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Alexander Skarsgard: 'Excited' to Work on 'Battleship'

Alexander Skarsgard: 'Excited' to Work on 'Battleship'

Alexander Skarsgard will begin filming on his action flick Battleship starting next week in Hawaii!

The 34-year-old True Blood hunk was asked by MTV what he thinks about being in a film based on a board game. He said, “I don’t really think about that very much. It’s quite different from the board game, obviously. Pete is a great guy – the director, Peter Berg – and I’m just excited to start it, I really am.”

Alexander, who presented at the Emmys over the weekend, stars alongside Friday Night LightsTaylor Kitsch, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker in the film, which will be released into theaters on May 25, 2012!

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  • Meg must pay your publicist tons for all this boring press. Where’s your bald anorexic partner in crime? Your to hot for her and no one gives a damn about you when your with her. Ditch the witch. :D

  • GreenCAT

    I’m not too sure about the movie, I’ll wait to decide once I see the trailer.

  • rock n roll queen

    its too soon to tell if its worth it or not but im sure more excited about melanholia

  • Silly Idea For A Movie

    “I don’t really think about that very much. It’s quite different from the board game, obviously.” … SOUNDS TO ME LIKE HE’S A LITTLE BIT EMBARRASSED OF THE FACT THAT THE MOVIE IS BASED ON A STUPID BOARDGAME! LOL

  • Jenn

    @rock n roll queen: MELANHOLIA??? hahahaha. That sounds like a Beavis & Butthead movie. I think you mean MELANCHOLIA. Yeah, I think this movie’s gonna suck the big one.

  • 34 Years Old

    I can’t believe Alex is already 34!!! Dayummmmm he’s old!

  • LYNN


  • Alicia

    I wonder what Alex is going to turn out like when he’s in his 50s or 60s??? I truly hope he doesn’t become one of those shallow D-bags that dumps his long-time wife and marries someone half his age who could be his own daughter! That’s what his dad, Stellan did. That would be so sad and disappointing. But then again, he might not even be in the public eye by the time he’s that age. Especially if he ages really badly and becomes very unattractive.

  • Tina

    @34 Years Old: I know right? I can’t believe he’s 34! I’m only 24 and right now I’m in no rush to settle down but hopefully by the time I’m his age I’ll already be settled down and starting a family not wasting my time like Alex. He should be looking for his future wife not dating around anorexic no-talent c-listers like Bonesworthless.

  • Failure

    With Rihanna and that Brooklyn swimsuit model girl this is sure to be a failure. They’re just turning it into one big joke. I really hope Alex can find a way out of this. But it might be too late if he already signed a contract!

  • Stacey Potash

    @Alicia: I hope Alex looks NOTHING like his dad Stellan when he gets to that age. Stellan is really really not attractive. Everyone has said he has a mean German Nazi face. And I also think that he’s a jerk in real life.


    @Tina: What I don’t get is why does he say in interviews how he would like to settle down and he can’t wait to have kids and in fact wants lots of them yet he’s wasting so much time with K BoHo. It’s not like he’s a young man in his 20s. He’s already mid 30s and not getting any younger.

  • Stupid & Reckless of him

    This movie sounds like a joke with that cast. Did Askars really sign up for this knowing pop singer Rihanna & model Brooklyn Deker were going to be in it??? I refuse to believe he would be this stupid and reckless. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HE DIDN’T KNOW THEY WERE GOING TO BE CAST! PLEASE!

  • Anthony loves Anna Paquin

    It’s possible that Alex did know and he’s just so desperate to be the main star or 1 of the 2 main stars in a movie that he was blinded by his own ambition and made a terrible mistake. This tends to happen a lot with men, we get greedy and stupid. Just look at all the wars happening right now. Women are better in this regard because they’re able to use their head more.

  • Karen

    @Stacey Potash: Isn’t it weird how Alex looks a little bit like Stellan yet Alex has such a sweet charming face and his dad has such a mean nasty face? It’s like so alike and yet so very different. THANK GOD FOR THAT! Lol

  • Mike 69

    ur all putting down Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker but Taylor Kitsch isn’t exactly a critically acclaimed actor. he’s on Friday Night Lights which is a little teen show on NBC. even his name sounds fake. so basically the only real actor on the show is alex skarsgard.

  • Question

    Kinda expect KB showing up in Hawaii, that’s how she gets attention and publicity anyway. BTW, can Rihanna act? Just wondering…

  • Suzie

    Alex is too dang old to be making popcorn movies like “Battleship” which will supposedly be geared to teens and college students, especially with the cast it has now.

