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Brad Pitt Checks Up On New Orleans

Brad Pitt Checks Up On New Orleans

Brad Pitt checks up on the progress of some new homes in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday (August 28).

Despite the rainy weather, the 46-year-old actor took a tour of the new eco-housing project that was set up by his organization Make It Right.

Yesterday, Brad was spotted speaking to NBC NewsBrian Williams about the work being done there to help replace the many homes lost due to Hurricane Katrina.

“It was unfathomable, Brad said in the interview that aired on Friday. “You had no idea that there were families here. It was just wiped clean. Except for the occasional pile up of homes.”

Tomorrow marks the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

15+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt making a difference in New Orleans…

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brad pitt checks up new orleans 01
brad pitt checks up new orleans 02
brad pitt checks up new orleans 03
brad pitt checks up new orleans 04
brad pitt checks up new orleans 05
brad pitt checks up new orleans 06
brad pitt checks up new orleans 07
brad pitt checks up new orleans 08
brad pitt checks up new orleans 09
brad pitt checks up new orleans 10
brad pitt checks up new orleans 11
brad pitt checks up new orleans 12
brad pitt checks up new orleans 13
brad pitt checks up new orleans 14
brad pitt checks up new orleans 15
brad pitt checks up new orleans 16
brad pitt checks up new orleans 17
brad pitt checks up new orleans 18
brad pitt checks up new orleans 19

Photos: Fame Pictures, INFdaily
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  • bell

    Way to go Brad!

  • well
  • Neve

    Not only is he beautiful on the outside, he’s beautiful on the inside too.Love him and Angie together.Looking good Mr Pitt

  • Lurker

    WOW, Angie’s man looks fine.

  • anustin

    lookin delicious poppa!

  • Lara

    Brad is always making sure the focus stays on those in need.
    Love him and Angie for caring so much.



  • anustin

    i know, momma anjie sooo lucky lying on that biceps.zweet!delish.

  • Lurker

    I love the way he walks, so sexy. I don’t know how Angie does it, I would want that man 24/7.

  • wow

    Love You Brad and Your Beautiful wife Angie.You both are Great Humanitarians.God Bless You, Angie and your beautiful children.

  • http://justjared bermy girl

    My goodness. He is one sexy man!!!

  • an oldie

    Can’t wait for Meet The Press tomorrow.

  • niwatori

    hhmm looking GORGEOUS! Between Angie and her husband, we have found the most beautiful man and woman….inside AND out.

  • anustin

    never wear that pants poppa pitt,can’t see ur golden ballz!!!hor.ny in me.

  • niwatori


    LOL IRL. You’re one in a million.

  • S.

    Pitt’s Humanitarian Efforts Not Inspired By Jolie

    BRAD PITT denies his current dedication to global humanitarian efforts is the result of his relationship with UN goodwill ambassador ANGELINA JOLIE, insisting U2 rocker BONO is his inspiration. The MR AND MRS SMITH stars have been dedicating their time to a number of charity projects in recent months and Pitt names Bono as his role model. He tells America’s TV Guide publication Bono’s high-profile efforts inspired him to become more involved in humanitarian works, calling the frontman, “A wonderfully dedicated beast unto himself.” Pitt narrates a new PBS documentary RX FOR SURVIVAL – THE HEROES which airs in America later this month (12APR06). The show focuses on individual heroes whose perseverance saves millions of lives across the globe. But the actor admits his charity work is soon slow down. He says, “My plan right now is to have a child.”

  • Passing Through

    I see Brad’s Hot Man In New Orleans Tour continued today even though Angie left town yesterday. She prolly had to hustle home to get Jane Pitt away from the twins and punish her some more for ssupposedly still being in contact with X. Ya gotta love OuttaTouch…

  • anustin

    welll…..i’ll get pregnant everytime i see his ballz..Maniston can’t get over his balls,(she’s an ape)how much more my azz… human.

  • lurker aka angel

    looking good mr pitt
    outa touch need to close down they are getting pathetic by the second

  • anustin

    gonna step away for a bet….or else …..gonna keep on who.ring and slu.ting.zhit!no good.

  • dianad1968



    Me and you both. I just LOVE that swagger he has going on. I remember during the “dark days” when he was with X, I didn’t pay attention to them as a couple, but I definitely paid attention to his “walk”. LOL. And Angie has a cute litlte walk going on for herself too.

  • dianad1968



    You’re taking desperation to a new low, if you have to go ALL the way back to 2006 to find one of Brad’s quotes, and try to use it to bash Angie.

  • queen bee

    Wow! Jared removed the videos of the CRAZY Anuston fan off the last thread…..YOU MEAN EVEN THE FANS ARE CODDLED AND COVERED UP FOR WHEN SOMETHINGS POSTED ONLINE THAT MAKES THEM LOOK BAD??….sheesh!…oh well….

