not for wife, lol, tinkerbell, french, LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN, ….., gimmeabreak, guest girl, etc. for keepin’ it real.
    Okay ladies, you asked for it and here it is… sharpen those claws. haha.

  24. 24
    sun worshipper Says:

    nice tan barbie

  25. 25
    bar none Says:


    you don’t know how it works…a decent guy won’t dump a girl first…he waits when the girl senses that he isn’t into her anymore.

    leo was already done with that horse-face long before she said quits. then she wasted no time surfing that dude and then another dude.

    it was the best thing that leo did, the world is a witness to how stupid, tactless, and insensitive this model is. she says the most absurd things and wanted to claim the son of her bf’s baby momma as her own.

    unlike that brazilian dude-looking model, bar is natural, perky and so much down to earth….and prettier!

  26. 26
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @…..: Thanks for the link – too funny. Notice at 0:41 that Ellen looks to JGL’s reaction and she mirrors him facially and bodily. She’s so cute – new to the game and still learning. :) JGL is a bit more “Holly-wise” and is unflinching and unapologetic in his choice of response.
    What I find interesting is that Leo has not bothered to learn any Hebrew. A couple words according to him( … one probably being “lechaim”). I mean, that’s fairly telling. One would think that is you’re going long-term with a gal them you’d take a little interest in her culture too.

  27. 27
    guest girl Says:

    @Michelina: Have you seen JJ’s latest Leo post? Who do you think ‘the hottest girl in town’, Leo was seen with the other night, is? Because it wasn’t BR… Sure, it looks like she was having a blast at the game. Way more fun than you have ever seen her having around her boyfriend!

  28. 28
    lol Says:

    @25: You are very entertaining, thanks for the laughs! I just love it when Barbie is compared to Gisele. Gisele who has achieved everything in modeling Bar is just dreaming about. You are right, horse face makes someone the highest paid model on the planet! LOL! Some models have the Vogue and every major fashion magazine covers, jobs with the biggest designers, walking the runway for them and for some… busting out of tiny bikini tops and pulling down their bottoms as low as possible. LOL.
    You must know Leo very well to make a statement like that about their break up. But I hope you are right and now he is entering the phase when he is just waiting for Barbie to finally realize that what she wants is not happening! LOL!

  29. 29
    stoopid Says:

    no comparison: bar is prettier than gisele. gisele is cold and dumb!

    i’d rather have adriana lima than gisele any time of the day.

  30. 30
    hes a good guy Says:

    leo seems to be still on good terms with gisele tho didnt he send her a bay gift? that was nice of him…he seems to stay friendly or atleast not be awkward ( maybe thats why his relationships tend to be on and off) with exes which is handy considering hes hooked up with half of H.W

  31. 31
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Great LD picture *sigh*

  32. 32
    @26 Says:

    wel to be fair he probably does know more words but he obviously wasnt going to give the game away and start having a full conversation in hebrew thats exactly what the interviewr wanted and leo knew that, hes a smart dude i wouldnt want to try out smart him

  33. 33
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @bar none: Yeah, you’re right Bar is perky. All the douche, greasy, bald, euro-trash boys think so:

  34. 34
    ..... Says:

    @ CanadaGirl leo has MANY good pics *sigh*, indeed just wish we could see more of him…..dont hesitate to post more pics!! :)

  35. 35
    ..... Says:

    @ CanadaGirl leo has MANY good pics *sigh* indeed, just wish we could see more of him…..dont hesitate to post more pics!! :)

  36. 36
    ..... Says:

    @ CanadaGirl leo has MANY good pics *sigh* indeed, just wish we could see more of him…..dont hesitate to post more pics!! :)

  37. 37
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @bar none: “Supermodel”

  38. 38
    ..... Says:

    woo sorry for tripple post, i was thinking leo is friends with kevin c who was in ‘hes just not that into you’ so as support to his friend leo prob went to see that movie and probably with bar….hahaha how IRONIC

  39. 39
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @bar none: Supermodel vs “supermodel” candid bikini shots:
    I think I know who’ll be whinnying.

  40. 40
    coco Says:

    i was looking at leos old post and found thispic off george dicaprio and im shocked at what a good looking man he was nice pic u posted, leo is so handsome why WHY does he choose to stay with barf when he could hve anyone its so FRUTRATING!!!

  41. 41
    coco Says:

    i was looking at leos old post and found thispic off george dicaprio and im shocked at what a good looking man he was nice pic u posted, leo is so handsome why WHY does he choose to stay with barf when he could hve anyone its so FRUTRATING!!!

  42. 42
    esj Says:

    leo must have good reasons he didn’t want to go forward with that dumb girl. i can only wonder why…lolz

  43. 43
    @42&43 Says:

    … and you call people stupid. Your comments don`t really scream `intelligent`!
    Btw who brought up Gisele on this thread in the first place? Barbie`s stupid fans as usual. I understand if someone doesn`t like G but what does she have to do with this thread? She was Leo`s girlfriend, they broke up ( unfortunately ) and they both moved on years ago. Maybe `bar none` and `esj` should do that as well! You have the right to hate her but why don`t you do it on G`s thread and not on an irrelevant one? What does Barbie or Nadal has to do with her? I guess I won`t get an intelligent answer to my question…

  44. 44
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @coco: That is a good picture. @ RIRI posted it in the last Leo thread. I hadn’t seen any younger Papa DiCaprio pictures before, so it’s kinda cool to see the strong similarity, and George, in that photo, is only three years older than Leo is presently.
    @@42&43: I started in on the GB posts. Sorry. Some irritating posters get the better of me sometimes. My bad.

  45. 45
    if only Says: really nice vid these to would make a STUNNING couple

  46. 46
    if only Says: really nice vid these to would make a STUNNING couple

  47. 47
    fan Says: leo and bar kissing

  48. 48
    fan Says: leo and bar kissing

  49. 49
    fan Says: leo and bar kissing

  50. 50
    @44 Says:

    I meant who brought up Gisele on this thread and that was `bar none`. Probably because you started talking about her on Leo`s last thread. So I assume this is the reporting/caps lock person bashing her.
    @fan: Thanks for the photos. It took about 5 years to see a kiss from them meanwhile Leo was ready to touch and kiss Gisele any time even in public. And of course they are `behind bars` so you can`t see them clearly… So probably they kissed during their vacation. Now what?

  51. 51
    Lololololllll Says:

    It is soooo difficult for the losers to swallow that Bar is Dicaprio’s girlfriend. How it hurts. And how it is a thrill to see Bar happy! YES!

  52. 52
    Sean Says:

    Bar has stumpy legs. She’d be out hooking if it weren’t for Leo.

  53. 53
    lol Says:

    Sure, she is happy when she is not around him! LOL! Yeah, it is hard to accept that Leo lowered his standards in dating and stick with her. Laugh as much as you want it`s not going to change anyone`s mind about Barbie! :)

  54. 54
    good genes Says:

    bar is so gorgeous and has a gorgeous body with those legs that go on forever gorgeous naturally beautiful face and i love her beautiful clean shiny silky hair not NAPPY AT ALL LUCKY GIRL

  55. 55
    @54 Says:

    `nappy` I knew it was you! LOL! Still on kindergarten level! Someone mentions her short legs and you counter-attack praising them! Are you having fun? LOL!

  56. 56
    You're Welcome Says:


  57. 57
    It suits him Says:

    Now these are some cute images.—Who-knew-Leo-so-Trendy-46689
    And this one at 6:04 ish

  58. 58
    annie Says:

    bars a cute kid and not afraid to wash all that make upoff.great figure and brains too

  59. 59
    esj Says:


    how much does gisele pay you? been busy lately fending off darts thrown at your client? she’s a mouthful lolz i’m happy for you…job security!

