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Dianna Agron & Alex Pettyfer: Breakfast Buddies

Dianna Agron & Alex Pettyfer: Breakfast Buddies

Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer hold hands as they take a stroll on Saturday (August 28) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 24-year-old Glee star and her 20-year-old British boyfriend grabbed breakfast at Beverliz Cafe and also dropped by a gas station where he picked up a bag of Skittles.

Alex seems to have gotten the seal of approval from Dianna‘s Glee costars. “He seems like a really nice guy,” Jayma Mays told People. “He’s really cute and she’s beautiful. And he’s nice to look at, so I’m sure all the girls on set will love to have him around.”

Last night (August 29), Dianna hit the red carpet at the 2010 Emmy Awards

More pictures inside of Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer in Beverly Hills…

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Credit: JPerez; Photos: Limelightpics
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  • Michel

    showmance and vanilla couple

  • Kim

    That’s such a cute couple

  • http://@chrystac chrystal

    :((( my beloved alex!!!! why is he w her :(((

  • Bella

    seriously that dianna OMG how hatefull was today on the EMMYS it seems she`s all new and feels the big…. thing when she`s just an extra more girl on the cast in GLEE
    hope she lows that DIVA actitud…. is not go with her
    located your self…
    selfish girl

  • toby

    I want his shirt

  • Shelly

    lol…PRomance 100%. They can’t look less interested in each other. Alex would rather be somewhere else.

    Dianna is much happier with a certain short brunette.

  • charlie c.

    are there any post emmy event pics?
    oh crap! can they just stop this whole PR thing? i love di but my eyes hurt everytime i see her with him! she should be with lea! end!

  • charlie c.

    lea and di’s avoidance is soooo obvioussss… and that makes us think that there’s something going on… i hate hollywood!

    are there any post emmy event pics?
    oh crap! can they just stop this whole PR thing? i love di but my eyes hurt everytime i see her with him! she should be with lea! end!

  • lyra

    this is crap! i love di, but this is just too much just for a film!
    i understand that this is their job – but cmon, if you really guys believe that your movie is that great – then you dont have to resort to this kind of prmance just to get people interested to see the film.. you disgust me to death alex!

  • major

    PR/Showmance at it’s best.

  • Stevie

    Why does almost everybody think they’re fake or just doing this for promoting the movie? We don’t know what the truth is. I see chemistry

  • MC

    @Stevie: LMAO!! no offense but what “chemistry” are you seeing? They are the most awkward looking two people I’ve ever seen, and they look like they could be related for god sakes.

  • hanni

    PR romance..
    @Stevie: everyone thinks they are fake and doing this for publicity because they are.

  • annie1st

    zealous hiks hiks

  • Karen Jay

    What is wrong with some of the haters on this site! Alex is not a PR hound at all! Why can’t they be two people that just like each other! Stop already.

  • Shelly

    @Karen Jay:
    That is because no one knows who he is. He is not exactly well known.

    He can’t not be a PR hound when he never had much PR in HW to begin with. Of course Alex wants PR, it will help his career. Once he gets famous enough, he will become single and date around the town which is what he wants.
    This is a PRomance all the way. Their body language don’t lie and they are putting up with it until they don’t have to.

  • Karen Jay


    Shelly – I have been an Alex fan for years. He is not a PR hound. Is it that impossible to think Alex and Dianna actually like each other? Alex has been single for a while and he met another single person while working together.

  • Audrey

    Oh haaai I see jealous bitches all around.
    I am sorry but “no one knows who he is”? LOL WTF? I know him for a LONG time, the fact that you don’t or that he’s not some kind of male-Lilo doesn’t mean “no one knows who he is”. I remember seeing the pictures on the Glee set, playing basketball and being cute and all, if that doesn’t show chemistry for you, then I don’t know maybe you need to get checked.
    And Lea/Dianna fans make me want to set myself on fire. Doesn’t Lea have a boyfriend anyways? Why can’t Dianna have one too? Just shut up.
    And Bella, girl, I am pretty sure you were watching other show, not the Emmys, because I can’t think of a celebrity who’s more down to earth than Dianna. So yeah you were probably watching the wrong channel.
    Again, all I see here is jealousy, but then again, why am I surprised? She’s hot, he’s hot, it’s obvious people will get jealous and start hating on the most random things.

  • ha

    beware of the english. they are so opportunistic & strategic. they only date people more famous than them for their careers

  • http://J Ivanka

    I just don’t like them together, she looks all fake, probably just doing this for the movie

  • Carolyn

    How is this fake!? Come one – this is not fake at all. Alex and Dianna look like they are having a nice time with each other. Leave them alone.

  • maila

    I do not believe this is fake at all! They look so happy together, leave them alone!

  • Mary

    They look really cute together!

  • peggy


    She’s not really all that famous she isn’t one of the primary stars of Glee and he’s the Showest winner not her and thanks to the early PR for Beastly may actually be better known..

  • May

    Maybe they look cute together because they are both beautiful but cmon people , look at their expressions!
    There’s no one picture of them looking into each other’s eyes… That’s what you call chemistry? Really?

  • Lexy

    Alex and Dianna are the perfect couple.

  • Tina

    Those pics scream PR stunt. Shame, I liked her.

  • R.

    how predictable. she’s proving to be another hollywood cliche.

  • G

    They look gorgeous and happy. Why can’t we stop hating for a few minutes and just see how this works out? Even if it is a showmance for now, real relationships have started out as less.

