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Megan Fox: Red Band Trailer with Diablo Cody!

Megan Fox: Red Band Trailer with Diablo Cody!

Megan Fox cracks up as she speaks with Jennifer’s Body writer Diablo Cody in a new episode of Red Band Trailer.

The 24-year-old actress (in a Madewell top) chatted about having a dream about Luke Perry, what it was like when she first moved to Hollywood and why being famous in the ’70s would have been a blast.

Be sure to watch until the end, when Megan plays a pricing game with Diablo!

FYI: Video may be NSFW for language!

Diablo Cody – Red Band Trailer Episode 104 with Megan Fox
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51 Responses to “Megan Fox: Red Band Trailer with Diablo Cody!”

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  1. 1
    fake lips? Says:

    she is quite attractive but she tries to hard to speak like Angelina
    ( how she moves her mouth by talking ), that makes her look overrated. She should try to be herself and she will be more originallier.

  2. 2
    jawrr Says:

    The video was quiiite booring lol. I had to watch it skipping some parts. By the way, I bet she was ***** jealous when she saw the attention people were giving to the trollsens. Thats why she kept on being an ‘actress’ because she thought she could get more attention than those ugly monsters. Well, I guess not a big discovery. And yeah! the waiter was gay lol

  3. 3
    KAY Says:

    i made it to 6:40….so boring………..

  4. 4
    Stunning Lady Says:

    WOW above comments JEALOUS MUCH. I like her and Angelina
    both totally different people with HOT guys.

    There’s no reason to hate this is a totally relaxed and fun video.

    She’s got me thinking of Luke Perry now……..

  5. 5
    Jime Says:

    She’s gorgeous. And here she seems nice :) She’s growing on me

  6. 6
    Jime Says:

    She’s goregeous. And she seems nice here :) She’s growing on me

  7. 7
    Andie Says:

    Megan is amazing. LOVE her so much.

  8. 8
    CanadaGirl Says:

    She expresses herself well. I agree with her statement that she hasn’t been allowed to be herself. Unfortunately, people only judge her in opposition to other actresses.

  9. 9
    fan support Says:

    Sorry. But Megan is amazing

  10. 10
    Jokergurl Says:

    The comparison with Angelina comes with her appearance but also I think it’s the younger Angelina (the wild child of Johnny Lee Miller, Billy Bob Thornton days) that she gets compared to. The media loves to pit young actresses against each other. The big issue came up with the whole Transformers debacle and her words about Michael Bay. She shouldn’t have to censor herself but Hollywood is about image, words and money. That’s hilarious she’s married to David Silver (Brian Austin Green) and she’s dreaming about Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) :)

  11. 11
    Helen Says:

    she usually expresses herself really badly
    and being “herself” is actually not beneficial to her career since she’s not very smart or at least she doesn’t think before she speaks

  12. 12
    MEMEME Says:

    Shes absolutely beautiful! She’s got a good sense of humor.. love her more!

  13. 13
    Leesa Says:

    Dablo was so pregnant when she shot these episodes. When I was 9 months, all I wanted to do was soak my feet and recline in a chair. Certainly didn’t t have the energy to entertain celebrities.

  14. 14
    deadpool Says:

    My god that girls is an absolute BORE. Why the angelina comparison? When Jolie was her age she was actually going through real **** and alot of pain and was literally everywhere FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE. MEGAn FARSE has never been through **** in her life and wouldnt know real pain while Jolie lost her mother to cancer and sees just how much pain people endure all over the globe. Thats one parallel. The other is that Jolie actually has interesting things to talk about and isn’t ingenuine about it – she actually does give a damn and will contribute to discusions. Whilst MRS FARSE has nothing to add to a conversation at all but a reason to chuck her out of a window and pray to god she gets hit by lightening then turned into road kill.

    I vote for a blackout on Megan Fox. That girls been clinging to her 15min like a cat clawing a surgical table.

    She’s got nothing to offer but lost hours.

  15. 15
    Melissa Says:

    I GUARANTEE she is preggo! I’ve been looking at what she’s been wearing latley (the fashion spot) and its baggy! I KNOW it! Just want to be able to say I called it when it comes out.

  16. 16
    deadpool Says:

    @Melissa: And we should care because?

  17. 17
    X Says:

    diablo preggers!

  18. 18
    WTF Says:

    @deadpool: You seem to have a lot of hate, I suggest you take care and deal with it.

    You do care for her that’s why you are commenting on her post. I’m sure she is really worried about what the haters think NOT.

    @ Jokergurl, yeah it’s funny too that she was dreaming of Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) but to be honest we all did back in the day (it was either him or Brandon Walsh no one saw David Silver leading the pack).

    Anyway, who knew that she would snap up David Silver (Brian Austin Green) in the end. By the last season of the original 90210 he became smoking HOT and still HOT now.

