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Ian Somerhalder: Sexiest Beast!

Ian Somerhalder: Sexiest Beast!

Ian Somerhalder‘s Vampire Diaries character, Damon Salvatore, has been voted the ultimate sexy beast by EW readers.

The 31-year-old actor beat out juggernaut Robert Pattinson‘s character, Edward Cullen, by just under 4000 votes – over 1.5 million votes were tallied in all!

“It makes you realize how much fun the fans are having,” Ian told EW. “They’re making the success of the show happen.”

Ian did admit that he didn’t even get to vote in the competition: “We were shooting flashback stuff, and I always have this fear that if I bring my cell phone or computer, then it’s going to throw me off!” he said.

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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …he won because people like real vampires… not emo disco-balls.

  • Alaia

    He is perfect. He is the Lost Boy that never was!

  • Someone

    His character is intense and he’s very handsome.Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are so last years and HAS BEEN (sorry ladies)

  • sundus

    Love him!!

  • zoz

    He’s gorgeous.

  • Kemcco1955

    I am so glad the REAL vampire won. He is a much better actor and does a better representation of his character. He is also way HOTTER. Glad to see tween girls’ brains are turning around.

  • Werk It


  • SarahC

    He’s definitely gorgeous! I’m so happy he won over Robert Pattinson!
    Damon Salvatore is way more deep than Edward Cullen could ever be. Pluss, he’s funny too so that helps.

  • Chloe

    Totally deserve it, he is one hell of a sexy beast!

  • Faye

    Well, I voted for Rob, but don’t have a problem with Ian’s win. Rob must be sooooo upset (lol). Give me a break……although the voting part was fun for me, I don’t think coming in 2nd will bother Rob at all. In fact, he probably would have preferred not to be in the running at all.

  • Hannah

    He totally deserves it! What a hunk ;)

  • joe

    this sickens me that some 90′s D-lister from a bomb tv show won over the greatest man to ever live. Robert!!!!!!! Love U! this pretty boy tool from vamp diaries is a never was and he never will amount to anything…i’d rather have the real man win then some hairless little p*ssy b i t c h.

  • yeah

    My vote is for you Ian!

  • ace11

    didn’t he bang nicky hilton?

  • PinkyWood

    HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And Damon (character) is sooo much better, his more of a bad boy whos just waiting for the one. His more interesting, funny and actually has a personality. Rob may be a cool guy but this isnt about the person but the person they play.

  • Livia

    ian is soo much better. he deserves it!

    i read somewhere that rob washes his hair only once a week! ewww gross!!..and he smells bad…that’s not sexy! he doesn’t look good, look at his teeth! i don’t understand why those teeny/kiddy fangirls find him so attractive. i bet they’ll change their mind when they grow up. lol…anyway rob’s a talented actor, that’s one positive thing i can say about him.

  • anna

    SOOO HOT! I LOVE HIM! Poor Rob.. he can;t even compare..doesn’t come close

  • Shaylee

    So glad Ian won!!! LOVE HIM..OMG SO SEXY!!! Ummm Livia its not just “teeny/kiddy” girls that like rob its grown yea im 17 and i voted for damen so i dont think u should group people because of there age. Because if anything thats why Damen won. YAY FOR DAMEN!!!!<3

  • brenda

    AT LAST A REAL SEXY AND HOT GUY WON!! Ian is gorgeous ,and good actor too,not as rob flat face pattinson,I can’t understand why the girls find him attractive,..he is so ugly,is NOT attractive at all,he is only famous ,nothing more,but sexy?..NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://tofufro4214markettwitter kendra j bethune

    oh yeah i thought rob pattinson was still number 1 vampire /guardian angel who’s this ian never mind i don’t watch the vampire diaries .
    i don’t dis like that

  • megan

    he’s so sexy

  • Livia

    hehe sry, it’s just that almost every rob-fangirl loves eddie
    but yeah good choice girl!! u have a good taste in men ;)

  • Georgia Peach

    Without a doubt the right beast won and defeated 63 contenders. Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore is pure perfection. What a brilliant actor! Damon Salvatore is such a complex character and Ian Somerhalder portrays him perfectly. If you have never watched the Vampire Diaries, start now. Damon is the heart & soul of the show. Absolutley fantastic!

  • Bella C

    Nice to see he’s taking care of himself again. For a while there, he had let himself go He looks like he did during Lost/Life as a house.

  • elisa

    totaly agreeee
    he is so hot and those eyes …. the hotest beast right now

  • Question

    Congratulations! He is the reason why I watch VD! Great actor!

  • LadyB

    I can’t imagine being in bed with him…talk about a fantasy. With that said, I will love to be bedded by him…I can’t believe I just said that.

  • TeamD

    well to be honest I love both Ian and Robert .. but when it comes to sexiness .. Damon is way sexier than Edward .. Edward is the perfect good guy but Damon is the Perfect Sexy bad guy .. My votes were for Ian .. but I love them both as actors <3

  • Taja

    Damon really deserved this! Brilliant portraying of a vampire and also the most complex and worth watching character in the Vampire Diaries. Looking forward to many more seasons of VD and perfect performances by Ian Somerhalder.

  • pozycjonowanie stron

    Nice site and great text.


    Well I think both of them are really good looking, just in a different way.
    RPatz has classical features, he looks like a cute english kid. While Ian is more exotic looking and also looks more mature and grown up (but he is also older,so)
    If it wasn’t for Twilight, there woulnd’t be any vamp wave right now, and most certainly no TVD. This said, Damon is much more interesting charakter (and more realistic) than Edward. Also Ian is more experienced actor, due to his age.

  • Kevin

    I concur. He’s crazy hot.

  • Megan

    Haha I find this hilarious how are the Vampire Diary fans are making a big deal out of this I didn’t even know about this contest I doubt any Twilight fans knew about it and I noticed that all the fans were posting this all over the web to vote for Ian of course he would of won.

  • Jonte

    He is sooooo nice :) SEX.

  • Angelica

    Hell yeah! No contest!

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    he def has da look. bet my friend MELISSA D. IS REALLY HAPPY!! LOL

  • http://justjared rachel_19

    I am so glad someone else one other that robert. Ian is such a good actor and his character is so much deeper than Edward. Its nice that talent is finally being appreciated other than just jumping on a bandwagon for edward , who is just a blank character . glad Ian won !!!

  • innusikod

    he is really a brilliant actor and a very handsome and sexy man! love him!

  • http://sofiafabregas Sofia Fabregas

    I love him, he´s so hot. And I have to admit that I like Twilight but, uuhhh Vampire Diaries wins OBVIOUSLY!! AND ROBERT PATTENSON IS SO EMO, AND UGLY hahahha. IAN IS COMPLETELY OPPOSITE, HE´S FUNNY, HE LIKES FANS AND HANDSOME!! I just Love him<3

  • vanessa

    he won because his skin don’t sparkle in the sunlight. and he’s the most sexiest vampire alive! god, he’s so hawt!

  • Ignacio Aarestad

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