  • G

    But I must say though, as much as I like her, her outfit here is dreadful. She looks like she could be his mother.

  • ze

    He is so unbelievably handsome! I think he will run circles around Efron and Pattinson if he gets the chance to get in the game.

  • amy

    omg he’s only 20 !!!!

  • Mikayla

    Showmance 100%…they will probably break up after their movie comes out

  • Bella

    @Audrey: Audrey i watch the interview with Guliana…. and she was so i don´t know i don´t know she´s not Julia Robert even Guliana told that to her… that was i mean with the hateful actitud…ok

  • Sass

    why would they have been “spotted” 3 times in a week if it wasnt a showmance? come on pr peeps time to let it go

  • jessi

    @Bella: umm, I don’t know what you mean? It seemed to me that if anyone was being rude there, it was Giuliana, not D. She was being too pushy to get her to say wether she was dating someone.

  • http://www.hats. christine j sojka

    @maila: no.they do NOT look so happy together.alex pettyfers’ facial expression shows TOTAL INDIFFERENCE to dianna agron in ALL pictures.any picture where alex is smiling alex is looking at the camera NOT her.THAT’S what alex pettyfer’s REALLY there for:the cameras.(and so is dianna agron).dianna agron is just another pretty face.why should alex pettyfer care for HER for?the truth is alex pettyfer DOESN’T CARE FOR HER.alex pettyfer just has USES for least for now. p.s you should learn more about bodylanguage.i predicted the break up of brad pitt and jennifer aniston JUST bt analyzing their body language.alex pettyfers’ facial expressions when he’s with dianna agron speak of TOTAL INDIFFERNCE TO HER.

  • Carolyn

    What is going on here. Alex and Dianna are just trying to walk to their car with a camera in their face. What – do you wnat them to do -cartwheels! They did their best to be natural and try to pretend they were were not being analzed by their fans and haters!!!

  • ale


  • Dee

    lol how would any of the people know this is a fake relationship?! I don’t understand. I love her she’s always seemed like such a sweet girl so I just hope he’s a nice guy. I’ve read a few of his interviews and he gave off a shallow, jerk vibe by the way he spoke which made me really not like him too much so I don’t know! As long as he’s good to her!

  • ale

    much envy, God!

  • Sis

    wow.. now THAT’S what I call a match made in heaven

  • http://www.hats.comyoureright,may christine j sojka

    @May: you’re right may.i analyzed the bodylanguage of alex pettyfer & dianna agron .it shows that alex pettyfer is TOTALLY INDIFFERENT to dianna agron.i predicted the break up of brad pitt & jennifer aniston just from analyzing the bodylanguage.also why is it that every time alex pettyfer & dianna agron go out the press just HAPPEN to be there?not a coincidence.alex pettyfer & dianna agron are SEEKING OUT THE PRESS.that’s the REAL reason they’ve been going out together.also if you look at dianna agrons’ engagement ring finger in the pictures of her at the 2010 emmy awards you’ll see she still has no engagement ring.alex pettyfer & dianna agron have known each other for more than five months.that’s long enough for an engagement ring.i got a marriage proposal (& ring) in less that three months once.when the person in question TOOK ME SERIOUSLY.

  • C.

    @christine j sojka you have valid points but I don’t see why they would seek out the press when both of them absolutely hate the press. Honestly, maybe the facial expressions and body language you are talking about are from having the press be right there, in their face.

    About the engagement ring: I don’t see how that incorporates into it but the only thing I can say is that they’re both young and both involved in the “scene” of Hollywood or whatever you want to call it. I’m sure we’ve all witnessed quicky engagements ending in a break-up or quick divorce with young Hollywood and that’s what the two are probably trying to avoid. Lastly, it really depends on how long both of them feel comfortable before taking the next step (that can be months OR years).

  • lol

    Like many other young Hollywood relationships. This one is total I don’t care what you call it fauxmance or PR romance. I just call it PR for that movie they having coming out soon. They need the young kids to want to see it over and over.

  • mark

    I don’t know how this Lea/Dianna connection got so out of hand. I think most of these people need to get a life. I’ll tell you why actors are always hugging everyone, they went from nobody’s, starving actors, to stars in a short amount of time(at least with regards to “glee”) now they’re about to make more than a brain surgeon, without having to go to 12 or more years of school, you would be hugging everyone too. I agree with some above, leave them alone, they look happy, and Dianna is not just another blonde, she has produced some wonderful and touching scenes to go along with her mean girl character. Alex is a lucky guy!

  • K-shoot

    OMG, I really/truly do not belive that Dianna would date a guy that is four years younger than herself :P lol. And for what it’s worth… Lea and Dianna may just be “good” friends.. but why are they avoiding eachother after all that PR publicity for glee season 1? I find that strange..

  • a


    OMG is not go good gramma acting like you are new? I hope so, I hope you lows that DIVA grammar not like you is all new and feels the big…(dictionary??) Located your grammar.

    selfish writer.

  • CC


    Agree with both Audrey and Dee. I wish Dianna well and hope they are happy together. Girls, it’s kind of sad to get jealous over a guy that you will never meet and will probably not get to date. Look in your environment to build yourself a happy life so you don’t have to feel unhappy about what you perceive as good in others’ lives.

  • oui

    Bella also i too watch the interview with Guliana…. and Guiliana was so with the hateful actitud like she was Julia Robert like she told Diana. That’s what I mean with the hateful grammar