  60. 60
    @56 Says:

    wtf are you kidding me with this video like 30 years ago why dont you show some of his videos now with his fat bloated ckoed out obese face and body?

  61. 61
    french Says:


    I don’t see them, kissing each other but Barf’s fans will always say they are kissing while we don’t see anything

  62. 62
    @59 Says:

    Good thing I wasn`t expecting anything intelligent from you otherwise I would be so disappointed reading your comment. lol

  63. 63
    Jb Says:

    Oh look the squinty eyed rat is back. I bet she can’t play tennis. Poor Nadal! He must wishes he had another partner while he laughs in her face!!!

  64. 64
    Meg@nFoxxF@n Says:

    What a BUTTAFACE….yuck

  65. 65
    blue blue Says:

    looove this chick ! so so hot so so cute so so fun i would loove to do a chick like this…but yeah she does seem TOTALLY fake my boy in Israel used to bang her. he always said she was the most beautiful naked in bed with no makeup and has smooth skin and body, but he said she is soooo self centred and cares only for herself and fame she looooooovves being ass kissed and told she is amazing ..for what ??? lol takin off her bikini …but she is really hot ! c’mon !

  66. 66
    tal Says:


  67. 67
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    she looks cute and natural on the left…but not glorious. She also looks like she is having more fun than on the yacht. As long as she stays as the “stupid girl” at the tennis game level she is probably cute/fun.

    Watch my next post.

  68. 68
    Red Velvet Says:

    Is it just me or several comments from the past threads and this one has been deleted ? Even the positive one

  69. 69
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    bars mom has multiple personality disorder. on this page the following are her. ALso a bunch on page #1. The third one is reallly kind of sick and based on what someone said Uriel Natan said on another thread. She writes likes she is selling toothpaste or something. Jb, NICE post. I think “squinty eyed rat” is my new favorite bar moniker, replacing mattress backed wh**** from someone else who “knew her from Israel.”

    Lololololllll @ 08/26/2010 at 8:56 pm -3

    It is soooo difficult for the losers to swallow that Bar is Dicaprio’s girlfriend. How it hurts. And how it is a thrill to see Bar happy! YES!

    good genes @ 08/26/2010 at 9:15 pm -4

    bar is so gorgeous and has a gorgeous body with those legs that go on forever gorgeous naturally beautiful face and i love her beautiful clean shiny silky hair not NAPPY AT ALL LUCKY GIRL

    annie @ 08/27/2010 at 12:10 am -2

    bars a cute kid and not afraid to wash all that make upoff.great figure and brains too

    blue blue @ 08/27/2010 at 6:40 am -3

    looove this chick ! so so hot so so cute so so fun i would loove to do a chick like this…but yeah she does seem TOTALLY fake my boy in Israel used to bang her. he always said she was the most beautiful naked in bed with no makeup and has smooth skin and body, but he said she is soooo self centred and cares only for herself and fame she looooooovves being ass kissed and told she is amazing ..for what ??? lol takin off her bikini …but she is really hot ! c’mon !

  70. 70
    Leo in Vancover??? Says:

    According to a tweet!

  71. 71
    Leo in Vancover??? Says:

    According to a tweet!

  72. 72
    Leo in Vancover Says:

    Celebrity sighting: Leonardo DiCaprio at the Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver, BC. Looking a little shaggy, I must say. less than a minute ago via web

  73. 73
    lol Says:

    He is producing a movie, Little Red Riding Hood which is being filmed in Vancouver right now. Probably that`s why he is there.

  74. 74
    fddfx Says:

    you bored bored Bar “fans” will you quit talking about gisele all the time??? lol seriosuly. look I know your model is not very active and doesn’t keep you guys very satisfied, so you gotta talk about ppl who do many things secretly wishing your fav stub chub model was in demand, but just stop. there are no similarities and quite frankly, i never see gisele fans talking bad about bar, you guys must be a bunch of 12 yr old fan girls. grow up and keep gisele’s name out of this. she is in these pics? NO! (fyi,she dumped leo,bc he is a playboy) at least some one had some brains/self esteem to do so.

  75. 75
    @HE likes her but not for wife Says:

    please grow up already you are making us all nauseous really this used to be fun its not anymore and its because of you stop hating already

  76. 76
    @75 Says:

    `us all`? Who is `us` exactly? Speak only for yourself! :)

  77. 77
    lol Says:

    Leo, Tobey and Lukas in Vancouver yesterday. I`m really not sure about his hair but not having his gf around certainly suits him. It should be permanent already!

  78. 78
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Just found this twitter pic. He’s pretty cute without the cap.

  79. 79
    goisele Says:

    Rafa Nadal is FREAKING HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care others.

  80. 80
    whoa Says:

    @lol: he does not look hot at all. bloated.

    he needs to start taking care of himself. pronto.

  81. 81
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I’m really not sure why people keep referring to him as bloated. I don’t think it’s funny to speculate about him taking drugs either. He looks good to me in the photos, and not bloated at all. I like his boyish look. He’s cute, and lukas is looking pretty good too. I like the longish hair on him. They all look pretty good. Not funny to speculate about the drugs. He does not do drugs. He wouldn’t be this accomplished. Think about it.

  82. 82
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    Also this one, I can tell because its all lower case and no commas or punctuation. They dont have punctuation that I am aware of in Israeli,
    so she always writes in run-on sentences. I am going to identify all of them on every page so we all know.

    I find it hard to believe how hard it is for certain people to believe that
    bar is just not supermodel material and that a lot of people in the us just are not impressed with her. No matter how many times youpost, it doesnt put her on the cover of Vogue or modelling actual clothing.
    Or that Leo’s fans dont WANT him to be with her…they are thinking people who appreciate real movies and want him to be with someone they respect. They want him to GROW UP.


    please grow up already you are making us all nauseous

  83. 83
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    glad he is in vancouver, working. THat is much better for him. ITs when he is idle he gets in trouble. Glad he is with Tobe and Luke.the balanced ones, not crawley.

  84. 84
    wakedusty Says:

    @he likes her but not for wife:

    Who are you referring to as Crawley? I am confused.

  85. 85
    lol Says:

    @80: I don`t think he looks bloated I`m just not sure about his hair… Hopefully when he finds the right woman he`ll clean up well ( I mean not only for promos and photo shoots ). :)

  86. 86
    wakedusty Says:


    I kind of like his hair this way, it reminds me of the Titanic days.

    His face may look a little bloated sometimes but I don’t think it’s due to drugs. i think his face’s structure is very similar to his mom’s.

  87. 87
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    more mommie on page # 1

    bar none, Michaelina (she uses that one a lot) Lance Costa (???)
    jade (uses that one too) are all her. No one out there really likes bar. They get obvious after a while.

    Bar Refaeli is incredibly gorgeous. Israeli perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

    bar is smokin’ hot. no wonder leo dumped that horse-faced giselle.
    rafa is my fave player and i pray he wins the us open. nice combination. better get that ring on bar, leo. that spanish charm is irresistible.

    bars cute but she isnt that hot but i guess that also gives leo points as he doesnt see the need to go out with the most stunning girl on the planet, plus when you see pics off them together shes usualy dressed in like loose fitting jeans his tshirts amd makeupless so their either just out off bed or he doesnt care if she doesnt look STUNNING all the time, goes to show its not all about looks

    Way to go BAR!!!! And what a splendid figure, she has! Multi grazie JARED for the fantastic pictures of Leo’s lady playing tennis with such a champion as Rafael Nadal!