    Still cannot believe that Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering ended up with the best looking wives (Ian’s wife looks a lot like Megan). I’m sure BAG still dreams of Halle Berry from time to time. I heard he joked something about she’s single and I’m married now (probably not true statement read somewhere but good to see the man always has HIGH standards).

    The geeks won out on 90210.

  19. 19
    JamAnny Says:

    surprisingly, I actually really enjoyed this. I wish more interviews were done in this fashion. Very genuine. Very real.

  20. 20
    Jaye Says:

    The media started the comparisons to Jolie and fans jumped on Megan’s case like she was ‘trying’ to be Jolie. She has said she admires Jolie, but I don’t feel she’s hijacking Jolie’s image; many of us admire her though not necessary wanting to BE her.
    I like Megan because, to me, she comes across as down to earth. She seems stable also. In the time she’s been with her now Husband, many starlets have been through 4 or 5 men. Yet she gets called every vile name possible, but based on her looks or the fact that that perv Director Bay, had her play a se*xpot in Transformers. How prejudiced is that?!
    Personally I don’t see where she looks like Angelina. When she has make up on, she has a kind of exotic look, but it’s not as pronounced as Jolie’s. Jolie has that look even without the make up. Some people just seem to dislike her for no reason and amplifies any little thing in order to feel justified in doing so. If that’s how you roll, then go with it, but I’m not going to dog someone for trying to make a decent living doing something they like.
    She talks to much and says stupid or inappropriate things is what some say, well people said that about Jolie when she was younger, but that didn’t stop her. She spoke her mind, so does Megan. Jolie has learned ( because of maturity) to temper her outspokenness but, Megan is still learning. I think people forget that Jolie wasn’t always where she is now.
    Since none of us are privy to what is going on in Megan’s personal life, we don’t know what she’s going through. We have not had the opportunity to view the inside of her life like Jolie gave us of hers. A lot of things she did were on display because she put it there, even Jolie will admit that. Because she did we have a greater understanding of WHY she did the things that she did.
    Megan Fox is a young, attractive woman in Hollywood trying to make it as an actress. There are thousands of actors, but relatively few make it. I ‘m not going to begrudge her efforts to be one of those who make it. She might not make it, but none of us can look into the future and say that she absolutely will not. In any event, why shouldn’t she pursue whatever she wants to do. We’re all trying to do the same, the only difference is that we’re not in an occupations where millions get to criticize us for just for making the effort.
    I wish her luck and if she can grow into the woman Jolie is today, it would be a benefit for a great many. I’m all for giving chances and second chances; you never know what that person could be or do one day.

  21. 21
    Sean Says:

    She has as much charisma as this brick I’m about to throw across my computer screen.

  22. 22
    to jaye Says:

    @Jaye: @Jaye:

    “Some people just seem to dislike her for no reason and amplifies any little thing in order to feel justified in doing so. If that’s how you roll, then go with it, but I’m not going to dog someone for trying to make a decent living doing something they like.” – such compassion and rationality… do you display this with Aniston as well??

  23. 23
    Wrong Thread Says:

    @to jaye: The thread is about Megan, d ummy. Try to keep up.

  24. 24
    queen bee Says:

    WHYYYY is she so annoying! I was actually trying to enjoy the interview, and was enjoying it, AT FIRST….(though her and Diablo Cody act like their too cool for school)…. but then she would go and say something either totally self-centered or very stupid!


    ….like when she discribes that she didn’t understand why the Olsen twins were introverted and self-protective after they’d been in the business since they were TWO years old! DUH! Maybe it’s cause jealous b!tches like YOU are watching their every move, and judging them, like going on an online talk show and publicly wondering WHY THEY ARE SO SELF-PROTECTIVE…maybe that’s why…

    …and to hear Megan talking about being taken out of context or misunderstood, and diablo saying that Hollywood can’t reconcile beauty with weirdness….ummm, YEAH! ANGELINA HAS BEEN DEALING WITH THAT FROM DAY ONE, BUT SHE’S NEVER COMPLAINED ABOUT IT….she got it…..

    …..and Megan needs to stop acting like she’s the FIRST person that this has happened to! I don’t think Hollywood has as much of a problem with reconciling Wierd and beautiful….though I think that PARTLY TRUE…..I actualy think they have a problem with RUDENESS and ARROGANCE…which is what Megan has portrayed!….

  25. 25
    Good Girl Says:

    I’ve just realized the following from Megan’s press releases/interviews:

    1. Married Brian Austin Green (smart move)
    2. Had a dream of Luke Perry (think joking)
    3. One of her favourite TV shows is to watch Tori and Dean, which obviously stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. We all remember the David Silver and Donna Martin moments in 90210.

    Talk about researching your husband but in a good way. She obviously, truly loves BAG very very much and loves the original show too. The new 90210 is totally CRAP and doesn’t even compare.

    If she mentions Brandon Walsh or any other character from that show in any future interviews that’s it she stalked David Silver and got him in the end hahaha.

    Why are people hating on her, leave her alone she seems sweet and down to earth.

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