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Alexander Skarsgard - Emmys 2010

Alexander Skarsgard - Emmys 2010

Alexander Skarsgard makes a funny face at the 2010 Emmy Awards backstage at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 29).

The 34-year-old Swede was joined on-stage with True Blood pair Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin. The trio presented Mick Jackson of Temple Grandin for Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries.

More pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard hanging out with the True Blood gang at the Emmys…

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • ABC

    I think Alex has got a thing for Anna. Oooh. Conspiracy.
    LOL. He is so gay (happy) and if only they didn’t do any close-ups in which I can see his receding hairline… Male pattern baldness, anyone?

  • L

    He’s so handsome.

    I love that he gets along so well with Stephen and Anna. They seem like a fun bunch to hang out with.

  • Question

    Thanks for the pics. But why the grim face at the red carpet??

  • Geezus

    I want that fivehead down between my legs!

  • Anastacia

    alex, pleaseee marry me!!

  • Askars rocks

    What a man…….. *sigh*

  • veruca

    He was quite funny when presenting. Loved the beer comment, especially considering some think him to be a bit of a lush. He did great, especially considering he wasn’t there for rehearsals because of filming in Sweden. Not many men could pull off the scruff face, but he totally rocks it – it’d be weird to see him clean shaven! And great to see him re-blonding again.

  • rock n roll queen

    damn r there videos of the emmys online somewhere?they r not aired here in greece


    WRONG, JJ: “The trio presented Mick Jackson of Temple Grandin for Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries.”

    They presented AL PACINO with an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie in 2010″ for his role as Dr. Jack Kevorkian aka Dr. Death in the HBO movie “You Don’t Know Jack”. It was considered a very risky movie to make because Dr. Kevorkian is a physician-assisted suicide advocate. But HBO is well known for taking risks.

    They got the True Blood trio to give the award since the movie was created by HBO Films and True Blood airs on HBO.

  • Italian Trash

    Damn, Al Pacino took his sweet ass time with his acceptance speech! He just went babbling on and on like if he had no idea he was on live TV and being timed. When a big shot like him hogs all the time them the next “little people” that win after him have to cut down their speech in half which is extremely unfair for everyone else. It didn’t go unnoticed, though. It’s all over the internet how pompous he was! What an egomaniac.

  • Hottie stole the spotlight

    Alex looked so hot in his suit and sorry to say but he completely overshadowed Anna & Stephen. It’s like looking at an enormous statue of male perfection next to two simple humans. I still can’t stand his taste in women (cough* Bonesworthless *cough) but I think when he was up on that stage he truly had everyone’s attention.

  • Chauvinist

    @Italian Trash: Yup! Pacino made an ass of himself like usual. Did you see how he completely ignored Anna and shook Alex’s and Stephen’s hands but pretended Anna wasn’t even there? Did he think she was just the stage model that these awards shows have or something?! What a f-ing chauvinist. Out of Alex and Stephen, Anna is the most acclaimed actor of the 3. The least Pacino could have done is shake her damn hand!

  • nepenthes
  • nepenthes

    And also, they presented BOTH “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie in 2010″ AND “Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries”.

  • R&M

    He’s a sexy beast, to be sure. Not withstanding his godawful taste in women. Looks much better solo.

  • Mikayla

    He looked so handome! He truly is a perfect looking man!

  • Askars rocks
  • Askars rocks
  • Mike @ UCLA

    @Chauvinist: I saw that! LOL. Poor Anna was like going forward to shake Pacino’s hand and he completely dissed her like she wasn’t even there. I’m sure he’s got that old mentality where women are more like in the background. Remember, he’s old. Really old. BUT HEY, ANNA IS GETTING MORE FAMOUS BY THE MINUTE. PACINO’S ON HIS WAY TO THE GRAVE. THAT OLD SCHOOL MENTALITY OF HIS IS GOING TO DIE OUT WITH THE PEOPLE OF THAT GENERATION.

  • Jealous

    @L: To be completely honest, I think in real life Anna & Steven are a little bit jealous of Askars. He completely steals their thunder in all public events such as the Emmy’s. Comic Con 2010 was barely mentioned because Askars didn’t attend this year. Nobody really cared that Anna & Steven attended. Actors are very sensitive about who gets attention. I don’t think the 3 are completely chummy BFFs. I think that’s just for when they’re in public. Sure they’re all friends but I’m sure theres a little bit of jealousy there.

  • D-BAG

    al pacino was such a D-BAG!!! He took up an enormous amount of time and they seem too scared to play the shut-up-music on him!! But for ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY ELSE who went even a second over their time they played the music.

  • rock n roll queen

    @Askars rocks: thank u ur such a sweetheart alex was really really great n that beer comment cracked me up why does this thing exists anyway whats next drug free extacy?anyway i felt sorry 4 anna im sure she admires al pacino n wanted a handshake she looks annoyed after he ignored her its a pity that such a good actor is such a moron

  • JM

    Thanks Askars Rocks. YOU rock! :)

  • JM

    BTW sexy & solo is a great look for Alex.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Hmmmmmm, I just may choke on my peanuts

  • smiley

    He is such a beautiful handsome man.
    Alexander is pure sex!!!!!
    He captures everyones attention whether he means too.