    Yes, indeed…. she sure had a blast at the game


    you don’t know how it works…a decent guy won’t dump a girl first…he waits when the girl senses that he isn’t into her anymore.

    leo was already done with that horse-face long before she said quits. then she wasted no time surfing that dude and then another dude.

    it was the best thing that leo did, the world is a witness to how stupid, tactless, and insensitive this model is. she says the most absurd things and wanted to claim the son of her bf’s baby momma as her own.

    unlike that brazilian dude-looking model, bar is natural, perky and so much down to earth….and prettier!

  88. 88
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    More barfie mommie on page #2

    no comparison: bar is prettier than gisele. gisele is cold and dumb!

    i’d rather have adriana lima than gisele any time of the day. leo and bar kissing (three times, must prove relationship exists !

  89. 89
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    anyway, I handled my bidness. If you want some really awesome, no holds barred gossip try l i p s t i c k a l l e y

    I didnt know denzel washington was a complete dog and having an affair with Sanaa Lathan !

    I dont hate bar. Just not for wife !

    I want to leo working being creative, being productive. Not being a HW

    Crawley is Kevin Connolly, renowned sex and blow addict. Bad influence.

  90. 90
    CanadaGirl Says:

    AGAIN the board is well ahead of the site and posting awesome links of Leo in Vancouver!
    @Leo in Vancover???: Good catch! Send him to T.O. if you can. I have something I need to talk to him about. ;)

  91. 91
    sarah p Says:


    Yes, Tobe looks great with a beard. I love Tobe, wish he was around leo more. Sweetheart, adorable, cute actor/guy. Very awkward early one but I love Cider House Rules and Seabiscuit. Great choice for Spiderman.
    Leo looks good, but he seems to be packing on the pounds–I bet it is quitting smoking so lets all give it a pass.

  92. 92
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @lol: Thanks for the link. The pictures are really good and Leo looks good, as well.
    I think it’s cute that he’s eating (Laura Secord?) ice-cream. awwww…. cutie pie.

  93. 93
    squinty eyed rat Says:


    I truly hope so, though I played myself–he has a fat cigar in one hand.
    (but maybe in his eyes its not smoking because it is not cigarettes.)

    Rather see him with his bros than her anyday.

  94. 94
    squinty eyed rat Says:

    its all good ! ;)

  95. 95
    Ironic Says:

    Is it just me or do you find it ironic that the same people who praise a “heavier” Bar are the same ones who dis. Leo for being bloated? Hello! – People age and fill out. He looks fine and is a great actor – that’s what counts.
    We don’t have to call her silly names like: Miss Bloated Cat Face, Squint and Cheese, Hop-Along Cassidy Saddle Bags, etc. We dislike her for more valid reasons – lack of talent, being a mooch, fame-mongering, among other things.

  96. 96
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @gimmeabreak: I agree. If Leo was doing drugs it would be out by now. I think that people would be gunning to take and sell those photos because they’d be worth big bucks. Look at so many high profile celebs who’ve been outed as drug users and its been revealed in the most duplicitous means possible. I think Leo likes to have some drinks, but drugs. No.
    Add to that, I think that he’s genetically predisposed to having fuller cheeks. Like @wakedusty: said, he resembles his mom in that respect.

  97. 97
    CanadaGirl Says:

    I’m off running errands for the afternoon, gals. Keep it real!

  98. 98
    squinty eyed rat Says:

    You go girl. I need my salad before lunch hour over. oh so looking for wards to the Liverpool Fashion Fest photos ! Note, they chose Doutzen Kroes for the main girl….Bar is in there somewhere.

    Agreed, yeah, I still find L. attractive without the stupid hat and a little belly. I think its a rebellion from having to lose weight for Inception and being expected to be a pretty boy. Also he is off filming for a while.

  99. 99
    french Says:

    She looks like a man, so ugly

  100. 100
    RT Says:

    cute dress

  101. 101
    aly Says:

    Bar Refaeli is Very happy with Nadal!

  102. 102
    Uh-Oh Says:

    Look out Leo…….

  103. 103
    He likes her but not for wife Says:

    She’s cute but not stunning. Closer look shows greasy hair and noticeable roots. She’s pretty just not grace Kelley.
    I think if would be great if she could just date the Spanish tennis player and go away. That would be best for everyone. Bags under the eyes. Tan looks good but bad for basal cell carcinoma.

    Still say she had a facelift- maybe to give face some expression… It just looks like her eyes got pulled up on the side.

  104. 104
    He likes her but not for wife Says:

    Well now we know what all caps has been up to! She’s carrying Jesus after all, and Leo is the father of the new messiah! I knew he had it in him! Leo is god! All hail Leo!

    Stay tuned for a new thread coming up. Stay in canada, these bit ches are dangerous, and that’s just all caps we are talking about.

    Wow! He’s having a string of crazies…first there is this woman in israel who thinks she will be his mother in law one day and that he and her daughter will be married… And they will have great kids! Then Aretha Wilson now this lady. He’s right, he has to look out, no wonder he’s uptight.

    I’m surprised there weren’t a bunch more before this. I bet there were, they just settled it quietly. Now it is almost safer to have it public
    Knowledge. Wonder if he will have to get a restraining order for tzipi Levine.

  105. 105
    bloated catface Says:

    He is looking rougher and rougher by the day. Dairy, cigars, and cocaine do not mix.

    He use to be so friggin hot.

  106. 106
    fan Says:

    come on jared new leo post please

  107. 107
    gimmeabreak Says:

    This is pretty scary for him. This woman is delusional, out of her mind, crazy. I’m glad for him he got a restraining order against her, and I hope he makes it permanent. These people are dangerous. She sounds like a schizophrenic. She’s been on psychological holds before. I really want to know why the hell they would release her to the public.

  108. 108
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Here are the court docs….

  109. 109
    He likes her but not for wife Says:

    He does have to be careful, and she does sound schizo, – it’s the disease talking- has nothing to do with him. She just fixated on him but it could really be anything or anyone else.

    Now if he can just figure out a way to keep bar away from him we’re in business. Dude, just change your cell phone number.

    I think there will be more after this- his peeps gotta be careful. He needslive-in security if he doesn’t have it.

    Actually I am available for that position!
    The security one, not the cray-cray. I feel bad for him in a way- the boy in the bubble kind of thing.

    Aretha Wilson apparently killed someone in Toronto. She also knocked the dude over the head, but then apparently he “jumped off a balcony and died.” does this sound fishy to anyone? She coulda killed Leo in the right circumstances and this is where it does get really scary. I think she probably did kill the guy, but got off on a technicality. Bonked him good and knocked his a s s off a balcony.

    Apparently after she hit him on the head, she jumped out a window laughing with her friends. One said, ” I think you got him good rethe!”

    It is very serious for him. A restraining order cannot protect you from a schizophrenic-they just don’t quite get it. In NYC they would lock her up on wards island at Kirby.

    Ok jj where is the new post ? Try and keep up!
    I am tired of looking at this blonde heifers tennis a s s and need new Leo meat! Also sick of her psycho fans comments over and over.

  110. 110
    He likes her but not for wife Says:

    @bloated catface: So you are saying he drinks too much MILK?

    I actually like mr.bloated catface, I think it’s kind of cute. So is he still, in a way. Needs to rough up that hair and stop trying to look like Rudolph Valentino all the time.

