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Barack & Michelle Obama: It's Sasha Time!

Barack & Michelle Obama: It's Sasha Time!

President Barack Obama shares a sweet moment with his daughter Sasha, 9, during a barbecue with family and friends in celebration of his 49th birthday on the South Lawn of the White House earlier this month.

Other pics include Barack and Sasha steering the “Bay Point Lady” boat during a tour of St. Andrews Bay off Panama City Beach, Fla.

Also pictured below is Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama playing a round of mini golf at Pirate’s Island Golf in Panama City Beach, Fla. Sasha got a hole in one!

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47 Responses to “Barack & Michelle Obama: It's Sasha Time!”

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  1. 26
    €€€ Says:

    @Missy who ever let you out of that psychiatric facility should receive the strongest punch kown to men (no kidding)

  2. 27
    Maggie Says:

    The rest of the world loves Obama because he has apologized for the United States being the truly great nation that it is, effectively making us seem weaker int he eyes of our enemies, and spitting on the legacy of the past. He is anti-American. OF COURSE the rest of the world loves him, they are anti-American too!

  3. 28
    missy Says:


    go drink some more kool-aid!

  4. 29
    DarkEmpress Says:

    I am not an America basher, but seriously so many people are ignorant in your country. You do not have to agree with the president’s policies, but to spin him having a bbq with his family into laziness and slacking in a time of crisis is ridiculous. I suppose he should stop sleeping, eating and bathing to combat the economic crisis. What are you complaining people doing to help your country.]

    Prior to Obama, were you in debt? Did you have any savings? Did you have a responsible mortgage that you could afford, where you were paying down the principle not just the interest? Are you a healthy weight? Do you eat properly and exercise regularly. Where you doing anything to help the troops or veterans? Were you making charitable donations to help the people in crisis in your country? If you were not living up to all of these things you have no right to complain. YOU are the problem with America. All the problems your country has starts with your greed, bad health and lack of social responsibility.

  5. 30
    Maggie Says:

    Yeah, no doubt the lazy, fat, welfare loving people of our country are the biggest problem we have….BUT Obama want’s to enable them further, extend their benefits, and tax the heck out of the hardworking citizens of this country until we are all on our knees BEGGING for gov’t benefits.

  6. 31
    rhonda Says:

    Fatass Michelle and her fat kid are the “poster people” for healthy living. Man, they are living in Obama fantasyland.

  7. 32
    chefdijour Says:

    Here we go talking about how fat Michelle and her kids are unbelievable the most important thing to talk about Oh I forgot the Obamas is at fault for the Housing Crisis, Bank problems and the WAR yes he started that war how much money are we spending for the war Billions but nobody’s talking about that I know me me me me my kids you know the most important thing in the world Oh just waiting for you to DIE and cash in your Insurance Policy when the US goes broke you all will be dead. Now Michelle suppose to be the poster people for you & your kids I bet all the people on here talking about how fat someone is how fat are you how healty do you eat worry about you and your kid weight. the must self center people I have ever heard of all about money money money.

  8. 33
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    @Alina: Hate to break it to you but the French helped you against the Brits during your Independence War. France started helping you out in 1776 with supplies and weapons, which in turn caused them to go to war with the Brits in 1778. Benjamin Franklin negotiated the treaty between the US and France in that year. Oh and Spain and the Dutch helped you out as well, also participating on the side of the French in that war. Sure, they had their interests but they did help you. The Dutch signed a friendship and trade treaty with you in 1782. They were second to recognize you as a country, after France.
    I can’t believe you don’t even know your own history so why should anyone be surprised if you don’t know a thing about the rest of the world?

  9. 34
    chefdijour Says:

    Missy you drink some bottled water.

  10. 35
    venezuelangirl Says:

    i wish a had a president like him here in Venezuela :( I hate chavez!

