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Brad Pitt Makes It Right in New Orleans

Brad Pitt Makes It Right in New Orleans

Brad Pitt waves as he speaks with NBC News’ Brian Williams on Friday (August 27) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The 46-year-old actor took Brian to a green home that his foundation, Make It Right, helped build to benefit residents who lost their homes after Hurricane Katrina.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Brad‘s sweetheart, Angelina Jolie, is on the fast track to star in the big screen version of the British miniseries Unforgiven.

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  • teri

    I’m sure no name face can pull off working with twillight star but not a huge HW moviestar. Angelina needs to stick with the mature guys, young kids are too immature like their audience. Wanting to kick that girls butt and this girls butt is just rediculous, so middle school.

  • Bruce Jenner

    WOW!!! We had the same plastic surgeon Brad …I thought he had his license pulled

  • pitussa

    my my potty mouth chilly tsk tsk

  • Lmao

    @pitussa: With angie or her nannies per usual :)

  • awwwww

    He looks so happy. Angelina and kids make his life so happy and content.

  • wow

    Brad is so handsome and Angelina so gorgeous.Good thing he dumped the ugly ho with her long chin..Brad was to hand some for the ugly ho.

  • pitussa

    bdj jealous dulcinea13 se? come stsas

  • Burt reynolds

    @Bruce Jenner: not so fast buddy. I sent brad to my plastic surgeon. Surely he wouldn’t cheat on us , would he?

  • Masina


    btw…Lick My A@$ Off…..

    How about this…..

    Nope..that won’t work……

    or this….

    uhh…still won’t work….

    maybe this….

    YUP…by George…It just might work…..

    Brad leaves hoofer for GORGEOUS…..and Rob…..steals Kris away from Mangalo……or whatever his name is….

    Ahhh….now that’s how it should be.

    God…Grow up………teenie bopper….!

  • pr

    I prefer Brad’s latest “Green Home” he paid 40 million for in Italy.

  • To the top 2%, hey you!

    Hey Warren Buffet, Mr. Microsoft Bill and Mr. Apple Steve, you too Oprah, 2% at the top….pull some of that major $$$$ out of your bags…you know, that money that Americans and global citizens helped you get and help Brad Pitt bring the people of L9 home and back into affordable housing. Better yet, there are 9 charities/foundations that started with Katrina and still are hanging in there helping to fix all that damage and help the people of NOLA, other areas in La and Mississippi. After BP (the oil slickers) fouled up the Gulf Coast even more…fishermen, restaurants, schools, natural habitat, animals and just regular folks still need help 5 years later, please help.

  • pitussa

    where is angelina?

  • adriana

    my gawd… so much hate for a person who’s only doing his best to help the less fortunate ppl of NO … you guys should be ashamed of yourself.
    Brad is the definition of a true man.

  • Lily

    Angelina and Brad are match made in heaven. They have beautiful looks. They have beautiful hearts.

  • Masina


    Are you by any chance related to SD?

  • pitussa

    tsk tsk potty mouth guli tsk tsk andromdea forever

  • born again, hallelujah

    I used to think Shiloh looked like Brad, but now it’s Brad who looks like Shi after his face lift

  • Lmao

    @pitussa: she’s most like preparing to direct and of course give hertime and money to worhu causes. U do know that Angelina was the biggest donar to MiR, right? Lmao unfortunatly brad never gives Jolie credit for anything and when he does do interviews for Nola he tells them not to ask about Jolie but the nola folks were yelling for news about Jolie lmaaaaaaoooooo

  • pitussa

    where is angelina j?

  • Tina

    I have a great respect for Brad Pitt. What a man.

  • jessica

    The idea that Brad Pitt is beautiful is an old wives’ tale. If you seperate him from his money and celebrity status, and really look at him, you will see he’s FAR from beautiful. More like a notch above average, if that.

    Long greasy hair, pockmarked skin ( you should see it on HDTV), fat face, scrawny body, and he doesn’t appear to be the most hygenic person either. Yuck!

    However, his deluded fans wil linsist he’s the most attractive man to walk the face of the earth. Heck, he could be fat and ugly like Jon Gosselin, and his fans would swear he was the leanst, most hansome man ever. Talk about delusional. Brad’s a nice guy, but beautiful he is NOT! He looks like he’s 56 in these pictures.

  • pitussa

    i thought jolie and kids might be playing with locals like 2008 :( while brad interviews

    where is angelina n kids :(

  • Masina


    ITA….it is hard for bitter people to understand. Now…everyone has moments of turmoil…but, you can make something out of nothing. However, finding true love and happiness will change ones whole perspective in life and you are willing to share the overflowing of love to others less fortunate or others around you.

