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Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron: Goodbye Hawaii

Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron: Goodbye Hawaii

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens make their way to the airport in Maui, Hawaii to head back to Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 25).

Zac, 22, and Nessa, 21, leave the Hawaiian island after vacationing there for a few days.

Recently, the High School Musical sweethearts appeared in a PSA for Stand Up to Cancer’s televised telethon on September 10. Proceeds for the fundraiser will go to SU2C which aims to find a cure for cancer by funding cancer research.

You can check out the behind-the-scenes look of Vanessa‘s PSA at Just Jared Jr.

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vanessa hudgens zac efron goodbye hawaii 05

Credit: Binns/Breeden; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • charl

    Looking good! hope they had a nice time.

  • peggy

    They arrived on Thursday and left on Wednesday

    Their flight out of Maui was delayed so they were stuck waiting in the airport.

    I hope they had a really good time.

  • lauren

    does anybody know when there actually anniversary date is?
    is it september 1st?

    cus i remember her saying in teen mag back in 07, that she and zac started dating in 05.

  • Tata

    Always a pleasure to see this couple! :)

  • Cali


  • Rio

    hope they had a great time there.
    welcome back to work:)

  • Haters Suck!

    Saw some of the pics from the vacation and Vanessa looked so damn HOT, zac is a lucky guy. Plus she learned how to surf which was really cool to see.

  • mishyB

    I am glad there are no photos of them in Hawaii besides these and the last set with a camera. I hope they had some privacy and relaxation. Back movie promotions and what not.

  • charl

    @mishyB: there is other pics. they r on youtube of them surfing

  • Tiptoes

    Nice to see them back in LA. Hope they had a lovely time in Maui.

  • carly

    glad they had a great time! so excited if vanessa is coming with zac on promoting his movie CSC next month…hope so.

    I love their new rings!!
    ZANESSA =)

    more pic

  • pop86

    They are so lucky

  • jensenLUVEr tanya

    wow she looks homeless. atleast Zac can do was hold that freakin HUGE bag 4 her!! i really hate when they try 2 cover their face, lik that would help. i can picture them married 20 yrs from now. cute couple….

  • Scary

    They should warn viewers beforehand when she doesn’t have on make-up. Zac still looks good, even as an untrimmed bear.

  • apex

    i’ve prolly watched HSM 60 times with my 10-year old nephew and i have memorized the lines and songs lolz. they look good and i hope they stay together forever.
    be always gounded zac and don’t “grow up” like crazy tom cruise or douchy tiger. cheating, drugs, and promiscuity don’t bring any good!!!
    hollywood corrupts and if you want to have a happy life with nessa don’t get influenced by the lifestyle of other hollywood stars.

  • apex

    i’ve seen vanessa in person without makeup and she’s amazingly pretty. she’s just stunning and zac is one lucky dude!!! just ask the paparazzis combing the streets of hollywood and they will all agree.

  • Malia

    Looks like they had a fun filled vacation, surfing and probably hiking in Hana. I heard their flight in Maui was delayed. Wonder how long they had to wait. They both have great tans.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful couple!

  • toty

    the best couple ever,love them

  • Karen

    For everyone’s information:

    1. Vanessa herself said in an interview sometime back that she started dating Zac Sept 1 so that is what everyone thinks of as their anniversary.

    2. They left around August 18 or arrived in Hawaii and that is what the Us article was referring to—not the exact anniversary date.

    3. Do you people actually thing that US magazine got the two of them to give some kind of interview for that article? The article is written to make it sound like they had some kind of interview from the two of them but it was a collection of previous comments from other sources. They made it sound like maybe or maybe not that their anniversary was the 18th so their picture and such would look like they knew something in a factual manner. They just know what they read from fans about this being a trip to celebrate their anniversary. How many publications get the number of years wrong just because they have no real clue about these two. But lately the blogs like JJJ have bee filled with the fact that they are about to celebrate 5 years together so US just HAPPENED to get it right.

    I’m sure if we only knew the truth the gossip mags and blogs give thanks to the fans of Z&V all the time since we make their jobs so much easier.

  • renee


    Yes it is September 1. They celebrated their anniversary early because Zac has work commitments and they were not going to be able to get away next week.

  • renee

    @jensenLUVEr tanya:

    Let me know how you look at 4:00 am in the morning after being on a plane for 5 hours. Give her a break.

  • renee


    Let me know how you look at 4:00 am in the morning after being on a plane for 5 hours. Give her a break. She’s actually gorgeous without make up.

  • http://j ivanka


  • pita

    I hope they enjoyed their holiday!
    Nice to see them back in LA .holiday is over back to work again.
    the best couple that i ever seen.

  • vfan

    V looks hot! She’s so pretty even when she’s about to take a long hour flight.
    I hope they had a good time. :)

  • Malia


    You got it. Tabloid magazines like US and OK peruse fan sites and use fan comments as their “inside source” all the time. Nothing new there. They pick up what fans are discussing and embellish it.

