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Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr Baby Bump Watch!

Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr Baby Bump Watch!

Orlando Bloom and expectant mommy Miranda Kerr do some grocery shopping at a supermarket on Saturday afternoon (August 28) in Malibu, Calif.

The newlyweds, who announced last week that Miranda is pregnant, exited the parking lot near Zuma Beach separately. Miranda covered up her baby bump with a long flowy, dress and an oversized scarf. She drove away in the couple’s car while Orlando rode off on his Ducati motorcycle.

Can’t wait to see their little one!!

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orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr baby bump 08

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Richard Beetham
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  • Kay

    Isn’t it a little hot for a scarf in Los Angels in AUGUST?!

  • cute

    Beautiful couple.

  • Jayne

    It seems a bit hot for that i agree. I like orlando oh yes.

  • smiley

    ha, i was just thinking about miranda’s baby bump last night. i even looked for pictures and couldn’t find ANYTHING. i guess i wasted my time because i don’t see a bump in those pics.

  • Oh ob

    Miranda dont look happy.

  • Cheyenne

    They are going to have a beautiful baby.

  • Helen

    wow she gained weight in her face thats for sure

  • Courtney

    Of course not she’s about 6ft tall so a bump won’t be visible this early especially it being her first pregnancy look for instance at the end of the movie A Face In The Crowd and you can see a glow of love in Patricia Neal’s face as she was pregnant at the time those scenes were shot granted it was her second pregnancy in Marriage to children’s Author Roald Dahl. and she’d had an abortion nearly a decade earlier. not that Ms Neal was short by any streach of the imagination she was nearly 5ft 9in of course she was never underweight like Miranda has to be for the sake of work. models can’t act nor should they attempt to and Ms Neal was a dearly beloved academy award winning actress who was also an advocate for childhood vaccination and brain damaged children as she’d lost her oldest daughter to Meseals in 1962 because the medication wasn’t available in england and had nearly lost her only son to brain injury after a freak accident when he was 4 months old and also for stroke victims after she survived a series of near deadly ones while pregnant with her youngest daughter in february 1965 aged 39. god forbid Miranda ever went through that I doubt Orlando would stick it out like Roald did when it happened to Pat only to cheat on her later with her dear friend Felicity Ann D’abreu Crosland

  • Melody

    When did Orlando come back to the States? I thought he was in Germany about to start Three Muskateers.

  • @4

    You can see her bump in the Kora video on YouTube.
    It shows her jogging and doing yoga, and her cute little bump is clearly visible.
    You can also get a peek of it in the behind the scenes video for Italian Vogue cover shoot.
    She looks fantastic!
    Four months pregnant and still shooting covers for two different Vogue covers. She looks gorgeous and radiant!

  • @9

    There were pics of him at the Munich airport right after the press conference.
    He doesn’t start shooting until late next month (I believe).

  • }

    The same old BS about these 2. They are SOOO OVER! boooooooring. Next!!!!

  • flag boy

    Don’t hide that bump Miranda, show it off with pride! =)
    Love the shorts Orlando. lol

  • Sweet couple!

    What a sweetheart he is to come home to spend time with her when he gets a break before shooting. Love them! Love her blog. She’s so positive & friendly.

  • Pixie Girl

    @flag boy:

    LOL @ the shorts comment! They are dorky we have to admit (was he swimming?!). I’d never stop loving him because of dorky shorts though. ;)


  • sara

    I think that his dorkiness is part of his charm.
    It’s rather endearing that a man THAT gorgeous wears shorts/swim trunks that hideous.

  • @8


  • Pixie Girl

    @Sweet couple!:

    I agree =)

    I also read her Facebook and Blog and love it. There sure could be more positivity in this world …

  • @12

    “so over”???
    No sweetheart.
    They’ve just begun.

  • ihatebooks143

    wow!!! i really love this couple!!! <3

  • .

    I just saw her Italian Vogue cover! her and the dog looked fab! I just went on the site of Vogue Italy and they called Miranda’s appeal “breathtaking” they must really, really like her!

  • Seo Guru

    Wonderful couple. I expect they will have a very beautiful baby. With their looks I am sure they will. But why did Orlando let Miranda go home by herself? First time pregnancy should be extra careful.

  • @22

    That baby definitely won the genetic lottery!
    But as for going home by herself?
    She is a healthy, young pregnant woman, not an invalid.

  • Adorkable

    Cuteness all around =)

  • YAY!

    I love these two together!
    That baby will be GORGEOUS!

  • wow

    The baby bump sure has grown since we saw it in the yoga video.
    She still looks amazing, though. If we couldn’t see the bump, we would never know that she is pregnant.
    Of course she will probably gain more weight as the pregnancy progresses, but it looks like she will have no problem getting back in shape after the bub is born.
    I haven’t seen pics of Doutzen’s bump yet. Aren’t they due about the same time?

  • LynzCatastrophe

    I can’t wait to see this baby. Yes i’m a typical fan girl and a bit upset that that he didn’t have a baby with me but what can I do? *snickers* We all know she is pregnant so i can’t understand the baggy clothes and most importantly, really un-needed ugly scarf. This will be one beautiful baby and I’m hoping that if there is any justice in the world they’ll have a girl. One more thing, is it just me, or is Orlando’s wedding band on the wrong finger?

  • danielthomas

    @Jimmy, Sorry to hear about your friend, What your friend needs is a consultation with a personal injury lawyer, here is the one that I know of who offers no charge consultation, hope he feels better soon

  • Kady

    can’t believe he knocked up the cabbage patch kid!

  • Oh ob

    They did\’nt even go there 2gether it looks like they met there and went there own ways again. Wow that looks like a happy couple And so in love?

  • ?

