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Alexander Skarsgard: Emmys Bound!

Alexander Skarsgard: Emmys Bound!

A solo Alexander Skarsgard keeps it sexy in a black Burberry trench as he arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (August 28).

Tomorrow at the 2010 Emmy Awards, the 33-year-old Swedish actor will be wearing a Tom Ford black, peak lapel tuxedo, white evening shirt, black bowtie, white silk pocket square and black patent leather evening shoes.

Alex‘s hit vampire show is up for an Emmy this year in Best Series Drama!

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard getting ready for the Emmys

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  • so meh….

    Skarsgard is soooo overated, he’s just very AVERAGE looking.

    All these people are saying he’s so hot just because he plays a vampire.

    The receding hairline, the boulbous nose and the huge bags under his eyes are NOT hot, gorgeous or sexy…

  • Lovely

    Great to see Alex without his 95 lb. bag of anorexia.

  • Lovely

    Great to see Alex with the 95 lbs. of anorexia clinging to him.

  • so meh… so wrong

    This man is sex on legs. He’s so friggin’ hot I barely have words to describe him.

  • nanny825

    Welcome home Alex! He looks tired, let’s hope he’s dumped the skank in time for the Emmys.

  • facetedjewel

    @so meh….:
    It’s true, so meh, Alex isn’t pretty…he’s beautiful. I can watch ‘pretty’ in very small doses before getting bored, and quickly forgetting them. The slow maturity of ‘beautiful’ you want to appreciate slowly over a lifetime, or a career. ‘Average’ translates into ‘relatable’ on screen.

  • facetedjewel

    Correction Just Jared: Alex is 34.

  • sara

    Fivehead and greasy hair. Ugly.

  • veruca

    Nice to see he made it back. I wish I could look that good after an intercontinental flight!

    But, all the info on the tux? Really seems to indicate he’s giving info to JJ and not just Kate (which crushes my hopes). Seriously, all the info, right down to the pocket square? Though he will definitely look de-lish.

  • fug lmao

    Fivehead, ogre body and hands and greasy hair. OOOOOOOGLAAAAAAAY

  • LisaM

    I’m happy to see that he’s blonde again. He looks soooooo much better without that famewh@re girlfriend of his attached to his ass!!! lol

  • Clue

    “Tomorrow at the 2010 Emmy Awards, the 33-year-old Swedish actor will be wearing a Tom Ford black, peak lapel tuxedo, white evening shirt, black bowtie, white silk pocket square and black patent leather evening shoes.”—- as per JJ and staff.

    Read more:

    Is JJ’s staff so stupid that they forgot he turned 34 on his BIRTHDAY AUGUST 25TH? What else is JJ not understanding? He looks emaciated, but I guess that JJ and staff will say he looks well rested and in the glow of LURVE!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell needs love like that?!?!?!? The only thing to see now is the Emmy red carpet and what it brings.

  • monice

    I used to adored him, but ever since his “taste” on women was revealed-
    bland , anorexic, untalented, husband stealer, white chicks, it really turn me off him.

    It is so sad, but is true, that unless you have establish yourself pretty solid in your career, your offscreen life will matter to the fans.

    An a unpopular romance will sour your fan base and weaken your career.

    Alex missed the great momentum of fame he had at the beginning of season 3. He turn off a lot his fans, (the majority were women) off because keeping company with Kate Bonesworth.

    If he would have chosen to associate with a fellow castmate of the show (Rutina or Evan), I think he would have been the next “Bradgelina”

    Also I think the fame to his head. He adquired his popularity because of TrueBlood not his movie career.

    Suddenlty he is too big to go to Comicon and attend his coworkers wedding, but he makes the time to go to the emmys?

    I love TB and the Eric character, but other than I wont support any of his future movies.

  • elena

    such a beautiful man!

  • Spice

    @monice: The guy was in Sweden working during Comicon and Anna and Stephen’s wedding.

  • Clue

    @sara and so meh………

    You actually wasted time and what little brain cells you have on making negative comments about ASkars??? Really?!?!?!:? Is your hand not co-operating? Batteries dead? I’s sorry for you.

  • Lila

    Can’t wait to see Alex at the Emmys. He was filming a movie in Sweden with Kirsten Dunst until yesterday. He’s squeezing in the Emmys then starting another movie in Hawaii next week. Why are people trying to start gossip about him not going to events? He works. A LOT. I’m glad he going to the Emmys at all.

