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Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!

Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!

Bar Refaeli tries her hand at tennis at the Nike Tennis Primetime Knockout event held at NYC’s Pier 54 on Wednesday (August 25).

The 25-year-old model competed with tennis star Rafael Nadal in a friendly match against New York Giants player Justin Tuck and tennis player Victoria Azarenka.

John McEnroe served as announcer for the match, and Serena Williams attended the game!

Looks like Bar had a blast at the game!

FYI: Bar is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Jewelry 18K Yellow Gold Heart necklace.

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195 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!”

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  1. 151
    bitchisblah Says:


    Hi barfie mommie !

    What the hell is that she is wearing, a nightgown.


    What a waste of money that was.

  2. 152
    @150 Says:

    Yep she’s BAD news could tell she didt know what the he*l she was doing on the runway..And notice the six inch heels?

  3. 153
    bitchisblah Says:


    @The 411: she looks good. stop being so bitter, you jealous c#nt. you pathetic b!tches have no life.

    OK, now I am going to unload.

    She looks OK. She is not a great model OR a great beauty. If you ask me, you are bitter because Warren Beatty dumped your behind 20 years ago and now wouldnt remember your name. You put all your frustated hopes into a little girl that just doesnt have it to be a supermodel. Deep down you know that, so you get really angry when anyone calls you on it. And you write constantly embarrassing crap to reassure yourself.

    I’ve had enough of being called a c*nt, and jealous of a girl I wouldnt bother talking to if we worked together. She is the kind of girl that I would instantly be like, she is a vapid idiot and we have nothing in common, if I have to talk to her for five minutes I will get damaging brain freeze.

    If you dont like what we have to say, dont bother us here! You dont have any co-fans, or very rare as far I can tell. You wish we were jealous, you wish we had no lives. In the bottom of your heart you are very INSECURE about barfie because you know if leonardo dumps her it is over and she is used goods. Shell go back to Israel and be a hunk of nada there. That is your neurotic need to believe some crap which everyone knows is not true.
    Little barfie seems to now have managed to offend the entire country of Mexico, which we can add to Israel, a lot of the US, and most english speaking countries.

    I was reading the Huff Post (which attracts different posters than here) and an Israeli got on and said most Israelis feel the same way about her- she is a selfish spoiled brat. Must be hard to be you! I would be afraid to go out of the house.

    She is a third rate model who is lucky she has a resemblance to an unfortunately narcissistic american actor who dates women who look like himself. Otherwise “everyone knows this is nowhere” to quote Neil Young.

    To quote the person who knows Leo well on LSA- NO ONE LIKES BAR. HIS FAMILY KEEPS AWAY FROM HER – SHE IS A RACIST ISRAELI (just like her mother) and a MAJOR B I T C H.

    I am also starting to think “Kev” from the old post is actually Kevin Connolly I could be wrong…but what he said is that she is the only one he has in place to outgrow his image as party boy. But she is NOT helping. And he KNOWS it.

    So stop with the bogus posting already. You are hurting your own cause and making yourself foolish.

    You think Cindy Crawford’s mother had to make up flyers about how wonderful her daughter was and send them to photographers and clients? How about Tyra’s mom- who was her manager. Nope. They just made it as MODELS. Tall, beautiful, extraordinary models. I would really, really, wonder if I were you.

    I think you already have lots of doubts–I mean you must have forked out like 50 grand for plastic surgery- boobs, lift, nose, lips. Maybeyou got your money back I dont know.

  4. 154
    @Barffans Says:

    Barf is the most Disliked “model” of all time, she makes Heidi Pratt look like a genius..and Paris look talented.. Please don’t call her Barbie cause Barbie has wayy more style,class ,and looks much younger..oh and Barbie lives with Ken.. they actually look happy together,Barbie has her own house, not leeching off her bf.. To get attension.. And does’t need 20 hours of photoshopping for her pictures..Barf is a wanna-be,notice Leo’s not supporting her …he NEVER does

  5. 155
    gimmeabreak Says:

    …..kay…. I just had to suffer watching that video.. I can’t believe they referred to her as a supermodel. She needs a body shaper, and a really good bra. Supermodels need neither.
    On another note, Paris Hilton arrested for cocaine possession. Makes me wanna take a double-take at Leo. I don’t think he’s into that crap, but Lilo, and P Hilton into cocaine—makes me wonder. Canada girl, I hope I’m right and he stays away from that stuff, and chicks who sniff that crap.
    bitchisblah, I think Kev is Kevin Connolly too. I know I’ve posted his post twice already, it’s pretty telling for an everyday kind of poster. He’s a known sex addict, and coke too? Please inform…. I’ve never heard this about him.

