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Brad Pitt Makes It Right in New Orleans

Brad Pitt Makes It Right in New Orleans

Brad Pitt waves as he speaks with NBC News’ Brian Williams on Friday (August 27) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The 46-year-old actor took Brian to a green home that his foundation, Make It Right, helped build to benefit residents who lost their homes after Hurricane Katrina.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Brad‘s sweetheart, Angelina Jolie, is on the fast track to star in the big screen version of the British miniseries Unforgiven.

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  • NAN

    The new FLOPPY BOMB** BOMB** .
    ……….COMING SOON……….
    ” DOGS GO FOR IT ”

  • Moi

    Growing old but still looking so damn hot, awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!
    Love you Brad <3

  • bap

    Brad is a lucky man to Angelina as his backbone.

  • Gaby

    I am so proud of him!!!!
    This is one half of an amazing Humanitarian.

    People of NOLA love him to pieces.

  • Aoede

    OMG, he needs the facial hair back PRONTO! He looks fat and bloated, though I never thought he was attractive to begin with.

  • Dollhouse

    He is one of my fav actors but I’m not gonna say he looks good cos he looks bloated and overweight in these pics.

  • topoftheworld

    Love-the Pitt

  • Lara

    He’s looking even sexier the older he gets.
    Give me this Brad over the faux blond, tanned, wrinkle-free, former half of the faux Golden Couple any day.
    Angie loves her husband exactly as he is, and vice versa, no procedures needed by them to try in vain to turn back time.
    They are happy and in love, that’s all either of them need.

  • wildcataz

    To people complaint that he looks old and bloat….he is making a movie and his role is a baseball manager (I think?), so how the hell should he look ??? Like Troy in his earlier movie ???? Brad still have the same equipment so if he needed to he can still make people drool…..LOL

  • busted


    I don’t think Angie is Brad’s “backbone”.. that implies that Brad was nothing without Angie..

    I think it is as Brad himself said.. she is the glue that holds their family together.

    Brad Pitt is and will always be a strong man. Angie is and will always be a strong woman.. I think they have enhanced each other’s lives..

    YOU have to be something or someone without another in your life or you are less.. Each of these people are SOMEONE without the other.

    I just like that they bring out the best in each other.

    Sorry the backbone thing just I don’t know.. does not fit them to me..


    Brad took a bath! He looks good.

  • jan

    he is such a loser!!!!!!!!

  • ifsogirl


    If you don’t like Brad why are you on his thread YOU stupid c u n t ?

    obsessed/jealous much?? moron

  • busted


    And he is still a better person then you are.

    richer, successful, family, friends, fans..

    YEAH..people would die to be such a loser..

    F u C k off hag..

  • well

    Something to be said about people that flock and hate on a man that has does much and beyond that for the people of the lower ninth ward. I guess these people hating on him didn’t hear the owners of the houses he and his team help create, say how proud and happy they were of their homes and to be back home again in the L9. Nor do the haters think about the jobs being created by MakeItRight and the work started/sustained by Brad Pitt. What pitiful lives these haters must lead, the baggage they have to tote around each day. I’m sure the Jolie-Pitts would give a hand up if they could, but things like hate and old emotional baggage, that’s up to you to work through and discard. Come on, lighten your load.



  • Anon

    Beautiful man with a heart to match. No wonder he is with Jolie a humanitarian and a woman of substance. Brad couldn’t spend the rest of his life with that narcististic whiny insecure serial tanner

  • kim

    Is Meet the Press going to show the same interview w/ Brian? I see the haters are concerned about Brad and Angie’s appearance rather their committment to help the less fortunate. I guess they would prefer to see them sunbathing on a beach than visiting refugee camps.

  • Frisco

    To all you ignorant haters:

    Brad will be 47 in Dec.and he still looks better than any of you will at that age. What do expect from him? He’s human (with SIX kids too) and time stands still for no one. He is still HOT and is with the most beautiful woman in hollywood (even when she could use a sandwich). They care more their causes and their kids than looking perfect and ageless for you shallow haters. They’re happy. leave ‘em alone.

  • JJ

    I am so glad Brad has shaved the gross hair from his his. He looks great now. I can’ t believe an man with such great looks would cover his face with horrible nasty looking facial hair. Thank you Brad, you are back I hope with a clean face to stay!

  • ftgtg

    hes sooo fug omg

    at least he finally shave that gross billy goat beard,now u see how much ugly he is

  • ftgtg

    hes sooo fug omg

    at least he finally shave that gross billy goat beard,now u see how much ugly he is~~

  • ftgtg

    @smanatha: LOL the kids dont look like Ange unfrotunately they look like brad…

  • lsam

    He is so gorgeous and generous to those in need.



