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Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!

Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!

Bar Refaeli tries her hand at tennis at the Nike Tennis Primetime Knockout event held at NYC’s Pier 54 on Wednesday (August 25).

The 25-year-old model competed with tennis star Rafael Nadal in a friendly match against New York Giants player Justin Tuck and tennis player Victoria Azarenka.

John McEnroe served as announcer for the match, and Serena Williams attended the game!

Looks like Bar had a blast at the game!

FYI: Bar is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Jewelry 18K Yellow Gold Heart necklace.

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195 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: Tennis Match with Rafael Nadal!”

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  1. 176
    Red Velvet Says:

    @bitchisblah: i never read that before. must be pretty interesting. Can you post the link,please ?

  2. 177
    bitchisblah Says:

    hollywood vag traps. Thanks for that. That might be my new monniker.
    thank god the smart people are here again.

    Did you know how our weirdo seemed to throw a rod right about the time the restraining order was about to be made public? That is when the “report you to the authorities” stuff started. Maybe her. She definitely knew how to use that internet. She was posting all ove r the place-she looks young too. Sad. Needs to be taken care of. But she is the kind that shows up on your lawn in a trench coat and boils your bunny rabbit, so he to be careful

    Sorry about the apple story. It is one of my favorite hospital stories. There are others. You can buy books of ER stories.

    The punch line to that one is:

    “I heard he broke up with the apple and is now dating a nice banana.
    Hope it works out better.”

    The really sad part is the folks come in again and again…this was Mr. Apple’s second time in for the same thing. You think they would learn !

    We also had twin junkies who were addicted to hospital meds. They would come in and pretend to be each other…no one knew what was going on, but because they did have proven sickle cell the could fake an outbreak and get a good dose of demerol whenever they couldnt get street drugs. They would pretend to be each other and exchange their IVs faster and better than the doctors could. Junkies are interesting people, really they are. They also used to meet in the back stairway and trade IVs and drugs.

  3. 178
    troll alert Says:

    @bitchisblah: stop talk to yourself. you dumb. nutty c#nt.

    gimmeabreak=he likes her but not for wife=bitchisblah=marmaduke.


  4. 179
    @170 Says:

    @CanadaGirl: I think Tobey dated Rashida and left her for his wife, Jennifer Meyer. Leo dated her sister, Kidada ( I`m not sure if that`s the correct spelling ) a long time ago, maybe before Gisele. Both girls are gorgous, daughters of Quincy Jones.

  5. 180
    Mixed Message Says:

    ….. Our girl Bar needs savvier PR people because she doesn’t quite get the idea of what information to put out and what to keep on the down-low.
    ….. Here’s Bar the environmentalist:
    ….. Other memorable titles include: “Save the Earth” and “Why You Should Drive Electric”

  6. 181
    Mixed Message Says:

    ….. Here’s Bar the energy waster:
    July 25, 2010 –
    July 5, 2010 –
    ….. What reason would she have to fly private? Leo, I can understand because he has the pressures of meeting press engagements and the obvious safety issues at present. At least he has the common sense to not brag about flying private. But Bar? Come on. What pressing engagement can she have that warrants not taking commercial?

  7. 182
    @180 Says:

    How original! Leo is a well-known environmentalist and now she is one as well? Flying private really fits into that! LOL! Traveling on a yacht is not really environmentally friendly either! I wonder who wrote that article for her?

  8. 183
    Mixed Message Says:

    Thanks to @ gimmeabreak for the Tweet-photo link.

  9. 184
    bitchisblah Says:


    Tobe was ENGAGED to Rashida-dont know if they broke up or what happened. Kidada is the prettier one-leo dated her. But they are both cute and not idiots. Their mother I believe is Peggy Lipton who was on the Avengers (?) I think….both are really cute. The funny thing is, Rashida looks almost completely white to me…when obviously her dadddy isnt. But that doesnt matter one way or another. Kidada (love the name) was a model. She MIGHT be our l ip s t i c k a l l ey information. They are both cute. One thing, the LSA post was extremely articulate and kind…not like what we get here which is
    OOGA BOOGA all caps shouting S I E G H E I L as loud as she can.

    As for #178, nope gimmeabreak does not equal those other ones. Different person.

    Also, to quote Judge Judy “you see my little pinky nail here? That is smarter than your whole entire body. Now sit down and shut up.”
    Why do you care? Why do you keep posting? You will NEVER change anybody’s minds here and the minds of most people in Israel are already made up. Bar is “pure Israeli beauty” – hmmm then how come her own country people call her a “matress backed ********* ?”
    Why dont you face up to the fact that Bar is a PR nightmare who keeps getting worse? Hire a professional to clean her up.


    NO I WILL NOT SHUT UP GET IT FEEL IT OWN IT EAT IT. Good for you b i t c h. You only make me more determined by posting.

