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Clay Aiken: Help The People of Pakistan!

Clay Aiken: Help The People of Pakistan!

Clay Aiken speaks on behalf of Unicef in this new PSA.

“Right now, more than four million children are caught in the aftermath of the worst flood in Pakistan’s history,” the 31-year-old singer and Unicef ambassador shared.

“They need clean water, medicine and shelter to survive,” Clay added.

To learn how you can help, visit! The organization is funded entirely through donation.

Clay Aiken for Unicef
Just Jared on Facebook
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  • Sahie

    Finally a psa for pakistan come on people please help!!!

  • shiaaaaa

    COME ON! help for Pakistan

  • shiaaaaa


  • Sandi

    If this was some sort of scandal people would be all over this. Why is it so easy to ignore children in danger of dying?

  • Sooze

    Donated yesterday. Thanks for helping spread the word!

  • Vickie

    The international response to Haiti was immediate and overwhelming. The international response to the flooding in Pakistan has been pathetic. Just $10 goes a long way to help these kids with shelter, clean water, food. UNICEF has tapped several celebrity ambassadors to record PSAs for Pakistan relief. Please, HELP! If you can’t afford to donate, then please, at least spread the word.

  • Jeff

    Thank you for the video – Donated!

  • Musicfan

    Thank you for posting this info. It is so important that we all step up and help.

    I am glad that CLay Aiken is speaking out for the children of Pakistan.

  • blue

    donated Thanks for posting

  • wm7ca

    Thank you for posting a PSA and doing your part to spread the word to
    help the people of Pakistan.

    If you can’t give you can help spread the word by using face book or twitter. They need our help.

  • Allegra

    Thanks Jared for bringing this message to greater attention. Those poor human beings have suffered enough. They cannot control the weather and the damage it can do. $10 is little enough to ask of anyone.

  • SD

    Clay Aiken looks terrible, but his message does resonate with a lot of people. Kudos to him for raising awareness.

  • Allisanna

    Thank you for making us aware of this situation. I comment Clay and the other UNICEF goodwill ambassadors for using their voice to help others in need.

  • ugh


  • me sayin’

    Well, I was waiting for the outcry of the artists like U2 or Madonna who usually use every event to show off their stardom and do good at the same time.
    Here, I hear nothing, except from a B lister like Aiken.

    Methinks this has to do woth the fact that this country is muslim and therefore not so sexy to help?

  • Lily

    I want to say thank you for posting the information that is so important to the children of Pakistan.

    Anyone who stands up and helps in a tragedy is doing the correct thing. I hope everyone here has donated whatever they can to help!!

    Thank you to Just Jared, Clay Aiken and UNICEF for making the world a bit better.

  • Ben

    clay aiken? lmfao who’s gonna listen to him? no offence

  • Sacha,

    @me sayin’: B lister? Z lister!

  • shawn

    what’s funny is that if clay aiken were to actually go to Pakistan they’d probably kill him for being gay…

  • Megan, 21

    Oh god he makes my skin crawl. Do they want to get people involved or scare them off?!

  • Leila

    Ew. Don’t care for him but please do help Pakistan :(

  • ggg

    @shawn: Nope. But he would for his singing and for making horrific music. lolll

  • Jan

    UNICEF was very wise with their choice for Clay Aiken as an Ambassador. He is a very compassionate and caring man.
    He has traveled to countries for UNICEF that many here reading this blog would be very fearful to go.

    Thanks for posting the video. Donated!

  • wtf

    He looks like my gran. They couldnt find anyone else?

  • Judy

    Thanks for bringing the message for Pakistan, via Clay Aiken.

    They truly need our help. After all…Clay’s message is to help these people in need. That is the whole point of the message.. Unfortunately some here have missed the point completely. Sad really.

    Clay just keeps on helping kids where he can. He’s a good man.

  • Shanna

    I love Clay!

    Good for him for helping out. He’s awesome and of course I’ll help.

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Instead of trying to help, people bash Clay. Real mature, guys.

  • Jan

    Not FUNNY!

  • Lily

    Clay Aiken has traveled to Afghastan, Somalia, Indonesia, Kenya and other countries for UNICEF. He has done a lot of good for the children of the world.

    This topic is too important for the “haters” to take over. Sad isn’t it/

    It is OK to dislike Clay. It is NOT OK to do it in a thread like this.

  • DB

    UNICEF is there when so many need it. Thanks for the PSA.

  • katy

    The children are so innocent. We need to help them. Thanks, Clay.

  • johnnyBgood

    Kudos to UNICEF for helping the children of the world.
    Kudos to Clay Aiken, who has put his life on the line by traveling to hostile countries to help children.

    I appreciate Just Jared for posting about this.

  • Llana

    Thank you Clay Aiken for bringing the plight of the children of Pakistan to light!

  • britneyxx

    hes so cheesy and disgusting but im goin to donate because i wanted to not bc of him

  • Pat

    Good for you, britneyxxx, for donating, but would you have known about this if not for him? Seems like you clicked on this just to make fun of a good man and found that he had an important message to convey.

    Kudos to Clay Aiken for speaking out for those less fortunate. He’s been a UNICEF ambassador for five years and has helped to bring awareness to many causes. Good for him.

  • Deb

    Love ya, Clay! Thanks for being there once again for the children of the world. You truly do make a difference.

  • me sayin’

    @ Pat

    “would you have known about this if not for him?”

    What are you talking about? It’s all over the news!!! This tragedy is so devastating, it is everywhere in the news…. well, European that is!
    Don’t you hear about it in the US as well?


    Thanks for spreading the word. Just donated.

  • John

    Perhaps nobody’s giving money to the Pok-e-stan because they’re a nuclear nation that constantly threatens their Indian neighbors and harbors and trains Al-Queda.

    What about the rest of their (very rich) Muslim brothers in the neighboring countries? Why haven’t they donated and responded to this tragedy?

  • Pat

    @me sayin – because she’s HERE at the video for Clay.

  • penguin

    Thanks for posting this article, Jared.

  • well

    Thanks to Clay Aiken and Angelina Jolie for doing something, now everyone join in for the people of Pakistan!

  • connie

    Thank you Jared for spreading the word to your readers about the Pakistani kids in need . I beleive in UNICEF’s work and admire those work and volunteer on their behalf .

  • Llana

    Clay Aiken has opened my eyes, my heart but most importantly my wallet to to help children in need, so I made my donation and hope in some small way I have helped UNICEF and the kids.

  • Patrick

    I am glad that Clay Aiken is speaking out about the tragedy that the children are facing there. I am thankful that he works through UNICEF to help children everywhere. So much need in so many countries for the children of this world.

  • Martha

    Those nasty people that don’t have anything better to do. What Clay Aiken does for Unicef and children of the world is a great thing, he is a Unicef ambassador for a reason. He is a real talented man with a great heart, and very cute, I love him! His fans love him to death, go Clay!

  • Megan

    While Clay Aiken uses his voice for the children of Pakistan through UNICEF, others use theirs to make rude comments about a man who is trying to make a difference in the world. I find that very sad.

    Thank you Clay and UNICEF for all of your tireless efforts to help these helpless children.

  • Jack

    I had no idea that Clay Aiken was an ambassador for Unicef!
    I am impressed! He is very articulate.
    I hope they bring in a lot of $$ for this worthy cause.
    I have donated.

  • Allisanna


    I meant to say I “commend” instead of “comment”.

  • Seo Guru

    Is that true that 4 million children were affected by the Pakistan flooding? I suppose there can be about 10 million people affected by that flood. Western nations had not responded very well with that disaster to help due to the fact that Pakistan had been aiding terrorist groups eversince.