    Ok, ms. Bistceanu, I got hot during the love scene in the departed, but Billy costigan did not call me in the morning. Seems he was dead at the time.

    Also imaginary, get it??????!!!

    Leo doll, just gimme a chance and I will make all the bi tches pay for what they did to you. I got your back boooooo!

  111. 111
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @He likes her but not for wife: Aretha went to court about her other ex in T.O. already and I believe she was not held accountable for his death. Now this assault against the Canadian occurred after her Leo assault. Apparently, this seems to be her mortis operandi.

  112. 112
    CanadaGirl Says:

    This other woman, Livia Bistriceanu, sounds crazy. I don’t want to diminish the situation, but it just seems SO crazy… ridiculously, out of the world loopy. Apparently, she has a Facebook account. Look it up, it does exist. I read some of it and it’s hilarious.
    Poor Leo has to duck and cover when he goes out and when he’s at home.
    Personally, @He likes her but not for wife: I could not offer security because I’d be too distracted. :)

  113. 113
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Letters per TMZ

  114. 114
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I feel like I’m the only one who takes this seriously. I read the court docs that you posted. This woman has showed up at his personal home and business. Screaming and yelling. This is scary to me. This is not a stable person, and has been placed on two psychological holds as a result of her harassment of him. I hope people can take this more seriously. She clearly has no perception of reality. She needs serious help. They need to place her in a psychiatric facility. She needs court ordered mandatory medical attention.
    I wish the best for him and his extended family.

  115. 115
    He likes her but not for wife Says:

    What I really like is that she sent him a fathers day card. Now is she is carrying Jesus shouldn’t that be a Christmas card?l

    I do take it seriously… Glad he had it on lock. Someone on the teddys thread noted he is going everywhere with his bodyguard – that was the dude driving the car.

    Well I hate to say it but was 11 when John Lennon was shot by his stalker. I still cannot believe he is dead! That hurt so much!

    My mother was mad I was so upset. She was like it wasn’t the pope or the president! I was like it’s much, muchworse. John Lennon’s music gave me hope.

    Also pres was Ronald Reagan, aka Satan and John Paul had some good qualities but was wrong when it came to gays and yeah it serious, I hope they lock em both up.

    Note, one is sick, the other is criminal. Livia needs a psych facility and Aretha needs her some jail. With large marge as roommate/girlfriend.

  116. 116
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @gimmeabreak: Don’t get me wrong, I’m worried for the guy. This is a serious issue, but I’ve never seen the crazy so out in the open like that before. I just never expected a crazy person to have a Facebook account; it’s just so techno/new age crazy – my limited understanding of the abilities of those with mental health I guess.

  117. 117
    Nadal Obssessed Says:

    VAMOs RAFA!! hope he wins the US open!! iLOVE HIM!! sooo hott..and an aweosme player too

  118. 118
    wha? Says:

    @He likes her but not for wife: did u just call regan satan? u sound just about as crazy as aretha? and they didnt have the “wrong” opinions about gays and women they just have a different opinion then you. an opinion that most of the world shares(muslims, christian, jews etc..). you’d know that if you got out and traveled more. leave politics out this and stick to idle gossip about leo. stop reaching beyond your grasp.

  119. 119
    true Says:

    @Nadal Obssessed: yeah, and no facial bloat. which is always a plus.

  120. 120
    He likes her but not for wife Says:

    @wha?: Yes, I called Ronald Reagan Satan. I lived through the Reagan 80s in the us while I was busy being a national honor student, going to an ivy Marguerite school, acing my SATs and learning three languages at one of the top universities in the country. This was before I lived in Europe, traveled across the us by myself 2 ways north south east west, went to Korea with my adopted brother and moved to NYC to work for a French international photo agency.

    They were wrong about women and gay people. That is why the catholic membership
    Keeps dwindling in the us, and why the church has been hit with over a billion dollars of successful sexual abuse lawsuits. My ninth grade history teacher- a catholic brother- was actively raping 12 year old at catholic school.
    How do I know? He confessed voluntarily to the cops twenty years later before he died.

    I live down the street from the largest muslim population in America. Who the f are you?
    The church was so anti-sexuality back in the day that only men who were closeted or didn’t want to have sex with another adult joined. This created an incestuous situation where clergy raped other clergy and choirboys.

    If the church wasn’t so wrong about sexuality, it would let women be priests and they could all marry and have normal sexual relationships.

    Reagan was Satan, a hideous stupid prop of the ultra right wing establishment.

  121. 121
    lol Says:

    I saw photos of Barbie at the Liverpool press conference. I don`t know who styled her but she looked way older than her real age in those clothes…
    Anyway this photo of Leo was taken just after that party where he was slashed. You can see the cut and the stitches on his ear and his face. And he still looked hot!!!
    Another affectionate photo from Italy. The pure `joy` on his face is priceless! LOL!

  122. 122
    gimmeabreak Says:

    That just made me laugh. You can see the squirm on his face. I just love these “affectionate” photos. The one from earlier, can’t remember if it’s this thread or the previous one- anyway, the one where people think it’s a kiss- her eyes were closed, and his looked open. And then there’s the kissing photo in paris where he’s got his umbrella and she’s got his face in both of her hands. He seems to pull away a bit. There’s always something that’s just a little “off” with him.

  123. 123
    gimmeabreak Says:

    @he like her but not for wife
    Agree with all of your comments.

  124. 124
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I just saw some pics of her too. The dress looked a little sloppy on her. Just another black dress. She looked like a kindergarten teacher. I wish she wouldn’t smile- it’s a little weird for runway.

  125. 125
    french Says:

    i saw some pics too and she looks an old woman

  126. 126
    lol Says:

    @124: I didn`t see the runway dress. The photos I saw was from the press conference. Black pants and a little black jacket and she was standing there with hands in her pocket. Leo does that as well ( hands in pocket ) while promoting movies and for some reason I never liked it.

  127. 127
    He likes her but not for wife Says:

    Thanks for the back up guys. But I am really starting to wonder if all caps is in custody……

    Or if her initials are lb….

  128. 128
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Okay, gang, explain this to me. Leo files court papers and it’s big news – no new post. Paris gets another drug conviction and I have to look at her ugly, irrelevant mug. Seriously, what’s happening.
    JJ, do you not like us Leo-philes?

  129. 129
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @gimmeabreak: Hey gimmeabreak, recall back to when you said that he (Leo) wouldn’t be as accomplished as he is if he did drugs (81), and I said that eventually he’d get busted (96). Paris Hilton is a classic example. Busted again.
    Drug users would eventually get sloppy, and if Leo is doing coke, I would be very surprised. Drinkin’ – yes. Drugs – no.

  130. 130
    recreation Says:

    @CanadaGirl: yeah, but coincidentally he’s best friends with two know coke fiends: kevin connolly and paris hilton and plenty of other slimey “friends”. people who don’t do drugs don’t hang around drug addicts. Good PR- yes, Not a full fledged addict, just a recreational user – yes, Extremely lucky – yes.

  131. 131
    hmm Says:

    @He likes her but not for wife: = marmaduke=troll.

  132. 132
    lexiett Says:

    I saw pictures of Bar up close once and she had pimples all over her forehead and around her mouth,.YUCK! what models have acne faces, what a disgrace for a model! well no wonder she has no jobs….gotta clear up that acne face first!