  • Sexy

    Thanks JJ for posting the pics. Alex looks great! Nice to see him back in LA and I’m looking forward to seeing him at the Emmys

  • Sexy


    The info about the tux came in the same tweet saying Jimmy Fallon and Ryan Murphy also are wearing Tom Ford which means it’s Tom Ford’s people doing informing. All famous brands PR departments make press releases to inform which celebrity wears their clothes.

  • Rita

    Is it disturbing that I find Alex’s neck sexy? LOL. Glad he’s back in LA!

  • Blueberry


    so he should think long and hard before falling in love with anybody? And not choose a woman he actually likes, and that makes him happy?

    Maybe he’s just not so stupid that he believes every silly rumour that floats around the internet – like you seem to do

    @veruca: Actually the news that Alex and Ryan will be wearing Tom Ford has been floating around the internet a few days now, so that’s not something Skarsgard has been leaking

  • rock n roll queen

    alex looks great n hes really good dressed here btw alex loves his role in tb n the whole cast so the fact that he couldnt make it bcause he was working is obvious n who needs another bradgelina anyway isnt the original enouph 4 u im so sick of people who want celebrities to have the perfect n most crowd appealing life get over it noone lives like this otherwise it wouldnt be one day all smiles n the other day cheating n divorce

  • Blueberry


    so he should think long and hard before falling in love with anybody? And not choose a woman he actually likes, and that makes him happy?

    Maybe he’s just not so stupid that he believes every silly rumour that floats around the internet – like you seem to do.

    And also, the guy just arrived at LAX from Sweden, where he’s been filming the next Von Trier movie – and THAT’S why he’s not been in the US. After the Emmys he’s going to Hawaii to start another movie.

    Maybe you should at least try to get your facts straight before making statements like this?

    @veruca: Actually the news that Alex and some other people will be wearing Tom Ford has been floating around the internet a few days now, so that’s not something Skarsgard has been leaking – rather Tom Fords people

  • http://@yummystuffgoesh Jackie B

    Jesus Monice, the man was in Sweden filming!

    FFS, you need to lighten up and stop taking things personal if he can’t attend a few gigs.

  • Twilight

    @Blueberry: He never looks happy let alone in love in his pics with that girl.

    He always seems more relaxed and happy when she’s not around.

  • Jam

    Whats with the random negative votes? Someone must be in ragemode… yay!lol

  • Peanut Gallery

    Oooh yes, I missed sitting in the gallery

  • Aminta

    You all ugly and fat girls who are calling him ugly, you wish in a 10’0000 yeats a guy like him looks at you

  • Askars rocks

    He looks great and what’s up with all the people bashing for thinking he doesn’t look good? Not every1 has to like him but I’m sure there are several other hunks you can have a look at instead of wasting your time on sexy Swedish Alex.
    Pls Peter Berg let him keep his hair this way although I guess for Battleship it has to be cut…

  • Brush

    Alex is looking very hot here!!! For someone that’s been working all this time and been on a long flight. He looks great and I love his hair 2.
    Go Alex!!!

  • Clue

    Still think he’s pretty, just looking very thin. Very, very big difference from last year this time. He said he’s naturally very thin and has problems keeping weigh on but this is ridiculous, considering he’s supposed to start filming a role where he’s a Navy officer. Most of us think of military personnel as being very buff and in shape. He’s looking on the thin side to fit that bill. I’m sure he’ll do well because he has always been known a s professional in all his previous jobs. Wish him well.

  • Weird

    Sorry to say but he does not look good anymore! What happened? He looks drugged out or something! Used to think he was so hot but now he looks like he just came in from the gutter. Maybe its just the idea of him dating Kate Bosworth that makes him look bad. She makes everything look bad. And he looks more pathetic and desperate than she does now. I hope that he and Kate do not try and upstaged Anna and Stephen. Those two rock!!! She is amazing and beautiful and talented. Kate could never hold a candle to her and she should never be at the same events with Anna. NEVER!!!

  • Elephant in the room

    So will he finally publicly acknowledge his famewh*re, I mean girlfriend and walk the red carpet with her or will he just sneak her out the back entrance of the afterparty like he did at the GGs?

  • True Blood fan


    Well, he doesn’t look too happy without his girlfriend either. Where is she anyway? She was in Sweden with him for weeks. I love him though. He’s not the most beautiful man in the world but he has charisma and undeniable sex appeal.

  • I’m wondering

    If he brings Kate to the Emmy show,Will Anna change her seat with stephen just to avoid the famewhore…?