  • TB Fan

    @Suzie: I agree, Suzie. I also think he’s “TOO DANG OLD” to be dating an insecure clingy 20-something-year-old girl with eating disorders who cares more about having the paps take her picture than actually making films. He needs to get himself a real woman with an established career. At 34, he’s a grown azz man not a boy.

  • Miguelito

    To answer #17: She’s done some skits in SNL which wasn’t bad. Like ‘Shy Ronnie’ which you can find on Youtube. But these were just small funny skits not an entire movie. So it’s very different. Honestly, I don’t think she’ll be very good when it comes to making an actual film. She also has a noticeable Caribbean accent cuz she’s from Bermuda. So I really hope they don’t force her to play an American cuz nobody’s gonna buy that with her accent!! LOL

  • Miguelito

    @Mike 69: “ur all putting down Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker but Taylor Kitsch isn’t exactly a critically acclaimed actor.” … I agree that Taylor Kitsch isn’t a very recognizable actor and he’s nothing special. Rihanna is a singer with little acting experience and Brooklyn is a bikini model!! Hahaha. WHAT A HORRIFIC CASTING JOB THEY DID ON THIS MOVIE.

  • Responsibility falls on him

    Alex was stupid for taking this role because if the movie bombs (and with such a cast it prob will), it will fall mostly on his shoulders as the oldest, most recognizable, and most experienced actor in the cast. Film critics always put the blame on the main one. That kind of failure would be detrimental to his career. Where the heck are his agent, manager and so-called “talented” father to advise him?!!


    @Responsibility falls on him: Dear old daddy is too busy banging young women that are his children’s own age! Stellan’s new gold-digging wife is actually right around Alex’s age! Talk about an F-UP dysfunctional family. I wonder if Alex sees her as a sister or stepmother?? Hahahaha

  • Christina in Boston

    I think the fact that Stellan wasn’t even around for most of Alex’s childhood b/c he was too busy with his career is where the f.u.h.k.e.d. up dysfunctionality started. Now let’s hope that the old goat doesn’t die soon so that Alex isn’t plagued with the responsibility of having to take care of an infant little brother. B/c I think Stellan’s already like 60 years old!

  • Brian P.

    I don’t know who’s gonna suck more: Brooklyn, Rihanna, or Taylor Kitsch? It’s a toughie.

  • Swedish-American girl

    @Christina in Boston: OMG DON’T EVEN THINK THAT!! I hope that kind of burden never falls on poor Alex. Old men that age have no business having babies. It just becomes a burden for others because they don’t live long enough to see the poor baby through adulthood. There’s also a much higher incident of disease in the baby (such as Autism) when the dad is older. It’s been scientifically proven with study after study. In Stellan’s defense, though, I think that baby was an accident because they weren’t married yet. But he should have been more careful.

  • Carlos


  • Grow Up

    I think Alex is hot and very talented but he needs to start dating grown women his own age. Like Cameron Diaz, Rosario Dawson, Christina Hendricks, Charlize Theron. Not skinny little fake girls who have no sense of who they are.

  • Alain Smith

    what’s with all these models being hired instead of actresses? first if was with Transformer 3 hiring Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and now they’re hiring Brooklyn Decker?! Are there not enough starving artists available to select from? There’s a gazillion professionally trained actresses looking for work in Los Angeles. Almost all of the waiters/waitresses/hostesses and valet drivers in L.A. are starving artists. I don’t get it.

  • Carolina

    Brooklyn Decker got this job cuz shes married to tennis player Andy Roddick. It’s all about who you know in Hollyweird. But then the movies come out sucking cuz the actors can’t act. I know it makes no sense.

  • Justsaying

    WTF…happened to voting thumbs up or down feature JJ? What now we can’t vote to agree or disagree with someone’s comment how lame…………bth AS it is kind of lame to do a movie besed on a board……………..

  • Really?

    Wow haven’t seen this many guys come in here to diss Alex…jealous much? Also Rihanna is from Barbados not Bermuda. If you are going to criticize someone at least get thier information correct. Actually I don’t see the differnece between he and other well known stars, have been making suck face movies as of late. The movie industry is a freaking joke.

  • Really?

    @Alicia: Dear get your information correct. He was already divorced when he married this girl. Have you seen her, she looks older than Alex’s own mom. She is the oldest and drab looking 34 year old that I have ever seen. She needs a total makeover. Most men do that crap anyway marrying someone younger, even though they are old and stale. LOL , but Alex says that his Dad and Mom had not been happy for quite some time.