  133. 133
    fattyfacedoublechin Says:


    she does look like a school teacher (NOT A MODEL!) its insane. im sure she is thin in real life, but in pics dayum girl looks short,stubby,and bloated/jiggly aka ALL the things they pay models NOT to look like….
    I wouldn’t doubt after her “runway” appearance the jobs (if she has any) cancel out on her, LMAO.

  134. 134
    He likes her but not for wife Says:

    @CanadaGirl: Maybe we are going from worst to less bad, first LILO,now Paris, then…..but I hope not.

    Anyway there are some similarities and I am wondering if the stress of having two stalkers at once is what is making him so miserable looking and feeding any drug use.

    Hilton just had an intruder that was really gonna try and kill her…maybe she picked up a little Dutch courage. Maybe he did too.

    It would stress me out, but the one time I had trouble with a known felon harassing me I bought a baseball bat,showed it to them and told em I don’t play baseball.worked.

    He’s known about both miss crazies for a while. But that pix of bar hugging him looked like he was like b I t c h please. He was hugging her but it looked like he was gagging.

    I can just picture mom franticallytexting her on board to go and look affectionate.

    Agreed, nc, ph,ll, vd, kc= bottom of the barrel

  135. 135
    The 411 Says:

    SHE SuCKS..lolCheck out this video on YouTube:

    Barf looks awkward she has the brain of a INFANT and the body of a wrestler..

  136. 136
    loser at life Says:

    @The 411: she looks good. stop being so bitter, you jealous c#nt. you pathetic b!tches have no life.

  137. 137
    tennis Says:

    she looks good on court. she should of went into tennis. she’d be one the prettiest girls on court, compared to apes like serena or venus. i feel like throwing bananas everytime i see her primate face. ugh.

  138. 138
    flawlessbitchisflawless Says:

  139. 139
    fabu Says:

  140. 140
    gorgeous Says:

  141. 141
    precious Says:

  142. 142
    Zoolander Says:

    @precious: Best not to put Bar beside mannequins who can out pose her.

  143. 143
    lol Says:

    I read an interview with her during this Mexican fashion thing. She said she doesn`t have good memory so she cannot name any Mexican designers. I mean if you know well in advance that you are doing this promo fashion thing in a foreign country how much effort does it take to look up at least a couple of designers from that country? Mexico is not the fashion capital of the world but for a `supermodel` she should know better… She said she wants a movie career and said she has no idea what`s going on with her movie ( I can`t remember the title ). Good start!
    No wonder she doesn`t do runway a lot. It`s not her thing. Clothes are not really her thing. Even she said in that interview that she is much more comfortable in swimwear and lingerie…

  144. 144
    @139-141 Says:

    I( meant)t. . .. @142 exactly they will take her

  145. 145
    @lol Says:

    The Cameramen probally turned into stone…lol Of course she can’t remember,since she can’t spell it either..;)

  146. 146
    Red Velvet Says:

    Bar’s fan got multiple personality disorder proven by different screen name.
    Still confuse why people calls her “supermodel”, compared to another real supermodels her age like Doutzen Kroes, Coco Rocha, Gemma Ward, or Jessica Stam she looks so bland.

  147. 147
    Leti Says:

    @ LOL

    I agree with you. Several mexican newspapers and people are actually annoyed by her presence in the fashion festival. Not only because she admitted she doesn´t know anything about mexican fashion or the designers, (and she was hired to promote exactly that), but, also because Mexico has crowned this week their Miss Universe. So, Bar, is not a good representative of the country´s fashion, style or even models. The mexican models are also pissed of at this. She does not represent them in good way, nor she didn´t even make an effort to al least get informed about Mexico, it´s history and the fashion.

  148. 148
    tinkerbell Says:


    Yes, you are racist idiot. I’m going to post this one over at l i p s t i c k
    a l l e y so they can see.

    The only reason EVER for me to watch tennis was to watch two awesome american girls, venus and serena wipe up the court with Anna Kournikova who couldnt play for crap (topped at number 8 – once) and would be wiping the running mascara out of her eyes while playing. I still only like tennis when they are playing-real athletes not dumb a s s cows like bar refaeli running around fronting and pretending they can play. Where is anna now anyway? Nowhere. She was hot 10 years ago.

    And, they ALWAYS had HYPE tennis dresses, much better than this stupid ugly black off the rack I bought it at the chelsea piers pro shop at the last minute thing, AND they always looked better than she does do.

  149. 149
    The 411 Says:

    Same Dress…haha

  150. 150
    tinkerbell Says:


    lets have some links on that—I can read spanish but am not good enough to search in it. Yeah, the new Miss Universe is Mexican who looks Mexican- not blonde haired blue eyed whitey- which might be part of the problem- they are sick of whitey white girls getting the play at a Mexican event- although that would have to include Doutzen Kroes too. Thye are saying if a real LATINA can be MISS UIVERSE then real LATINAS can be models in Mexico. Brown skin, brown hair, beautiful eyes, skin, smiles. I have nothing against white girls ( I am one after all) but think Mexican people are beautiful, especially the more indio people. I was standing behind a Mexican/colombian looking girl at the train station today and she was STUNNING- incredible cheekbones and skin.

    Why is barfy a lightning rod for bad karma, hmmmmm???? Is it because she is an idiot?

  151. 151
    bitchisblah Says:


    Hi barfie mommie !

    What the hell is that she is wearing, a nightgown.


    What a waste of money that was.

  152. 152
    @150 Says:

    Yep she’s BAD news could tell she didt know what the he*l she was doing on the runway..And notice the six inch heels?

  153. 153
    bitchisblah Says:


    @The 411: she looks good. stop being so bitter, you jealous c#nt. you pathetic b!tches have no life.

    OK, now I am going to unload.

    She looks OK. She is not a great model OR a great beauty. If you ask me, you are bitter because Warren Beatty dumped your behind 20 years ago and now wouldnt remember your name. You put all your frustated hopes into a little girl that just doesnt have it to be a supermodel. Deep down you know that, so you get really angry when anyone calls you on it. And you write constantly embarrassing crap to reassure yourself.

    I’ve had enough of being called a c*nt, and jealous of a girl I wouldnt bother talking to if we worked together. She is the kind of girl that I would instantly be like, she is a vapid idiot and we have nothing in common, if I have to talk to her for five minutes I will get damaging brain freeze.

    If you dont like what we have to say, dont bother us here! You dont have any co-fans, or very rare as far I can tell. You wish we were jealous, you wish we had no lives. In the bottom of your heart you are very INSECURE about barfie because you know if leonardo dumps her it is over and she is used goods. Shell go back to Israel and be a hunk of nada there. That is your neurotic need to believe some crap which everyone knows is not true.
    Little barfie seems to now have managed to offend the entire country of Mexico, which we can add to Israel, a lot of the US, and most english speaking countries.

    I was reading the Huff Post (which attracts different posters than here) and an Israeli got on and said most Israelis feel the same way about her- she is a selfish spoiled brat. Must be hard to be you! I would be afraid to go out of the house.

    She is a third rate model who is lucky she has a resemblance to an unfortunately narcissistic american actor who dates women who look like himself. Otherwise “everyone knows this is nowhere” to quote Neil Young.

    To quote the person who knows Leo well on LSA- NO ONE LIKES BAR. HIS FAMILY KEEPS AWAY FROM HER – SHE IS A RACIST ISRAELI (just like her mother) and a MAJOR B I T C H.

    I am also starting to think “Kev” from the old post is actually Kevin Connolly I could be wrong…but what he said is that she is the only one he has in place to outgrow his image as party boy. But she is NOT helping. And he KNOWS it.

    So stop with the bogus posting already. You are hurting your own cause and making yourself foolish.

