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Dianna Agron: Drop Dead Vanity Fair Gorgeous

Dianna Agron: Drop Dead Vanity Fair Gorgeous

This girl gets more gorgeous with each passing day!

Dianna Agron is all sorts of wonderful in this new shoot for the October 2010 issue of Vanity Fair, on stands Sept. 7. Here’s what we learn about the 24-year-old Glee hottie:

– Grew up taking ballet lessons
– Her nickname growing up was Charlie, for her male alter ego and the star of the short stories she’d write in high school
– Revered equally the poised Audrey Hepburn and the madcap Lucille Ball
– Grew up in hotels in Savannah and San Francisco‚Ä”her father was a Hyatt general manager
– On describing her upcoming movie I Am Number Four: “I’m likening it to Rebel Without a Cause. With supernatural elements. And aliens.” (She’s dating her co-star Alex Pettyfer.)

More pics from Dianna‘s gorgeous shoot at!

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dianna agron vanity fair 01
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dianna agron vanity fair 03
dianna agron vanity fair 04

Credit: Jessica Diehl (Styling), Brett Berk (Interview); Photos: Paola Kudacki
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  • mandy

    She can’t act for good and her singing is horrible too. Give it one year or two year she will be forgotten.

  • Saad G.Khan

    She looks Stunning and got a catch Alex Pettyfer as well… is Glee Season 2 gives her a little focus.. she will have rocking years ahead of her!

  • miss infamous

    Pretty but average! I see girls like that walking down the streets of NYC all the time

  • alexa

    God she is Hot!!
    Love her voice and acting hope she gets more screen time in Season 2

  • Paris

    She looks good here! Glad she’s gonna be featured more next season

  • Bernard Tilman

    Dianna Agron is incredibly gorgeous. This stunningly beautiful young woman is the reason I watch Glee and she is the best thing about that series. For the record, she is way out of Alex Pettyfer’s league.

  • GoodGirl

    Come on, she just look like an AVERAGE girl!!!!

  • beezle

    @mandy…you are obviously blind and deaf.

    Dianna Agron is a gorgeous multitalented girl who acts, writes and is quite handy with the camera. Not bad directing of Thaos video too. Great to see a rare young Hollywood starlet interested in so many things. I watch Glee because of her as well and her acting is the more natural of the young ones for me.

    She is stunning in these pictures but I think she has even looked more stunning especially at the Emmys.

  • Ray

    Dianna is so beautiful. She’s my favourite on Glee. I’m on team Finn/Quinn hehehe

  • Justin

    These pictures are great but they don’t even do her enough justice.

    She is far more gorgeous than this and has the most mesmerising eyes I have ever seen.

  • Erika

    beautiful :)

  • Mary

    Out of all the glee kids this girl is probably the one that will success the most in Hollywood when the sow is over. She is gorgeous and she is one of the best actresses on the show. As for her singing skills… well she is not as good as the others, but I don’t think it will be necessary for her future in the business.

  • PrettySimpleton

    @Mary: She will be the most successful because she is already in a fake showmance relationship with her co star. I liked her alot and thought she was great till I saw her pull that cr@p. The pictures from the other day were sickeningly staged.
    But she most likely succeed, not as an actress but as a tabloid princess same goes from Lea as well who is already ahead of her in that game,

  • Jack

    Too bad she cant act or sing.

  • peggy

    She looks very good and I like her a lot on Glee.

    BUT as starlets here in Hollywood go she pretty much looks like all the others.

    So she better hone her acting skills if she expects to survive.

    If there is one thing that controversial Vanity Fair cover showed a few months ago it’s how alike so many of them are.

  • laverdadduele

    Who the hell is this?

  • Lea

    male alter ego? charlie? interesting…

  • Rebecca

    These pictures do not do her justice. But with that said, she looks absolutely amazing. She’s the reason why I still watch the show and I think her acting is one of best among the younger kids.

    PS Please dumb Alex. He’s a co-star dater and is only looking to cash in on the Glee fame at the moment.

  • Midz

    I think she looks beautiful!