  • smiley

    He is such a beautiful handsome man.
    Alexander is pure sex!!!!
    He just captures your attention without even trying.




  • Paris

    Im dead-jealous. Hes so handsome

  • Clue

    All three looked great. It was a nice presentation. AS apparently took Bjorne to the Emmy’s. Funny not a hide nor hair from certain people who normally show up at after parties.Maybe there was too much togetherness in Sweden.

  • tan

    He is standing on stage next to the teacup humans.
    Next to the tiny humans.

  • Elephant in the Room

    So skeletor did not make an appearance? Aren’t these award shows what she lives for? Perhaps there is trouble in paradise after all. We’ll know within a few days. That will be long enough for her to coordinate another “accidental” Joan’s on Third lunch so she can get some of that dimmed spotlight back. Funny, no one seems to miss her. LOL!

  • wow

    @Elephant in the Room: Yeah, it’s weird that there hasn’t been any KB sightings? Where the heck could she be? Most women (or men for that matter!) would crawl over broken glass and fire to be with that beautiful man in a tux, at the very least she would normally be at the after parties..

  • burnt bacon

    Wow, I hardly recognize him without the scrawny limpet attached. I’m shocked that she didn’t go. Maybe the Emmys can only invite one pointless Kate per show and since Ms. Gosselin seems to have been there this year…

  • Abby

    He is deliciousness. Totally dwarfed Stephen and Anna, not to mention Al Pacino who is oh so tiny. Glad his +1 was not the bo-ho.

  • JM

    @ Burnt Bacon: LMFAO!!!! Thanks bacon, I needed a laugh this morning.

    If anyone is interested, here’s a link to some True Blood Emmy afterparty pics. Glad Anna dropped the pharoah collar for it. She is cute as a button but when they were interviewing her on the red carpet, I kept waiting for the mummy to show up. LOL! However, I credit her with still maintaining her inner goth chick made even more apparent by her black fingernail polish. Nice to see a confident woman not bow to typical Hollyweird standards.

    Steven & Alex looked yummy in their tuxes too!

  • another day


    Totally agree JM – that was a cross between a bad matador meeting the Pharoah after he and a samurai dropped acid. She has such a cute figure, that dress did not help. But I love that she’s so into McQueen, not a slave to the fashion rules. @Burnt Bacon, it’s never a party unless you’re here. And I think the Bosworth quota was also met with Lo – so she might have been ruled out on both ends.

  • CAGirl

    I just realized that Alex’s normal expression is a scowl. If he’s not smiling, he’s scowling but he’s not really scowling. That said, he sure is gorgeous!

  • Fishy

    He looks delicious. He should keep it up. Plus he always looks gorgeous on a dark tux.

    What a difference shedding 95 pounds of useless dead weight makes. Now there’s a diet I approve of.

  • Carla Nelson

    People want to see acting not prettyboys with good body’s. Did they win an Emmy?. No matter how good he looked he still did not get an Emmy. Tb is running up against some stiff competition. Mad men beat them out last year.

  • Blackcat99

    You’ve got to read this!
    Personally, I do not know how much of this true!But,if anyone got dumped it was Kate!She is just trying to save face!He was acting like he was fed up with her a LONG time!And the part where she said Alex was “so passe”!(if she really said it)well, I guess she would know all about being passe!

  • Spice

    He looked very handsome, but he did look sad in candid moments. I think he and KB have broken up.

  • emmys

    looks like kate was in LA and is having a photo shoot today still cannot understand why she did not attend the emmys or the after party with her supposed boyfriend AS ?? maybe she was not invited

    this is from twitter

    on my way to work, shooting my lovely friend kate Bosworth for her jewelery line !
    about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

  • another day

    @Blackcat99: Oh, I think we all totally wish that were true, but it’s from the Swedish tabloids and they aren’t that accurate (or accurate at all), so darn, we’ll just have to keep wishing this one away. Saw that tweet as well, how odd that she’s around but can’t drag herself to any of the afterparties? Whaa? Something’s rotten in Denmark, er Sweden, um LA…

  • burnt bacon

    @JM, @another day: Aw, you guys! C’mere! *gives affectionate noogies*
    And LOL at her “dumping” him because he wouldn’t marry her. This is the most publicity she has gotten in YEARS, so the only way she’ll leave him is in a body bag. She apparently doesn’t mind that he looks utterly miserable in her presence, I doubt if a little think like marrying her will make a dent.

  • JM

    @ Blackcat99: Thank the Gods of Valhalla if it’s true!

  • OMG

    OH MY GOD found this in twitter poor AS he cannot even go the toilet in private without people tweeting it. a bit scary

    popbytes Texts I Like: From bestie at #Emmys FW: Peed next to Skarsgard vampire guy. nice cock. (thanks to my friend for this important bit of info!)
    about 13 hours agoby Michael Knudsen (

  • VIP

    @OMG: aww thats not funny!!!

  • @47

    aww thats not funny!!!

  • Kristin

    Alexander looked so sexy at the Emmys! He is gorgeous! Anna looked really beautiful too; I loved her hair and makeup. She didn’t want to blend in with all the other actresses and her dress looked really good on her! Anna has a little bit of a goth style with black nails. I loved it! Stephen looked really good with a tan. Eric and Sookie together!