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Lea Michele Covers 'Glamour' October 2010

Lea Michele Covers 'Glamour' October 2010

Lea Michele keeps it sexy on the cover of Glamour magazine’s October 2010 issue, on stands Sept. 8.

Here’s what the 24-year-old Glee star had to share:

On what’s going to happen to Rachel next season: “I think we’re going to see [what she's like] with a boyfriend. She’s kind of inexperienced still, and I would like to see them together for a bit as a couple. I want to meet her dad—I really do. I think that they’re saving that, though.”

On which cast member she was surprised to be friends with: “Amber Riley. We’re both big personalities, and you definitely would think we’d bump heads. But she has taught me more about myself than anyone. She inspires me, she protects me, she makes me laugh, she tells me not to take myself so seriously. She’s my Mama Amber.”

On being on different coasts than boyfriend Theo Stockman (who’s currently in Broadway’s American Idiot): “I’m a relationship girl. I would rather be long-distance with him than not have a relationship at all.”

On her ideal romantic evening with Theo: “Scary movie, pizza, being at home, maybe having friends over and a great bottle of wine. I like it when a movie scares the s—t out of me. That, for me, is just the best.”

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  • Mary

    I love her but this pictures seem like she is trying to hard to be sexy. The interview is really nice though, and I like the picture where she is wearing the red top and the one that she looks like audrey hepburn.

  • Mary


    “These” not “this”.

  • renata

    i liked the picture, the intreview is good.

  • poo

    strange expression on her face. plus amber is much more talented than she is and shouldn’t have to play black mami to her co-star.

  • pinkydoo

    she annoys the living hell out of me

  • essie

    i don’t think they should have put so much black around the eyes, looks scary

  • erika

    i think she looks great, i met her at the stage door at glee tour, she was a sweetheart with everybody there.

  • Miguel

    she’s so annoying and she looks terrible on that cover

  • JB

    Lea looks amazing as usual, and it was a lovely interview. To all the haters who have already left comments — you’re truly pathetic. She’s more talented and successful than you (or I) will ever be. Jealousy is such and ugly thing.

  • LMS


    well said, thank you! :D

  • KellStar

    Why is the large black woman always a “mammy”?

  • LILY

    Aww.. everyone’s favorite NEXT tabloid PRINCESS!!!

    She was so excited Kim Kardashian and Kim’s mom Kris Jenner touched her hair. She talked about that ”AMAZING” experience with E!.

    She’s so desperate for everlasting fame that she’s kissing up to Z-list reality TV stars.

  • Lea = A+ / Diana = C-

    Say what you will about her DIVANESS but atleast she’s got personality unlike the bore-me-to-tears Diana Agron! And not to mention that Lea can actually act. Without Lea there is no ‘Glee’. The show just wouldn’t be the same without her.

  • Gee whiz

    I like this girl, but the thing she said about how she would rather be in a long distance relationship than not in one at all scares me. What’s wrong with being independent and strong? It is a bad message she is sending to yooooung girls. That you need to do whatever to keep a man. But this is just my opinion.

  • UH

    @Gee whiz: She said “with him”. Not just any relationship. She wants to be with him, so she’s working for it.

  • Dee

    She looks hot as always. Maybe she means she loves him so much that she’d rather be in a long distance relationship than not be with him at all? I don’t see it as a wrong message to send girls she must love the guy a lot.

  • Jim

    I will never understand people need to be so nasty. It is almost like you stalk this place waiting to say something bitchy. It is truly sad.

    I think the photos are very nicely done and tasteful and her comment about Amber is sweet. Don’ try to make it out as anything else. And just stop be some nasty it is so unnecessary.

  • Joan

    @LILY: go away unlike them though she has actual talent. Don’t pretend to know anything about these people.

  • Kidding right?

    @poo: Please amber can sing but her acting is sub par.

  • just stop

    @KellStar: No one called her a mammy why try to start something,

  • natalie

    i love lea michele, so excited to receive this magazine, love love her!

  • Go Lea

    Lea looks great and a great comment in regards to her friend Amber. Nice to see her commitment is to her boyfriend not just any relationship geez..

  • Sean

    Looks like they photoshopped her nose.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s cute but this picture isn’t doing her justice. No one is hating on her – this is just an awful picture. I actually think she’s cute and very talented.

  • Anna

    @Lea = A+ / Diana = C-: You said the same thing on Dianna post, can YOU even be more boring?????????? Dianna and Lea have two different personalities. Lea is more outgoing and Dianna is more introspective, calm, layed back. You can’t say Dianna has no personality bc EVERYONE has one!!!

  • Frankie

    I love Lea and Dianna. Both gorgeous gals!

  • Mlle.Brightside

    She looks amazing as usual ! I like this shoot.

  • Kim

    Go Lea and your unconventional beauty, your amazing talent and your spunky personality. Lovely pictures and great interview.

  • No Comment


  • No Comment

    What happened to the “Thumbs Up” Feature Jared?

  • Kary

    Lea doesn’t look like her in this photo. Her mouth, eyes, everything appears to be other person, too much photoshop.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …seriously, i don’t know anything about glee or the “actors” on the show but what i do know is this girl’s fcking ugly. she’s busted. and she looks like a wannabe diva.


    That shirt looks great on her… I search and search the web and found this spot called

    they have similar at unbeatable prices!!!

  • hmm

    UR Mama Amber? Really? Give me a break pleeeease! So tired of trite stereotypes. How old is she?

  • Steff

    i dont get it, she’s a gorgeous girl, why did they feel the need to photoshop her face so much? she looks pretty scary.

  • KellStar

    @just stop: The show is all about playing on classic stereotypes so I guess that translated into real life. Just because Lea didn’t use the word doesn’t mean she didn’t describe it to a tee. I’m not trying to start anything, only revealing what’s already there. And no this isn’t some attack on Lea or Amber.

  • http://http Daniela

    I love her, but it’s true, so much photoshoot is like other person.

  • Cale

    Lea looks spectacular in all the photos she is so sexy and talented !