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GLEE Season 2 Promos -- FIRST LOOK!

GLEE Season 2 Promos -- FIRST LOOK!

Check out these Season 2 sneak peek pics of GLEE featuring Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Kevin McHale, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Mark Salling, Jenna Ushkowitz, Naya Rivera, Harry Shum Jr, Heather Morris, Jayma Mays, Jessalyn Gilsig, Mike O’Malley, and Iqbal Theba.

The sophomore season of Glee kicks off on Tuesday, Sept. 21 @ 8PM on FOX! Who’s ready for some Britney Spears???

15+ Glee promo pics inside…

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glee season 2 promos 01
glee season 2 promos 02
glee season 2 promos 03
glee season 2 promos 04
glee season 2 promos 05
glee season 2 promos 06
glee season 2 promos 07
glee season 2 promos 08
glee season 2 promos 09
glee season 2 promos 10
glee season 2 promos 11
glee season 2 promos 12
glee season 2 promos 13
glee season 2 promos 14
glee season 2 promos 15
glee season 2 promos 16
glee season 2 promos 17
glee season 2 promos 18

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  • allison

    thank god they didn’t try to photoshop mark salling’s face like they try to on all the other promo stuff. the guy is 28 and looks it. but i’m not expecting realism from a show where people randomly break out into song and dance.

  • Bernard Tilman

    Dianna Agron is stunningly beautiful. This incredibly gorgeous young woman is the best thing about this series.

  • Mario

    cant wait to see the Britney episode! its gonna be the best!

  • tinnna

    @allison: I AGREE! i rather watch shows about vampires or fake “reality” shows or drama shows about doctors that can do it all… i mean real life right!

  • xx

    I hate Lea Michelle. Looks like a horse



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  • Amanda

    Lea Michele’s hair is ick. She looks much better without bangs.

  • Jones

    They’re pretty much exactly as the ones from the first season.

  • LĂ­via

    @xx: I agree with you. I hate her

  • CKNola


    I agree, I love Lea Michele, but that hair seriously looks awful on her.

  • lu

    Where’s Dijon? He’s part of the club, too.

  • Dianna

    she’s a cheerio again?? well as long as we see more of Dianna, Santana and Brittany!

  • JoshP

    Where’s the black guy? I know he never gets screen time but really?

  • georgia

    if you dont like lea then why comment? if you dont like her hair then why comment? i love lea, i love her hair and i love her new figure too. she looks stunning :)

  • georgia

    if you dont like lea why comment? i love lea. her hair is amazing. her new figure is beautiful. and overall lea is stunning and gorgeous. shes a great singer and a great actress.

  • selen

    They don’t randomly brake into song and dance, they are in the GLEE club, we see them rehearse and perform

  • gleekoftheweek!

    Mercedes is so Kurt’s b*tch!

  • Karissa

    Really? I wouldn’t go with stunning….or gorgeous. Dianna is a cute girl, but she is nothing special. Her voice/acting are nothing to speak about and she is nothing special looks wise. She’s definitely a cute blonde girl but I would never say stunningly beautiful.

  • Glee Season 2

    can’t wait for this season to start! :)

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Can’t w8 to see JT and Brit on GLEE! Those are two of my favorite idols :)

  • Lucila

    Puck looks totally better now!!! :D and hotter too

  • Anna

    @Karissa: well she’s definitely the prettiest among the girls!!! and if her acting isn’t something to “talk about” why is she the only one (apart from Cory, & Lea doesn’t count bc she is a VOICE OVER role) with a movie on the roll???

  • Alice


    …. you just said it yourself. It’s because she’s pretty. Her acting isn’t ever going to win any awards and her voice is certainly nothing to write home about. But she’s pretty and a sweet girl so she’ll get cast. And really her pretty is kind of generic. Give me Naya, Lea or Amber any day.

  • Josephine Lim


    Lea Michelle is making millions how about you?? and for you to say she look like a horse.. look at the mirror first k? Your comment is childish and full of envy.

  • Justin McNeill


    Honestly, they don’t randomly break out in song. They’re in a Glee club and most of their performances are a result of that.

  • allison

    @Justin McNeill:


    there are definitely fantasy sequences where they sing and dance randomly and it’s not cause they’re practicing. those are the ones i’m talking about, not the performance sequences when they’re rehearsing or at sectionals. for example the “like a virgin” scene or the “loser” sequence at the linens ‘n’ things type place or the “safety dance” scene at the mall.

    if my comment sounded mean, it’s not. i like the show and mark salling was probably the best person suited for puck, regardless of age. but a fact is a fact, he looks 28, so whoever is in charge of the artwork for their promos overly photoshops his eyes/forehead and make him look odd rather than just “cleaning up” the photo and keeping it close to the original. don’t believe me? look at the Glee: The Music, Journey to Regionals cd artwork. his face has been completely smoothed over…additionally dianna’s wearing two different shoes. haha.

  • -viNce

    i am the fan of GLEE too but watch oUt guys. Charice is c0ming. She is n0w part of the sec0nd seas0n of GLEE. I just can’t wait to sEe her singing with THE NEW DIRECTION..!