  6. 156
    gimmeabreak Says:

    ‘she makes Heidi Pratt look like a genious…..and Paris look talented’
    Oh how I love the people who post here. I just laughed my a$$ off.
    Yeah, Leo never supports her. Can’t blame him for leaving the country. Ya know, too many crazy women. Maybe Hilton will go to jail again. Seems like women around him go to jail. First the crazies, then the druggies.

  7. 157
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Gisele at Liverpool Fashion Fest 2006

    Sorry, had to do it. Big Difference.

  8. 158
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Notice Bar Never has high fashion designers wanting to make a dress for her. Oh, that’s right, they only want supermodels.

  9. 159
    bitchisblah Says:

    @gimmeabreak: T e d C a s a bl a n ca s had a blind item where he is called Crawley McNuggets- you have to read it.

    I read in P e r e z H il t o n book that cocaine is still the drug of choice
    in HW. It seems like sort of a cliche….but the drug makes you feel like you can perform and are invincible—-that is why for rock stars and
    actors its highly addicting. Also has that cachet- you’ve arrived, you have lots of money etc.

    Jack Nicholson is known for his use. He was apparently even trying to use it to get close to kate moss of all people who is also known for it.
    It is the drug for the highly visible to help with insecurities. Even Martin Scorcese had a problem with it at one point.

    Villa Lounge, which Leo has some relation to-he invested in it or something is known for its residue in the mens room. Google it. He’s always hanging there.

    So, yeah, I have my suspicions, which I will get pilloried for here again, but these folks seem to have their issues. Also I tried to post here but Kate Winslet was supposed to be “Coke Mom” that TC wrote about.

  10. 160
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I’ll have to search for that. I know HW has it’s drug problems, like high school, it’s everywhere. I feel sorry for the young who get seduced by the glamour of it all. As if being addicted to something and detoxing violently is glamorous. Here’s an article by AP, about the P Hilton arrest. They don’t mention how much she had. She may only get probation. Pffff.
    Can’t wait till the mug shot comes out.

  11. 161
    @gimmeabreak Says:

    Lol..and she also makes Denise Richards seem likable..there are different types of b*tches…. Denise is a BITTER bi*ch which is tolerable,but Barf is a Fake, stuck up Conceited b*tch ..those are the worst! Please tune in next time for B*tch 101..

  12. 162
    bitchisblah Says:

    What I am trying to say is it is definitely all around him. Whether he will end up in a neighbor’s bedroom chasing the dragon like Robert Downey I dont know and I hope not.

    In one of the Inception pix he looks like he a couple of broken capillaries in his nose….hard to tell, and yeah you can cover those with makeup. But you cannot do that to a deviated septum. Maybe because I am in the medical field and I see a couple of hundred deviated septums repaired a year – not all of them c o k e related but I also read about peoples AIDS, herpes, drug use, collapsed veins,
    collapsed lungs, PCP pneumonia, etc all day- I type up medical cases so nothing suprises me. The things we find up people’s rectums for one thing would amaze you–one guy had a red delicious apple stuck all the way up there. The ER docs had to go in with a scalpel and cut it up to get it out. Still had the supermarket sticker on it.

    I want it to be UNTRUE. I want our boy healthy, long may he rave. I want him to be a great actor/producer/director and end up being the Deniro/Dafoe/Eastwood/Redford/Newman/Lancaster/Clark Gable of our generation. I do !

    But he just got paid 50 million smacks—I mean that is UNBELIEVABLE. Its not like the price tag is prohibitive for a few lines here and there. I just dont want an itch to become a big honking problem. He’s got to cut out the scum.

    If that was Kevin Connolly he actually sounds more articulate and sensitive that one would expect….but I have known real sex addicts (most trying to recover) and a lot of them are intelligent successful people who need the hit of conquest and ******. Its not funny because people die of sex addiction. They get AIDS or get killed by someone.

