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Rachel Bilson: Belated Birthday Babe!

Rachel Bilson: Belated Birthday Babe!

Rachel Bilson shows off a bit of her toned tummy as she runs errands in Hollywood on Thursday (August 26) in Hollywood.

The actress (in a “Helena” tee by Market) celebrated her 29th birthday yesterday – happy belated birthday, Rachel!!

Earlier in the week, Rachel was spotted going out to lunch with a friend in Beverly Hills. Rachel is back in L.A. after taking a trip to Hawaii recently.

FYI: Rachel is wearing Jimmy Jimmy shorts in Sardinia by Paige Denim.

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  • ida

    this deserved posting…for once.too bad she is a virgo..i likeD them… :P

  • Chuckles

    Damn she is freaking hot in that red shirt!

  • Gary

    she looks good in that red shirt!


    I normally roll my eyes when i see her, but this time i’ll make an exception

  • fan-of-hot-babes

    she’s not freakin’ hot. she is freaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn’ hot. i hope adam brody takes a look and dump that old hag he is seen with this week!

  • the truth

    She didn’t dress like that when she was with Hayden. So what’s the big change now? Natalie is way hotter cause she has the smarts and don’t let looks go to her head,.Also hayden too. He has played tennis and can play the piano. And can get jobs like Natalie does.So when she can lay a job instead are walking the streets all the time doing nothing. Then i can say she is hot then.

  • CanadaGirl

    She looks good. I agree with @Chuckles: @Gary:, she does look good in that top especially with her tan. In fact, I like the whole ensemble.

  • Anonymous

    she looks AMAZING!!

  • kristina

    @ida: i’m just curious, why do you say “too bad she’s a virgo?”

  • kristina

    ida ~ just curious, why is it bad that she’s a virgo? she DOES look hot.

  • BB

    she’s really HOT

  • Tommy

    She does look good. But she’s so disappointing as a person. She’s an uppity bitch who thinks she’s better than everyone. And it’s not a one time “she’s in a bad mood” thing. She’s a bitch to me and my coworkers everytime she comes into the store. And she doesn’t even have the right to be a bitch. No one even cares about her anymore and she barely has a career. Cute girl, crappy personality and people skills. To sum it up, she’s fake. And cute red tops can’t make up for that.

  • C41

    Damn!! Who knew she had a body like that?!! She looks good!! She never looked that good with Hayden. Hmmm…..I think Hayden was the control freak. I bet he really feels like a sorry ass loser right now!! Gee….It is a wonder so many fan girls of HC hated Rachel Bils!! I can see why now. I love her outfit! Miss Sexy thang! You go girl!

  • Michelle

    I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder because I don’t think she’s attractive at all.

  • jess


    Really? Wow, that is disappointing. She seems like she would be nice.

  • Anonymous

    @Tommy: Uh huh, when did she say she’s better than everyone else? Cause you know her personally? And she’s fake? yeahh right, at least she acts like a normal person, and isn’t like every other celeb who has totally redone her whole body *cough* heidi montag *cough*

  • ok

    you can tell she is single now, but honey you are trying too hard

  • Sara

    @Anonymous: I agree with you, if you read on everyone who’s worked with her, ALL of them say she is the sweetest person.

  • skinny

    She is teeny tiny! I had no idea she was that small. Her waist looks like it’s about 20″.

  • Viper

    Again looking hot in some t-shirt is not giving her work or reason to be pressed out. There are tons of hot real actress’s out there who looke way better in cltothing then this broad. They also work for a living not pressing themselves out to the national media just for attention b/c she can’t find an acting job.

  • observation

    Jared you know what shorts Rachel is wearing, odd, it’s like you have a deal with her or something? I hope you are paid well for this z-lister

  • boo

    @michelle maybe it’s just that you don’t have an eye for beauty lolz.
    i think you spend too much time looking at yourself in the mirror and being sorry for what you see…not a good thing…

  • Tommy


    Yes it is. She does seem like she would be really nice. But sadly, she isn’t and it’s not cute. Kate Bosworth is really nice and so is Kristen Stewart. Kristen is awkward, but really nice.

  • http://j ivanka

    i want adam and rachelb back:(

  • http://j ivanka

    i want adam and rachel back:(

  • Tommy

    @Anonymous: @jess:

    You can tell when someone thinks they’re better than everyone else. And I said she’s fake because she gives off this image that she’s so nice and sweet. I’m sorry if you have a problem with our encounters with her. And normal people aren’t mean to others. I’d take Heidi over a mean girl any day.