  11. 36
    az Says:


    You apparently were not the first ones in the country under Bush to start losing the their jobs. And it started with Bush. Go back and do some research. Truth be told, they all have a part in it…globally too. one term, one man cannot fix it, he didn’t break it himself.
    I don’t need to read some biased opinion journal from the UK, I have facts on my side, And really, when did democrats including Obama take over both the Senate and the House, in 2006, hopefully you know that it’s congress that makes the laws and regulations, and holds the nations purse strings.

    When Bush came into office the economy was in recession , dot com bubble burst that lost 7 trillion dollars of wealth and 911, all in the first 9 months, and even though more jobs were lost in his first year, the unemployment numbers never went over 6.5%…. why because he and his team worked with a republican congress and actually knew how to CREATE JOBS all without a TRILLION dollar SPENDING BILL.

    All democrats have done since taking over congress in 2006′ is spend , spend spend, and get favors done for their special interest groups like trial lawyers and the unions…. both toxic to the economy and jobs….. read what small business, large corporations have been saying for the last year, majority hate Obama and think he’s bad for the country.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not to their own facts.

    Obama came into office, with unemployment at 7.2%, and for 2/3 of his governing all with super majority of democrats in Congress, who didn’t need one republican vote to pass whatever they wanted, example Obamacare and now unemployment is at 9.6%

    The end of 2008 the deficit was 450 million , since Obama been President, 2009, 1.4 trillion
    2010 1.5 trillion

    Foreclosure and bankruptcies at a 60 year high, even though Obama took 200 billion of TARP money to address mortgages and bankruptcies, seems their not helping, wonder were the money went or better yet who.

    Youth unemployment 18 to 35 has not been this high since 1948.

    After spending 5 trillion dollars of money America doesn’t have and has to borrow, the country is worse off on every metric since Obama been president

    And all I’ve mentioned is the economy, jobs and spending, all bad but he’s losing the Afghanistan war, fired the best General we had, because he said he a Rolling Stone article that Obama is a joke and his administration are jokes. Obama tripled the troops in Afghanistan from 25, 000 at the end of Bush to over 100, 000 with more troops dying a month now then in 06′ in Iraq, but you don’t hear a peep from OUR corrupt national media.

    And what’s happened to post race relations, everyone who criticizes democrats and Obama are racists, bigot, don’t want a Muslin Victory Mosque near the grave site of 3000 Americans who died by the hands of Islamic terrorists, then your a bigot. Think Obama’s is bad for the country, then your a racist

    That’s all the liberal media and democrats can do, democrats have been in control for 4 YEARS and America is much, much worse off so all they can resort too is name calling to stop the criticism and blame Bush Bush Bush, 4 years later they still won;t take responsibility, so why keep them in power.

  12. 37
    Roxs Says:

    Although the picture looks harmless – I also think it looks a little creepy too. It almost looks like ‘grooming’ tactics of a father. I hope her parents are teaching her not to lay in the lap of all older men – that would be a shame.

  13. 38
    jen Says:

    Hope he’s a better father than he is a president. Doubt it! For me he lacks moral character. Think about it folks, he got one shot at fame from Bill and Hillary by delivering Bill’s keynote speech and then stepped over Hillary to take the presidency. Why would anyone vote for a person without any sense of moral conscience? I’m as angry at the stupid American voters as I am disgusted with him. And don’t even get me started on Oprah.

  14. 39
    WMarie Says:

    I don’t want to seem rude, but worry about your own country and how it’s run. We have to deal directly with President Obama, his decisions, and his actions, not you. If you don’t live here, then you don’t know what really goes on here and you couldn’t possibly understand our country. You think you know us. Until you live here, you will not. You call us killers, but you do realize that most Americans disagree with the wars in the Middle Eas, don’t you? But our citizens do not get to decide when our soldiers come home. I think most of us would love if they all came home tomorrow. You say that Bush was the murderer. Well if we look at this from a neutral stance, if Obama was REALLY any different, he would have pulled all of our soldiers out of the Middle East. But he hasn’t has he? He pulled most of them out of Iraq and sent more of them to Afghanistan, just like he said he was going to do during his campaign…Now why is it that you like Obama more?