    You think Cindy Crawford’s mother had to make up flyers about how wonderful her daughter was and send them to photographers and clients? How about Tyra’s mom- who was her manager. Nope. They just made it as MODELS. Tall, beautiful, extraordinary models. I would really, really, wonder if I were you.

    I think you already have lots of doubts–I mean you must have forked out like 50 grand for plastic surgery- boobs, lift, nose, lips. Maybeyou got your money back I dont know.

  154. 154
    @Barffans Says:

    Barf is the most Disliked “model” of all time, she makes Heidi Pratt look like a genius..and Paris look talented.. Please don’t call her Barbie cause Barbie has wayy more style,class ,and looks much younger..oh and Barbie lives with Ken.. they actually look happy together,Barbie has her own house, not leeching off her bf.. To get attension.. And does’t need 20 hours of photoshopping for her pictures..Barf is a wanna-be,notice Leo’s not supporting her …he NEVER does

  155. 155
    gimmeabreak Says:

    …..kay…. I just had to suffer watching that video.. I can’t believe they referred to her as a supermodel. She needs a body shaper, and a really good bra. Supermodels need neither.
    On another note, Paris Hilton arrested for cocaine possession. Makes me wanna take a double-take at Leo. I don’t think he’s into that crap, but Lilo, and P Hilton into cocaine—makes me wonder. Canada girl, I hope I’m right and he stays away from that stuff, and chicks who sniff that crap.
    bitchisblah, I think Kev is Kevin Connolly too. I know I’ve posted his post twice already, it’s pretty telling for an everyday kind of poster. He’s a known sex addict, and coke too? Please inform…. I’ve never heard this about him.

  156. 156
    gimmeabreak Says:

    ‘she makes Heidi Pratt look like a genious…..and Paris look talented’
    Oh how I love the people who post here. I just laughed my a$$ off.
    Yeah, Leo never supports her. Can’t blame him for leaving the country. Ya know, too many crazy women. Maybe Hilton will go to jail again. Seems like women around him go to jail. First the crazies, then the druggies.

  157. 157
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Gisele at Liverpool Fashion Fest 2006

    Sorry, had to do it. Big Difference.

  158. 158
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Notice Bar Never has high fashion designers wanting to make a dress for her. Oh, that’s right, they only want supermodels.

  159. 159
    bitchisblah Says:

    @gimmeabreak: T e d C a s a bl a n ca s had a blind item where he is called Crawley McNuggets- you have to read it.

    I read in P e r e z H il t o n book that cocaine is still the drug of choice
    in HW. It seems like sort of a cliche….but the drug makes you feel like you can perform and are invincible—-that is why for rock stars and
    actors its highly addicting. Also has that cachet- you’ve arrived, you have lots of money etc.

    Jack Nicholson is known for his use. He was apparently even trying to use it to get close to kate moss of all people who is also known for it.
    It is the drug for the highly visible to help with insecurities. Even Martin Scorcese had a problem with it at one point.

    Villa Lounge, which Leo has some relation to-he invested in it or something is known for its residue in the mens room. Google it. He’s always hanging there.

    So, yeah, I have my suspicions, which I will get pilloried for here again, but these folks seem to have their issues. Also I tried to post here but Kate Winslet was supposed to be “Coke Mom” that TC wrote about.

  160. 160
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I’ll have to search for that. I know HW has it’s drug problems, like high school, it’s everywhere. I feel sorry for the young who get seduced by the glamour of it all. As if being addicted to something and detoxing violently is glamorous. Here’s an article by AP, about the P Hilton arrest. They don’t mention how much she had. She may only get probation. Pffff.
    Can’t wait till the mug shot comes out.

  161. 161
    @gimmeabreak Says:

    Lol..and she also makes Denise Richards seem likable..there are different types of b*tches…. Denise is a BITTER bi*ch which is tolerable,but Barf is a Fake, stuck up Conceited b*tch ..those are the worst! Please tune in next time for B*tch 101..

  162. 162
    bitchisblah Says:

    What I am trying to say is it is definitely all around him. Whether he will end up in a neighbor’s bedroom chasing the dragon like Robert Downey I dont know and I hope not.

    In one of the Inception pix he looks like he a couple of broken capillaries in his nose….hard to tell, and yeah you can cover those with makeup. But you cannot do that to a deviated septum. Maybe because I am in the medical field and I see a couple of hundred deviated septums repaired a year – not all of them c o k e related but I also read about peoples AIDS, herpes, drug use, collapsed veins,
    collapsed lungs, PCP pneumonia, etc all day- I type up medical cases so nothing suprises me. The things we find up people’s rectums for one thing would amaze you–one guy had a red delicious apple stuck all the way up there. The ER docs had to go in with a scalpel and cut it up to get it out. Still had the supermarket sticker on it.

    I want it to be UNTRUE. I want our boy healthy, long may he rave. I want him to be a great actor/producer/director and end up being the Deniro/Dafoe/Eastwood/Redford/Newman/Lancaster/Clark Gable of our generation. I do !

    But he just got paid 50 million smacks—I mean that is UNBELIEVABLE. Its not like the price tag is prohibitive for a few lines here and there. I just dont want an itch to become a big honking problem. He’s got to cut out the scum.

    If that was Kevin Connolly he actually sounds more articulate and sensitive that one would expect….but I have known real sex addicts (most trying to recover) and a lot of them are intelligent successful people who need the hit of conquest and ******. Its not funny because people die of sex addiction. They get AIDS or get killed by someone.

    In NYC AIDS got in the Hasidic community because the men frequented hookers. 10th avenue was supposed to be full of the orthodox-either there is something in the Talmud which can be interpreted that going to a prostitute is ok in some circumstances or mayeb they just want to have sex without having a 14th or 15th kid (in some sects you cannot practice birth control) THe men got it an brought it home to entirely religious devout wives-some the mothers of 10 kids. There are other consequences— $1400 month phone sex and hooker bills. losing jobs, losing relationships, getting other diseases- becoming a prostitute or call girl (thats usually with an addiction to drugs or money as well) etc etc.

    Sorry for the book. I just studied addiction theory along with public health and epidemiology. Fascinating

  163. 163
    bitchisblah Says:


    What do you know about Denise Richards? She married a SEX addict. Its obvious. Charlie Sheen even went to rehab for it – and he was seeing HEidi Fleiss’s hookers. Jean Claude Van Damme and
    David Duchovny have also gone to that rehab. She got stuck with two little kids by herself, of course she is mad. She thought she had reformed a major bad boy and walked into a hollywood dynasty- martin sheen is a great actor. There is a certain high/denial that women get who see sex addicts and bad boys-they think they must be the “best” women in the world because the guy is going to “reform” for them. Uh, no. There is the delusion that “my daughter is the most beautiful girl in the world so she can tame the hollywood bad boy” as well. This is co-addiction. There’s a high in thinking “only I can tame him! He loves only ME !” but it is very deluding.

    Id be bitter if I was her too. Her career is where? Her ex-husband is doing what? Threatening to kill his new wife and facing assault charges and celebrating getting off by going to the Playboy Mansion? Great for her little girls, which she has to raise by herself because daddy is an a s s h a t.

    No, gee why would leo want to avoid that kind of drama with anybody????

  164. 164
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Hey, just saw the crawley mcnuggets blind item. All I had to do was google it. I didn’t have to finish typing the damn name. Google had it. Pretty interesting. Never would have pegged him for a sex/coke addict. Can’t imagine any woman wanting whatever he’s got. Most people think it’s Kevin Connolly, and I do too. Here’s an old post.
    Agree, it’s all around him (Leo). It’s a little hard not to be suspicious.