    Changing the subject….it is quite entertaining to respond to perdente amaro (bitter losers). Sometimes you need to have a few laughs and their comments are so transparent.

    Great post Busted……..

  • Robert Redford

    I admire the effort to hold off time Brad, but in the end your face will end up like mine ,,,,,,a detailed city roadmap.

  • wow

    @adriana: They are ugly and jealous people just like their idol the x wife with long chin.

  • bdj

    Sure troll, sure. You are jealous of AJ. I can understand why seeing as Mama Angie is a beautiful good hearted woman. And you are a whiny troll. it is all google troll. I don’t need ass kissing.

  • well

    Is pitussa the one drops viruses on sites?

  • pitussa

    guli n chilly mind your bad words pls et tu sei

  • pitussa

    bdj no like guli dulcinea13 n beveryhills no best comp news poster

  • gracie

    All these jealous assho*es whining about Brad not being the only one doing something, why don’t you go and whine about shameless Anuston who pledges a donation and doesn’t follow it through, the fraud who uses Haiti victims situation to further her own career. At least, Brad is honest and has intergrity and he doesn’t make false promises like your idol — Anuston.

  • Burt reynolds

    My comment is awaiting moderation? Why? Brad is the new me.

  • pitussa

    none give bdj credit all to dulcinea13 poor bdj why guli do this making dulcinea13 queen n none bdj why this so? :(

  • bdj

    You got your ass kicked on one blog, you ran like a coward to another, now you are whining on a 3rd. BP and AJ are still together, doing fine. You are a whiny troll, jealous of others. Sucks to be you.

  • pitussa

    bdj pls calm none angry why so angry clinquie jnr

  • jaye

    lol@ WWell WWell # 30. Maybe you need to start listening to someone other than yourself.
    Perhaps you don’t feel the same about Pitt because you were already prejudiced against him even before he started this project. I don’t care if you like him or not, but it seems odd that you would question the motives of someone who has done so much to help people who couldn’t help themselves.
    This thread is about his work in New Orleans, not about how he looks, as if that makes a difference with regard to what type of person he is or his sincerity. Maybe listening to someone other than yourself will give you a balanced view of what’s really going on. You don’t listen to the media, but you do watch CNN? Aren’t they Media? Oh, you mean the media who decides who is The fact that you take the time to criticize his looks in this thread says volumes about what kind of person YOU are.
    Anderson Cooper’s show has been suffering in the rating if you haven’t heard. In any case, it’s not the only platform out there for any issue or story. Nor is his program some holy grail of news shows. The more people who are informed about the work in New Orleans the greater the chance that they will be inspired to help. The more help, the faster the progress. Why don’t you donate something other than an ill conceived post on a blog.
    Much of the 9th ward has not been brought back, I don’t think that is a secret, Pitt himself has said so. If you’re trying to make a point, you haven’t made it. Make It Right is PART of the solution. Yesd there are other organizations and individuals who have help in wonderful ways, mostly unfunded by the Government. They are repairing and building homes as well, but Pitt and his Organization are building high efficiency sustainable homes. These are what are being called homes of the future, but they should be the type of homes that are being built more often today. Putting that type of technology in homes will prevent a lot of what we saw during Hurricane Katrina.
    Building these homes takes money and time. Pitt has donated millions to this project, many others have donated too, but more is needed. If you doubt his sincerity, that’s your choice, but in my book ACTION speaks louder than words.
    Pitt has been a man of action with regard to his concern and commitment to the people of New Orleans. It is they who have called him a hero, it is they who see daily what is done by the Make It Right Foundation, it is they who call Pitt and his family neighbors. From all accounts their affection for him is as great as his for them. So, if you want to complain, continue to do so, but know that to the people who count, those who are the beneficiary of his tireless work on their behalf, he is keeping his promise.
    While you sit in your comfy home, Pitt is working to assure that another hurricane or flood will not devastate the area; that the people and their homes will withstand these forces. Why you would be dismissive of any help these people get is beyond me. Make It Right has done far more than our Government has done in the same time period. For an organization that was built from the ground up in the last few years, they have done d*amn well. It’s not for Make it Right’s to shoulder the TOTAL responsibility to rebuild the entire 9th ward or New Orleans, much as you seem to be of that opinion.