  • Eden

    she’s beautiful, but cannot act or sing. give her a few more years and just maybe she’ll breakthrough. right now she’s not a breakthrough and doesn’t stand out like lea michele in the acting and singing category.

  • sea

    “This girl gets more gorgeous with each passing day!!

    JJ is in love…

  • JB

    She’s a lovely looking girl, but she looks like almost every other “starlet” in Hollywood. I find her acting on Glee to be one-note (I hope I never have to see her cry again, she stinks at it), and her singing is cringe-worthy. She does seem to have interest in writing, which is great. I wouldn’t waste my time or money going to see anything she’s in just because she’s in it.

  • Carla

    Her acting has improved over the course of the season. Love th polka dot dress

  • jojo

    I would rather look at her and watch her act than Lea Michele, that’s for sure. Lea Michele can sing. Send her back to the Stage. This here Dianna Agron is a movie star. She can act and will only get better and she has the poise of the old Hollywood beauties and their effortless elegance. Lea Michele on the other hand is a hot mess. If she could not sing no one would touch her with a ten foot pole.

  • Derek117

    Looks like Estella Warren.

  • tina


  • Diana = C- / Lea = A+

    She’s pretty BUT SHE HAS NO PERSONALITY!! What good is a pretty face when you bore everyone to tears? Lea Michelle is more spunky and entertaining. Some people say she’s a bit of a perfectionist bossy jerk but there would truly be no show without Lea.

  • Meh about Dianna

    She is pretty but her eyes are boring and she is about two years away form having cankles. Leas are not good.

    No reason to compare Lea and Dianna, they will never be up for the same parts. Lea will always have the stage to fall back on, Dianna don’t think she will last to long with out her acting improving.

    Lea has the determination, singing and decent acting, Dianna has the sweetness, the cookie cutter looks (Hollywood likes) and near decent acting, will be interesting to see. But good luck to both.

  • Meh about Dianna

    @Meh about Dianna: that would be legs are not good. lea is very good.

  • Frankie

    Love Dianna. She’s great on Glee.

  • Linny

    Don’t get it, seen it all before. She seems really nice though.

  • rachel from glee

    i do think she is super hot on glee. under-rated in my opinion.

  • lol

    Perfect example of a sweet girl that CAN’T ACT or SING. Mixed in with regular Hollywood she doesnot stand out at all. She has been around for years and no one has paid her any attention until she lucked out and got on a hit People watch just for her? Please tell those lies to someone else.

  • JKF

    She is much more gorgeous than these pictures show. She is the main reason I watch glee. She is only at the begining of her stardom with miles to go!!!! Go get’em dianna…….

  • christine j sojka

    yes dianna agron looks “drop dead gorgeous” and NO ONE CARES.ALEX PETTYFER HASN’T EVEN BOUGHT HER AN ENGAGEMENT RING YET BECAUSE ALEX PETTYFER DOESN’T CARE ABOUT HER.alex pettyfer has known dianna agron more than five months.that’s long enough to have bought her an engagement ring.some one bought me an engagement ring after only THREE MONTHS of dating BECAUSE HE TOOK ME SERIOUSLY.if dianna agron is so great WHY DOESN’T ALEX PETTYFER WANT TO MARRY HER?& btw if dianna agron is so great why doesn’t her so-called ex boyfriend PUNCH ALEX PETTYFERS’ LIGHTS OUT? answer:dianna agrons’ ex so-called boyfriend DOESN’T CARE ABOUT HER EITHER.ALEX PETTYFER IS TOTALLY INDIFFERENT TO DIANNA AGRON & VISE VERSA.THEIR “RELATIONSHIP” IS JUST A P.R. STUNT. (p.s. if alex pettyfer ever marries dianna agron it’ll be because he needs the money.NOT because he cares about her.

  • lorna ramirez

    she is far from average… she is a very beautiful girl whoi would stand out anywhere…you do not see that kind of beauty even in the street s of new york. a ceratin kind of look yes but a stunning beauty like hers who radiates grace and serenity is very rare…a look can be common but real beauty is hard to find…