    In NYC AIDS got in the Hasidic community because the men frequented hookers. 10th avenue was supposed to be full of the orthodox-either there is something in the Talmud which can be interpreted that going to a prostitute is ok in some circumstances or mayeb they just want to have sex without having a 14th or 15th kid (in some sects you cannot practice birth control) THe men got it an brought it home to entirely religious devout wives-some the mothers of 10 kids. There are other consequences— $1400 month phone sex and hooker bills. losing jobs, losing relationships, getting other diseases- becoming a prostitute or call girl (thats usually with an addiction to drugs or money as well) etc etc.

    Sorry for the book. I just studied addiction theory along with public health and epidemiology. Fascinating

  13. 163
    bitchisblah Says:


    What do you know about Denise Richards? She married a SEX addict. Its obvious. Charlie Sheen even went to rehab for it – and he was seeing HEidi Fleiss’s hookers. Jean Claude Van Damme and
    David Duchovny have also gone to that rehab. She got stuck with two little kids by herself, of course she is mad. She thought she had reformed a major bad boy and walked into a hollywood dynasty- martin sheen is a great actor. There is a certain high/denial that women get who see sex addicts and bad boys-they think they must be the “best” women in the world because the guy is going to “reform” for them. Uh, no. There is the delusion that “my daughter is the most beautiful girl in the world so she can tame the hollywood bad boy” as well. This is co-addiction. There’s a high in thinking “only I can tame him! He loves only ME !” but it is very deluding.

    Id be bitter if I was her too. Her career is where? Her ex-husband is doing what? Threatening to kill his new wife and facing assault charges and celebrating getting off by going to the Playboy Mansion? Great for her little girls, which she has to raise by herself because daddy is an a s s h a t.

    No, gee why would leo want to avoid that kind of drama with anybody????

  14. 164
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Hey, just saw the crawley mcnuggets blind item. All I had to do was google it. I didn’t have to finish typing the damn name. Google had it. Pretty interesting. Never would have pegged him for a sex/coke addict. Can’t imagine any woman wanting whatever he’s got. Most people think it’s Kevin Connolly, and I do too. Here’s an old post.
    Agree, it’s all around him (Leo). It’s a little hard not to be suspicious.

  15. 165
    bitchisblah Says:

    I think for me this was the ultimate blind item….but it could be David Spade too and I ve also heard other ish about Wilmer Valderrama and Jeremy Piven on another site. Think it is KC though.

    Someone on here keeps posting leo is a bloated coke head. (coke bloat is a clinical sign of long term cocaine use—its fluid retained aroudn the head and under the jaw you see it on Lilo a lot.) Either it is someone who knows c o c a i n e use all too well herself or seems to have some first hand intel. Maybe its Aretha Wilson getting back at him. ( although she is being held in lieu of recognizance so i dont hink so )

    I am really starting to think ALL CAPS might have been the restraining order lady….her voice seemed Eastern European and the girl is Romanian. And she hasnt been around in a few days. Maybe in moments of lucidity she is all caps.

    In any case, what I hope is he recovers or doesnt get too far in and outgrows it. I dont want bad on him. But for me my celebrity “interests” tend to end when the guy cracks out. That’s happened twice. ITs like once my suspicions are confirmed its like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    I feel bad for van damme’s wife- the one he divorced for a ho then went back to and remarried. She looks terrified when she is with him. He also does look like he has aids…I am serious. He also aged VERY fast – hes 47 or something and looks 60. Put a lot of mileage on his face.

  16. 166
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Somebody, refresh my memory. Who is Rashida Jones? She use to date tobey or Leo? This was Tuesday……same night Leo went to Teddy’s.

  17. 167
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I just saw spade on Ellen not too long ago. He’s got a kid he was talking about. The blind item says he played a nice guy on TV. That’s what makes me think it’s connolly. It’s hard though to watch him in a scene with a woman. He looks so uncomfortable like he has no experience. I wish they would just come right out and tell you who the damn person is.
    Yeah, Van Damme is disgusting. Maybe cancer. Cigarettes, steroid use, coke, alcohol, fast life. I think he’s done it all. I remember celebrities uncensored and he was disgusting then, can’t imagine what he’s like now.
    I just always though Leo has a heart shaped face, and has filled out a bit in a manly way. He always seemed thin to me in the body. For a man. A little pudgy in the stomach, smallish arm muscles. I still say he’s cute.