  165. 165
    bitchisblah Says:

    I think for me this was the ultimate blind item….but it could be David Spade too and I ve also heard other ish about Wilmer Valderrama and Jeremy Piven on another site. Think it is KC though.

    Someone on here keeps posting leo is a bloated coke head. (coke bloat is a clinical sign of long term cocaine use—its fluid retained aroudn the head and under the jaw you see it on Lilo a lot.) Either it is someone who knows c o c a i n e use all too well herself or seems to have some first hand intel. Maybe its Aretha Wilson getting back at him. ( although she is being held in lieu of recognizance so i dont hink so )

    I am really starting to think ALL CAPS might have been the restraining order lady….her voice seemed Eastern European and the girl is Romanian. And she hasnt been around in a few days. Maybe in moments of lucidity she is all caps.

    In any case, what I hope is he recovers or doesnt get too far in and outgrows it. I dont want bad on him. But for me my celebrity “interests” tend to end when the guy cracks out. That’s happened twice. ITs like once my suspicions are confirmed its like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    I feel bad for van damme’s wife- the one he divorced for a ho then went back to and remarried. She looks terrified when she is with him. He also does look like he has aids…I am serious. He also aged VERY fast – hes 47 or something and looks 60. Put a lot of mileage on his face.

  166. 166
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Somebody, refresh my memory. Who is Rashida Jones? She use to date tobey or Leo? This was Tuesday……same night Leo went to Teddy’s.

  167. 167
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I just saw spade on Ellen not too long ago. He’s got a kid he was talking about. The blind item says he played a nice guy on TV. That’s what makes me think it’s connolly. It’s hard though to watch him in a scene with a woman. He looks so uncomfortable like he has no experience. I wish they would just come right out and tell you who the damn person is.
    Yeah, Van Damme is disgusting. Maybe cancer. Cigarettes, steroid use, coke, alcohol, fast life. I think he’s done it all. I remember celebrities uncensored and he was disgusting then, can’t imagine what he’s like now.
    I just always though Leo has a heart shaped face, and has filled out a bit in a manly way. He always seemed thin to me in the body. For a man. A little pudgy in the stomach, smallish arm muscles. I still say he’s cute.

  168. 168
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Okay, my last post I promise……
    all I have to say about this photo is.. are you kidding me???
    I guess this is what they were referring to when she had something big coming. Can’t believe she gets this kind of treatment.

  169. 169
    so meh... so wrong Says:

    @bitchisblah: OMG… I was eating a bit of apple when I read your post and I spewed it onto my keyboard. Lord… you have to warn a gal when you’re going to toss out something like that. LOL
    I have often wondered of actors, their friends, etc. post on sites. I’m leaning towards yes. Do you think that KC would use the moniker of “Kev” tho’? Maybe. Haha. Slightly transparent and uncreative, but it works in a pinch. Perhaps there’s the fun of seeing if we meathead posters can connect the dots, which our lovely @he likes her but not for wife: and @bitchisblah: are very capable of doing. Good call on ALL CAPS. It very well may have been her. I’m definitely going to go back and re-read those posts. On the last Leo thread someone posted this, so it’ll be interesting to see how this progresses……haha:
    “# 221 @220 @ 08/28/2010 at 10:59 am
    no the stalker wont be locked up shes just a little crazed obsessed fan but the one that is being monitered on leos threads i think will spend some jail time as i was told this person was reported to the Israeli embassy and police on stalking bar and her family i read they are taking it very seriously Israeli doesnt play around with ppl that stalk their ppl at all”

  170. 170
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @gimmeabreak: I thought that Leo dated Rashida. She’s gorgeous. I think the DJ AM event was the night after his hat duck and cover at Teddy’s. Correct me if I’m wrong, however.

  171. 171
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Okay, I read the blind item to that @bitchisblah: and @gimmeabreak: allude to and I think it may be Kevin also. This fact does make me a little sad. He seemed happy in the pictures with Nikki and they broke up four years ago. One would hope that he’s have gotten over it by now; if not, the serial f*cking isn’t going to make end of relationship bitterness go away. If he keeps bedding stray cats, he’ll always get fleas. Best to stay out of the bars and find a nice normal lady. He doesn’t come off as a total pr*ck, so he should be able to find a decent gal and get rid of these H’wood vag traps. KC’s got a lot of good things happening in his life, so it’d be nice if he could find a decent person to share his successes with – I mean besides Lukas, Tobey, and Leo.

  172. 172
    CanadaGirl Says:

    To quote @gimmeabreak: this is my last post promise…. haha.
    Off topic on this thread, but …. whatever…. I think I’m crunching a bit on Lukas Haas. @lol: linked some pictures and he looked especially fine. I think I need to re-watch some of his recent stuff.
    I think it’s the long hair and sinewy frame. O.~

  173. 173
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Breaking my own promise, but could I say “I think” any more than I did?Geez… I should get to sleep, but I have post revelry alertness…………. which is not related to cocaine…. haha.

  174. 174
    xoxo Says:

    funny most models who date celebs become household names afterwards (cindy crawford marrying richard gere,christie brinkley marrying billy joel,naomi campbell dating many famous men,etc…) but bar? she has been dating leo for how many years now and is still a nobody, lol. Offline you never hear/see her because she doesnt actually model. all you see of her is pictures online. get off the internet and you will find out she is no real model….too funny. by this age gisele was already an icon. LMAO.

  175. 175
    ching Says:

    @Red Velvet:
    its bc they are closer to what REAL mdoels are. real models (at least the iconic ones who still are talked about today 20,30,40 years later) have vogue america,italia,paris covers (many of them) have posed for famous high fashion designers (are actually wanted by important influential people) and started/made some trend in modeling. what has bar done? dated leo and posed in bikinis? lol she will never be talked about in years to come. that’s a fact! and if she says she is more comfortable in bikinis/lingerie I can see why after seeing her in dresses and jeans, lol.
    she is not graceful and elegant enough to pull off clothing. just stay nekkid barfie, i agree it looks better! lol

  176. 176
    Red Velvet Says:

    @bitchisblah: i never read that before. must be pretty interesting. Can you post the link,please ?

  177. 177
    bitchisblah Says:

    hollywood vag traps. Thanks for that. That might be my new monniker.
    thank god the smart people are here again.

    Did you know how our weirdo seemed to throw a rod right about the time the restraining order was about to be made public? That is when the “report you to the authorities” stuff started. Maybe her. She definitely knew how to use that internet. She was posting all ove r the place-she looks young too. Sad. Needs to be taken care of. But she is the kind that shows up on your lawn in a trench coat and boils your bunny rabbit, so he to be careful

    Sorry about the apple story. It is one of my favorite hospital stories. There are others. You can buy books of ER stories.

    The punch line to that one is:

    “I heard he broke up with the apple and is now dating a nice banana.
    Hope it works out better.”

    The really sad part is the folks come in again and again…this was Mr. Apple’s second time in for the same thing. You think they would learn !

    We also had twin junkies who were addicted to hospital meds. They would come in and pretend to be each other…no one knew what was going on, but because they did have proven sickle cell the could fake an outbreak and get a good dose of demerol whenever they couldnt get street drugs. They would pretend to be each other and exchange their IVs faster and better than the doctors could. Junkies are interesting people, really they are. They also used to meet in the back stairway and trade IVs and drugs.

