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Taylor Swift: 'Mine' Music Video Premiere!

Taylor Swift: 'Mine' Music Video Premiere!

Taylor Swift‘s video for “Mine” is here!

The 20-year-old country cutie teamed up with director Roman White (for the third time!) to tell the story of a couple moving through life together.

“There’s a lot of time travel in this video, which is fun,” Roman told MTV News. “No DeLoreans! Time travel is horrible for the hair, but fun nonetheless … It’s evolving their family story.”

Tay‘s new album, Speak Now, drops October 25!

Taylor Swift – “Mine” Music Video Premiere
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52 Responses to “Taylor Swift: 'Mine' Music Video Premiere!”

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  1. 26
    kittycat Says:

    I love this song/ video! The thing that I love the most about taylor swift is that she’s not afraid to act dorky or show what she wants to in this video, you can tell that she’s dreamt of finding this guy, and she’s not afriad to show the world even if people will comment on how ridiculous it looks/ sounds. I love her!

  2. 27

    I’m tired of waiting for it to be premiered here in the Philippines! Do you mind taking the geoblock out? Thankyou

  3. 28
    Jenny Says:

    Clearly you’re an idiot. You don’t get as many records sold, or even recorded and put out there if you can’t sing. Idiot.

    Well she only says ‘yes,yes’. It’s annoying that you say it annoys you when you didn’t even write it properly.

    I’m actually sick of people hating on Taylor Swift. They’re all mainly Miley Cyrus fans who are bitter about her lack of popularity in the media, and jealous of Taylor; this beautiful, kind, generous, honest, true to herself and her fans girl, who does what she loves. She writes amazing songs, that are all different in the stories they tell. People hating that they all sound the same? A lot of artists do. It’s how you create a style for yourself as a artist. Hello – Miley Cyrus’ are all the same; pompous, arrogant and full of her acting like she’s all that.
    At least Taylor has class.
    She’s also an amazing singer, and is as good live as she is recorded. People saying she cannot sing are either tonedeaf, stupid, or incredibly naive. You don’t sell as many records, or sell out as many concert and tours as she has with just a pretty face or a good publicist.
    I love the single, the video and Taylor herself -she’s one of the few great, honest artists and people out there and I love her for that.
    I can’t wait for her new album either.
    Great job Taylor! xx

  4. 29
    Amanda Says:

    @Jenny: Some of them are just fans of people that can sing and are sick of Taylor getting all this attention and hype that in reality isn’t warranted. I like Taylor as a person–she’s creative, genuine, and overall very kind. But when it comes to vocals she doesn’t hold a candle to a lot of the singers that at one point had her amount of fame or singers who never did but really deserve it. Everyone used to be amazed by her songwriting skills, because some of her songs actually were good, which made her like Britney Spears in the fact that her vocals were weak, but she had another talent to fall back on in order to justify her fame. For Britney it was dancing. If she hadn’t been able to do a dance routine the way she could, people might have just dismissed her as a wannabe singer and no one would have ever heard of her again. Now Taylor’s songs have become much less inovative and moving and it’s kind of ruining her a little bit.

  5. 30
    Jessica Says:

    I love the song & the video. She did such a great job! :)

  6. 31
    chinwe Says:

    song is cute. Video is adorable. I wish she wouldn’t call herself country. Its still pop music. Her first album had a bit more country.

  7. 32
    michelle Says:

    toby hemingway

  8. 33
    hmm.. Says:

    um…why hasn’t anyone arrested her for being a stalker? she gets all of this from a diner visit? sh*t man. i’m scared for the poor guy. maybe she gets all of these guys by threatening suicide. no wonder none of her relationships last.

  9. 34
    SarahC Says:

    I liked the video a lot, it was pretty cute. But her songs sound almost all the same. But she definitely did a good job casting Toby Hemingway, he’s gorgeous!

  10. 35
    Eva J. Says:

    I love their little blonde babies!!!!

  11. 36
    Caitlyn Says:

    omg she has to come up with different ideas for her music and videos they are all the same

  12. 37
    cool Says:

    c taylor swift is 20 why shes nt bitchh!!!! as miley !!!!! should evry girl become a ***** to grow up??????!!!!!!This is called the corruption of society!!!!! ITS TRUEEE !! YEA THIS IS THE TRUTH!!!!!

  13. 38
    manny Says:

    She’s a fake with no talent. I wonder if her “fans” ever listen to her sing on stage (lip synching doesn’t count). Plus all her songs all sound the same.

  14. 39
    Sara Says:

    this just made me cry. haha this song has touched me :)

  15. 40
    danica Says:

    i adore this video, taylor will be a wonderful mom someday.
    to the people who says taylor can’t sing, obviously didn’t saw her in concerts.cause if they do, they’ll know the girl can definitely sing. her acoustic set are my favorite. have seen her live 3 times, she sounded awesome.

    cant wait for the album

  16. 41
    sg Says:

    this video almost made me cry. I know alot of her stuff sounds familiar but you can really relate to her songs and each one is better than the last! Such a cute video

  17. 42
    kissatban Says:

    this put a smile on me every time I saw the music vid.

  18. 43
    Kayla Says:

    Ok wow some people are stupid. Like, really? You’re dissing Taylor Swift on a Taylor Swift video. Some of you are even complain. Wow. Just wow. Why do you guys try to lower her? ‘Some of us that can actually sing’? If you can sing so well then why don’t I see you making your own music video? What I’m saying is, no matter how much you try to down her status, she’ll still be richer and have more fans than you. She really doesn’t care about her haters. So there.

  19. 44
    i hate you Says:


    grow up and get yourself a life……:(

  20. 45
    leigh Says:

    @go away:

    Your just jealous that you can’t sing and aren’t pretty…

  21. 46
    Shriya Says:

    Awesome!! I love the fact that it’s sort of like her life story in a five minute (or so) video.

    Taylor puts so much thought in her song writing and singing…which is FANTASTIC!!

  22. 47
    Me Says:

    Taylor swift SUCKS!!! she always has the same music + beat. it sounds like she Re uses her Lyrics !!!! Gay

  23. 48
    iloveyou:) x Says:

    i think song is beautiful… from a teenagers point of view, i think she does make it clear what a teenager wants when they grow up.
    I love this song, and think its great!
    And the guy in the video is a complete hottie!!
    Wanna know who he is!!!
    :) <3 ***

  24. 49
    alexis Says:

    love taylor keep on rockin

  25. 50
    Kerrie Says:

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