  • pitussa

    chilly lazy to help lolo1 :(

  • Crease

    - I used to live on Brad’s face with all my homies but now I’m homeless

  • bdj

    Pitt, through his Make It Right Foundation, has focused on building eco-friendly homes for those displaced by the devastation. In 2006, they commissioned 13 architects to build the affordable home.

    Part of his mission is to build awareness about the ongoing struggle survivors face. To that end, he also slipped in time to do a special televised interview with Brian Williams.

    Looking relaxed and happy to be in New Orleans, Pitt smiled and waved at fans and a crowd of locals who stopped to see the movie star in action.

    “New Orleans still has a long way to go to get back from Katrina but things are moving in the right direction thanks to guys like Brad Pitt,” Baxter Barnes, who received a home from Make It Right and has spent time with both Pitt and Angelina Jolie, told exclusively. “They are both genuine and down-to-earth people and if were not for them we, like a lot of other people, would not have homes back in New Orleans.”…kes-it-right-new-orleans

  • bdj

    New Orleans after Katrina
    Five years after the devastating hurricane, New Orleans is making progress, but more needs to be done.

    The best hope for homeowners and neighborhoods that are still struggling may be the community groups that emerged after Katrina to promote redevelopment and the volunteers who continue to contribute money and labor to New Orleans. A good example is Make It Right, a nonprofit led by actor Brad Pitt that plans to build homes in the Lower 9th Ward for 150 families. Make It Right is concentrating its resources in one corner of the city, trying to overcome blight by rebuilding entire blocks rather than fixing scattered houses.

    A number of neighborhood groups are taking a similarly focused approach, but volunteer efforts across the city haven’t been coordinated strategically. By better directing volunteers’ energy and pairing it with new Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s initiative to raze more abandoned buildings, the city can create more blight-free clusters that serve as the core of rebuilt neighborhoods. It’s crucial that New Orleans make the most of the help it’s receiving, given how much work remains to be done. The city is well along the path toward a new New Orleans, but it will take years to complete the journey.…-20100828,0,146096.story

  • pitussa

    bdj none talk dulcinea13 why? jealous wenh say zita

  • bdj

    bdj wrote:…2F+US+%2F+Environment%29

    Video at site. Nice tour of MIR home
    Green homes for Katrina-struck area 2:22 Report

    Aug 27 – ”Make It Right,” an organization co-founded by actor Brad Pitt, builds energy-efficient and environmentally friendly houses in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward – a neighborhood decimated by Hurricane Katrina five years ago. Tara Cleary reports.

  • Lolol

    @jaye: if coop cared about ratings he would try to get Pitt or at least talk about him in his rebuilding nola hour special. Brad Pitt and Mir did not get one mention . And one article says the 9th COULD make a come back… If it wasn’t for that article and some oher info from folks jn Nola I would think brad Pitt completely rebuilt and fixed the 9th with how he and the other media types go on about it

  • bdj

    In the Lower Ninth Ward, the poor black neighbourhood obliterated when a wall of water – and a barge – smashed through the levees and smashed 4,000 houses off their foundations, less than one quarter of the properties have been rebuilt, 50 of them funded by actor Brad Pitt and his Make it Right charity.

    Homelessness is now more than double what it was before, fuelled in part by the devastation to the Gulf economy caused by the BP oil spill which has wrecked the area’s $2.4bn (£1.5bn) seafood industry.

  • eggs

    Hello Hottie!

    It’s been awhile! Thank you for still trying to make it right in NOLA five years later.

    P.S., Please tell the wife that this has “Directed by Clint Eastwood” all over it.

  • bdj

    Nowhere is that more apparent than in the Ninth Ward. There, empty, overgrown lots are adjacent to beautiful, brand-new houses built by actor Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation. The foundation has also built playgrounds, like this one next to barber Bo Field’s house. When we spoke to Field in 2007, he had just discovered the Road Home Program was only going to give him $52,000 to rebuild, about half of what he said he needed.

  • bdj

    Neighborhood revival

    Other blocks seemed to have been blessed, boasting brand new playgrounds and small but cleverly built homes, raised on columns above future flood waters. We passed neighborhoods benefiting from the efforts of Habitat for Humanity projects, Brad Pitt’s Make it Right organization, and Harry Connick Jr. and Bradford Marsalis’ Musicians’ Village.

  • “Ang is prego”

    Yes,,,,,,embryo injection procedures performed in Switzeland have kept Brad and Ang looking young

  • holy moly

    He looks so hot in blue jeans.

  • Cornelius

    Why is Brad walking like an ape?

  • jj22

    Pitt is a fake loser!