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Kate Gosselin - Emmys 2010 Red Carpet

Kate Gosselin - Emmys 2010 Red Carpet

Kate Gosselin arrives at the 2010 Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday (August 29) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old mother of eight has two shows on TLC, Kate Plus Eight and Twist of Kate!

Kate got glammed up in a Carmen Marc Valvo dress, Valentino shoes and Martin Katz/Everlon jewelry! Looks like Jon might be watching the kids tonight!

More pictures inside of Kate Gosselin at the 2010 Emmy Awards

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • bubbaness

    She’s awful and it’s ridiculous that she rates a seat at the Emmys.

  • ms bar jolie gaga

    ewwww. publicity addict. ewwww.

  • OMG

    OMG…she needs to go home and take care of her kids and get out of the limelight. This night is for TALENTED people in the film and tv industry and she is definitely not one of them.

  • stevo

    she actually looks pretty good.

  • Jenny

    What the hell is she doing at the Emmys??? Doesnt she have 8 kids to take care of…this women doesnt need anymore publicity than she already has. She needs to go home and be a MOM, not a wannabe celebrity in hollywood


    Anything is better than hanging out with Jon – go Kate – have fun!

  • brooke

    EWWW you know the Emmys have down graded when they start inviting Kate Gosselin

  • Tj20

    i love how she looks really classy lady and for the comments above me whe are not living in Iran every woman has right to have some free time.

  • amanda

    For gods sake, we all know she wants to be a celebrity. she gets 250,000.00 an episode plus the kids get a separate pay cheque that she gets to do whatever she wants with. Free designer clothes, mansion, cosmetic surgery, vacations,etc… now they are pushing her in our faces. I get a kick out of when she says she is just like any other single mother. um…other single mothers don’t make 1 million dollars for 4 episodes of a crappy show. My friends and I stopped watching TLC because of this bully. Shouldn’t she be at home raising those kids. They’re being raised by nannies and maids. Of course she doesn’ t have to pay there salary either TLC does. How dumb are we to make her even richer. She has more money and things then any of us will ever have in our lifetime. Oh maybe we should all get free invetro pop out a bunch of kids and make them carnival side show. Shame on her.

  • gillian

    wait….. why is she famous again? not a lot of people knew of jon & kate plus 8 until the divorce…. so what now, just cause she got a divorce and people all of a sudden pay attention to her family, everybody gets divorce these days… she let fame get to her, and she’s not even trying to hide it.

  • http://! Love

    Who is going to date her ???? With 8 kids is she for real? many people have lots of kids and dont have what she has…. I wouldnt want to be her and I am sure many wouldnt .

  • butterflier

    Why was this thing invited to the Emmys? The awards are given out to honor people with talent. Kate has no talent, unless you can call living off the backs of her children talent. That fancy dress? Either it was a freebie or the kids paid for it, like they have for everything else this witch has. This is a woman who takes the free clothing she received for her children to a consignment shop, rather than donate it outright. Kate is evil. Stick a fork in her. She’s done.

  • Sam

    Didn’t this broad get a free boob job, so why does her boobs look wanky like her eyes? She’s starting to look like a chunky version of Heidi Montag, kind of plastic looking. Can’t believe how desperate she is to allow herself to look like a total tool on live TV. I feel so bad for her kids, their mother makes like a total donkey’s ass on TV.

  • Janey

    The opening number was fantastic and she was a wonderful part of it.

    Haters? Bite THAT! LOL LOL LOL

  • Sara

    So funny that you losers complain that Kate shouldn’t be at the Emmy’s, yet the fact that you can’t stop posting about her is WHY she’s still around. I love it!

    ps – She did great!

  • JandKate Fan


    They poked fun of her, Janey. They wouldn’t let her join their group. They’re using her and her ridiculous existence to gain laughs for the show. I wouldn’t exactly call that success. It most definitely doesn’t call for a “Bite THAT” comment. If she only knew how many people in Holly wood thought she was a joke, she’d run to PA and hide for good. I can’t imagine the humiliation I’d feel knowing people were using me as the butt of their jokes. I’m frankly embarrassed for her.

    And for the record, I was a longtime fan. But now she’s just a joke willing to pimp out her kids for a pair of Jimmy Choos. For God’s sake, she grew up in a trailor park!

