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Brad Pitt: Narrating Saints' Super Bowl Documentary

Brad Pitt: Narrating Saints' Super Bowl Documentary

Brad Pitt will lend his voice to a documentary about the New Orleans Saints’ win in Super Bowl XLIV.

The 46-year-old actor will narrate America’s Game on the NFL Network on September 8, according to USA Today.

Over the weekend, Brad checked up on the progress of some new homes in New Orleans during the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

His organization, Make It Right, set up an eco-housing project in the Big Easy.

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Rocky

    That is awesome. Just hearing his voice makes me want to shag the first man I see. LOL

  • shylola


  • shylola

    am i second?

  • sav

    Brad is a wonderful guy. Successful, handsome and adventurous. Choosing Angie as his companion was the best move in his life.
    She is smart, intelligent, eloquent woman and great mother.

  • andamentothat


    Brad, thank you for being so caring and committed to your cause. We must Make it Right. and Go SAINTS!

  • WBPfan

    Can’t wait to watch/hear this documentary!! Thanks Jared for the new thread!!

  • HIH

    I don’t get why alot of people says he’s hot…..

  • aseret64

    My oh my Brad, you are killing me again of your gorgeousness. You are one hot papa lol

  • Tazzy


    You may not think he is hot but women and men worldwide do. I personally think he is a very handsome man but each to their own.

  • Lara

    Good job Brad, he and his gorgeous wife are such a great couple.

  • Disney

    Cool Brad. My respects to him lol

  • lylian

    To be honest, I think he looks better now than when he was younger. He was to Ken dolly for me in his younger days. Now, he looks like a beautiful man who has lived a good life.

  • lylian

    BTW, the DVD/Bluray numbers for kick ass sounds amazing. When your gross returns are about 10 times your initial investment it’s difficult not to make money.

  • Suri

    I have a friend who looks a lot like Brad

  • neer
    Stuntwoman EUNICE HUTHART tells Angelina Jolie: ‘you should have been a Scouser!’
    Sep 1 2010 by Dawn Collinson, Liverpool Echo
    Dawn Collinson gets Eunice Huthart to spill the beans on her friend Angelina Jolie
    SHE’S one of the highest-earning, most powerful and incredibly beautiful women in Hollywood. But when the cameras aren’t focused on her, Angelina Jolie couldn’t be less like her icy tabloid persona.
    Who says so? Liverpool stuntwoman Eunice Huthart. And, after 11 years working alongside the stunning A-lister, on film sets all around the world, few people are better placed to know.
    “I’m always saying to her she’s got such a great sense of humour, she’s so real and her feet are firmly on the ground, she should have been a Scouser!”
    jokes Eunice.
    “Honestly, I wouldn’t have worked with her for as long as I have if she was some Hollywood idiot, but she isn’t. All the magazines like to hype her up as having this particular image but I really don’t know where they get it from because she’s not like that at all. She’s just brilliant and such a nice person.”
    The two first met when former TV Gladiator Eunice was brought in to stunt double for Angelina as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movies.
    It’s a successful pairing which has worked countless times since, most recently on the action-packed thriller Salt.
    The blockbuster has already grossed more than $100m in the US and Angelina has spoken about how much she enjoyed throwing herself into its high-octane sequences.
    But although the fearless actress was keen to do as many of her own stunts as possible, when the danger rating becomes potentially fatal it’s Eunice that filmgoers see on screen.
    “Angie is game for absolutely anything, there’s nothing she doesn’t want to do,”
    says Eunice. “In fact, she’s better on heights than I am. I say to her ‘D’you know what, you can do that one today, and I’ll just stay down here!’
    “If there is something she doesn’t do, it’s always just the insurance that’s stopped her rather than her own fear. It isn’t even the director, because they often like to see their actresses doing things, but the insurance come in and say ‘there’s no way she’s doing that’ and so that’s where I step in.

    “The protocol with these films is that there are progress reports which go back to the studio all the time and there’s this ongoing concern over safety and who can do what. With Salt we wanted it to be like the Bourne Identity films, real and gritty, so if she gets smacked in the nose then it actually bleeds. We didn’t want to make something where there was a two-minute fist fight and at the end nobody has a single scratch on their face.
    “So we ironed out the tone of how we wanted the action to appear about three months before we started filming. Then, when we were setting fights and action scenes, we always worked to that tone.”
    Filming Salt took Eunice away for half of last year from her south Liverpool home, husband Mark and daughter Carly, who is now 20 and planning to become a movie make-up artist.
    “We were all over, up in Albany for the car chases and then we went to Washington where we had a great time,” she recalls.
    When we were in New York the stunt crew were basically working seven days a week, but in Washington the schedule was a bit slack for us so we could just enjoy it and do all the touristy things.
    “We had these little bikes and all of us were going round on them, all stunt people with big egos, showing off and doing tricks.
    “I thought it would be funny, when I saw a car going in to the White House, to try and sneak in behind it. I didn’t realise quite how bad a move that was! I nearly got myself thrown out of America. I said to the security guards, ‘haven’t you got a sense of humour’?”
    It is tough being away from home, and away from Liverpool which she loves so much, for such long periods of time.
    “But although it is a big drawback, I do love being on a movie because you work as a team and you really become like a family. With stunts, because there is this constant injury risk and on the odd occasion what you’re doing could result in death, you really have to trust each other. You become incredibly close-knit.”
    Angelina has revealed that she cut open her forehead in an accident while making Salt, which left her with a scar above her nose.
    Eunice escaped any major injuries, but she admits there have been plenty in the past.
    “There have been a few times when Mark has had to come down to the hospital to collect me,” she says. “But I think I had four operations in a year, so he’s very used to it. I just don’t tell him about half the stuff that happens because it’s not worth mentioning.”
    So, does that mean she’s totally fearless now?
    “Oh no, I’m not an idiot,” she laughs. “If you don’t have that fear factor then you’re going to be complacent and then you would get hurt. But with me it’s about always pushing boundaries and trying to get a better shot. I think, if we go higher, faster, harder, it will be better. In our game, you’re always pushing.”
    The 39-year-old is currently in London, rehearsing for Pirates of the Caribbean 4.
    “The cast are in LA prepping to come here and then we’ll have a nine-week shoot,” she explains. “That’s a great job, because one day you’re falling off horses and the next you’re trashing and bashing which makes me so happy!”
    She will, though, be home in time for Christmas which makes her even more excited.
    Then, she says, she can return to being a wife and a mum, and to running her Italian restaurant business.
    La Bussola on Allerton Road is her second passion and it’s one she’s very proud of.