    …I’ve never seen this clip below!…..below is a video from YouTube where Angelina says that though the boys are older, the girls appear to be more nurturing and take care of the house….awwww! That’s so cute!.


    The next video below is ADORABLE!!….it’s a three year old boy talking to his mommy, and he is soooo PRECIOUS!……it just reminds me of the CUTENESS THAT ANGELINA AND BRAD ARE SURROUNDED BY ON A DAILY BASIS, WHICH MAKES THEM KNOW NOT TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE HATERS AND THE TABLOIDS, and to focus on WHATS MOST IMPORTANT…

  • Burt reynolds

    Pimple lips looks a lot better from far away. Bravo paparazzi. I feel so sad for jenifer aniston and the MANY other actresses in hus past …. U just get the feeling that they akk regret leaving or getting dumped by pimple lips Pitt. Don’t worry Jennifer I’m sure John Mayer will share his lips with u.

  • lulu

    What a good looking guy !

  • Burt reynolds

    Posting from my phone again and I hate how it always ” corrects” my typing with the words it thinks I want grrr anyway, u get the gist of what I was satin about pimple lips Pitt. Hahhaa ick Nast.

  • Burt reynolds

    Lmao at pimple lips. I truely hope in touch copies my post ….AGAIN. I was the one that alerted them to his cosmetic work hahaah

  • queen bee


    …I don’t want to misquote Angelina like the tabloids do….so, in the first clip I posted, what she ACTUALLY said was that ALL THE KIDS TAKE TURNS HELPING OUT AROUND THE HOUSE, BUT THAT THE GIRLS ARE ALWAYS MORE NURTURING, SO THEY KIND OF ‘TAKE CARE OF THINGS…IN THE HOUSE’…

  • hee

    I hope we get to see Bradley ride his kiddie bike around NO again

  • dianad1968

    @Passing Through:


    PT, you had better not let the b*tches at Celebitchty read you calling Brad “Hot Man”, because as far as these idiots are concerned, he had plastic surgery that’s why his face looks “puffy”, (their words not mine)”. According to them, that was the reason he had the beard….it was to hide the scars from the surgery.

  • busted

    And some freak said Brad was fat.. yeah.. there are a lot of things people can say about Brad.. but calling him fat is just stupid..

    This man has NEVER been out of shape in his entire time in Hollywood.. 20 years..Never been fat or out of shape..EVER..

    I would put Brad Pitt up against anyone in Hollywood. And the other men that some of these people are going gaga over today.. in 5 or 10 years you won’t remember their names.

    Brad Pitt has made his mark. He is at the top of the heap. MOST actors would cut a limb to be where this man is and have his influence. He is offered role after role. He is in a position where he can pick what he wants to do and when.

    That is what happens when you are a STAR.. and you better believe there are not many of them left in Hollywood.. The stupid reality fools are being put up as STARs.. So the cream just rises above the crap that poses as STARs..

    So proud to be a fan of Brad and Angelina.. Good people..

  • queen bee


    I hope we get to see MANiston ride another movie into the GROUND around HOLLYWOOD again….teehee!

  • Brazil

    He is so sexy.

  • Lmao

    The truth is Brads face looks odd but it’s not about his age, wrinkle or lack of wrinkles. Dudes, Brad is Ugly now. Maybe it’s how he so easily dumped anistn, his refusal to defend Angie and his children . whatever it is his face has mushed up to ugliness and an orange tan. He might be the ugliest “good looking” dude in history

  • NOLA

    Just when I didn’t think Brad Pitt could get any sexier, he proves me wrong! .

  • busted


    I don’t have a problem with this article that is 5 years old. I have always known that Brad has always been a person of character..Angie has also said that she is not the cause of Brad charity involvement. That he has always been active…and according to her words.. he was just more quiet. So if that article was meant to just say that Brad has always been an active player in helping others.. true.

    If it was posted for another purpose.. then it is a FAIL.. nothing new.. They both have said this in interviews.. Fans should not be upset when the truth is posted..

    I am reminded of the media claiming Brad was the reason Angie and her father reconnected.. She said that was not true..that Brad did not bring them together..that he was supportive of her decision.. but that it was her decision.. so that was not accurate. So nothing bad in it at all.

    They are a team and Brad said that Love is when someone else’s interest trumps your own. They support each other. To me it does not matter how you start the journey or who influences you.

    What matters is you start the journey.. They are walking all is good.

  • queen bee

    Hey LOSER…..isn’t this your idol BEFORE the dye job, the liposuction, the nosejob, the botox, and the restylynn injections??…doesn’t she look ‘beeeeautiful’ in these pictures??….LOL!….(she kinda looks like girl in that old TV show “BLOSSOM”!…..I GUESS THIS IS WHAT SHE REEEALLY LOOKS LIKE…A FAT-PLAIN-FACED-COW!…)


  • Burt reynolds

    Oops accidental name change. Ha I will give angie the benefit of the doubt and hope that she didn’t t kiss the pimple on his lips. Hopefully he dumped her ( because we all know she aint dumping him anytime soon) It will kill me to know that her lips might have the “germ” . I’ve read the rumor but never seen the pimples on her iconic luscious lips :)

  • awwww

    Brad and Angie spent their “special time” together without kids in nola. They are so in love. SWOON.