  • tina

    she is not hot, she has got short legs, just awful

  • C41

    @ Skinny,
    You right. She looks better then ever! She is tiny yet has curves. Who cares if she is pressing it out! If, I looked like that I would be pressing it out too! =)

  • Leah


    You are so naive. Just because her coworkers talk about how nice she is doesn’t mean she’s actually that way in real life. There are stories about her around the Uxbridge area and she actually is mean to people and expects stores to be shut down so she doesn’t have to shop with the little people. Like she’s going to get mobbed by country folks.

  • C41

    @ Skinny,
    Your right! She is teeny tiny but, looks better then ever!

  • Andrew

    I’m not a bit surprised Tommy. I’ve always gotten that impression of her. I read a post over at ONTD, some people that live in the area of Hayden’s farm say one time when she was there she expected the grocery store in the little town to close down so she could shop. She was afraid of being “mobbed” because she’s “so famous.” She apparently wasn’t nice to anyone there, the townspeople aren’t sorry that she’s gone at all. Hayden is so much better off without her, I don’t know how he put up with her as long as he did.

  • lexy hates bilson

    WOW JJ! Can’t believe you missed Rachel’s Birthday!!! And since it’s her b-day we’ll let it slide that you called her an “actress” – LOL!!!

  • Hilary

    She does look good! But I agree with Leah. I’ve had run ins with Christina Aguilera and no one believes me when I say she’s mean because people always say how nice she is. You don’t know how a person is when you take them out of work situations and situations where they have to be “on”. I’m pretty sure Christina can be nice. But not in my case.

  • Madison

    Of course coworkers in Hollywood will say she’s nice. It’s a smaller circle there than you’d think and she has some powerful connections. (Which is the only reason she’s been able to get any work since The OC ended) Haven’t you ever heard the saying “Don’t spit in the cabbage, you might have to eat it”?


    She is out,and bout to tell the fans she has is that she is okay. Not promoting nothing. She will get through this with dignity and grace.

  • leah

    If she’s the upity bitch everyone says she is then i hope her and adam don’t get back together.Maybe thats why he ditched her!

  • jane

    @leah: like everyone says she is? who the people on justjared? doesn’t really give proof. don’t judge somebody if you don’t know anything about them.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Pandora – of course she’s out and about – it’s not like she has a job or anywhere to go…she should have treated herself to some acting lessons for her b-day!

  • C41

    @ Lexy,
    New thread on Natalie..Go praise your idol there then if you have nothing positive about Miss. Bilson to say here. Why waste your precious breath and time here? Anyway…Rachel does look a lot better then NP. Sorry to say NP is looking like crapola lately.

  • Maddy

    Running errands = shopping/eating lunch at Joans on 3rd

  • Lake

    I don’t Natalie looks like crap, I think she just looks tired from working so much. That’s something Rachel knows nothing about.

  • Lake


  • JC

    She looks really hot. I wish she would have worn those tight camel toe shorts she always wears with that red top. I don’t like those big loose shorts. She can never get her outfit just right ever, but she looks awesome from the waist up in this post.

  • KR

    She dresses like a hooker. LOL

  • KR

    Good Lord, people,she’s just a short thin girl with average looks. Get over it already…

  • C3

    That’s a babe right there. She’s super HOT!!!! Love the shirt and the shorts. See I told you guys she was looking thinner than normal. I don’t know what happened there. But she still looks super HOT HOT HOT with that shirt and those shorts.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ h – you first!
    @ C41 – have no fear – I commented on my girl Natalie. The truly talented actress who doesn’t have to pimp herself out to the paparrazi HOPING to keep her name relevant and HOPING her friend’s husband will give her a job!! Natalie doesn’t have to tip off the paps or smile at them – her talent keeps her employed!

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ h – you first b!tch!
    @ C41 – have no fear – I commented on my girl Natalie. The truly talented actress who doesn’t have to pimp herself out to the paparrazi HOPING to keep her name relevant and HOPING her friend’s husband will give her a job!! Natalie doesn’t have to tip off the paps or smile at them – her talent keeps her employed!

  • Viper

    She looks like a Hooker working the BLVD guess maybe that is the new job she just got.

  • lily

    she’s smoking hot and gorgeous