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Hayden Christensen Shows His Love for Jimi Hendrix

Hayden Christensen Shows His Love for Jimi Hendrix

Hayden Christensen wears his love for the late guitar legend Jimi Hendrix as he arrives at LAX airport on Friday (August 27) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actor is in talks to star in a sequel to his fantasy thriller Jumper. Hayden told MTV that the story would hopefully be “a little darker. I think there’s a lot you can do with it…We’re talking about it, trying to figure it out.”

Earlier in the week, a still from Hayden‘s upcoming action flick Vanishing on 7th Street was released!

Takers, which Hayden stars in with Paul Walker, Chris Brown and others, is in theaters now!

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  • bluesky

    if the sequel to jumper eventually happens, will bilson be the lead actress too? i’m curious.


    Jumper was one of the worse movies I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and rent it at your local video store. It’s truly a piece of crap! The reviews were also pretty brutal. I think Hayden’s a good actor and could do much better than this. Hopefully if a “Jumper 2″ ever happens, it won’t be with the same director or writers.

  • MlleF

    I love this T shirt !

    Hayden come over here please ! Just for the T Shirt ! No I was kidding, I’m gonna eat you, yummy boy…:)

  • Nasty Goiter

    I’m glad he’s not so skinny anymore but when is he going to shave down that nasty GOITER ball on his throat? It’s a very simple procedure and he definitely has the money to do it. Everytime I see him swallow it makes me cringe. Just disgusting.

  • Nice clothes

    I love his dress style. It’s very casual-hip-cool. And I also love how it’s a mix of NYC style with L.A. style.

  • Jenny Solis

    I agree he has good style (most of the time). So many male celebs are gorgeous but dress awful! Just look at True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard with the saggy butt pants that make him look like he pooped in his pants and the European-style cotton t-shirts with the overly wide and open necklines that just emphasize and draw attention to his poor posture and that awful computer neck/forward head posture that he has. Not to mention the unzipped boots. I love Hayden’s style and I wish Alex would dress more like this. It would just make him so much hotter!!I I agree he has good style (most of the time). So many male celebs are gorgeous but dress awful! Just look at True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard with the saggy butt pants that make him look like he pooped in his pants and the European-style cotton t-shirts with the overly wide and open necklines that just emphasize and draw attention to his poor posture and that awful computer neck/forward head posture that he has. Not to mention the unzipped boots. I love Hayden’s style and I wish Alex would dress more like this. It would just make him so much hotter!!

  • Oldie but Cutie

    Hayden is already 29?!!! Dayuuum, he’s really getting on in his years! I thought he was only like 25. But on the bright side, atleast he has a boyish face. I love men with boyish faces b/c they age much more gracefully than other men and in turn will make you look younger as well. Women with older men (like Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas) start looking so old when they pair up with a much older man.

  • Christy1984

    I cannot believe my fave actor is almost 30! Time passes by so quickly.

  • Gay Hayden Fan

    Gawwwd, people! In this day and age 29 is not what is used to be. Now it’s actually still considered young. Just look at Jessica Alba who’s also 29. She still looks super young and fresh. But I agree about the Catherine Zeta & Michael Douglas comment. You start to look old real quick when you hook up with an older person. It’s like their years rub off on you or something.

  • Blahzae

    He maybe 29 but he still looks like a kid in a good way. Which will help him continue to work in films.
    He is lucky ^.^

  • Lake

    You think 29 is old? How old are you people? 12? Good grief. Hayden is just getting to be a great age. Remember little girls, men mature much more slowly than women. Hayden is awesome, a class act. I just caught Takers, you all have to go, it’s a really fun ride. I really enjoyed it. Good job Hayds!

  • Catherine & Michael

    @Gay Hayden Fan: True!! Catherine looked so young and beautiful until soon after she married that old dinosaur. Then she started to look old very quickly after that. She just started looking like a “middle aged woman” all of a sudden!! And you can tell she started changing the way she dressed to look older and better matched for him. But she’s paying the ultimate price now. They had a child (or 2?) and now Michael’s so old that he can barely even play with his own children. And now he has throat cancer and could lose his voice. This is why older men have no business having kids, it’s a very selfish thing to do. The whole Catherine/Michael situation is very sad.

