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George Clooney: Emmy Awards with Elisabetta Canalis!

George Clooney: Emmy Awards with Elisabetta Canalis!

George Clooney and his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis pose together in the 2010 Emmy Awards Trophy Room at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday (August 29) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the evening, the 49-year-old actor picked up the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award for his history of motivating those in Hollywood to rally together and provide aid and assistance in times of tragedy or disaster. Julianna Marguiles received the honor of presenting the award to her E.R. co-star!

George, who wore a Giorgio Armani classic tuxedo, most recently organized the Hope for Haiti Now telethon after the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney accepting the humanitarian award…

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george clooney elisabetta canalis emmys 2010 01
george clooney elisabetta canalis emmys 2010 02
george clooney elisabetta canalis emmys 2010 03
george clooney elisabetta canalis emmys 2010 04
george clooney elisabetta canalis emmys 2010 05
george clooney elisabetta canalis emmys 2010 06
george clooney elisabetta canalis emmys 2010 07
george clooney elisabetta canalis emmys 2010 08
george clooney elisabetta canalis emmys 2010 09
george clooney elisabetta canalis emmys 2010 10

Credit: Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Matthew Imaging; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • beatriz

    George Clooney <3

  • QQQQ

    BOOOOOOO! Fake, ass kisser! So NOT deserving of any award.

  • anonymous

    It’s shameful that Canalis was allowed to attend. It dishonors the award.

  • an oldie

    Lighten up guys. Congratulations to George for the award. Any little help counts, and you helped a lot.

  • to anonymous

    it may dishonor the award in our opinion. however, elisabetta is there because george wanted her to be. what ever anyone may think she is his girlfriend.

  • to anonymous

    here i thought that george was going to end it after the girlfriend talked about george in the italian vogue. but looking at the pictures i think he’s going to keep her around.

  • Anna

    Just to know… What did she say to the Italian Vogue?

  • to anna

    actually, the previous poster was mistaken, it’s not italian vogue but italian vanity fair. she gave the interview at george’s lakeside property villa oleandra

    ” Canalis calls the handsome leading man in her life supportive (“Very. He is always very close to me”), considers herself pampered (“Like I have never been before”) and describes Clooney as “the person thanks to which my life has regained color. I feel good, I feel light. Like when I was 18 years old.”

    In fact, says the beauty, 31, “I am happy like I was when I was 18 years old. Those who criticize or invent stories about us are just jealous.”

  • MissAnthropica

    Hes only 49 years old? I always though he was older somehow. Not saying he looks older, but I always thought he was older than 49.

  • Brad Pity

    Haha! Look at pic #4! Georgy looks miserable. George buddy, when you’re with your beard, you’re supposed to look happy, not like you can’t stand her.

  • man

    She has men’s facial features like Jeniffer Aniston, looks like a transvestite.

  • to brad pity

    sorry, friend but it looks like george is going to stay with the girlfriend. as for photo 4, that means nothing. remember where it was taken, back stage at the emmys. it’s full of paps and others roaming around. his unhappiness could have been for any reason

    off the top of my head, someone may have asked him if he’s going to marry her. george is famous for not liking that kind of question. in any case, if he does end the relationship it will only be because he has another girl in the background. this is one guy who loves women.

  • MissAnthropica

    Personally I dont give a crud about who or what George does really, but I will say this I have never seen a picture of his girlfriend up close before and was shocked when I finally did.
    I hate to say this but she kinda looks like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. I know its mean to say but she does.
    Same lips same jaw bone etc etc. I know Im going to hell for saying it but she does have very harsh features more often seen in men. But hey if thats what George likes I guess thats what he likes. She looks a tad like Mick Jagger as well o.0
    Could be the make up isnt helping either for being only 31 she really has it caked on. That always makes a woman look harsher and older.

  • Game’s Over, Cornball!