  • sparkly sequins

    um, what is she doing at the emmys?

  • sparkly sequins

    um, what is she doing at the emmys?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …c’mon, what the fcuk is she there for?!? ahahahahahaha.. her and her life is a pathetic joke that we all should just laugh at.

  • Jane for real

    I could almost feel sorry for the woman. She is so self-absorbed that she doesn’t realize that she was used as a joke. Everyone got it but her. The ‘in crowd’ didn’t want her in their group. What was with the wrinkles in her polyester dress? She might want to ease up on the tanning – her face is getting old looking. Anyway, she got publicly humiliated at the Emmys and she doesn’t even get it. Hugely embarrassing.


    W.T.F is she doing there!
    SHES A JOKE. Shes ridiculous!
    she shouldnt even be there.

    Come on Hollywood! WTF!
    Im not a hater, but this is just freaking messed up!
    Shes no part of the hollywood industry…
    GOD. WTF.

  • cece

    Stut your stuff kate. Most celebrities have kids at home, does this mean that they should all stay home and just take care of the kids? This aint the 30′s people. At least she is there honorably and not like Kim Kar. who had to make a sex tape to be famous. Now lawernce Fishbournes daughter wants to follow her path to fame.

  • Marisa

    @Sara Really? The fact that complainers can’t stop posting about her on the internet is the reason why she’s still around? The reason why she’s still around is because people keep employing her, and that in itself is baffling. Her excruciating ‘wanna-be celebrity’ personality doesn’t help the situation either. She won’t go away because she chooses not to. Comments from random people on Just Jared can’t control whether or not she’s shoved into the spotlight. That’s her doing, as well as TLC’s for giving her work in the industry.

  • Kate Exploits 8


  • Heather

    @OMG: THANK YOU! Its like all she wants is more publicity! I thought this awards show was for TALENTED actors/actresses not for Kate Gosselin whos just a wannabe that can neverbe.

  • Heather

    @bubbaness: THANK YOU! Its like all Kate wants is the publicity! I thought this awards show was for TALENTED actors/actresses, but Kate Gosselin? Shes just a wannabe that can neverbe. No matter how famous she gets she will always be fake.

  • Janey

    @JandKate Fan:

    Sweetie, do you think she wasn’t in on the joke? She KNOWS she can’t dance. Did you think she didn’t? She knows Fallon made fun of her on his SHOW? Did you think she didn’t? She showed the world that she’s a good sport and a class act. And she played the part BEAUTIFULLY! It was fun and funny and it made the opening number that much better!

    People act as if she didn’t know they were making fun of the fact that she can’t dance! I would ask if you think she’s an imbecile, but clearly anyone who thinks that Kate didn’t get exactly what was going on but went along with it because she can actually LAUGH at herself and is a good sport is imbecile here. :) LOL

  • escape

    Can somebody explain to me what this pimp is doing at the Emmys?

  • screw u haters


  • millie49

    to Sam – No stupid the “Broad” got a tummy tuck for free. And if they INVITED YOU to the Emmy’s, I’m sure you would go.

  • Jokergurl

    Since when did opportunistic, NARCISSISTIC, horrible excuses for mothers reach the status of being allowed on the Emmy’s red carpet? She CHEAPENS the entire ceremony. She’s just a joke, I feel sorry for all her kids.

  • In The Know

    THEY SHOULD PUT HER ON a barge with Kim Kardoochebagshian , tow it out to Monterey Canyon and sink it.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s a pig and I don’t know why she’s at the Emmy’s. Who is she waving too or blowing kisses at?? Her plastic surgeon???

  • liz

    urg, she should go away

  • yuk

    hope she has a stroke

  • well

    Kate Gosselin and Jenny Aniston…two narcissists of the same kind, puffed up and spun into something they are not by their PR Gurus, over-exposed in more than one. How can we miss you either of you if you never give us a chance?

  • well

    *over-exposed in more than one way…as in, always half-naked and too, too much PR, attention seeking behavior.

  • sara

    People always like to be arrogant and mean. But is you were offered a ton of money, and you had eight kids and no real career to speak of, would you really have the will to say “no”? Most people want to be famous and rich. Life isn’t easy, and we should all give her a break.

  • 猫族钓鱼

    She look so old.

  • outlet

    So many wrinkles on her face.