  178. 178
    troll alert Says:

    @bitchisblah: stop talk to yourself. you dumb. nutty c#nt.

    gimmeabreak=he likes her but not for wife=bitchisblah=marmaduke.


  179. 179
    @170 Says:

    @CanadaGirl: I think Tobey dated Rashida and left her for his wife, Jennifer Meyer. Leo dated her sister, Kidada ( I`m not sure if that`s the correct spelling ) a long time ago, maybe before Gisele. Both girls are gorgous, daughters of Quincy Jones.

  180. 180
    Mixed Message Says:

    ….. Our girl Bar needs savvier PR people because she doesn’t quite get the idea of what information to put out and what to keep on the down-low.
    ….. Here’s Bar the environmentalist:
    ….. Other memorable titles include: “Save the Earth” and “Why You Should Drive Electric”

  181. 181
    Mixed Message Says:

    ….. Here’s Bar the energy waster:
    July 25, 2010 –
    July 5, 2010 –
    ….. What reason would she have to fly private? Leo, I can understand because he has the pressures of meeting press engagements and the obvious safety issues at present. At least he has the common sense to not brag about flying private. But Bar? Come on. What pressing engagement can she have that warrants not taking commercial?

  182. 182
    @180 Says:

    How original! Leo is a well-known environmentalist and now she is one as well? Flying private really fits into that! LOL! Traveling on a yacht is not really environmentally friendly either! I wonder who wrote that article for her?

  183. 183
    Mixed Message Says:

    Thanks to @ gimmeabreak for the Tweet-photo link.

  184. 184
    bitchisblah Says:


    Tobe was ENGAGED to Rashida-dont know if they broke up or what happened. Kidada is the prettier one-leo dated her. But they are both cute and not idiots. Their mother I believe is Peggy Lipton who was on the Avengers (?) I think….both are really cute. The funny thing is, Rashida looks almost completely white to me…when obviously her dadddy isnt. But that doesnt matter one way or another. Kidada (love the name) was a model. She MIGHT be our l ip s t i c k a l l ey information. They are both cute. One thing, the LSA post was extremely articulate and kind…not like what we get here which is
    OOGA BOOGA all caps shouting S I E G H E I L as loud as she can.

    As for #178, nope gimmeabreak does not equal those other ones. Different person.

    Also, to quote Judge Judy “you see my little pinky nail here? That is smarter than your whole entire body. Now sit down and shut up.”
    Why do you care? Why do you keep posting? You will NEVER change anybody’s minds here and the minds of most people in Israel are already made up. Bar is “pure Israeli beauty” – hmmm then how come her own country people call her a “matress backed ********* ?”
    Why dont you face up to the fact that Bar is a PR nightmare who keeps getting worse? Hire a professional to clean her up.


    NO I WILL NOT SHUT UP GET IT FEEL IT OWN IT EAT IT. Good for you b i t c h. You only make me more determined by posting.

    BTW Bar drives a Austin Mini Cooper, which is not a hybrid. So who does she think she is fooling. It’s a sad attempt t cover Leo’s “positive PR” tactics- but he knows what he is talking about. Though hes been called on the private jet thing a few times.

    Sigh, one day this will all be over with.

  185. 185
    hypocrite Says:

    @@180: and leo flies on private jets and smokes cigars, evirometalist my ass. his PR camp probably put him up to it.

  186. 186
    @188 Says:

    Leo never dated Rashida, Tobey did and I think you meant `dumped` not `dumbed`. LOL!
    @186: If Leo is a hypocrite when it comes to environmentalism what would you call his girlfriend? LOL!

  187. 187
    bitchisblah Says:

    @@188: Yeah, I know that, Leo, dated he SISTER Kidada. So what.

  188. 188
    bitchisblah Says:


    Unfortunately yes, you are right, he sure as hell shouldnt be flying barife around on a private jet and taking the yacht ride looks gross too. But I think something is eating Gilbert Grape and hes not on top of his game right now. A little busted about something. Could be the
    stalker issues-that can really stress you out.

  189. 189
    @187 Says:

    Some comments were removed so my previous comment ( #186, a reply to a removed one ) doesn`t really make sense anymore.
    @188: Having a stalker must be stressful and not being with the right woman can be even more stressful after a while…

  190. 190
    He likes her but not for wife Says:

    I don’t think he cares enough about her to be stressed out. You have to really love someone to care. But carrying a 160 million dollar movie can be a stress. From the rolling stone article and what I see onhis face and know from my own experience, he does have stressors even if he is at such a level different from ours. There is the lack of privacy, the expectation that he keep up his image as the greatest lover of the western world, and generally keep up appearance. Having to go to court and a stalker can be stressful. I only had to take someone to court once and I won
    But the stress was significant. I won too.

  191. 191
    Stalker's Dad Says:

    -Livia Bistriceanu’s father has spoken up regarding her mental health. I hope that the restraining order works but is she being held under a psych evaluation? Giving a mentally ill person a parameter like probably won’t work because she obviously needs to comply with her mental health treatment.
    -Are we to assume the artist is Leo and she’s been stalking him for years: “She fell in love with an artist and went to his home. This is the second or third time when she goes to him. For about three or four years she’s driving him crazy”

  192. 192
    gimmeabreak Says:

    At least there’s confirmation for ya. She’s got psychiatric issues, and does not cooperate with treatment. If she were institutionalized maybe by court order, she would have no choice. Maybe instead of jail, she’d be incarcerated in a mental health facility.
    On another note: Leo is back in La. This was on the Teddy’s thread.
    So Leo is back in LA…
    Nice court!

    Read more:

  193. 193
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    So what else was he doing? Back in LA and playing basketball which is good he needs exercise. Barfie in far away in Mexico where she belongs. But it is the same continent so probably she’ll be in LA this week. Prepare for nasty pap pictures with greasy messed up hair, bad clothes and bad attitude. Him looking like his dog just died and he got dragged behind a car on a rope. Her with a wicked grin on her face and pretending to hide from the paps when she called them in the first place. sigh. But maybe not !

    BTW, that woman on the other thread mentioned jesus in one of her posts…I wonder if his security reads just jared, probably. In any case let me say….I know the difference between fantasy and reality—so does everyone else here…I dont even want to meet him it would be sort of embarrassing and I would have nothing to say. I am just not a HW or entertainment industry person and can’t stand elitism. That ladys brain chemistry is different and tells her all kinds of things that arent true. I ve been on psych wards when someone lost it and it isnt pretty. They think satan is contacting them through a light socket. Kind of place where the unit is locked, you have to be buzzed in and cant have anyting sharp or flammable on your person.

    Actually the movie
    “Its Kind of a Funny Story” was written by a guy who spent a couple of days on the psych ward at my hospital–I was able to identify certain doctors and nurses by description. We all read the book. He’s not crazy, just depressed and with regular teenager issues. There is a huge difference between someone who is just depressed about life and an acute schizoid.

    Very ill people, to be pitied and treated. But they can act violently and that is even sadder because they are not capable of knowing what they are doing—they become criminals and are treated as such–for many years just thrown in with general population before the nature of the illness was known.

  194. 194
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    My comment that got moderated was basically that leo is an iconic kind fo guy (he embodied the american icon of the gorgeous, slightly rough-around-the-edges huckleberry finn-james dean type) and you only have to look at other icons- James Dean, Marilyn Monroe,and Elvis, to realize they may have fame but it is not necessarily happy. Also, look at all the ex child stars and what happened to them. He may have a gazillion dollars but that does not mean apparently he is always happy either.

  195. 195
    Alexa Says:


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