    That girl from the play maybe there? Im not saying it\’s me.

  • ?

    I mean here.

  • tina

    chocolate chip cookie ?

  • brian

    yes bad thing about round heads, they gain 2 lbs and their facial beauty deteriorates fast and dramatically :(

  • Nina

    I’m Italian and I can guarantee that only few people know Miranda Kerr here and mainly because she dates OrlandoBloom. I’ve just read the comments on the italian version of Vogue Italia and some girls are saying that they would have preferred a real Top model of the 90s on this 3D cover.
    Uffi, che delusione!!!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Poor Miranda…if she thought the paps were bugging her before now they’ll NEVER stop!!

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    WTF LOLZ I love you Orlando but what it is up with that outfit?

  • X

    Why getting there separately and then exit together if they don’t want the paps’ attention?
    And where are the groceries they just bought? Too stupid to be real, looks more like a cry for attention.

  • Jayne

    I love what hes got on to me he can put any thing on and get away with it.

  • @30, 31

    Are you the same person? The same \ in front of the apostrophe?

  • @38

    Just married in secret, she just announced she’s pregnant after hiding for a long time, there aren’t many pics of the baby bump….do you really think they need to do anything to get the paps’ attention? Give me a break.
    You gals live in another planet ruled by different laws of existence and logic, that’s for sure LOL

  • Yi-Lin

    Yeah, and what about announcing that she’s gonna make an official statement in 24 hours? Or releasing a promotional video for her skin-care line just a couple of days after announcing her pregnancy?
    Coincidence or pathetic stunts to get some attention? You know the answer, so get a grip.

  • ihatebooks143

    Just accept it, whether you like it or not..they’re married and will have a child next year. You cannot change it even if you’ll cry blood haha!

    Stop making stupid crazy speculations and acting like you know everything, but the truth its you/we know nothing, that’s their life.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    @42 WTF the announcement was done so she could explain why she was pulling out of her obligations with David Jones you know the company who gives her the BIG MONEY did you expect her to disappear without any explanation? She explained why she pulled out and still got a lot of back leash form the haters and some media they did marry IN SECRET but she couldn’t go on her honeymoon without explaining why she was pulling out of the biggest event of the year for her EMPLOYER.You haters are funny like that you love to mention Penelope and her husband but they DID ANNOUNCE their weeding WITHOUT ANYONE ASKING so by your idiotic logic every celebrity out there who announces they got married are looking for attention? LOLZ
    As for the baby bump GIVE ME A BREAK she is pregnant SHE CAN’T HELP THAT WHAT DO YOU EXPECT HER TO DO? WTF IS YOUR MORONS PROBLEM? She is pregnant AND SHE HIDES the baby bump so she can continue working as long as she can how can people find something to say about that is beyond me

  • He’s so hot!

    Hahahahahahhahahaha! It’s so funny that people are STILL trying to say “FAKE”. Take a look at reality and see this gorgeous couple are in love, married and having a baby! What a beautiful baby they will have.

    So sorry to those of you who can’t let it go. But really, your comments are funnier than ever!

  • @42

    Oh, so she was a famehoe for 24 full hours? OMG the evol! She should learn from those celebrities that get the pictures of their wedding published everywhere, now those are the souls of discretion!
    And be honest, if she had released her promotional video a month later, you’d be saying OMG she released her video just one month after announcing her pregnancy! Right?

  • LOL!

    Oh the haters are just mad because we have proof that Orlando is in LA with Miranda.
    Theye’ve had a field day claiming that he was in Germany even though he wasn’t shooting any scenes because he didn’t want to go home to his wife. Wait, they always put that in quotation marks as “wife”, because they are STILL saying that “definitely said I do” does NOT mean that they are really married.
    And look at the pictures! He OBVIOUSLY doesn’t want to be photographed together, that’s why he has his hand on her back.
    And baggy clothes? Don’t all pregnant women wear baggy tops and dresses? Then you complain about her showing her bump in the video for kora.
    Really people?
    Oh, and @42…
    she actually ‘announced’ her pregnancy back in June to the photographer/dressers at the Vogue Espana shoot. We just didn’t hear about it for weeks.
    And is she not supposed to promote her own skincare line? What are you really complaining about now?

  • so stupid

    First the haters claim that she is a liar because she didn’t come out and announce the pregnancy.
    Now they are calling her a famewhore for announcing the pregnancy.
    They have a double standard for every occasion.

  • @42

    If they are stunts to get some attention, they’re not pathetic. They’re quite effective.

    I think she released the promotional video after announcing her pregnancy because she’d promised Vogue Spain the exclusive. So she couldn’t announce it or release a video with clear evidence of pregnancy until after the issue had come out. Once it had come out, she was free to release the video, so she did. How can anyone argue that getting a Vogue cover out of announcing her pregnancy was pathetic? It may be somewhat vulgar, but it’s smart business.

    I think they’re staging the reveal of the bump. This sighting is just to keep people intrigued and maybe keep the paps under control. Because there’s no doubt that the first bump picture has quite a lot of value and paps might be harassing them trying to get it. Now it’s out there, but it’s kind of ambiguous and disappointing and mags might decide not to print it. So the next one still has some value, but not as much as if these photos hadn’t been taken, therefore fewer paps will be chasing after it.

    I’m wondering if the big reveal will be used to promote 3 Musketeers. She could visit him when he’s filming.

  • @40

    Of course she is the same person.
    The SAME idiot that posts the SAME delusions on every Orlando thread. I thought that she had given up her ‘girl at the play’ (herself) fantasy. But I guess not.
    Also here is the hater who posts under male sockpuppets all of the time. They bring their delphi idiocy to every thread as well.
    They have become boring in their repetition of the same old insults.