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Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!

Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!

Bar Refaeli tries her hand at tennis at the Nike Tennis Primetime Knockout event held at NYC’s Pier 54 on Wednesday (August 25).

The 25-year-old model competed with tennis star Rafael Nadal in a friendly match against New York Giants player Justin Tuck and tennis player Victoria Azarenka.

John McEnroe served as announcer for the match, and Serena Williams attended the game!

Looks like Bar had a blast at the game!

FYI: Bar is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Jewelry 18K Yellow Gold Heart necklace.

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bar refaeli rafael nadal nike tennis primetime knockout 01
bar refaeli rafael nadal nike tennis primetime knockout 02
bar refaeli rafael nadal nike tennis primetime knockout 03
bar refaeli rafael nadal nike tennis primetime knockout 04
bar refaeli rafael nadal nike tennis primetime knockout 05
bar refaeli rafael nadal nike tennis primetime knockout 06
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195 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!”

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  1. 76
    @75 Says:

    `us all`? Who is `us` exactly? Speak only for yourself! :)

  2. 77
    lol Says:

    Leo, Tobey and Lukas in Vancouver yesterday. I`m really not sure about his hair but not having his gf around certainly suits him. It should be permanent already!

  3. 78
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Just found this twitter pic. He’s pretty cute without the cap.

  4. 79
    goisele Says:

    Rafa Nadal is FREAKING HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care others.

  5. 80
    whoa Says:

    @lol: he does not look hot at all. bloated.

    he needs to start taking care of himself. pronto.

  6. 81
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I’m really not sure why people keep referring to him as bloated. I don’t think it’s funny to speculate about him taking drugs either. He looks good to me in the photos, and not bloated at all. I like his boyish look. He’s cute, and lukas is looking pretty good too. I like the longish hair on him. They all look pretty good. Not funny to speculate about the drugs. He does not do drugs. He wouldn’t be this accomplished. Think about it.

  7. 82
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    Also this one, I can tell because its all lower case and no commas or punctuation. They dont have punctuation that I am aware of in Israeli,
    so she always writes in run-on sentences. I am going to identify all of them on every page so we all know.

    I find it hard to believe how hard it is for certain people to believe that
    bar is just not supermodel material and that a lot of people in the us just are not impressed with her. No matter how many times youpost, it doesnt put her on the cover of Vogue or modelling actual clothing.
    Or that Leo’s fans dont WANT him to be with her…they are thinking people who appreciate real movies and want him to be with someone they respect. They want him to GROW UP.


    please grow up already you are making us all nauseous

  8. 83
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    glad he is in vancouver, working. THat is much better for him. ITs when he is idle he gets in trouble. Glad he is with Tobe and Luke.the balanced ones, not crawley.

  9. 84
    wakedusty Says:

    @he likes her but not for wife:

    Who are you referring to as Crawley? I am confused.

  10. 85
    lol Says:

    @80: I don`t think he looks bloated I`m just not sure about his hair… Hopefully when he finds the right woman he`ll clean up well ( I mean not only for promos and photo shoots ). :)

  11. 86
    wakedusty Says:


    I kind of like his hair this way, it reminds me of the Titanic days.

    His face may look a little bloated sometimes but I don’t think it’s due to drugs. i think his face’s structure is very similar to his mom’s.

  12. 87
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    more mommie on page # 1

    bar none, Michaelina (she uses that one a lot) Lance Costa (???)
    jade (uses that one too) are all her. No one out there really likes bar. They get obvious after a while.

    Bar Refaeli is incredibly gorgeous. Israeli perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

    bar is smokin’ hot. no wonder leo dumped that horse-faced giselle.
    rafa is my fave player and i pray he wins the us open. nice combination. better get that ring on bar, leo. that spanish charm is irresistible.

    bars cute but she isnt that hot but i guess that also gives leo points as he doesnt see the need to go out with the most stunning girl on the planet, plus when you see pics off them together shes usualy dressed in like loose fitting jeans his tshirts amd makeupless so their either just out off bed or he doesnt care if she doesnt look STUNNING all the time, goes to show its not all about looks

    Way to go BAR!!!! And what a splendid figure, she has! Multi grazie JARED for the fantastic pictures of Leo’s lady playing tennis with such a champion as Rafael Nadal!