  • Charlotte

    There are no talented young women in Holywood…that must be why they had to cast a swimsuit model…


    I guess he picks the films he will join , the same way he picks his girlfriends! And thats sucks!!!

  • burnt bacon

    Still can’t get over them making a movie about Battle-freakin’-ship. Hollywood has hit rock bottom and they’re starting to dig.

  • JM

    Hate the movie idea, not the man. As for him being soooo old…34 IS NOT OLD! Most men don’t fully mature til their at least 40. He’s having fun now. Well, he used to til he got tangled in Bosho’s web but if the rumors are true, that won’t be an issue anymore. Frankly, he’s to busy to find “Miss Right” so he settles for “Miss Right Now.” I still think when True Blood wraps for good and his US movie career fades, and unfortunately with the choices he’s made (Strawdogs, Battleship) it will, he’ll go back to Sweden and settle down with a Swedish girl. Someone who understands and shares his culture and someone who has her own life and is not looking for the spotlight. At least that’s what the optimist in me hopes for. I really want to believe he’s not the Eurodouche he’s portrayed himself to be lately.

  • RandomGirl

    Does she even have any acting talent? Bad move to put such a rookie and overrated singer in such a “big” movie like this.
    Maybe this movie won’t even get made…I don’t think Alex needs the bad press. If he fails in this movie he probably won’t be given a second chance. The guy isn’t that young, at 34 it’s a bit old to be starting a movie career, not saying it can’t be done, but chances are slim for Alex to be a Hollywood star.

  • porquenon

    KB’s pals/pr gals are certainly trying to get the upper hand with all the break-up rumours by slagging off AS and his father. Too funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

  • Sugar

    There sure are some nasty people at this site! Bashing Alex, his dad, his step-mother, co-stars in Battleship, Kate. Geez. Don’t you have anything better to do? Get a life!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ….i hope he doesnt die on true blood, cause if he does i might stop watching it as much. ahahahahaha

  • Brush

    What’s up with Kate and her one fan coming here and bashing Alex and his family and his job. At least he has a job Kate go get you one as well
    Go brush your hair. you are just sad and mad first Orly now Alex.

  • AprilSpring

    I don’t know if this movie is going to be a hit or not…..we’ll have to see.

  • @27

    He’s a supporting character not the lead!
    She’s shooting a movie in MI this month – a dark comedy, great cast.

  • Carla Nelson

    AS looks old to be only 34. The reason why is looks old is because of his height. Height can make a person look older than their years. My daughter is 26 and is 5’9 and many people thinks that she is the oldest of my to siblings. My oldest child is 28 but in height is 5’4 people thinks she is the youngest of them. I say this if he were average height he could get away with his age. I thought the man was about 37-40 age range because of his height.

  • burnt bacon

    @JM: “As for him being soooo old…34 IS NOT OLD!”
    I know that and you know that, but to some people, anyone over the age of 25 is positively ancient. Hoo boy, are they in for a rude awakening in a few years.
    Seriously, did we switch over to the Logan’s Run universe when I wasn’t paying attention?

  • burnt bacon

    @Alain Smith: “what’s with all these models being hired instead of actresses?”
    My guess is that the actresses have taken their jobs. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I saw an actual model as the face of any given fashion, perfume or cosmetics campaign unless she was a huge name in the modeling world. They’ve got to do something so they can pay the rent. At least their grocery bills aren’t that high.
    To answer your second question, all Hollywood cares about is looks. Those waiters and waitresses who can’t get hired probably don’t look as good in a bikini as Brooklyn Decker and Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely, so they’re SOL. I think it sucks, but what can you do?

  • JM

    @ burnt bacon:
    Logan’s Run universe. HA! ^_^

  • stellan’s wife megan everett

    stellan skarsgard’s wife is megan everett and she works in the film industry there is no need to talk about his wife calling her a drab 34 year old and some else called her a gold digga.

    megan seems to be a private person unlike KB who I would call a drab 27 year old. check out some of the pictures of megan I think she is a natural beauty stellan and megan look very happy together.

  • heidi

    I have mixed feelings on Battleship but I’m hoping for the best. I can understand Alex wanting to be in a big summer movie because he has to prove he has box office pull as well as cable T V pull and if a summer movie does well, you get a lot of notice. The Rihanna and Brooklyn casting does not make me happy, but Alex and Taylor signed on before they were cast, so hopefully they trust the script and the director, not stunt casting. Alex and Taylor are both talented as well as good looking actors looking for their big movie break, so they are assets to the film.