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LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Birthday Bash!

LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Birthday Bash!

LeAnn Rimes wears a pale green bikini as she spends time in Mexico with her boyfriend, Eddie Cibrian, and friends on Saturday (August 28).

The singer, who turned 28 over the weekend, cooled off in the pool and celebrated her birthday.

According to LeAnn, Eddie bought her rose gold and diamond bangles and a jewelry bag for her special day. “He’s always so thoughtful,” she tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes in Mexico with Eddie Cibrian and friends…

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leann rimes birthday bikini mexico 01
leann rimes birthday bikini mexico 02
leann rimes birthday bikini mexico 03
leann rimes birthday bikini mexico 04
leann rimes birthday bikini mexico 05
leann rimes birthday bikini mexico 06
leann rimes birthday bikini mexico 07
leann rimes birthday bikini mexico 08
leann rimes birthday bikini mexico 09
leann rimes birthday bikini mexico 10

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  • http://deletedev lol

    everyone go to this persons page
    read the stuff she is saying about brandi..this person is a stalker and dangerous and should be reported..ppl on twitter are suspecting this person is wewenlove again..eddie is sick to allow this and racy says this person is a good source..well racy if allison says brandi abused the kida and if eddie is a good dad as u claim why would he allow his kids to be around brandi if allsion is telling the truth as u claim

  • Not Impressed by AJ

    Happy Birthday Leann! Looking fabulous.

  • Brooke

    Yuck!!!! JustJared, why are you still posting stuff about this attention seeking homewrecker!?!?!

  • Better Parents

    It was Eddie’s weekend to have the kids, so what did he do? He dumped them on his parents. Eddie and LeAnn obviously have used the children for publicity but now that the kids interfer in the booze parties, then they are left at their grandparents. Kids come first and if Eddie and LeAnn think its such a sacrafice to keep the kids on their scheduled days instead of taking yet ANOTHER vacation, then they are unfit. Parenting is about the children, not the adults. However, in their case, it’s hard to tell the difference.

  • Leann is FINE!!!

    That girl’s bod is rockin!

  • Leann is FINE!!!

    That girl’s bod is totally rockin!!

  • No Fan

    That Darrel Brown is such a freak. Eddie, give you wife the divorce she wants and get the heck out of her life. You don’t love your children so pay Brandi what you owe her and follow your “sniff sniff” doll around until your hearts content…which should be in about ten minutes.

  • lisali

    Say what you will about Leann, but the truth is..she looks really good in a bikini!!

    I like that she does not have fake boobs and all.. she has what she was born with and she rocks it. Confidence is beautiful.

  • kablamo

    She does look good in a bikini. But I bet that whole hut and pool area smelled like her overseexed coooch.

  • Listen Up Brandi

    Eddie Cibrian is the very embodiment of a dead-beat husband, dead-beat dad, and a dead-beat’s dead-beat. He’s a compulsive liar who gratifies himself first, his mistresses second (same as first), and begrudgingly looks after his family last. Dragging him into court and calling him out on twitter will be a part of your life from now on. Scrap this “California No Fault Divorce” crap. His is the “Fault”, so sue his ass in open court. First, a custody judge must prevent those kids from spending the night with Wewe (not to be confused with Little Eddie). Next you need a tough-as-nails advocate. No publicity seeking self-serving mouth piece (Gloria Allred not inferred). What you need is a junkyard dog of a bi@tch who will take pleasure in hanging Eddie’s scr@tum from her mirror like the dice in my husband’s ’57 Chevy. That advocate is Judge Judy (sorry Judy but you scare the crap out of me). Just the threat of Judy will have Little Eddie recoiling like a frightened turtle (credit to George Costanza). Now get to it!!!

  • Kristen

    She’s lean and looks good for her body type but then cocane will do that for some people. I assume she wears a top so she won’t be mistaken for a hippie in speedooooes.

  • 2


  • http://deletedev lol

    This is for racy..notice that when i call racy out on LYING she tells me to go home..she has lied so many times on this thread its hilarious..first she says she never reads allisons tweets then she says she does then she says she doesnt..then she uses allison as a source..allison who is getting called out by even leann fans for her obsession and cazy behavior..hey racy/allison/wewen/leann if brandi abused the kids how come eddie allows her to have 50/50 custody..thats means eddie is an unfit parent as well..

  • Anon

    OMG this tramp is SUCH a total FAME HO!!!!!!!

    Homewrecker white trash!! I bet she brushes her teeth with beer and Comet

  • so weird

    She’s such a butterface and it’s funny because ever since she started sleeping with Eddie Cibrian, he seems to have gotten butt ugly too. Like her fugliness rubbed off on him lmfaaaao

  • drumbeat

    oh i thought she was a miss olympia contestant!

    she is butt ugly. she’s so insecure, who would tweet her married bf’s gifts. seriously, this girl (more looks like a man, though) has issues. i wish she gets dump and find herself in the gutter! payback is a b!tch!

  • drumbeat

    don’t be surprised she gets posted on this blog. jj is one of her publicist’s outlet. she pays to get posted, otherwise no one really cares! she’s done!