    BTW Bar drives a Austin Mini Cooper, which is not a hybrid. So who does she think she is fooling. It’s a sad attempt t cover Leo’s “positive PR” tactics- but he knows what he is talking about. Though hes been called on the private jet thing a few times.

    Sigh, one day this will all be over with.

  10. 185
    hypocrite Says:

    @@180: and leo flies on private jets and smokes cigars, evirometalist my ass. his PR camp probably put him up to it.

  11. 186
    @188 Says:

    Leo never dated Rashida, Tobey did and I think you meant `dumped` not `dumbed`. LOL!
    @186: If Leo is a hypocrite when it comes to environmentalism what would you call his girlfriend? LOL!

  12. 187
    bitchisblah Says:

    @@188: Yeah, I know that, Leo, dated he SISTER Kidada. So what.

  13. 188
    bitchisblah Says:


    Unfortunately yes, you are right, he sure as hell shouldnt be flying barife around on a private jet and taking the yacht ride looks gross too. But I think something is eating Gilbert Grape and hes not on top of his game right now. A little busted about something. Could be the
    stalker issues-that can really stress you out.

  14. 189
    @187 Says:

    Some comments were removed so my previous comment ( #186, a reply to a removed one ) doesn`t really make sense anymore.
    @188: Having a stalker must be stressful and not being with the right woman can be even more stressful after a while…

  15. 190
    He likes her but not for wife Says:

    I don’t think he cares enough about her to be stressed out. You have to really love someone to care. But carrying a 160 million dollar movie can be a stress. From the rolling stone article and what I see onhis face and know from my own experience, he does have stressors even if he is at such a level different from ours. There is the lack of privacy, the expectation that he keep up his image as the greatest lover of the western world, and generally keep up appearance. Having to go to court and a stalker can be stressful. I only had to take someone to court once and I won
    But the stress was significant. I won too.

  16. 191
    Stalker's Dad Says:

    -Livia Bistriceanu’s father has spoken up regarding her mental health. I hope that the restraining order works but is she being held under a psych evaluation? Giving a mentally ill person a parameter like probably won’t work because she obviously needs to comply with her mental health treatment.
    -Are we to assume the artist is Leo and she’s been stalking him for years: “She fell in love with an artist and went to his home. This is the second or third time when she goes to him. For about three or four years she’s driving him crazy”

  17. 192
    gimmeabreak Says:

    At least there’s confirmation for ya. She’s got psychiatric issues, and does not cooperate with treatment. If she were institutionalized maybe by court order, she would have no choice. Maybe instead of jail, she’d be incarcerated in a mental health facility.
    On another note: Leo is back in La. This was on the Teddy’s thread.
    So Leo is back in LA…
    Nice court!

    Read more:

  18. 193
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    So what else was he doing? Back in LA and playing basketball which is good he needs exercise. Barfie in far away in Mexico where she belongs. But it is the same continent so probably she’ll be in LA this week. Prepare for nasty pap pictures with greasy messed up hair, bad clothes and bad attitude. Him looking like his dog just died and he got dragged behind a car on a rope. Her with a wicked grin on her face and pretending to hide from the paps when she called them in the first place. sigh. But maybe not !

    BTW, that woman on the other thread mentioned jesus in one of her posts…I wonder if his security reads just jared, probably. In any case let me say….I know the difference between fantasy and reality—so does everyone else here…I dont even want to meet him it would be sort of embarrassing and I would have nothing to say. I am just not a HW or entertainment industry person and can’t stand elitism. That ladys brain chemistry is different and tells her all kinds of things that arent true. I ve been on psych wards when someone lost it and it isnt pretty. They think satan is contacting them through a light socket. Kind of place where the unit is locked, you have to be buzzed in and cant have anyting sharp or flammable on your person.

    Actually the movie
    “Its Kind of a Funny Story” was written by a guy who spent a couple of days on the psych ward at my hospital–I was able to identify certain doctors and nurses by description. We all read the book. He’s not crazy, just depressed and with regular teenager issues. There is a huge difference between someone who is just depressed about life and an acute schizoid.

    Very ill people, to be pitied and treated. But they can act violently and that is even sadder because they are not capable of knowing what they are doing—they become criminals and are treated as such–for many years just thrown in with general population before the nature of the illness was known.

  19. 194
    he likes her but not for wife Says:

    My comment that got moderated was basically that leo is an iconic kind fo guy (he embodied the american icon of the gorgeous, slightly rough-around-the-edges huckleberry finn-james dean type) and you only have to look at other icons- James Dean, Marilyn Monroe,and Elvis, to realize they may have fame but it is not necessarily happy. Also, look at all the ex child stars and what happened to them. He may have a gazillion dollars but that does not mean apparently he is always happy either.

  20. 195
    Alexa Says:


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