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Kate Winslet: Gloucestershire Gas Stop

Kate Winslet: Gloucestershire Gas Stop

Kate Winslet fills up her black SUV at a gas station on Saturday (August 28) in Gloucestershire, England.

The 34-year-old actress popped into the convenience store with her 6-year-old son, Joe Alfie, and a pal.

A few days before, Kate stepped out with her new British model boyfriend, Louis Dowler. The couple hit up two London nightclubs before returning to their hotel.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Winslet and her son at a gas station…

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  • knock knock

    as nice as she might seem, I’m beginning to think she’s a slut!

  • Marisa

    Love her! She looks a bit upset, probably because people are taking her picture when she’s with her child.

    @knock knock Why would you say that? She’s apparently very sweet in person, no one who has met her or worked with her has something negative to say.

  • knock knock

    34 years old, changing one man for the other, dragging children into uncomfortable situations… pretty adventurous life for a 34 year old, don’t you think?

  • holly

    Oh my gosh. How Iove her hunter boots! Wanna buy the same :)

  • Marisa

    @knock knock And that makes her a bad person? First of all, she and her ex husband were over a year before they announced it, so she’s not moving on as quickly as the public think she is. Second of all, she’s single and there’s nothing wrong with dating again. If a nice guy comes along why not give it a chance? Who knows where that relationship will go? A lot of women I know turned down awesome guys because people would say to them ‘Don’t you think you’re moving on too fast?’ Screw that! She’s a lovely woman, she’s been through a lot, if this guy is making her happy then it’s good for her. Third of all, she’s dragging her kids into uncomfortable situations? How do you know? It’s not like she’s trying to replace her childrens’ fathers. The woman lives and breathes for her kids, given the type of person she is I don’t think she’d allow a man into her life that makes her kids uncomfortable. Too many people look down on women who move on at a faster pace. How long is she supposed to wait? There’s no deadline, everyone is different. She just happened to meet someone special. I bet if she had never met this man she’d still be single.

  • flor


  • like him but not for husband

    I dont normally post on Kate’s threads but she looks good here. Like the outfit, she is handsome, not pretty. Dignified, stylish. I dont think the breakup with Mendes was her choice, he sounds like a tough row to hoe and she doesnt look happy.

    I was wondering because she has been identified as “Coke mom” in a blind item- other strong candidate was Halle Berry. But I dont see any sign of it—maybe it was the fallout from the divorce and she is getting it back together. I ilke Kate, only want good thing for her, and if she has a BOY TOY so what. A man would do it in a minute, and she obviously cares for her kids. She deserves some happiness, as do we all.

    I dont think its an adventurous life. She got married early and had kidsrelatively early—it just doesnt always work out the way you want it

  • ItalianGirl

    Un SUV, Kate? Ma Leo non vorrebbeeeee! XD
    Anyways, great actress, nice woman (so it seems). I just hope that model truly likes her and is not just using her to be a celebrity.

  • wakedusty

    @knock knock:

    Supposedly her husband was cheating on her but no one seems to think he moved on too quickly though. Such a double-standard.

  • wakedusty

    LMAO! I just realized it looks like her son has his hands in his pants.

  • knock knock


    not a double standard. We all know men cannot stay alone for long, too needy and dependent on a woman’s admiration (if he’s straight).

    Kate, however, has the main responsibility for the children, needs to be the dependable, trustworthy person and I don’t think hooking up with a model after losing two husbands speaks for her as a woman and wife.
    It takes two to tango. Even though her last husband might have cheated, you don’t follow the next best person like a b*tch in heat just because lightening has struck you and you fell in love o so madly. And when the feeling wears off she goes for the next man. It’s a pattern with her.

  • Paula

    What happened to that old Jewish man, Sam Mendes, she was married to.

  • wakedusty

    @knock knock:

    She’s dating and appears to be having fun. I don’t see how her going on a date is doing such harm to her children. You are full of excuses for the man but yet you begrudge a woman for having a little fun?

    How does going on a date make a person less dependable or trustworthy? Your argument is ridiculous, you’ve been watching too much Mad Men.

  • knock knock


    where did I excuse the man? hardly talked about him and if so not favorably. You should wake up from your dream that women and men are the same and to be treated the same. This is one of the worst outcomes of the emancipation movement, it turns women into sl*ts. If the man can be promiscuous then now we can too? Is that your rationale?

  • wakedusty

    @knock knock:

    Of course that’s not my rationale but it is a date, she has been separated from Mendes for almost a year. And dating does not make someone a slut, where you there to watch them do it? I don’t like this model guy, in fact I find him gross looking but she has a right to move on. She also has the right to simply have fun with him if that’s all she wants.

    You excused Mendes by saying that because men are needy they can not stay alone for too long so basically he could move on and probably be an absentee weekend father but God forbid she have a little fun. When exactly is she allowed to move on? In five, maybe ten years?

    I am done with this ridiculous discussion. Kate Winslet doesn’t need me defending her actions anyway. She’ll continue rocking and making millions with or without your support.

  • knock knock

    have you ever considered me pullin your leg?
    honestly, I couldn’t care less about KW, she shall f*ck whomever she likes hard and often if you ask me. Good for her

  • boston61

    She is so photogenic. She is at a gas station and looks great. Lot’s of nice looking people are not photogenic. That’s one of the keys to her success.

  • hypocrite

    @knock knock: BS. sexist and hypocritical. was her husband a douche in heat when he was cheating on her. GET THE F#CK OUT. she can date as soon as she wants. the faster you move on the better.

    and a woman is not the main one responsible for her children. both parents are responsible. she doesn’t owe her children anymore time than their father(s) give them.

    she has a right to her personal life. and i hope she’s having hot awesome model sex as we speak. after two useless ugly no-good husbands in row she deserves it.

  • hot

    kate is hot and glamorous, b!tch can do anything she wants. she’ll be remarried with another oscar soon.

  • beauty