  • New orleans babe

    So glad to see them still together.LeAnn looks really good, refreshed. She has grown to be a nice looking women. Whatever you are doing LeAnn keep it up. Please keep going JJ wi th more news about this girl.

  • Cora

    can this bitch even breathe without this guy next to her?? shes freakin obsessed…shes such a low life tr@mp…ok i get it u couldnt liev without him and ur in love, bu for gods sake u dont need to flaunt it to the world. have some respect he has chidlren and u broke up his family. if u need to be together then be together just be respectful of the ppl around u

    she makes out with him and jumps on top of him in front of his kids thats freakin disgusting

    whatever happened to respect and class in this day and age

  • betty

    Allison is nothing but a fake and phony he/she/it hiding on that twitter page. Why not come out on a site as JJ and let us have both sides shown. That twitter page is cowardly and one sided. Let’s see how brave Allison is when “IT” has to face critics.

  • http://deletedev lol

    I really believe allison is wewenlove reincarnated..she knows too much info..she knows when jake starts school, when the divorce papers will be signed..and she is the only person on twitter that obsessively posts to brandi..eddie is a sad man to allow this to happen all for the sake of money,,hey leann fans all of u who keep saying ur idol is sweet and nice take a look at the link posted on comment 1..brandi if u are listening contact the authorities NOW..allison has gone too far and is putting u and ur kids in danger. its sad that RACY thinks what allison is doing is fine..which makes me thinkt that racy=allison

  • gunner

    @lol of course racy=allison. and i’m sure she posts using other names. pathetic just like her idol who looks like she has freakin’ allergy on her face the whole year round lolz.

  • betty

    lol It’s typical of that Leann bunch they talk a lot of crap and hide behind akas. I would love to exchange a few insults with allison. I bet Brandi can’t wait to lose these zeros. It they are so happy and in love why is Eddie stalling. The papers should have been signed and Eddie and Leann can continue to live in their fantasy world of happiness forever.

  • jj

    Totally agree lol; Brandi’s lawyers need to do some forensic analysis to prove this Ass tweeter is LR. She spews vile lies and is mentally ill. Keep up the show of support for Brandi and boycott LR’s album. Who’s takin the bet that not only did LR pay for the trip to Cabo, she bought the bracelets too?

  • http://deletedev lol

    yup if he cant afford basic preschool payments u think he could pay for a bracelet..we already know based on allison’s tweets that wewen is unstable it wouldnt surprise me that she buys herself stuff and says eddie the cheater bought it for her just to prove that he loves her..

  • http://deletedev lol

    hey yall i caught racy in a lie she claims to not know about allison yet she posted today about allison here is the link read racy’s post and my response..she needs to keep up with her lies

  • betty

    Eddie never pays he just shows up. Leann is so desperate she will do anything to keep Eddie by her side. She housing him and kids buying kids furniture and clothes,financed all their trips from day one and those are just the things she tweets about. Eddie can’t pay for tuition for preschool .I expected him to be doing something special for her birthday but from her tweets it didn’t appear so. But she gushes at anything he does for he since he rarely seems to do,anything.

  • Randee

    OMG that is little LeAnn Rimes! She looks great! Where have I been!!!

  • http://deletedev lol

    isnt it interesting that leann fans and racy keep teling brandi to get a job yet eddie is still unemployed and mooching off of leann..well acording to branidi’s tweet she wil be modeling tmrw..somebodys gotta bring home the bacon since her useless cheating husband cant lol

  • sleuth

    hey everybody…..i was reading the just jared posts for Tony Taverna’s Twosome (leann & eddie on the motorcycle) and as i was reading post#205 posted by the name “so what?” who was bashing post name “betty” I noticed he ended his comment with ” it is brandi who is the jealous one, etc., Leanne & Eddie have a lot to look forward to….Brandi-not so much.”

    And when i was looking at eddie cibrian’s tweets, he was tweeting something about ” how his boys love to be tickled….Leanne-not so much”

    The writing style and the exact phrasing of eddie cibrian matches the ” so what” poster…….think they’re the same person- or not so much.(lol)

  • http://deletedev lol

    how many minutes till allison aka wewenlove goes on another batshiit crazy rant on brandi on twitter because she is actually working unlike her useless husband

  • http://Austin1 Julie

    They’re still together…despite all this BS…Brandi is the one holding up the divorce…Eddie wants out…he and Leann really have a connection…you’ll see they will be married this time next year..