  • JM

    Nice to see Alex without the extra appendage. However, could someone urge him to take a vacation. He’s been working nonstop well over a yr. Between that & his pap filled private life, he’s well overdue for some much needed R&R and I’m not talking about weekend Stockhom tours and music festival photo ops with the hag he allegedly dates.

  • Askars rocks

    @True Blood fan: There are further pics where does smile indeed…. maybe JJ prefers to show the grumpy look to encourage speculation whether he’s happy or not… more comments, more clicks….


    @I’m wondering:

    But don’t they be similar in that famewhoring thing LOL? All that publicity with her bi-sexuality and they private life stuff. Always photographed when they are out. Which of them calls paps, Stephen or Anna or both?

  • smiley

    Alex is 34 now he had a birthday during the week!!!!!!
    Thanks for the pictures he is my favorite viking:-)

  • Wolf

    @LMFAO: They’re on a top rated cable show and the cover of Rolling Stone. They don’t need to call the paps unlike that balding, blonde who hasn’t had a movie released in years and is constantly photographed eating lunch alone at Joan’s on Third.

  • Drea

    He’s still nice looking but his hairline is starting to recede.

  • always

    @True Blood fan: What girlfriend? You mean the f*ck buddy he doesn’t acknowledge who hightailed it to Sweden once it hit the net he was hanging out with Dunst? He looks happier in these airport photos than he usually does with her.

  • Sweet Pea

    @Drea: Have you seen his brother Gustaf? Very cute but almost bald. Good actor too.

  • @always


    I agree he never even took kate to the latest premiere or after party of his new film puss in sweden.

  • Franck
  • SillyBishes

    @monice: Dislike the man if you want, but at least for legitimate reasons. Alex was filming a movie in Sweden until a day or so ago. The director is known for being a control freak and keeping actors on strict schedules. Dunst even commented on it. Alex could not make the wedding or Comic Con for THIS reason. He said he was very sorry he could not make Comic Con. He had a great time there last year so why would he not want to go and bask in fan adoration if he could?
    We continue to read how nice he is to everyone who meets him. On twitter last night, two paps were texting each other while stalking him at the airport. The one guy comments that Alex treats them well. So please… keep it real.

  • SillyBishes

    @Clue: Hi. It is weird about Alex and his weight. I wish that was my problem. Funny thing… even when I think he is looking thin again, he takes off his shirt and his arms and shoulders are still amazing. I know there are handsomer, or more buff actors out there but for some reason Askars floats my boat. To all the people who have not seen it… its like a package deal attraction to the man…. plus he is talented.

  • It’s Baaack!

    I was really hoping a number of things had come to pass: that Battleship had been shelved indefintely due to those over- budget problems so we wouldn’t have to speculate if Bosworthless was going to show up in Hawaii, and that AS would be staying in his beloved Sweden until he had to come back in December to film what I hope will be the last season of that badly written, boring trash show True Blood. I’ll be very surprised if the s**t is anywhere near him tonight. I suspect after that fiasco in Sweden (btw it had already been reported before he left in July that she’d be visiting him there so it had nothing to do with KD), they are pretty much over and done with. As for how busy he’s been this past year working, give me a break! Except for TB, he’s done nothing except for that Melancholia role he just finished. That never-to-be-released flop Straw Dogs was a year ago which was the beginning of the end for his career in Hollywood thanks to his hook-up with Bosworthless and his famewhore/womannizing behavior. One more btw – Ian Somerhalder’s character Damon Salvatore of the Vampire Diaries was the winner in Entertainment Weekly’s Sexiest Beast poll. AS’s Eric Northman was eliminated in the quarter finals. So much for how popular he and his character in TB are. The only reason I’ll be watching the Emmys tonight is to see that whole bunch from TB sit through every one of the awards their garbage show has been nominated for go to truly deserving creative artists!

  • Brush

    @SillyBishes I totally agree with you. I heard nothing but good things from people that have met him all over the internet his castmates loves him just as much as his fans that have met him. They all say That he is really nice and lovely. So if you’re going hate him. Please give us a good reason why! If you don’t like to look at him or like him go find someone else that makes you happy.

    Waiting to see if he will take her or not to the Emmy’s.

  • Refused?!

    @it’s Back Wow I hope that you don’t live amongst real people cause you sound like a bitter cow. You sound like you can’t stand him and what he does but yet still you come on a sunday to post crap about him. WOW!!!

    I am sorry that he refused to have sex with you that’s got to hurt. I can see why you are so bitter. FYI Try harder next time.