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Paris Hilton To Be Charged with Felony Drug Possession

Paris Hilton To Be Charged with Felony Drug Possession

Paris Hilton will be charged with felony drug possession after being arrested on Friday night in Las Vegas.

The 29-year-old heiress was in the passenger seat when her boyfriend, Cy Waits, was pulled over and police smelled “the strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle,” according to a police report obtained by TMZ.

After she asked to go to the bathroom at a nearby hotel, police escorted Paris across the street and noticed that as she reached into her bag to pull out lip balm, a baggie of cocaine fell out of the bag.

Paris said the purse and cocaine were not hers and belonged to a friend. When cops asked about the drugs, Paris said she hadn’t seen it before but thought it was gum.

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  • Franck

    O Paris ! really ?

  • memememe

    oh god, can someone just shoot this psychopath-bimbo, pleeeeeease?

  • Jokergurl

    I can’t believe nobody has commented on this yet. The old “that’s not my purse and I thought the cocaine was gum ” bit I thought she would be more inventive than that. Oh well, she looks loaded in this picture anyway, her eyes are very dilated. Glad she got caught, maybe this time she will do actual jail time. I doubt it though. She should take some advice from her younger sister Niki on how to stay out of trouble.

  • Dominic

    I had no idea she was dumb enough to riffle around in her purse knowing there was drugs in there. But from a strictly legal standpoint, I’m not sure they can prosecute. They didn’t have a warrant or probable cause to search her purse. Though they didn’t really search it did they? hmm…..

  • KR

    She’s going to blame a friend? That is effed up! I would not want to be her friend or have anything to do with her…

    Her attorney should have told her before she lied that everyone says “it’s not my purse” and that only pisses off the judge even more. LOL

  • Danielle


    The account I read–the cop said the drugs practically fell into his hand when she was rooting through the purse for chap stick. How dumb is this idiot? You know you have drugs in your purse and you open it and mess around inside in front of a COP???

  • Ellie

    Bimbo airhead. She doesn’t know what cocaine is? Yeah right! Here’s a tip for your sweetie, if you’re going to lie to the police, make sure the lie doesn’t sound stupid.

    Her daddy would be smart to let the book be thrown at her this time, but Hilton’s never learn, he’ll just buy her out of trouble as always.

  • PetePete

    totally not surprised.

  • Heloise

    I think my IQ just dropped 20 points

  • Raven

    I won’t even comment. Consider the source.

  • pickles

    What an arrogant pig!!!She probably was so stoned she forgot she had the coke in her purse. Either that or, it is so commonplace for her to have drugs, she never even considers getting caught! I hope they fry her! This couldn’t have happened to a better person!!! YaaY! When I first heard it my reaction was, “Finally!”

  • maria

    is she 4 real >_>

  • Sigh

    Is anyone Surprised???

  • k

    so she had her lip balm in a friends bag and carried it around? hahaha the judge is going to be so mad with this stupid liar

  • The Doctor Is In

    She’s getting a little old for this — at 29, she’s geriatric for her crowd of wannabes. Time to turn it over to someone younger, dear.

  • Ankka

    throw her in jail already!! I would give her at least 5 years

  • queen bee

    I felt a little guilty that I did a little ‘happy dance’ in my head when I got the news she was caught with drugs….cause you shouldn’t wish bad on people, but this dummy acts like she’s untoucheable! That’s really annoying when you’ve been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and you’ve been buying justice for the last ten years. I’m sure mommy and daddy’s been covering up her deeds since she was a teenager,…meanwhile, less prosperous families don’t even have proper legal representation, much less a fair day in court!

    ….TMZ is disgusting, but they do try to refer to actual police documents when reporting arrests…because the cops tip them off, so I kinda believe the police account.

    I think she was nervous about the cocaine she knew she had in her purse, so she asked the cop to go to the bathroom, and she planned to dispose of the cocaine at that point. But Karma made the cocaine JUMP out of the purse anyway…LOL!

  • Ellie

    I’m not sure how the ultra rich do it, but when I borrow a friends purse, I usually take all of their stuff out of the purse and put my stuff in there.

    I think the reason she wanted to go to the bathroom was to flush the drugs she had in the purse. Everything would have been just fine if she had kept the purse closed.

  • Justsaying

    It reminded me of the film night at the museum:
    “You dum dum give me gum gum” :-)

  • jelly

    you know her nose does look like it is getting longer
    liar, liar, pants on fire paris pinocchio

  • jelly

    you know her nose does look like it is getting longer
    liar, liar, pants on fire paris pinocchio

  • nayah82

    Paris you pushing 30, please get it together. Start acting your each
    for once.

  • nayah82

    I meant age.

  • Peggy

    It seems like shes starting to like mugshots as paparazzi promotional shots

  • mary

    who’s so stupid to even say “i thought it was gum”……


    but because she’s paris hilton, she’ll get away with it… like allways….

  • notafan


  • LOVE

    Jail 4 years

  • Sally

    Lifetime behind bars!!So,she doesn’t pollute the air anymore!!

  • terrie

    well stupid is as stupid does and there’s no cure for stupid !!!!!