  • charity

    we all found out 2 nites ago that Leann is aasmalljohnson because assy was so looped she was tweeting stuff that only LR or EC would know then the nest day Leann gets on twitter and says she was hammered the nite before that is one stupid hog snout Said she dropped the curling iron on her eye lid hope it hurts like he** and takes a long time to heal Way to go Brandi, you will be fantastic modeling those bikinis and not like stick figure ,Leann Rimes

  • http://deletedev lol

    the only thing connecting eddie and leann is money..u think he would even give her the time of day if she wasnt rich..HELLO leann worships the ground eddie walks on and will do and buy anything for him..he doesnt have to work.. his fulltime job is mooching off of least brandi is now working cant say the same thing for her useless husband..u guys were all screaming for brandi to work at walmart eddie has yet to find a job so shouldnt he be hittin up walmart

  • http://deletedev lol

    isnt it interesting also that allison aka racy always says that brandi is a drunk..yet leann admits on twitter that she was hammered a few nites ago..yet they think leann is a better mother figure than brandi even though leann ALWAYS talks about drinking tequila and getting drunk..leann fans are delusional..brandi needs to get her babies from that house asap..if leann is allison the kids need to be out of that house

  • Blair

    These two are so nasty they really do deserve each other. Their “relationship” is based on lies and cheating. Good luck….you’ll need it.

  • Racy

    @lol: Another bunch of bull folks. This tweeter that he mentioned is someone who says she knows the ex and knows that what she (he ex) says isn’t true. This poster is constantly trying to get me banned from posting on other sites.

  • Racy

    @Listen Up Brandi: Typical “LeAnn is all at fault” person. That is why some people do their hardest work to get other banned from posting. If they were telling the truth, why would the need others banned? They have dirty mouths and that is disrespctful to all persons posting. Read all the out-put about this situation and draw your own conclusions. Who do you suppose keeps this going for over a year now? Bet you could guess!!

  • Racy

    @lol: Did you ever think that maybe somebody doesn’t want it known who aasmall might be? Do you think that they know that what she is saying is true? YOU are probably going to be surprised if this person who says she knows them is right. You might be singing a different song.

  • http://deletedev lol

    um allison is leann so of course she knows info and u really can t keep up with ur lies u said on the last thread u have never been on allisons twitter and u dont know who we are talking about yet today u say “This tweeter that he mentioned is someone who says she knows the ex and knows that what she (he ex) says isn’t true” U stil hammered from a few nites ago allison/racy/leann/wewenlove that u cant think straight

  • betty

    Read Brandi tweet to Suzanne Haney and also read Leanns the same person. Leann is a sick jealous bit*h. Allison could be Racy or Leann. Whats it to her who Brandi is seeing or not seeing. If Leann thinks she has her man . @So What If you have to buy a man you don’t have a man. They are still together because as I posted last year Leann is Eddie backup income and Eddie is Leanns life. @ Racy I think you are allison and all the other akas on this thread now you can hang my a** out to dry also if you think you can..

  • Racy

    @lol: I say again, I have no knowledge of who allison is, but this crowd is very upset about something. Everytime they get upset, they start with a lot of posting and use the dirty mouths trying to trash LeAnn and Eddie. If Eddie was all that that group and the ex have said he is, he would NOT have been given 50 percent custody of the children, would he? As far as working goes, one little bikini show could hardly be called bringing home the bacon as one poster said. lmao. The biggest laugh comes with the statement about LeAnn’s figure. Ha Ha Whos IS the scrawny looking woman in this situation, huh?? Watch for something pretty big to come along since they are all so befuddled. They are all so bad off that they don’t know that we all speak American and use the same expressions sometimes. Poor souls, will grab hold of anything and blow it to the world with speculations.

  • Racy

    @lol: Guess what – I can read. That is how I know what aasmall says since I read her T page. Ignorance is hard to cure so get some help.

  • http://deletedev lol

    notice how racy is now posting and allison just posted something on twitter..racy u cant keep up with ur lies u have said multple times that u have never been on allison page now u change ur story again and say u have..keep up with ur lies..u want brandi to get a job so when she gets a modeling gig u say its only one show yet when eddie got 2 or 3 episodes on chase u were screaming that it was a big deal and its better than what brandi is doing bc at least he is working..wel hypocrite at least brandi is doing a gig as opposed to cheating eddie who is lounging around moochin off of leann

  • http://deletedev lol

    on more thing racy/allison/leann if eddie is great dad and what u are tweeting about brandi is true what kind of man would allow his wife who “abuses” the kids to have 50/50 custody…

  • http://deletedev lol

    more proof racy is a lier a few days ago on this thread she saidand i quote “Where does allison post?” so today she claims she does go to allisons page..if u recall a few days ago racy said again she has never been on allsion page yet i told her a week ago she was quoting allison saying mike m went to hawii with another girl and allison is the ONLY one that tweeted in point racy is a lier

  • Racy

    @lol: I read aasmall’s twitter and I still don’t know who allison is. If her name is allison, I just didn’t notice. I only read the id. Any more big ideas, smart a**?

  • Racy

    @lol: The court or whoever decides who gets what as far as custody is concerned – Eddie doesn’t make that decision. Imbecile!!!!

  • Racy

    @lol: Since I am the only one posting that is on LeAnn’s side ( according to the woogie boogie crowd) they say that I post everything. I say that lol, gwen, abc, lmao, etc. is the only poster also (wonder how I know that, gwen). betty is different to these but still of the same crowd. Nobody in their right mind would admit to being betty!!

  • betty

    @Racy Stick and stones etc. Betty will admit to being betty because it is no phony aka its the real deal. I don’t hide behind phony names.or phony people as you do.