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Paris Hilton: Mugshot Revealed!

Paris Hilton: Mugshot Revealed!

Check out Paris Hilton‘s most recent mugshot!

The 29-year-old heiress was arrested on Friday night (August 27) in Las Vegas for possession of cocaine.

“This matter will be dealt with in the courts, not in the media, and I encourage people not to rush to judgment until all of the facts have been dealt with in a court of law,” Paris‘ lawyer, David Chesnoff, said in a statement earlier today.

Paris was released on Saturday morning on her own recognizance.

Bigger mugshot inside…

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paris hilton mugshot 01

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  • Amanda

    Can’t stand her. But props for having the best mugshot ever!

  • Go Ask Alice

    Agreed.Can’t stand her, but good mugshot.very pretty.

    Too bad stupid is as stupid does and she is stupid.
    Pretty,rich and should ahve some common sense so wat is so hard about being abundantly blessed by genes, fate, birth,etc.
    Easy-Don’t use drugs.Stay low key.
    Follow the law.
    WE do it.I am speaking on us here. I know I do.

  • anne

    this girl is worth millions of dollars and she doesn’t have the brains god gave a goose. talk about dumb blondes. what part of possession of cocaine is against the law does she not understand??

  • AdamToner

    Def her sexiest mug shot.

  • roro

    lol she looks great

  • Macedonia Girl

    Nice smile. ;)

  • ash

    Love the braids. But isn’t she like 35 now? Do something with your life!!!

  • Ashley

    wow! she looks amazing! she has gained weight or something, cause she looks GOOD! I wish her n bengi would get back together, they made such a cute couple.

  • J

    Though she is dumb, I like her hair. Ugh.

  • Dominic

    Anything to keep your name out there, Huh Paris? tsk tsk

  • Seo Guru

    I have a feeling the reported man with a knife inside her house was just concocted by her delusional mind. I thought she is going for the better as she had plans of being a hotelier just like her family. But with this recent arrest, she can say goodbye to that plan. No businessman will talk to her about business.

  • Ceelo

    I hope this cheap, no-class wh0re goes away permanently. Will she blame it on her friend like she did in South Africa?

  • http://j ivanka

    her lazy eye LMAO.. but best mugshot she ever had

  • KR

    Her nose is getting HUGE! LOL

  • pickles

    Paris makes millions every single year from her clothes, frangrances, public appearances, TV shos, etc. She is not stupid. She is arrogant. I’d like to smack the smirk off her face in that mugshot. She has been doing drugs and hanging out with druggies for years. She is not the harmless airhead/party girl you think she is. That mug shot looks like she’s saying, “I really don’t give an eff you see kay!”

    It ought to tell you something that Nicole Ritchie and Kim Kardashian dumped her long ago. She cannot keep a decent boyfriend and the cops were always going over to her house to break up drunken fights between her and her last loser boyfriend Doug Whatever!

    Funny. I wonder if all her millions will get her a free pass in the media and in the courts. Lindsay Lohan was broke and they fried her in the news media every day. Paris has never really been covered. She is way worse than Lindsay, but it is all hushed up.

  • hanni

    @anne: millions of people people do things AGAINST the law, it doesn’t make them dumb.

    What you’re saying just makes you sound like an arrogant guiltless saint-like human, which you and everyone else alive isn’t.

  • hanni

    @pickles: Can you read her face? NO. You can’t say she’s arrogant because you don’t know her.

  • hanni

    @ash: she’s not even 30! i can’t stop laughing at your comment.

    judgmental morons who jump to Ucking conclusions to quickly.

  • dizneyfan

    she’s really pretty, the police found a small amount of cocaine in a purse near paris. she was on a bus with lots of other party-goers, the police only stopped Paris and arrested her. They didn’t even look at the dozens of other females in the bus. That is discrimination and when you have small coke you get released early in Vegas.

  • commonsense

    And that right there is why Paris continues to make money and live without consequences because people like HANNI are always willing to eat the SHITE she keeps shoveling!

  • Hannah

    She looks so pleased with herself.

  • Burt reynolds

    I agree. Paris is my idol. Let’s aml get high now

  • jj22

    What a stupid whore!

  • myself

    why the hell is she smiling ? i thought this was a mugshot not a photo shoot

  • Macchiato

    i´m so sorry to say this but this is such a great picture XD

  • rock n roll queen

    it must be the best mugshot ive ever seen keeping drugs against the law does not make her stupid lots of people keep them bcause they want or need to use them not bcause they dont know about the law could u call mick jagger 4 example stupid?btw the law about imprisonment when sb has drugs 4 personal use is ridiculous drug addicts need help from special centres not jail

  • Meg

    A) She’s a retard (I don’t mean handicapped, I mean, literally..I-know-she-can’t-dress-herself-in-the-morning stupid.

    B) She’s smirking because she’s going to get off with NOTHING..YET AGAIN. This chick needs to go to rehab worse than Lindsay Lohan does. People just don’t care about her as much so she needs the attention. Gross, STD-Infected, biatch.

  • haha

    looks like she gonna make a FART !!!!! hahahahaha yuck!!!!

  • cool

    make a F A R T

  • Salamandrey

    she is such an unbelievable air-head

  • MlleF

    Stupid Useless thing.

    Even me, I’m stupid to use my time to react to Miss ugly brainless talentless dumb dumb.

  • J

    If you knew you could buy yourself out of things like this, you would be smiling to. That why she isn’t taking this seriously. Stupid, spoil, C**t!

  • Daniel Franklin

    Another issue about Paris Hilton that will put her in the lime line again! I really don’t know what’s wrong with her! Does she have any problem???

  • rocknmovies

    @rock n roll queen:

    Mick Jagger has talent, wrote timeless rock classics, is a master showman and is intelligent, is a shrewd businessman, that’s the difference. Anyway, everybody knows that the real junkie in the Stones is Keith Richards, great guitarist..

  • kellyLove

    lol best mugshot ever :D

  • sea

    Burt reynolds: idol of WHAT? I guess you have the brain of a chicken (poor chicken!!)

  • entertainment

    this is good smiling.

  • CK

    i think her mugshot actually proves that she’s liyng and the purse with cocaine is hers

  • SayWhat?

    Damn, she looks bloated! Is that from doing coke??

  • bansa

    she seems to have a drug this is the 3rd time she has been caught with an illegal drug in recent months you will think she would have learned something but when you are an addict you will take any risk to get your fix how sad lets see how she wiggles herself out of this one through her expensive lawyers

  • Pookie

    she’s such a bimbo!

    has a long way to grow up still.

    she might be rich…..but still has no class.

    throw her in jail…maybe she will grow up then

  • DEA

    wow Girl, I think it was a good idea to get a new prison pic!
    i love it ! ;D much better than the old one :D

    GOO GIRL !! :D

  • Frida

    So apparently she’s still treating mug shots like it’s another photo shoot… she certainly doesn’t look like she regrets anything. but then again, she’ll get an hour in jail if even that and then she’ll be out again.

  • Angela

    Eu sempre achei ela tosca…afinal de contas o que faz Paris da vida hein?

  • Ginger

    Her nose looks weird. like a penis… sorry. kekeke

  • Phannie


  • oh no!

    Looks good here, too bad that doesn’t make up her lack of brains.

  • Jonha @ Happiness

    She has this look saying like, “You can’t simply keep me on here”.

  • monica

    if you would have read the would have known she is 29, not 35

  • monica

    @ash: if u would have read the article, she is 29 not 35