  • itaG_zvfreak

    <3 love them

  • Bob

    Anyone know what brand shirt zac is wearing? Thats an awesome design

  • annie1st

    awww, nessa back yay ^___^ btw she look cute, and pissed off with paps he he but zac there to protect her, ive seen the lovey dovey pic at jjj, zac made nessa blushing, cute couple

  • Tiptoes
  • kyle


    Thanks for the pictures showing these two kayaking in Hawaii, Tiptoes.
    Zac and Vanessa seem to have truly enjoyed their Maui vacation- surfing, kayaking, swimming and perhaps hiking/camping with your loved one, what more can you ask for?

  • birdie

    Lovely couple, they work very hard on their careers and still make time
    for the most important things in life. I wish them only the best always.

  • BOJI

    Aaah, so glad for them, that they managed to have a nice carefree healthy vacation. Now, I’m thinking here that Zac is growing his face for his next movie, correct me if I’m wrong.

    I just can’t believe it, they’ve been together what? 5 yrs already and there have been so many celebrity hook-ups and breakups within that span. Some have even got engaged and married and then split all within that period, unbelievable! I’m still rooting for them to go the distance, my favourite couple.

  • BOJI

    So glad that they managed to put in a healthy and active vacation. They both needed their fun time together.
    I just can’t believe that they’ve been together, what? 5 yrs already and how many celebrity hookups and breakups there have been within that span. Some with a few partners and others have even gotten engaged, married and then split up all within that period, Just Unbelievable! I’m rooting for them to go the distance all the way, my favourite couple.

  • Tiptoes

    Hi Boji…. Nice to see you!

    Yes, Zac might be growing the facial hair for his next role. Logan does have long hair in the book but I don’t know how it will actually be. This is an early celebration for the love birds as Zac starts “researching” for his role by next week.

    Kyle.. maybe walking in the beach and looking at the sunset… I can dream, can I?

  • Tiptoes
  • nathalia

    zac and vanessa adorable as always

  • ZvNYFan

    BOJI.. ur right ! Zac and Vanessa are by far the couple to beat coz they are the only couple who are still very much together and very much in love. They are a lot of hook ups and engagement that have been broken up in hollywood these days and they are still going strong. That is why a lot of people are very much envious of their relationship wherein tabloids makes false statement about this two just to break them up. Luckily, they remain stronger than ever. I wish they stay together forever.
    ZAC and Vanessa rule the world of courting in hollywood this days coz their relationship is real that is why they are still together coz they remain grounded people and have always find time to spend with their own families as well. That is also why people love them so much.

  • sky10

    @apex in # 15,,,your right!!! that’s why many people likes them because even though thy’re still young,they don’t influenced themeselves from some hollywood lifestyle….keep it up Zac and van!!we always pray for you.

  • Roadhouse

    They are a mess. Did anyone tell that stupid broad that it is summer and wool scarves are not needed. She should hide her face. She is ugly.

  • BOJI

    Roadhouse, quit with your messing around on this thread. Guess, you’re not in with the trend. What Vanessa has on is a sheer/ thin cotton scarf which could also be worn as a shawl. My daughter has one and I have one too. It is this summer’s must have, good for all weathers. You can wrap it around yr neck, around yr shoulders, head wrap, a hipster wraparound or even as a waist band. If you think she’s ugly, then what is beauty in your eyes, may I ask?

    Tippy Toes, Hi back at ya Dearie.

  • Karen

    I would say another reason she has the scarf is she is getting ready to board a flight back home to LA and some people can get pretty cool on flights so as Boji says, it can be used as a shawl. Then there is such a thing as a fashion statement and panache.

    Some people just want to pick and try to get a fight started…

  • kyle

    Adorable couple!!! I like that some articles from various magazines lately like OK, US Weekly ,JJ and JJr acknowledged the fact that these two are really into each other after all these years. and how sweet and caring Zac towards Vanessa.

  • BOJI

    Karen, thank you

  • BOJI

    Karen, thank you, I forgot to mention that I use it as a head scarf.

  • kyle

    i forgot to add the word, “is.”

    I myself is a late admirer of these two – only last year, but boy, do i love them.

  • Tiptoes

    Boji, time zones suck as we hardly catch each other. Hope you are fine and doing well.

    Van is always so fashionable even in candids… for me that scarf is a fashion statement.

    Kyle, its never too late to admire them. For me its been last 3 years and I read up on anything about them before 2007. Both of them are very grounded and I love that both of them have their individual projects and movies.

    Here is a short video clip of them arriving in LAX

  • BOJI

    Tiptoes,Yep, Time zones are a bother. Went to Canada last month and it took me a week to get over the jetlag there and when I got back it was the same. I know you have another moniker which I forgot. Pls pm me if you can on the TH site. Would love to hear more from you. Thanks for the video clip. They are a lovely young couple and I believe they are getting alot of respect for keeping their private lives private and being serious about their work and for being real. Just love them. I think they set a wonderful example for other young and older couples and wannabes.

  • kyle


    Yeah, that’s what i’ve been doing – reading everything that i can read about them, watching you tube interviews and videos -a lot of catching up, but i can’t complain, i’m hooked on these two. What i like about them is their attitude toward their fans and families, they are good people. I hope they stay that way.