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Giglianne Braga: Come Inside My Closet!

Giglianne Braga: Come Inside My Closet!

If I Can Dream‘s Giglianne Braga shows off her wardrobe’s versatility in this new video shot inside the If I Can Dream house!

The 20-year-old aspiring model was born in Goiania, Brazil and moved to New Jersey with her family at the age of five.

Check out the Vogue Eyewear Virtual Closet and play with your look like Giglianne did!

Giglianne Braga – Closet Raid
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …who is she, and why should anyone care what’s in her closet?! LOL

  • Megan

    She has a weird shaped face and her mouth and nose are too big.

  • rock n roll queen

    the first n the last look rocked

  • mememe


    Yes, dear. I’m sure you’re just bitter because you looked in the mirror after looking at that picture of her and finally the truth hit you – she’s beautiful and you’re sitting there in your little basement typing away, trying to convince people on a celeb-gossip site that she has weird facial features. Um…pot, kettle, black?

  • PrettySimpleton

    This whole IF I Can Dream online thing is getting old.
    Her and the other two guys are becoming annoying,
    None of them are actors or models they are ASPIRING models an actors. In other words they want to be, but are not!!!

    That is otherwise known as a waiter!!!! or waitress!!!! in LA.

    Their naked PETA adds were revolting as well.
    I never thought I would say this but Paris Freaking Hilton and Lindsay Lohan deserve to be famous more then these people from IF I Can Dream.

  • just prettier

    What a silly face my god. And wtf? why is she showing her closet when she has just four garments for all that space?? Who cares? does anybody know her? Is she silly or what? This makes no sense

  • Lívia

    I didn’ t know she was born here, in Brazil.

  • Luiza

    who cares?

  • indigo

    woah, i thought she was mel gibson’s estranged wife oksana at first!!!

  • O_______O

    Damn, she’s freaking GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • Sacha,

    The way she speaks is distracting. As if her tongue is too big for her mouth or her lips and gums have been numbed.

  • GG See

    Giglianne Braga is a selfish jester and nothing about her is amazing. Her joker size mouth and big chin irritates me…no wonder she doesn’t smile. Jealous…nah, just had to get it off my chest. To be more particular, I can’t stand the way she treats people. With LA’s, “walk on people to get ahead” and Jersey’s, “don’t give a crap” attitudes mixed, Gig somehow took all the worst qualities about two great states and compiled it into one person. Don’t watch it, you may say… Well, I prefer to watch 3 other deserving individuals rise to fame. Despite their flaws, I don’t cringe when I see them. I honestly haven’t decided whether she’s sincerely a piece of work or pretending to play the S. Cowell card to dance on the backs of others with insults to fame. At least Cowell is good at what he does.

    I’ve seen more people work just as hard and treat people with more grace and prestige then I’ve seen in 29 episodes of Gig-filled hate. She’s just a body that will sell needless, materialistic items to feed the minds of overzealous, over paid, flamboyant house wives wrapped with a “I’ll never be good enough without this accessory” gimmick. Someone tape her mouth shut, she might earn some money off the teenage wet dreams, because her lack of respect for life certainly won’t. I’ve seen bums with more personality and soul.

    One more thing to think about….I hope Pepsi is watching and critiquing. From a marketing perspective, she represents NOTHING that Pepsi Refresh is about.

  • closet