  • Great daddy someday

    Well, I don’t think Hayden is going down that 60-year-old-dad-with-a-newborn route. Or atleast I hope not!! I actually imagine him having kids in his 30s and he looks like the type of guy who’ll be a great daddy! Usually these old dudes that have babies at such an old age are very self-entitled egomaniacal types of men. Normal 60 year old men actually think about the serious consequences of bringing a child so late into this world.

  • Hayden looks great

    One of my favorite actresses, Anna Paquin, just recently married her True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer. He looks like he could be her dad!!! She’s 27 and he’s 40. There’s also something very sneaky and untrustworthy about him in real life. I truly hope that his age “doesn’t start rubbing off on her” and makes her old before her time. I agree that this seems to happen to a lot of younger women who are with older men. Hayden & Rachel both looked like a very young couple and that made them look so cute. I hope he finds a great girl again.

  • Trashy

    I find it really trashy that he did a movie with CHRIS BROWN. Yuckkkk!

  • Paul Walker is TRASH

    @Trashy: Maybe Chris Brown wasn’t even cast in the movie until AFTER Hayden. What I find even trashier is that Paul Walker who’s also in the ‘Takers’ movie and who’s a well known perv for having begun to date his current girlfriend WHEN SHE WAS JUST A MINOR IN HIGH SCHOOL AND HE WAS IN HIS 30s came out defending Chris like if beating your gf until he sends her to the ER is perfectly normal behavior. If anyone is trash it’s Paul Walker not Hayden (and Chris is trash obviously).

  • He had a choice


  • Angie

    My 2 cents: It’s sad that Michael Douglas has throat cancer and could possibly lose his voice. I think it was incredibly irresponsible and selfish of him to have kids so late in his age. Poor kid(s) of his. And I never could shake off that feeling that Catherine is a bit of an unbalanced gold digger with daddy issues. You could still be a talented actress and still be a gold digger. They even did a spoof on her on Family Guy/South Park? about her obsession with men in their senior years.

    Also It’s true that Hayden could have opted out of this ‘Takers’ project but we don’t know if he has money problems and really badly needed the work. Paul Walker I’ve always known is white trash. My friend knew him way back when he was in his early 20s. His behavior doesn’t surprise me at all. I hope nobody ever forgets what CB did to that poor girl. Those pics of her beaten swollen face were horrific.

  • Gay Man

    @Lake: Lake, YOU THINK MEN MATURE MUCH MORE SLOWLY THAN WOMEN?! Bwahahahaah! That’s just a lie you dumb fool that men have been saying for ages to get young girls to date them and marry them. LOL!

  • Ana in Miami

    @Gay Man: OMG that’s so true! I had this slimeball skeazy co-worker who kept hitting on me and telling me that a girl in her early 20s like myself NEEDS TO date a man in his late 40s like himself. This disgusting pervert was trying to get me to forget about young hot guys my own damn age! Arrrgh, he was so annoying. I had finally had enough and I told him: “I like young guys my own age! Nothing can be between us! You’re too old and you’re very sneaky which creeps me out!” You speak the truth, Gay Man.

  • LMAO

    Im sure he will find that rumor Bilsons people started to get attention yesturday rather annoying.

    She couldnt handle Hayden getting all the attention so the same day he arrives back in La and Takers comes out finally,her people started a rumor about her and Jake Gyllenhaal .That they are secretly dating LMAO Yeah like that would ever happen. Alist sticks with A list and she isnt A list.
    You know that rumor is a stupid move first it makes her look bad because of timing and secondly it makes her look bad because it makes it look like she moved on really really quick. Which looks cheap and tacky like she is just looking for her next meal ticket.
    Which of course she is, but it still makes it also appear that way as well.
    I think this just proves her true character or her lack of character really as a person.
    I hope Takers is Number 1 at the box office or atleast does well enough for a sequel just to tick her off and ruin her day.
    Karma is a bitch after all ^.^

  • Bryan P.

    Yup, I can vouch for that. I’m in my early 20s. My 2 older sisters are in their late 20s and early 30s. THEY ARE IMMATURE AS F.U.C.K!!! I’m the one that has to help my mom pay the bills while they go out with their friends and hit the clubs and go to the movies and waste their time. They act like teenagers! Guys will only act more immature than girls if they are led to believe they can and should.