  18. 168
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Okay, my last post I promise……
    all I have to say about this photo is.. are you kidding me???
    I guess this is what they were referring to when she had something big coming. Can’t believe she gets this kind of treatment.

  19. 169
    so meh... so wrong Says:

    @bitchisblah: OMG… I was eating a bit of apple when I read your post and I spewed it onto my keyboard. Lord… you have to warn a gal when you’re going to toss out something like that. LOL
    I have often wondered of actors, their friends, etc. post on sites. I’m leaning towards yes. Do you think that KC would use the moniker of “Kev” tho’? Maybe. Haha. Slightly transparent and uncreative, but it works in a pinch. Perhaps there’s the fun of seeing if we meathead posters can connect the dots, which our lovely @he likes her but not for wife: and @bitchisblah: are very capable of doing. Good call on ALL CAPS. It very well may have been her. I’m definitely going to go back and re-read those posts. On the last Leo thread someone posted this, so it’ll be interesting to see how this progresses……haha:
    “# 221 @220 @ 08/28/2010 at 10:59 am
    no the stalker wont be locked up shes just a little crazed obsessed fan but the one that is being monitered on leos threads i think will spend some jail time as i was told this person was reported to the Israeli embassy and police on stalking bar and her family i read they are taking it very seriously Israeli doesnt play around with ppl that stalk their ppl at all”

  20. 170
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @gimmeabreak: I thought that Leo dated Rashida. She’s gorgeous. I think the DJ AM event was the night after his hat duck and cover at Teddy’s. Correct me if I’m wrong, however.

  21. 171
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Okay, I read the blind item to that @bitchisblah: and @gimmeabreak: allude to and I think it may be Kevin also. This fact does make me a little sad. He seemed happy in the pictures with Nikki and they broke up four years ago. One would hope that he’s have gotten over it by now; if not, the serial f*cking isn’t going to make end of relationship bitterness go away. If he keeps bedding stray cats, he’ll always get fleas. Best to stay out of the bars and find a nice normal lady. He doesn’t come off as a total pr*ck, so he should be able to find a decent gal and get rid of these H’wood vag traps. KC’s got a lot of good things happening in his life, so it’d be nice if he could find a decent person to share his successes with – I mean besides Lukas, Tobey, and Leo.

  22. 172
    CanadaGirl Says:

    To quote @gimmeabreak: this is my last post promise…. haha.
    Off topic on this thread, but …. whatever…. I think I’m crunching a bit on Lukas Haas. @lol: linked some pictures and he looked especially fine. I think I need to re-watch some of his recent stuff.
    I think it’s the long hair and sinewy frame. O.~

  23. 173
    CanadaGirl Says:

    Breaking my own promise, but could I say “I think” any more than I did?Geez… I should get to sleep, but I have post revelry alertness…………. which is not related to cocaine…. haha.

  24. 174
    xoxo Says:

    funny most models who date celebs become household names afterwards (cindy crawford marrying richard gere,christie brinkley marrying billy joel,naomi campbell dating many famous men,etc…) but bar? she has been dating leo for how many years now and is still a nobody, lol. Offline you never hear/see her because she doesnt actually model. all you see of her is pictures online. get off the internet and you will find out she is no real model….too funny. by this age gisele was already an icon. LMAO.

  25. 175
    ching Says:

    @Red Velvet:
    its bc they are closer to what REAL mdoels are. real models (at least the iconic ones who still are talked about today 20,30,40 years later) have vogue america,italia,paris covers (many of them) have posed for famous high fashion designers (are actually wanted by important influential people) and started/made some trend in modeling. what has bar done? dated leo and posed in bikinis? lol she will never be talked about in years to come. that’s a fact! and if she says she is more comfortable in bikinis/lingerie I can see why after seeing her in dresses and jeans, lol.
    she is not graceful and elegant enough to pull off clothing. just stay nekkid barfie, i agree it looks better! lol

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