    He totally despises being seen with her. Look at his eyes looking far away from the camera. George darling, you signed the darn contract. Suck it up, sweety! You had no problem with your e.scort Sarah Larson until the public found out about her colorful job title as a VIP hostess/e.scort a la Rachel Uchitel. So quit acting like it is these women’s faults that you look so bad. You agreed to hire them for mutual PR. If it was your studio or your financiers who put the pressure on you, than you should just tell the public that she’s your “friend” because you don’t seem to think anyone will find out that these girls are professional “girl friends”. Don’t you think people have eyes or ears? What about her daliances with Berlusconi? What about her coke habit and being high on the red carpet to the Golden Globes? You didn’t seem to care a fig until the public found out the real truth behind her. You’re like a child … wimpering and whining only when he gets CAUGHT doing bad. Do you not think the internet, where so much truth comes out, is the primary place people go to discuss this stuff? Dude, all you have to do is read the internet and see the photos. Read what people are saying about you. Fire your publicist who seems to think that they love you. Sarah Larson was a joke! This chick is even worse! The cocaine scandal is making you look like a junkie yourself, because why else would you have hired her? Birds of a feather flock together. And to think you hung out one night last year with Paris Hilton, who just got busted her 3rd time and this time with cocaine. Don’t you think people are already talking about you and your snort habit?? And for this you get a humanitarian award? What you think Oprah snorts, too? Do all humanitarian award recipients act this childish? What a stupid award!

    Now let’s move on to WHY you’ve done this … TWICE now. And why you haven’t learned anything. If you’re gay, than it’s no wonder people are calling you that because dating strippers and playboy models and hiring e.scorts makes you LOOK gay. And each time it seems you stoop lower and lower. Sarah Larson was bad enough. She was on reality tv, for crying out loud!

    The only other plausible explanation is “The One” theory, and perhaps you are indeed holding out for her. She can’t get to you when you’re wasting your time with these w.h.o.r.e.s. Because the truth is, you have come across one another’s lives and you remember who she is. ‘Cause we know and she knows you’re not gay. Consider this: Won’t she have a hard time accepting you, knowing that you were willing to lie to the world at large that these call girls were your girlfriends? Won’t she have a hard time trusting you knowing that you would sell yourself out for a little additional publicity? Won’t she be p.o.ed that even though you weren’t quite ready for her that you chose to appease the public’s thirst for dirt rather than put yourself into position to BE ready for her? You’re going to have to work triple time to prove to her that you take her seriously because not even your public is taking you seriously any more. The last time they truly did was about 2006. The same year you lost your pig. What happened to you then? Was “The One” in your life then or did you chicken out on her? Did seeing her scare you away? Why didn’t you at least try to find out more so she wasn’t so distant now? Are these call girls just to hold her place until you grow the balls to be with her? You’re only torturing yourself and making your public hate what you’ve become. These pointless awards won’t smoothe that over. You haven’t a clue what you’re doing to your future self and your future wife. You ought to know better having turned to the person who used to give you “cosmic” advice on your personal life. Instead you wrote that person off and stopped listening. Did you stop believing entirely and if so, why? What happened??? When are we going to see the real George again or have you just always been a fake? I thnk you know the answer. And your “One” knows the answer.

    So go ahead. Let them call you gay, phoney, smug, self-involved, etc. You deserve it for carelessly flinging your romantic fate to the wind. If only you knew you truly did have a say, you’d stop wh_oring yourself out for scraps.

    You may have had a contract to fulfill and thus, Elisabruta was present. But do send out a “stonehenge” to your real love. She’s literally just days from your grasp. And no office narc or insider friend needs to let this be known to your public when you can sense it all on your own and now so can others.

    End your contract with The Italian already.

  • Almost There!

    No doubt she is an ugly fame and coke ho. Everyone with a computer can read all about it. Her contract obviously ends after the release of the American, which is due out Wednesday. The same thing happened with his last girl-for-hire, Sarah Larson, and yes all kinds of yicky stuff starting coming out about her sordid “job” history. But at least she didn’t get her magazine article until the bitter end. This ugly mannish looking thing already got her magazine, complete with the same crazy photoshopped pictures a la Sarah Larson’s floating above a motorcycle picture. Remember that stupid thing? So don’t worry folks. This call girl has an expiration date, too, and it’s a-coming!