  15. 40
    A trooper Says:

    So true the rest of the world likes and respects Obama. To make it clear, the US dept to China started LONG before Obama´s presidency. The rest of the world new about it. Maybe things are more in the open now with Obama as president so it is new to some US citizens. Obama has to deal with the mess from years back and therefore has to take some unpopular decisions. Some people living in the US don´t seem to get that the rest of the world is bigger than the US and perhaps US schools need to look into their history teaching with some criticism?Many great people living in the US but some are really out of touch with the rest of the world which btw is not a state in the US ;)

  16. 41
    ms bar jolie gaga Says:

    I am a proud American who supports her President 100%. Obama I watched as he was targeted and criticized since day 1. First week in office and the attacks began and never stopped. You see, people on the right, are still shaken and shocked that he became president. They thought their divisive and Palinesque hate rallies would deter people from voting for Obama. They were shocked when he became President and have not gotten over it. Obama is used to being the underdog. He has always been underestimated and he always comes through. Beware folks. This man is more complex, courageous and brilliant than you give him credit for. He is working really hard at undoing years of bad economic choises. He knew this was the task at hand and he is willing to be the fall guy. He is wonderful and I support him 100%. There is nothing he will do that will make the right like him. Nothing. They made a decision to hate him for he shattered everything they thought they knew about America. They are like children whose parents told them all you have to do is be pretty in life and you will get ahead then they become adults and find out the nerdy kid they picked on is CEO of the company where they work. They can’t stand it. Barack: we love you!

  17. 42
    White Girl Says:

    @AVA: “, because they need the young and healthy to in the system to pay for the insured who are mostly Hispanics.”


  18. 43
    Anon Says:

    Only stupid American people would not appreciate a good president they have in Obama.

  19. 44
    Alice Cutie Says:

    I still don’t understand how could americans elect him.I know nothing about him and I’m not gonna say anything bad in his adress.But that’s kinda strange the President of The United States is black. But may be he is smart.I don’t know….

  20. 45
    slovene Says:

    why don’t you americans get it: 2 pointless wars that were started by bush and his people caused all the problems that you are facing right now! do you even imagine how much money was spent on that?

    recession and things like that do not happen over night and it all started way before obama even decided to run for president.

    plus whole world is in recession right now, if you people werent so self-centerd you would realize that. we all knew it was coming, economists were warning about recession for more than 3 years now.

    obama is a great man and since he has become president the rest of the world actually tolerates and doesnt hate america, but you people clearly dont care about that because you think you are the centre of the world

  21. 46
    Michael Says:

    America has had problems for generations, while the list of Presidents have focused power towards the rich 1% of your country.
    Many people forget that the President of ANY country is NOT god, he cannot click his fingers and solve the issues that plague your country and the whole world.
    The USA is not independant, it relies heavily on the good will of other countries to grow, and many countries own a LOT of businesses in the USA. Obama realised that trying to mend bridges with others will benefit his countrymen, but you must think long term.
    After the damage done by the Bush administration to public relations, the USA lost all its credibility and the world had (has) high hopes that a new president might bring a degree of honesty to the USA government.
    Has he made mistakes, of course, all presidents do, but at least he does not consider Nuclear War something to strive for as Bush did.

    The Wars started by Bush was for money and resources, and they devastated the countries they bombed to bits. Obama realised that since the USA (and UK) ruined these countries while exploiting their resources, they had a international responsiblity to try to fix some of the damage before leaving or the international reprecussions would affect the USA for many more generations, similar to Germany after WWII.
    It will take many years to remove armies from these countries responsibly and give them enough of a government to allow these poor people a future. These people did not ask for the USA to kill their fathers, mothers, babies, daughters and brothers, so a certain amount of disruption was inevitable when it happened. If you think the USA has it though, try living in rubble.

  22. 47
    michelle Says:

    i love such a family like example ; obama family

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