  • LMAO

    @He had a choice: Actually Hayden was already signed on to the film before the incident where Chris Brown hurt and beat up Rihanna.
    Chris Brown attacked her in Feb 2009 they were already filming the movie by then or had already finished production by then. For the record.
    So it isnt Haydens fault what is co star did later on anymore then it is anyone else involved with the project.
    Chris Brown had a very clean image prior to that I dont think anyone expected him to turn into a monster.

    If you want to be mad at someone be mad at Screen Gems and TI for having Chris Brown promote takers to begin with.
    They should of banned him from all the events.
    But that isnt again Haydens fault it is their’s .
    Hes only an actor,

    If you watch the Jimmy Kimmel Show Hayden fails to mention Chris Brown when asked about who was in the film… somehow I think Hayden did that on purpose in a passive way to tell people how he felt about the whole thing.
    Hayden is rather clever at being under the radar about how he makes his opininons known without saying anything.

  • annie

    hayden looking good,saw takers a hip,shoot em up moviehopefully he finds a great girlssmelly bilson was not ,a career downer,the only thing she did was shop.

  • Wootwoot

    @Lake: Everyone says the 30′s are the new 20′s which means your 20′s are your new teens really, your still like an adolescent.
    So really when you hit 30 now its like what hitting 20 use to mean. People are living longer so its just the way things work out over time I guess.
    Hayden has a very sweet youthful boyish charm still, but intelligent and its endearing.
    I would say hes more like a 19 yrd old by todays standards just starting to get his life in order etc etc
    Cant wait to see what is in store for him, because he is probably going to have the youthful charm for a while and add on his intelligence and modesty and its win win win.
    Fingers cross Vanishing kicks a$$ and he gets back into interesting indie thinker films. Like LIfe As A House or Shattered Glass.
    Go Hayden Go Hayden woot woot

  • Jenna

    @Lake: “You think 29 is old? How old are you people? 12? Good grief.” No, Lake, I’m not 12 years old! I just recently turned 20 and I wouldn’t date a 29 year old guy because I feel that’s a bit too old for me. I have every right to want to date someone closer to my age, whether slightly younger or slightly older. To claim that some of us must be 12 year olds to think 29 is too old for us is extremely sexist and ignorant of you. Women have every right to want to date men their own ages or even younger. You need to educate yourself.

  • Blahzae

    @bluesky: Actually it seems like Hayden is making sure she wont return as Millie. He wants to make it about his characters mother and sister hunting him down across the earth and make it darker and he failed to mention any part about the love interest in the story. I dont think he will do another one unless she isnt in it to be honest. I think that is why he is getting involved with the early stages of script writing making sure her character is written out. Call it his last “revenge” and I dont blame him who would want to work with her again with let alone after she screwed you over for press.
    @JUMPERS WAS HORRIBLE: The books are great, Jumper and Reflex I mean.
    They should do a remake of Jumper and follow the book it is really dark and a thriller kind of like the Jason Borne series. Hayden would be great as that David in that version of Jumper. They should just remake it do both books turn them into films and actually follow the freaking plot in the books and bring Hayden back as David to show how much better he could of made it.
    Remake remake remake remake!!!!!!!

  • Ashley, 1st grade teacher

    I think it’s a combination of things when it comes to why people think males are more immature: 1)Older men have been using that we-mature-slower-than-you excuse to get young women for decades. The old farts say this to keep women away from the young men their own age so that the old men have less competition. 2)Then BOTH genders actually started believing this and parents are letting their sons get away with worse behavior and they let them act more immature and they give their daughters more responsibility. I see this all the time with parents. I’m a 1st grade teacher. 3)Females have the biological advantage that our brains are more socially developed so we respond better to social cues. This has been proven scientifically. Males have a slight disadvantage, but this just means we have to better explain to them the WHY they should or shouldn’t do things. And we need to spend a little more time teaching boys how to better sympathize with others. But it’s a minor gap and not a big deal and they with a little bit of extra teaching boys can easily overcome this gap. SO OVERALL THIS WHOLE WOMEN MATURE FASTER IS A BUNCH OF B.S. CREATED BY OLDER MEN FOR THEIR OWN ADVANTAGE AND WE STILL BUY INTO IT TODAY.

  • No More Pencil Neck

    Is it just me or has Hayden bulked up? He used to be a bit of a pencil neck. I think he’s the type of guy that needs to hit the gym a lot to maintain weight. I hope he never goes back to being scrawny again. He looks great and healthy!