    Yes, indeed…. she sure had a blast at the game


    you don’t know how it works…a decent guy won’t dump a girl first…he waits when the girl senses that he isn’t into her anymore.

    leo was already done with that horse-face long before she said quits. then she wasted no time surfing that dude and then another dude.

    it was the best thing that leo did, the world is a witness to how stupid, tactless, and insensitive this model is. she says the most absurd things and wanted to claim the son of her bf’s baby momma as her own.

    unlike that brazilian dude-looking model, bar is natural, perky and so much down to earth….and prettier!

  13. 88
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    More barfie mommie on page #2

    no comparison: bar is prettier than gisele. gisele is cold and dumb!

    i’d rather have adriana lima than gisele any time of the day. leo and bar kissing (three times, must prove relationship exists !

  14. 89
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    anyway, I handled my bidness. If you want some really awesome, no holds barred gossip try l i p s t i c k a l l e y

    I didnt know denzel washington was a complete dog and having an affair with Sanaa Lathan !

    I dont hate bar. Just not for wife !

    I want to leo working being creative, being productive. Not being a HW

    Crawley is Kevin Connolly, renowned sex and blow addict. Bad influence.

  15. 90
    CanadaGirl Says:

    AGAIN the board is well ahead of the site and posting awesome links of Leo in Vancouver!
    @Leo in Vancover???: Good catch! Send him to T.O. if you can. I have something I need to talk to him about. ;)

  16. 91
    sarah p Says:


    Yes, Tobe looks great with a beard. I love Tobe, wish he was around leo more. Sweetheart, adorable, cute actor/guy. Very awkward early one but I love Cider House Rules and Seabiscuit. Great choice for Spiderman.
    Leo looks good, but he seems to be packing on the pounds–I bet it is quitting smoking so lets all give it a pass.

  17. 92
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @lol: Thanks for the link. The pictures are really good and Leo looks good, as well.
    I think it’s cute that he’s eating (Laura Secord?) ice-cream. awwww…. cutie pie.

  18. 93
    squinty eyed rat Says:


    I truly hope so, though I played myself–he has a fat cigar in one hand.
    (but maybe in his eyes its not smoking because it is not cigarettes.)

    Rather see him with his bros than her anyday.

  19. 94
    squinty eyed rat Says:

    its all good ! ;)

  20. 95
    Ironic Says:

    Is it just me or do you find it ironic that the same people who praise a “heavier” Bar are the same ones who dis. Leo for being bloated? Hello! – People age and fill out. He looks fine and is a great actor – that’s what counts.
    We don’t have to call her silly names like: Miss Bloated Cat Face, Squint and Cheese, Hop-Along Cassidy Saddle Bags, etc. We dislike her for more valid reasons – lack of talent, being a mooch, fame-mongering, among other things.

  21. 96
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @gimmeabreak: I agree. If Leo was doing drugs it would be out by now. I think that people would be gunning to take and sell those photos because they’d be worth big bucks. Look at so many high profile celebs who’ve been outed as drug users and its been revealed in the most duplicitous means possible. I think Leo likes to have some drinks, but drugs. No.
    Add to that, I think that he’s genetically predisposed to having fuller cheeks. Like @wakedusty: said, he resembles his mom in that respect.

  22. 97
    CanadaGirl Says:

    I’m off running errands for the afternoon, gals. Keep it real!

  23. 98
    squinty eyed rat Says:

    You go girl. I need my salad before lunch hour over. oh so looking for wards to the Liverpool Fashion Fest photos ! Note, they chose Doutzen Kroes for the main girl….Bar is in there somewhere.

    Agreed, yeah, I still find L. attractive without the stupid hat and a little belly. I think its a rebellion from having to lose weight for Inception and being expected to be a pretty boy. Also he is off filming for a while.

  24. 99
    french Says:

    She looks like a man, so ugly

  25. 100
    RT Says:

    cute dress

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