    But now let’s talk about George and how he’s fairing. You see, he does have a “The One”. They just aren’t exactly an item … yet. He made a big mistake and got scared off at the end of ’06 when the time was ideal, so now to have a temporary “fix”, he’s hired girls to be seen with and pass the time with. It’s gimmicky, and yes, it makes him look cheap and very bad but the expression on his face above is tell tale. He’s tired of the bs. But that’s what you get when you give in to studio and financiers’ pressure. You end up wh_ring yourself out and you know like attracts like. And he should be tired of the bs since he helped to create all of it. After all, he did want Elisabetta and Sarah both to sign the dotted line and they willingly did. He wanted to be see with this Italian scumbag at all these events. He agreed to it. She agreed to it. They had to uphold their contracts. But you won’t see this happen again with another. He is going to move into the other direction. So breathe a sigh of relief. The one he is going to commit to has got so much for him to strive for, you wouldn’t want him wasting another second being fake with ole Steven Tyler up there! So he’s not.

    But at least he tried to be humble about his award that he worked very hard to get. And yes, he purposedly worked for that thing. It was just as “important” to him as the People’s Sexiest, but you know in the end, none of these things, not even the Oscar, will stack up to what is about to take him over. Thank God. No literally ….. thank God.

  • Cora

    @MissAnthropica: She has to cake the makeup on because she has acne.

  • Luis

    Ugly coke skank!



  • Arianna

    Elisabetta and George make a lovely couple. She is a beautiful, confident women and that’s very sexy and I’m sure why George likes her so much. There are few people who could wear that form fitting dress she has on. There’s not a bump or bulge anywhere. She looks incredible in it. Apparently, they are really enjoying life in Lake Como, Italy. They have a circle of friends they have dinner and party with. Life couldn’t be any better for these two. They both look tanned and very happy. Life could not be any better!

  • horse teeth

    Shes out of her mind coss she takes drugs… I think she has many things in common with people from here.

  • man

    Don`t be mad at me Kikka. I just express my opinion and I do respect yours. It is obvious that he loves her and I don`t go there. I comment on her external appearance. I don`t know her character traits and I will not comment on them. You have to understand that people have different opinions and that is why life is so interesting.

  • molly

    Shut up Kikka and Arianna. You are both obviously friends of or either are Elisabetta herself. No one here is jealous or has nothing better to do. Elisabetta is a bona fide tranny looking coke ho, plain and simple. Read about it everywhere. Look at her crappy looking Steven Tyler face everywhere. And yet she put down Jennifer Aniston, who not only comes from a successful industry family, but who literally has to shovel her millions into the bank. And Elisabetta has to flash her tettas for cheap goofy calendars and dance on TRL and laughable “news” programming to make her measely money. Oh yeah, and she signs contracts with rich celebs to pretend to be their girlfriend. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s not even a career!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What’s worse is that once this is all over and done with, she will be as equally laughable as that greasey looking Sarah Larson, the VIP hostess/escort from Vegas who was last on contract with him. Won’t these wannabes ever learn or will he actually find a real girlfriend soon? Maybe Almost There! is right. Let’s hope, ’cause Elisabetta is making me want to go bathe in bleach. Dirty, overly tattooed, weird voice sounding, wrinkly-a-s-s, leathery looking skinned bag! How the F8Ck does Arianna equate TAN with being HAPPY and IN LOVE????? God, finish high school, you degenerate!

  • eww

    Kikka loser is none other than Elisabetta herself. That greasey looking thing needs to google Sarah Larson to get a taste of what’s to come for her. Why do these ho’s think that by signing their life off on a contract for fame is going to take them places? It’s just as bad as this pinhead, Arianna, who seems to equate Elisabetta as TAN with BEING IN LOVE! Je-sus, finish high school, you degenerates! Anyone with a computer can quickly read about and look at what made Elisabetta so-called “famous”. She’s just a trampy Italian bim-bo who sold herself out to nudey calendars which could probably be bought and sold here in the U.S. at the 99 Cents Only Stores, for a whopping – you guessed it, 99 CENTS. She’s cheap and ugly and obviously WAY overphotoshopped in her pictures because in person and on regular unphotoshopped pics, she LOOKS LIKE A DUDE! More like Steven Tyler. And this gutter trash had the nerve to put down Jennifer Aniston, who is not only educated, but comes from a family in the entertainment industry, and whose residual checks from “Friends” could buy Elisabetta and 20 of her friends a college education from Harvard. So sorry, but no one in the United States can stand this ho and it’s time for her to fall off the map for good. Arrivederci, tranny!