    That comment about Paul Walker being white trash: SO TRUE! I couldn’t believe he was going on and on about how Brown is really “a good person”. OMG!! I just started laughing when I saw that interview. It’s up on Youtube. But I guess coming from a pedo who started dating his gf/fiancĂ©e/whatever since she was a minor in highschool and he was a grown azz man in his 30s maybe to a d-bag like Paul, Brown’s actions aren’t a big deal to him.

  • Chris Brown

    Did they cast CB before OR after he attacked Rihanna??? If after, then it says a lot about the makers of this film. If after, then it’s obvious they cast him just for the shock value because he’s not even an established actor. How tacky, gross, and disrespectful to women everywhere if they used such a serious situation like Rihanna’s violent beating in order to further promote the movie and add some shock value by casting him.



  • H728

    @Chris Brown: @EX-FAN OF HAYDEN:
    #23 has pointed out that Hayden signed in Takers BEFORE the incident of Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, and @EX-FAN OF HAYDEN, when did Hayden defend Brown’s actions?

  • Cant Wait for Him & Bilson…

    …to get back together both on screen and off screen. They are the perfect couple, perfect for each other (perfect losers). Jumper was just SOOOO BAD and while Hayden won’t admit it, much of the reason it was bad was because of him. He had a big hand in the script writing and that was a big reason why he took the project. He wanted a lot more freedom to do what he wanted with Davey’s character and look what he did with it: his David Rice is an arrogant selfish self-indulgent and infantile monster that no one wants to identify with. Bilson’s Millie is a brainless little tramp who will screw anyone who takes her where she wants to go and is the ultimate whiney morally bankrupt selfish modern young woman. In other words, Hayden Christensen’s vision of a perfect woman. They deserve each other.

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ how old is that quote???

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ how old is that quote???

  • ida

    why should Hayden turn down a job just because his co-star is a douchebag?
    god people…are you out of ur minds!? Hayden, you look great :)

  • rock n roll queen

    love his tshirt

  • Blahzae

    @lexy hates bilson: The quote is from the Takers premier earlier this month around August 4th. Hayden was asked about Jumper 2 and that is when he made the comment.
    Less than 2 weeks later he did this interview though

    They ask him about Jumper 2 and he sounds alot less into the idea.For whatever reason


    @Cant Wait for Him & Bilson…:
    First off Hayden had nothing to do with the script for the first Jumper film, nor the direction it was taken in. Hayden was a last second sign on to the project. When Jumper was released it was widely talked about that he joined the film about two weeks before production began.
    He was a last second replacement for an actor called Tom Sturridge, a complete unknown at the time.( Now Sturridge is best known for being Robert Pattinson’s room mate and one of his best friends. Also Tom Sturridge oddly enough did a awful independent film called Waiting for Forever with Miss Bilson herself afte she did Jumper. Well everyone is still waiting for forever doesnt seem like it will be ever released since it never found its distributor.)
    Doug Liman ( the director of Jumper) cutt both Sturridge and the actress at the time cast in the role of Millie because he ” wanted actors with names” That is all he cared about.
    Liman from day one ran the whole Jumper nightmare, he was heavily involved in the script and its many many rewrites and later reshoots. Liman not Hayden made all the decisions, he decided to change the Davey character to add the Gryffin character and to hire Bilson. Liman hired Bilson because he had worked with her on the OC before so he knew he could get her for cheap since the OC had just been canceled. Also Liman and Bilson’s father Dan know eachother.
    Hayden signed on because A he liked the idea of being a able to self teleport and B because Samuel L Jackson was already attached to the film and he wanted to work with him again.
    The David character is the Jumper film is Limans vision not Haydens.
    Hayden it seems is trying to get in on the script writing to avoid the problems he had with Liman the first time. It is Hayden not Liman trying to take the sequel in a different better direction. Also as far the Millie character being a moron… Hey that was again Limans idea of the perfect woman, in the book she is a college student really smart, not some girl that works at a bar. Again Limans idea.
    Hell he hired Bilson to begin with and set the two of them up trying to recreate the whole Mr and Mrs Smith press he got before, but it didnt work. Again all Liman.
    Bilson is very good at playing the fool because well she is one, Liman didint have to hire her and he didnt have to keep her but he did. Bilson acted the part of sweet girl next door and tryed to see how many people would fall hook line and sinker for it and for how long.
    Personally I think their whole relationship was fake on most levels, she avoided him and they both seemed miserable. Untill she needed something or some press and then played nice with Hayden again.
    Hayden honestly said in interviews that he thought she was a sweetheart like her characters she plays aka Summer. So he fell for the sham sweetheart act. She played him for the fool he just woke up one day and realized it.
    Like I said I think they were fake but he wanted it to be real and she used it against him for a long long time.
    We all make mistakes and no one here can honestly tell me someone has never talked them into something they regreted later or got used by an ex. Does that make you a bad person because you got played ?
    Of course not
    Hell look at Chris Brown and Rihanna. He was a jerk who hurt and the girl and than beat the cr@p out of her. Is Rihanna a bad person beause he did that to her?
    Again of course not.
    So Hayden isnt a bad person because of what happened and what he went along with, hes just human and made mistakes.
    We all do.

