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Angelina Jolie: PSA for Pakistani Flood Relief

Angelina Jolie: PSA for Pakistani Flood Relief

Angelina Jolie speaks out for the victims of Pakistan’s flood in this new PSA through UNHCR.

“This is not just a humanitarian crisis,” Angelina, a goodwill ambassador for the organization, said. “It is an economic and social catastrophe.”

“The more support we can give, the greater number of tents, food, clean water and medicine will get to the people in need,” she added.

To learn how you can help, visit!

Angelina Jolie – Support Pakistan Relief
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  • Newtons3Law

    Hello JP fans,

    Just a quick question. Does anyone have any troubles visiting JJ today? I’m using MAC and on two occasions it came up with a warning about this site having MALWARE when I visited the site.


  • chaz

    Bravo, The world needs more people like angie! I’ glad to see her be a part of this.

  • chaz

    The world needs more people like angie, i am glad to see her helping pakistan..its needed.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    I love her.

  • Newtons3Law

    Angelina is a wonderful spokesperson and humanitarian. It’s great to see her actively helping people all over the world regardless of race, language or religion.

  • Newtons3Law

    WOW!! I’m FIRST. :P

  • niwatori

    Angie! you’re a true inspiration. No matter what everyone says you’re a wonderful person…
    We love you.

  • Lara

    A wonderful lady, always thinking of others.

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    This beautiful lady is just an amazing lady.

  • Nicole

    Dulciena on mega4 found this video this morning
    Thanks for posting it Jared.
    Angelina is an inspiration to all
    as is Mr. Brad Pitt.

    THEY WALK the TALK!!! bravo!

  • teri

    I don’t think she ever puts herself first, such a very lovely and kind person. I feel awful for the children and women who live there.

  • goopy


  • dakila

    Angie, super!

  • Felicity

    Those people are in need not Angelina.

  • dakila

    Ooooopppsss.. sorry, i forgot to say that the movie SALT is a moreish movie. It wants you to see more.
    I really loved it!!!



  • Elizabeth

    Adorable and an inspiration

  • http://justjared sarah

    Helping to help people makes you more of a beautiful person.

  • Jessie

    It’s about sometimer that some famous person
    lights up the devistation.
    Of course it’s always the fabulous Ms. Jolie.

    She is about THEV only true Humanitarian in Hollywood
    or maybe on the planet.

    and Clooney got a Humanitarian award? LMAO
    what a PR crap!

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    UN advocate Angelina Jolie calls for greater support for Pakistani flood victims

    Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie
    31 August 2010 – The United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and award-winning Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie appealed today for the public to step up their financial support for the efforts of aid agencies to bring humanitarian relief to the millions of Pakistanis suffering as a result of the devastating floods that have inundated much of the country.
    Ms. Jolie, who serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), released a video message in which she stressed the sheer scale of the disaster, which has left a fifth of the country under water and affected an estimated 17 million people.

    “This is not just a humanitarian crisis – it is an economic and social catastrophe,” Ms. Jolie said in the public service announcement.

    UNHCR is one of numerous UN agencies that are on the ground in Pakistan to try to provide relief to the flood victims, many of whom face a long wait before they can return to their homes and livelihoods.

    “The more support we can give, the greater number of tents, food, clean water and medicine will get to the people in need,” added Ms. Jolie, who has donated $100,000 to UNHCR for its Pakistani flood relief work.

    The nearly $460 million sought by the UN and its humanitarian partners in the initial floods response plan for Pakistan is currently 63 per cent covered, having received $291 million in funds and an additional $20 million in pledges.

    UNHCR has revised its section of the wider appeal from $41 million to $120 million as the needs of the flood victims continue to outpace the ability of aid groups to respond.

  • Nymph

    Thats good, but she’s starting look ugly in the face ms. @JOLIE4ever! wtf?? dont you have a life of your own?

  • Midz

    At least someone in Hollywood can get off their high horse & give time & support to help the people in Pakistan! Thanks Angie at least she cares about Pakistan I just wish more people would help! This disaster is the biggest & worse disaster EVER bigger then Haiti, Kashmir Earthquake & Tsunami! Its also bigger then all of 3 of those disasters put together! By the looks of it only Angelina seems to care! Also why is it they can do a telethon for Haiti but when it comes to Pakistan nothing?!?! WTF is up with that seeing as Pakistan’s disaster is officially now the biggest disaster to ever happen!!!!!!!

  • worldheros

    My cousin and his gf are going to Namibia to live without electricity and running water. I think it will be an adventurous experience. Im proud for having such a helpful member in my family who is actually human. I think Angelina is doing a great job too for being so inspirational. Congrats to the humanitarian workers.



  • angle

    She looks a lot like Padma Lakshmi in this picture

  • mean little girl

    i can never get enough of Angie…she is a true angel…xo

  • cath

    Thank You Angie you are a wonderful humanitarian who has always taken the time to try to bring attention to other countries in dire need.
    We love you for that.

    BTW Hubby myself and friends went to see Salt two weeks ago
    and it was one of the best action spy dramas we have seen .
    You were terrific in it. Congrats Lady!!

  • Jewels

    @ Newtons3Law – Yeah, I got something similar. The moment I entered this site I got a pop up from my pc guard saying that a virus was detected & quarantined…maybe jj should scan the site?