  • bellinas


  • illy

    Elisabruta’s really a aged horse-face! it’s too hard believe she’s only 31 years, 40 at least.
    she has very hard make-up becouse she’s a lot of pimples.
    she’s really ugly, narcisist, arrogant and using George but this’d not a big deal…
    the deal is taht she is a cokewo.hre wiht name in police reports and people ask why GC a serius good actor likes a similar woman…
    he looks a big moron!

  • American

    He desperately tries to become a European or Italian so he parades with this third class Italian entertainer. On the other hand, she desperately tries to be inserted into Hollywood society but fails to do so.
    I bet, she would give a fortune just to be seen with Angie Jolie. She has even tried to spit on Jeniffer Aniston to succeed in this. I am not JA fan but that was a low class act but it did`t help. She will be remembered in US only as George Clooney`s girlfriend number 103.

  • soi

    They look great !

  • Rhiannan

    Elizabetta is stunning! No wonder George is so smitten with her! She can wear clothes like nobody else.

  • molly

    To Molly: I am not a friend and do not personally know Elisabetta Canalis. I am not Elisabetta Canalis, only a woman, who (that) seeks to respect the opinions of others without offending (them). <> And you fail to respect not only Elisabetta but above all Clooney.

    Well Kikka – firstly I am going to comment on how you can perfectly read English but fail to write in such, as does Elisabetta herself, particularly when writing nasty thing about people she does not even know, like Jennifer Aniston. Secondly, you troll, respect is not something that is, nor should be, freely given to anyone of any kind, but rather earned or even earned back once lost. Many former Clooney supporters aren’t going to his movies nor supporting his very inappropriate public actions, such as trying to pass off a Vegas escort as model/actress. Nor is it your unwritten duty to command a person like me to “respect” a guy who does that – or a guy who has to hire any female to pose as his girlfriend. You see, although you come from a country where women aspire to be escorts or velinas and shake their can-cans for a news programme, the rest of us women in the United States laugh at such abominable aspirations, just like we laugh at your minister of equal rights, whom herself, has many photos floating around on the internet of her bare breasts and a-s-s while she was doing anything and anyone just to become famous. We don’t put w-hores like that into office here. I know this a new and foreign concept for you to wrap you puny mind around, but imagine getting an education and a respectable job and having some fame at it all without having to suck c_ock to get there. No one respects a man who hires women to do this, while he puts on airs that he is out there saving the world. It makes an absolute mockery out of those who truly are, hence his comment about others who do good and aren’t awarded for such. Celebrities in Hollywood forget that even in the Bible itself, it says essentially not to do good for others for your own appeal amongst others. But celebs don’t know this because if there’s a photo op involved, they’re all over that sh-it like stink flies to poop.

    And don’t even get me started on your incessant need for me to “respect” Elisabetta. No one here respects a woman who “dates” any celebrity she can to get papped by photographers in which she a) tips off and b) stares into their cameras at just the right time, as if she had it all planned, which of course she did. She’s a fame ho …. that’s what they do. She’s also extremely deluded if she honestly believes that she is beautiful. She may have been once attractive with a healthy body, but that has all given way to cellulite ridden thighs (which all women get past the age of 26), and a very horridly grooved and wrinkled face, due to her endless sucking on f-ags (cigarettes, that is). And the grotesque and immature tattoos (Eminem, etc) are appropriate for ex-cons or Harley riders, not for women trying to prove to the world their so-called beauty, grace, or sophistication. And her face resembles a famous singer who once abused every drug known to mankind but stopped short of losing his character or most of his brain cells. Steven Tyler is NOT someone women should be allowing themselves to grow into and if Elisabetta cannot stand hearing about it, maybe she should take her ugly mug out of the public eye.

    As for you, darling, remember your internet courtesy; that you are on an American website and perhaps you should invest in few English courses so people like me don’t have to translate your for the masses while you hide behind a facade. And if you love Elisabetta so much, go back to your own corrupt country and proclaim it there because here she is just another ugly fame ho bag looking to extend her 15 minutes for as long as she can at whatever cost she can.

    The only thing about Clooney’s philanthropy is the paycheck she gonna receive when her contract is up. End of story!

  • rachel

    Clooney is a moron, an assh*le, a manwh*re.He doesn’t deserve this award.