    But like I said Hayden had nothing to do with the Jumper script or direction of the film. As a matter of fact he never even saw a script untill he was signed on and about to begin filming in a matter of a few days.
    Limans excuse at the time was he was updating it .. again. Hayden signed on because of the concept and the books and what he got was Limans butchering of a perfectly good story and Bilson’s games.
    I think if Hayden does have more control over the sequel it would help it not hurt it if he can rip it out of Limans hands. Case and point. Shattered Glass another film Hayden was in he had alot of input on that film and it made it better not worse.
    Hayden seems to not want to work with Liman again and I dont blame him, Liman made Hayden do almost a year of reshoots everytime Liman had a new idea for the film and you know what you got after all of that..
    Doug Liman’s Jumper.
    Not Hayden’s

  • Signs

    From August 29 2009

    What a difference a year can make he looks so much better now without that leech looming over his shoulder.

    Today August 28 2010

    Still dresses the same but looks like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. He looks alot healthier now.

  • RunHaydenRun

    hope hes not in LA to see Bilson ><
    All I have to say is Run Hayden Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    I don’t know why he’d even comment on that movie. He should be talking about what he’s got in the works….not his dreams!

  • Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    His ears are so adoreable I dont know why but I have always found them to be so cute on him. Just wanna pull on them and chew on them. He is looking smokin’ hot again. Yum Yum. Rawrrrrr

  • Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    His ears are so adoreable I dont know why but I have always found them to be so cute on him. Just wanna pull on them and chew on them. He is looking smokin’ hot again. Yum Yum. Rawrrrrr

  • Blahzae

    @lexy hates bilson:
    He was asked several questions by MTV but that was the sound bite they used.
    Not his fault but MTV’s for focusing on a possible future project rather than a film that was about to be released.
    He was interviewed by MTV much longer than many of the other interviews he did at the LA premier so they had alot of material to pick from and went with the Jumper 2 quote.
    On the live facebook broadcast you could see him do the interview with MTV and he was there for awhile before he was pulled over to the interviewer for the LIVE broadcast.
    So I dont think it is his fault really. He certainly didnt bring it up when he talked to the LIVE interviewer, so I guess the one that worked for MTV must have brought it up and all he did was answer harmlessly about if it happened what he would hope it would be.

  • jess

    I love him so much! *-*

  • Amy

    About Takers with Hayden and Chris Brown.
    Takers finished filming in 2008 before what happened with Chris and Rhianna. Get your facts straight.

  • jen

    but wasn’t takers filmed before the Chris Brown and Rihanna, incident? why are people bashing Hayden, it’s not like Hayden is psychic and could’ve known what Chris Brown could do after they finished shooting. Besides if he didn’t work in films that had douche-bags, then he would sure be out of work, because Hollywood is filled with those, sadly.

  • Brightside

    I find it interesting that these talks didn’t start until after the announcement that the relationship was over. It sounds as though RB wasn’t asked to reprise her role as the fatuous and rather silly Millie. Haven’t read the books, but watched part of the first film and it was bad. There was zero chemistry between the two of them. The film would have worked so much better without the love interest and with script writers whose idea of dialogue wasn’t quite so heavy on the processed cheese. I would like to see the return of Jamie, a much darker plot and no, please, no Bilson. She’s just too empty headed and far too twee.