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Dancing with the Stars: Season 11 Cast List Revealed!

Dancing with the Stars: Season 11 Cast List Revealed!

The cast of Dancing with the Stars‘ eleventh season has been announced!

Brandy, Dirty Dancing‘s Jennifer Grey, Margaret Cho, The HillsAudrina Patridge, Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson and Bristol Palin will be competing for the ladies.

Gentlemen competing are Michael Bolton, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, David Hasselhoff, retired NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, Cory in the House actor Kyle Massey and Rick Fox.

Pro pairs will be announced on Wednesday, but can report that David Hasselhoff‘s partner is Kym Johnson!

DWTS returns Monday, September 20 at 8/7c on ABC!

FYI: Audrina is wearing a Ports 1961 dress.

Bigger cast photo inside…

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dwts season 11 cast photo

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  • 1hotshon

    I could so do without a Palin but the rest of the list seems interesting!

  • jump the shark

    But where are the stars?

  • w11

    Dancing with the…they are really using all the elasticity out of the word star.

  • African Queen

    I don’t know half of them, but at least: no octomom.

  • cindy

    The line is one of the worst I have seen on show to date. It would have been better to see an all-star season .

  • Lisa

    Terrible terrible terrible cast…!!!!! Last year and the year before was fun.

    Not sure about these “stars”….

  • SarahC

    Bad cast. Guess I’ll have to be for Kurt Warner, he’s about the only one I know next to David Hasselhoff & Jennifer Grey. But I think Jennifer Grey has a darn good chance of winning!

  • :)

    bwahahaha,there’s PALIN?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿? omfg lol,that little I had a baby out of wedlock teenage tramp. Why iz she here?, yes I agree at least its not octomom or mrs. I could see Russia from my house.

  • offtheproperty

    Everyone will see what a Cali Girl is Audrina and what a sweetheart is Brandy. (Don’t even start on Brandy! It was not her fault!)
    They are both Extreeeeemly CooL !

  • danielle

    this is the first cast where I’ve actually heard of everyone who will be on the show. LOL I’m not sure they’re all STARS or have been but it’ll be interesting.

  • Sunny

    Gosh – both David H and Brandy would be at the opening – of a car door that is – if they could. No surprise they took up this invite.

  • annie

    what stars,can anyone of these has beens really win. this should be interesting and dancing ringers here,like the last couple of years.

  • velcrodots

    Nobody puts Jennifer Grey in the corner!


    Bristol is the cutest, thats for sure.

  • Lisa2

    What a boring cast…. I guess the only funny one out there out of all of them is David Hasselhoff. He might have some good behind the scene action.

    I think I am rooting for Jennifer Grey just because I love the move “Dirty Dancing” so much. I still watch it whenever it’s on! Must have seen in at least 1000 times over the years!

  • Helen

    Worst cast ever; I’m skipping out watching this season

  • Alison

    LAME CAST last year was better.

  • LOVE

    HATE Jennifer Grays NEWER nose

  • Anonymous

    How sad and embarrassing to be a part of this show. Nothing says you are a TOTAL JOKE than participating in this crap show. Seriously, who cares about anyone in this cast? They are all total wastes of space, have NO careers to speak of and are being laughed AT not with. They can all thank there respective agents who probably took the ONLY gig they could book for them. Cast of FOOLS and LOSERS.

  • Tee

    I don’t watch the show, looked up the cast members for my grandma who loves the show. But it seems weird that the show seems to get such high viewership and yet can’t bring in anyone other than the d-listers. I don’t know if that’s intentional, they are just the only ones not busy with projects, or what.

  • OMO


  • itscmeenuh

    this is going to be the WORST cast and WORST season ever. where are the STARS?!! but props to the Brady Bunch mom

  • veggieangel

    Stars ?
    You can see it either way (lol)

    But am looking forward to the dancing talent

    of Mike :D :D and Audrina

  • bobbi

    This has got to be the worst lineup ever.

  • eyeh8twilight

    Whoa did Kyle Massey fly under the radar… He’s the last person I would have expected on this show. I remember him from That’s So Raven and Cory in the House, he’s pretty funny (at least for the Disney Channel).