  • Anonymous

    Game’sOver,Cornball!/AlmostThere! You understand correctly, it is strictly publicity contract and good that you aware him being not gay. This all was long time ago and George was completely different person than now. And he has not become simpler he became more complex. His work in Darfur, things they do with Brad, his thoughts, his life vision, the way he spoke about Italian mothers singing their kids songs and many more… Today it’s different George and he have different lady. And do not think that I mean Canalis. “Elisabruta send out a “stonehenge” to your real love” it is not so. Elisabetta doesn’t cross limits stipulated in the contract, she behaves with tact and doesn’t allow any familiarities in relation to George. That’s why his real girlfriend is okay with this. Probably these “relationship” was convenient for all, since his real girlfriend takes up a certain position and avoids publicity. Contract is valid till the movie premiere, so it cannot be canceled by this time. And this is the personal right of people to keep their private life in secret.

  • to 14

    you took a long time to get to the point but i agree with most of what you sayl i have never know what george sees in her. that photograph where she waved her arm in the air to show off the napkin ring on her finger must of horrified him. he did not look happy.

    about sarah larson, i spoke to some people, who know the situation, about her in L.A. they all say the same thing. sarah blew it big time by opening her mouth once too often. she had a good thing going which might of lasted but she just had to talk. sarah, i think, made the mistake of thinking that she could persuade george to marry her. the ‘ONE” you talk about it sounds interesting. unless she’s prepared to be with him without the benefit of marriage then i doubt she’ll stay long. after all george has said loud and clear many times he does not want to get married again.

    as for Berlusconi, that was before george. none of my friends or family in italy think that it’s a big deal. it’s widely known that almost all of the leaders of italy,even though they are married, have women on the side. what is not understood is why americans and others make a big deal of it. Italy is not the only country, it happens in france. the cocaine problem also took place before george; read the newspapers on that one,

  • to 14 & 15

    out of curiosity, are you some sort of psychic? you keep going one about the “one”. you say that her contract will end after the american comes out. here’s the question, what happens if you’re wrong? what will you say if she’s still around after the american? here’s an even worse thought. what if george decides that elisabetta is the “one”. stranger things have happened.

  • to molly

    i wouldn’t jump up and down about another country’s minister of equal rights if i were you. that is unless you want others to bring up the fact that people like you elected george w bush as president. there’re are those who will see what he did as being far worse.

  • alice

    at the end…she gone at the Emmy! this is the proof she’s talking, release interviews and calling paparazzi in according with him!
    1) he can’t break contract for a scandal becouse behind her there’s a important people (she’s a Berlusconi tv girl)
    2) He’s totally in love with her and he doesn’t care her past (see Pretty Woman movie)
    3) He is enjoying with this chick (sex & drug & rock’n roll) and he’ll date with her until he’ll enjoy…

  • anonymous

    Okay guys, have a favor to ask of you. Please say a prayer for the real gf that she is able to forgive and move past all of this. She is having a hard time with that right now. She is private and does not want publicity, but at the same time she feels that George let her down terribly in not taking his father instead of Canalis to the Emmys. She even has thoughts that she wishes he hadn’t won the award, because she feels that George only accepted it to use it as a publicity stunt. She doesn’t know if he’s the man she thought he was. If you pray, maybe you could keep them in your prayers. If things work out and they are together, it would be nice for everyone. Young people and everyone will get to see a true soulmate relationship that is about love.

  • Marta

    @molly: @molly: Auguri molly

  • skankanalis

    Cocanalis looks much older than GC!

  • friendofclooney

    I love George Clooney no matter what the negative tabloids say about him. I think he is a sweet, passionate, funny, loving, tender, giving, sexy, kind hearted man. George Clooney is NOT gay,but rather adventurous in bed. But then again, it’s nobodody’s business, is it? I agree with George that marriage is not for everyone and I personally could live very happily ever after with him without the wedding vows. He has worked very hard for all he has and so have I… he would be in good company with me. George will meet “the one” that is meant for him at the end of this year. They have already crossed paths in California,years ago. She will be strong, beautiful and intelligent. Very famous last name, but her own person. He will be in a good place with her and genuinely happy. The public will respect her. George needs to travel between Las Vegas and California in December to finally meet her the right way. She is definitely an exotic brunette. You will also work together on both humanitarian and film projects by next year.

  • Brad Pity

    The nutty broad writing about “the one” needs to get to a shrink, stat. No sense in throwing your life away, Corny, uh, I mean honey. Georgie boy ain’t sitting around pining for you.