  • Jones

    Way to go Brad! People of New Orleans and the Lower Ninth Ward love you!

  • Lila

    User and poser who only wants attention.
    He should go back with his faker wife Aniston

  • HAHA

    tom cruise is 48 and hes looks younger than him!!!!! brad is 46 ^ _ ^

  • well

    Keep building, NOLA!

    hey Jared, does someone have a problem with your site or is it with the most popular people featured on your site?

  • busted

    The freaks can say whatever they want. the truth is Brad is a good man doing good for a lot of people. I laugh that such low class and unintelligent people come here talking about what this man looks like. Brad Pitt is a good looking man. And if you don’t think so fine. But it is so funny that the people that don’t like him seem to follow every thing he does or says.

    Whatever.. All the articles and reports on NOLA have featured Brad’s Make It Right building efforts. The haters can spam all they want and that fact will not change. Brad has done amazing things, and he and his family are thought of very well.. The haters are pissed.. ONE because Brad looks happy and fit.. not to mention gorgeous. And Second.. Angelina and he were in NOLA having some man/woman time away from the kids. That is the thing that pisses them off.. 6 years and the freaks are still mad that this couple is still together.

    That is what the hate is all about.. They are still together.. The haters wanted this relationship to end and that is not happening.

    So move on freaks.. nothing you idiots have done or said these many years have changed a thing.. All the nasty gossip and lies has not broken this couple. In fact you fools have done the opposite.. made them stronger.

    so dream on.. call Brad whatever you need to to make you miserable life better..Brad Pitt is living the life with La Jolie and their 6 adorable children.. loving each other EVER SINGLE DAY..

    lol.. as I type CNN has MR. PITT on right now… I think the haters better get use to it.. because he will be around a long time.. with the beautiful Angelina..


  • well

    Pitt’s love for New Orleans dates back to when he shot “Interview with the Vampire,” in the mid-1990s. But his excitement for this project is obvious — enough so that I wonder if it is taking over as the central interest in his life.

    We were told repeatedly by Pitt’s handlers that he really doesn’t like talking about his famous partner, Angelina Jolie, and their children. I wasn’t here to ask about his movie career, but oddly enough, as we end our chat, both subjects come up.

    I look out over the houses he’s brought to this troubled part of town and ask, “Could you see yourself at any point giving up acting to do this?”

    He pauses a moment, the way celebrities do when they encounter a question they have not been asked before.

    “Um, sure,” he says hesitantly; then, warming to the idea of giving up the grind of being a movie superstar, “I’m quite excited by this idea of building a future and the direction that we’re going. I’m getting older anyway. I see doing that less and less.”

    I laugh. “You’ll have to have something to pass your time.”

    “Oh, I’ve got plenty of things to pass my time,” he says, and in a reference to the famous family brood, adds, “Six of them.”

    aww, not hard to figure out who held him back in his personal life and who lets him live his dreams, supports him for who is and wants what he wants and does. Go Pitt and Jolie! The JP6 +?!

    Take some of that JA-Slate monies and fix your damn site, JJ.

  • groundcontrol

    The following info was posted by a New Orleans resident at HuffPo:
    (Saturday Aug 28 10:57 AM)
    Pitt was out yesterday doing his part for the City and we are grateful.
    Anderson Cooper is our greatest champion, then Pitt.
    DC doesn’t give a damn and wouldn’t even arrange publicity stunts if they were not shamed by Pitt and Cooper.
    The JP’s were around for a few days, Pap free for the most part. (for the Jolie fanatics)
    Jolie was at the right places, shaking hands, drumming up donations, making herself heard. [in a later post by same poster]

  • Lara

    ————————————New Brad Thread————————————————-

  • whatever

    So what’s up with his lumpy face. Too much botox brad. You look like a duck.

  • kiki

    Still hot after all these year!! Brad will forever be one of the sexiest men alive and he is a good, caring and selfless person. Lucky Angie.

  • brenda

    Hey brad is a good man and good actor but..stop with plastic surgery brad because you start to look like the Grinch!!

  • Gina

    @busted: What a wonderful world this would be if more Brad and Angelina’s were as unselfish with what they have to share to help the less fortunate out in OUR COUNTRY where it is needed. I have no carpet in my home and holes is my subfloor, but will not complain. I have a roof over my head and a beautiful family. God bless all.

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