    This is really a rediculously stupid lineup. The only people I’m rooting for are Margaret Cho and The Situation’s abs.

    Did you notice practically NOBODY clapped when Bristol Palin said her mother might appear in the audience. Why would she make a fool of herself like this? She did once by not using a condom and having a baby, which for the next 3 months, has no mother because Bristol has to do this show.

  • Joanna

    What the hell!! I am so sick of this reality stars being everywhere I go, and dont get me started on Bristol Palin. She calls her baby daddy a fame whore, well she is worst!!!

  • GoodGirl

    Talk about a shitty show!!
    Don’t know why people like watching that sh*t!!

  • butterflier

    Since when does getting knocked up as a teenager make you a star?

  • Macchiato


    dancing with the nobodys

  • http://@darthgault darthgault

    maragret cho is god

  • jaz

    and i thought they were suppose to be stars on the show XD

  • Karen

    I like this cast better than the last year’s one. I don’t regularly watch the show but I like dancing.

    I think people ought to lay off Bristlol Palin. She is not her mother. Plus, she is certainly not the first teenager who has gotten pregnant and she won’t be the last. This one situation does not and will not define the rest of her life. Give her a break and a fair chance. She may not be a “star” but neither was Kate Gosslin. She was exactly like Bristol, a high profile personality that got attention from the media from what goes on in her life.

  • Inna

    I know the majority of them. But really? A Palin? Palin my ass. I hate how they’ve weasled their way into mainstream media. Politics need to be kept seperate IMO, espec. since Sarah wants to be prez 2013.

    I’m kinda excited about Kyle Massey haha I loved That’s So Raven (:
    PS: how old is he now, anyway? he still looks really young.

  • mmsic

    I guess education and higher learning is not important in the Palin’s house.It’s the green bucks that rule them.Octomom would have been a better choice although not a fan of her either!!!

  • Hachi

    I’m putting my money on Jennifer Grey and David Hasselhoff. Mainly Grey, since she was sooooo awesome during Dirty Dancing.

    I’m fine with the cast, with the exception of the two reality show people and Palin. They aren’t really ‘stars’ for being part of some stupid drama.

  • Jess

    Dancing With The Stars? Blah. More like Dancing with the Idiots.

  • Ginger

    I’m rooting for Kurt Warner, David Hassellhoff, Margaret Cho, Jennifer Grey and Cory in the House (Kyle). the rest, I don’t give a flip about. Especially Brandy. she just gets on my nerves. Especially when she got pregnant and wasn’t married and talking all these religious crap and then had a shotgun wedding and then saying that’s where she had planned and where she planned to be. Whatever. You got knocked up and instead of just saying you didn’t plan it that way but now it’s here and you’re happy for a baby, you decided to say that’s where you have planned and wanted to be. but you sure hid that fact for a long time that you were pregnant!! Now she’s divorced. I don’t like her one bit. use to like her a lot too but since then, I don’t… fame has gotten to her wide forehead!

  • Lola


  • Emily

    Seriously it should be called “dancing with the nobody’s” cos they sure as heck aren’t stars. Bristol Palin? Got famous for being knocked up. In that case every pregnant teen in America should be on that show.

  • Alaia

    Usually they manage to get at least a few people who aren’t has-beens, untalented or d-listers (Cloris Leachman and Nicole Scherzinger come to mind)…this year is terrible, though. It’s probably much better than Strictly Come Dancing’s line up, however.

  • omg!!!

    Pallin!!?? Having a baby while been underage makes you a star?!!? Well, at least now I know why USA is so popular… LOL!

  • Amy

    I hope Jennifer Grey still got her moves from Dirty Dancing, she’s the only one in this cast i like. And everyone is upset about Bristol Palin, HELLO we have a guy from the Jeresy Shore and a girl from the Hills! thats worse.

  • Lady

    Would someone please tell me how Bristol is a star????? All she did was become a teen mom, if that’s her celebrity, for shame!

  • nostarsnowatch

    If they can’t find “stars” then just end the show already! We just cannot make ourselves watch this year’s train wreck! So pathetic!