  • anonymous

    Yeah, that’s New Kid / Calii / Katie / Oeandra and other nicks she goes by. She’s seriously disturbed. She uses her different IDs to gang up on people on various boards and blogs.

  • friendofclooney

    @Game’s Over, Cornball!: @Game’s Over, Cornball!: It breaks my heart to see the PR nightmare that George Clooney has conjured up for himself. In my heart, I know he is a genuinely sweet man. A very loving, kind and tender man. I do agree with him that marriage is not for everyone. I went through a horrific divorce myself and I am on the same page with George. He is the kind of guy who demands very little of his mate to be happy. Afterall, his money can take him anywhere at any given moment. His true soul-mate is closer than he thinks and is hurting over what she sees and hears and tries to do damage control for him. George is oblivious to that though. He will meet her at the end of this year between Las vegas and California. Famous last name but she is not famous yet. A gem for George!!!! He will be happy once he meets and gets to know her…..she will be the one!!!! Exotic brunette, size 5, 5ft 6ins tall, hazel eyes….law background… December 2010…..he needs to start looking….she loves concerts in Vegas like Michael Buble… attention George!!!!!!

  • friendofclooney

    Brad Pity, some of the comments that you have read, are from a psychic advisor to the stars. George just needs to be left alone and folks should just go out and see his new movie “The American” this week. He is a great actor and an awesome human being. The rest of Hollywood should pitch in with the exigent humanitarian causes around the globe and at home. Hurricane katrina victims left alive are still having a difficult time re-building 5 years in the aftermath. Innocent people are being killed daily in Sudan/Darfur. Haiti victims have yet to see any real relief efforts to rebuild in the aftermath. Despite George Clooney’s arduous task of shedding light on the aforementioned and putting his own money where his mouth is. Who gives a S**t who George is with now…he is single and rich…he can do as he pleases. I back him 100%…love you Goerge!!!

  • anonymous

    So you are a lawyer this week, “friendofclooney?” I thought you were a producer, or a counselor, or a public relations rep, or a reporter, or… it’s so hard to keep track.

  • Brandon

    Canalis is gorgeous, she wore nearly a thong on a yacht in Italy a few months ago, the best *zz i’ve ever seen. She has one h*ll of a body and she isn’t 18 years old. You witches are jealous and it shows, get to the gym then maybe you would get Clooney.

  • anonymous

    Brandon, you need to compare the pics from that photo op to the Hawaii pics taken just weeks before. The pics you’re referring to were photoshopped. The only time this tranny skank looks good is after major photoshopping, and even then the results are marginal at best.

  • CharlieHorse

    I was surprised his accepting the award was such a non-event. They did give him a standing ovation, true, but his speech was anti-climatic to all the build up for his being the 4th person to receive etc, etc. I saw a clip of the back stage stuff /green room where many congregated during the show. both clooney and chica were there. it is true they barely look at each other. she tried to look like she was having fun, but it can’t be much fun when you don’t understand most of what people are saying. She looked sad in some photos and then, just when I was about to feel sorry for her, a photographer came by to take their picture and she leaned into him, put on a big fake smile and puffed out her chest. He sort of cringed at her obviousness. It looks like the novelty has worn off for him somewhat. those saying it is love are starry eyed dreamers. He seems so conscious of others, she is oblivious. call me crazy but thats called incompatibility. it’s like owning a china shop and dating a clutz. you’re either cringing, scared or wiping your brow in relief…if that’s love, i think i’ll pass.

  • IcanSeeTheRealyou

    I thought the dress was nice from the back. she has a long torso and can wear those form fitting dresses. but white = trying too hard to be “pure” – like that’s going to quell the drug/hooker scandal. it looked like she had her hair done and i thought it looked nice too. other than that, their demeanor and interacting looked forced and shallow. she only came alive when a camera was pointed at her. she really loves the camera, clooney is just bait. that is going to be some fierce withdrawal when she has to go solo again….and that time’s a comin’ faster than you can say: Is Kentucky the hillbilly state?

  • IcanSeeTheRealyou

    d list or one of those blogs where everyone uses filthy language has a similar photo of two of them. in jj’s pic clooney looks like he’s plotting his escape. in the other blog, she looks like she knows it. ain’t love grand?