  • Ann_Howard

    Thank you, Angelina. Now if we could only get the media to talk about it. But no, the American media just wants to focus on ’5 years after Katrina.’ After so much coverage of the devastation in Haiti, this lack of coverage is ridiculous. Pray, care, donate.

  • sosoxxx

    stupid lookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • anustin

    proud of you anjie.bless you, always.

  • Bella

    The messages sent out by Angelina jolie in re; to Pakistans flood
    show what a sweet compassionate giver she is .
    Bless You Angie! We hear you and will be there to help in whatever way we can.
    God bless you our sweet angel.

  • Judy

    I just made a donation of $250. I was going to do it anyway, but Angie reminded me of the urgency!

  • gracie

    Angie, you’re an incredible human being, generous and always taking the lead. May God bless you for ever. You’re truly an inspiration for all Love you.

  • teri

    I know so so many Americans hate Pakistani people but not everyone there is hateful, no more than so many Americans.

  • lea

    I just did two virus scans and i have a very expensive set up that was just added to my computer and yet both times it said there were no
    virus’s or malware ads etc.
    I will try it again later but feel comfortable with this new set up that all is well on jareds end.

    Just wanted to thank Angie for always being there when there is a crisis. I too am proud of you Angie. Always have been.

  • BAP

    Where is George Clooney now for a fundraiser? Where is the Media Coverage? Where is Hollywood at? I know there’s nothing in it for them!

  • lurker aka angel

    bravo angelina you are an angel love you

  • kiki

    Thanks to Angie’s reminder i just sent $ 25.00. That is all i could afford but it felt really good after i pressed send to know i helped in some sort of way. That is something my mom taught me too was even if i could afford 5 or 10 dollars to send it and if everyone thought like that instead of thinking it should be more that it would help more than we would ever realize.
    Bless Angies heart.. She is one person all of these countries know they can count on her for getting the messages out as well as giving what she can to make countrie’s like Pakistan a better place.

  • gracie

    Angie is an angel, a fantastic person and God will keep on watching over her. The world loves her. You’re the best Angie.

  • mmsic

    Angie has been very consistent in helping other countries that have been ravaged by earthquakes,floods,diseases and displaced people from their own country,yet the award goes to George Clooney.Something is very,very wrong with that.Although,I’m sure Angie doesn’t really care for that superficial award.Bless you Angie,Brad and your children,may they grow up to be like their Parents!!!

  • Pat

    Bless you Angie! We hear you and will do what we can to help Pakistan in it’s time of need.

  • Passing Through

    # 417 gracie @ 08/31/2010 at 5:42 pm
    PT, do you think he will bring back the thumbs up/down mechanism? His server seem to be back to normal. We don’t want to go back to the way things were before the thumbs up/thumbs down.
    Yeah, I think it’ll be back whenever they get the kinks worked out with their server. I think what people are forgetting or don’t know is that every time someone clicks thumbs up/down that’s a transmission back to Jared’s server to update the total for that post. Now multiply that by a couple of thousand posts on a few dozen new/recent threads (plus hundreds of older threads) mutliplied by hundreds of users multiplied by 2 blogs. I don’t go over to juniorville so I’m just guessing that the thumbs up/down feature is available there, too. Not only is he tracking all of these millions of thumbs up/down votes, but that’s data that has to be stored in a database, which probably requires SQL and that gives me a headache just thinking about it. Let’s put it this way – I sure as hell wouldn’t want to have to be the one to try to figure out exactly where in all of that code the problem lies. Or if it’s the hardware or server OS that’s the problem. Frankly I’ve been kind of surprised that his whole site hasn’t crashed yet. That happened in fall 2006 – and it wasn’t pretty.

  • Lara

    Some, like Clooney, are only interested if it provides some good pr for their new movies and there’s a chance to pick up an award or two.
    Angie has been offering her help and assistance, shining a light and visiting areas of great need for 10 years, and it’s always sincere and from the heart. She is a true inspiration.

  • Agatha

    A beautiful woman inside and out, a woman with a conscience beyond her fame…

  • patty3900

    Padma is way prettier than angie, all natural and exotic. Angie looking old with those bangs. SHe telling people to donate , but she only donated 100,00. She could afford more. She bought a home in Italy for 40M. Her and brad trying to live a jet set lifestyle is more important than giving money to the needy. Maybe running out of money, from the photos when she pimped out her kids for press and money, pathetic crazy troll.

  • Some Bunny

    What a beautiful inspirational video. Angelina Jolie is so involved in the crisis of the world, I wish more were like her, and I’d love to just be as giving as she is, beauty is only skin deep. Angelina is absoulutely GORGEOUS! Texting SWAT to 50555 right now, and Ihope everyone I know will do the same.

    Blessings to the JP’s and to their fans!

  • patty3900

    God isn’t going to bless someone who committed adultery. Go to church you crazy fans. 10 years of good deeds doesn’t mean anything, adultery trumps that. George is more concern about people, he doesn’t need press, angie does for PR.

  • amyamy

    God isn’t going to bless someone who committed adultery. Go to church you crazy fans. 10 years of good deeds doesn’t mean anything, adultery trumps that. George is more concern about people, he doesn’t need press, angie does for PR.

  • mmsic

    Just sent my donation to the Pakistan flood relief thru UNICEF.God bless them.