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    I totally agree with you, it is not right.

  • queen bee


    Young Jen = horse
    Old Jen = horse wearing a leather Jacket after being scrubbed down with sulfuric acid.


  • manny

    46 and still hott!

  • a lurker

    I thought Brad was too pretty when he was younger, he is becoming hotter and hotter with age

  • manny

    There’s no way in hell will john mayer share his lips with horseface. Hahaha he publicly denied it so many times I lost track counting.

  • lurker

    @queen bee: Thanks for the link to The Nose that launch a thousand ships.

  • queen bee

    @burt reynolds

    This is the place for everyone and anyone who truely hates this talentless b i tch!
    Hopefully some day enough people will join this group, so that one day we will be able to go to the movies and not have our $10.50 stolen from us by her terrible acting.
    Friends is done…its not coming back. Brad Pitt is awesome for recognizing that she is a fool.


  • too obvious

    Brad should never have let his face get to the point of nearly being condemned before he had the overhaul.

  • awarddaily

    Say what you will about celebrities in the news for their involvement with worthy causes but anyone who casts aspersions at the work Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are doing in New Orleans should see a doctor to find out if their toxic cynicism is treatable with medication. Round of applause for future Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award winner, Brad Pitt.

  • LYNN

    My day off work… just lurking trying to catch up on all the post that I have not read yet. . Love this man. He is such a gentlemen. These lying haters never make sense or never think about what they are writing. Now, this very hater that took Brad’s picture and seem to rejoyce in saying Brad had a pimple on his lip. My sister has a fever blister on her nose because of her sinus drainage and she is constant blowing her nose. She also went in the pool and she has chapped lips. She would probably sock you in the nose if you suggest to her that it is a possibility that she might have simplex I ( Herpes). As long as it is not down below. LoL, LOL. Let me get back to why I answered this post. Listen Hater, you took a close up picture of Mr Pitt and it showed all his beautiful wrinkles and you silly people keep saying he has had some work done on his face like plastic surgery or botox. Well I wish you people can explain those nice wrinkles around his eyes and some on his forehead, which makes him look so,so sexy. Brad doesnt care about his wrinkles. The man has everything he wants, Angie for one and 6 little kids that he so love. So, I think you haters should just go to the edge of the river and look at your own face in the waters and count your wrinkles because we their fan dont care about wrinkles. We love them because their hearts are in the right place.

  • queen bee

    @burt reynolds



    Look, I understand that Jennifer Aniston was once on the cast of a very successful television series (Friends) but if we’re honest, aside from Office Space, she’s really bombed at the box office.
    I also understand that she once was married to Brad Pitt, BUT now she is dating John Mayer. In my opinion, anyone who’s been with Jessica Simpson should be an automatic “no.” So, she’s got bad taste in men? That doesn’t make you worthy of a cover. My aunt Rita has horrible taste in men, and she’s never been on Vogue.
    The thing about Jennifer Aniston is that I’m just sick of seeing her. I think she’s become boring, and repetitive. She’s not the “All American Girl” that Oprah and others would have you believe, and she’s not relevant. To me, she seems to cling to her old fame, choose b-list movies, whine over old relationships, and need so much coddling that she seems insecure. It’s just my opinion. She’s not bad looking, but I could think of a thousand women I’d rather have sex with.
    So Jennifer, if you’re reading, it’s not that I hate you in the “angry, mean” sense…I just need a break. I don’t want to see you on covers, I don’t want to hear you complaining about ANGELINA, I don’t want to hear about your dating life or see you on television. Do something interesting! Act well, take off your clothes, or just make me laugh. We had a good run when you were on Friends…and when you find another series that is interesting, and you are actually earning your fame, I’ll be happy to welcome you back into my life!

    Yes me too, I hate jennifer aniston, have you ever listen to that ding dong talk? she can’t string three words together that makes sense!
    She has such an ugly artificial chin, so glad Brad Pitt dumped her for the natural beauty Angelina Jolie!
    Nothing about this woman is genuine, nothing! She must be burning, because Brad made beautiful babies with Angelina Jolie!
    she think she can used Brad Pitt as her door mat forever!
    I am so glad Brad dump her sorry ass!
    …and to whom it may concern: listen… She is nothing like you, she is rich beyond measure, she will not be your friend and don’t even care if you live or die, wake up, thank God Brad Pitt did!!
    She has no self esteem, no confidence, everything about her is PROPED by her handlers! she knows nothing about anyone of any other race than her own!
    Sorry fans…. As for you SHE SAID … You make her skin crawl! Suck on that!