    “All I wanted when I opened the restaurant was that everyone felt, whatever meal they ate, that they’d got good value for money whether it was a £3 bowl of soup or a fillet steak,” she smiles. “Our team of staff, the management, waitresses and chefs have created that, which is brilliant.”
    And one day, quite possibly, they could have a familiar face to serve.
    “I made Angelina a dish from the restaurant, our chicken chorizo, and she loved it and keeps saying ‘do you still sell that? I’ll have to come up and have it.’
    “The chef knows what she’s said, I’ve told him, that’s why it’s still on the menu – I won’t let him take it off now!”


  • neer

    How RACHEL ALEJANDRO (Filipino actress/ singer) deals with intrigues
    DIRECTLINE By Boy Abunda (The Philippine Star) Updated September 01, 2010

    ….If you were to be born again with a Siamese twin, who would be your twin? Why?
    I would love to be the twin of Angelina Jolie. I’m completely in love with her. She is a bad-ass goddess!


  • revolution

    he should be dating Sandra Bullock

  • Bridie

    I don’t get it – what is it about this guy? He’s pretty average looking and he’s with the most annoying woman in this world. Can’t stand him and definitely can’t stand Angelina and her brood!!


    Re – good, now Maniston can’t monopolize this event (notice she isn’t even mentioned in the tags), and bahaha – hopefully Renee Z will bring Bradley Cooper and George will bring Elisabetta ‘Yeah I think Maniston looks like Iggy Pop!’ Cannalis…TEE-HEEE:
    George Clooney and Will Smith join ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ event
    ABC Billie Joe Armstrong CBS Denzel Washington E! FOX George Clooney Gwyneth Paltrow HBO Lady Antebellum leona Lewis Martina McBride NBC Neil Diamond Queen Latifah renee zellweger Showtime Stand Up to Cancer Stevie Wonder VH1 Will Smith
    September 1st, 2010
    George Clooney, Will Smith, Gwyneth Paltrow, Denzel Washington, and Renee Zellweger are among the celebs who have just joined the September 10 “Stand Up to Cancer” telethon, which will raise money to combat the deadly disease. A number of musicians are also slated to perform, including Stevie Wonder, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Lady Antebellum, Leona Lewis, and Martina McBride. Will you be watching? Read more… more inside

  • sera

    I will never understand the people who hate so much on Angie that don’t evenknow her. Everyone who really knows her loves her and have nothing but good things to say. Such closed mnded people out there. They have to hate Angie in order to support Aniston. How dumb is that. Of course Aniston allowing her friend Handler to bash Angie in her presence doesn’t help. Aniston is proving to not be the sweet thing she pretends to be. The truth always comes out and Aniston is not the nice person everyone thought. Oh by the way today is ridiculous tabloid story day!!!!!! People be smart save your money.

  • teri

    Such a busy man. Love the JP family.

  • sav

    Dream on baby!!!!

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Reposting my post from last thread..ssshh in a meeting..
    Good deal Brad..Im there Sept8th..wouldnt miss it..Y
    our voice is like velvet 2 my
    # 126 Neleh @ 09/01/2010 at 9:17 am
    Good Morning Neleh here.
    Top of The Morning 2 All JP+6 Fans On Board & Lurking Now.
    Good morning, Thanku Bdj 4 your consistent updates & News regarding our favorite family & extras you bring, really thanku much.
    Its a treat 2 have you here this morn bdj. 4 fans such as myself its lovely 2 log on & read the latest, when you dont have but a bit of time. Thanku much bdj.
    Thanku Anistin, morning dear, 4 posting guli’s article.Thanku Beverly Hills.
    Fans here have summed much of what I wanted 2 say.
    I will reiterate that Angelina & Brad walk the walk.
    They move/inspire so many of us 2 do our bit parts as we can.
    Thanku Angelina & Brad- you 2 make us proud.
    Welcome home African Girl. Happy youre safe.
    Will do the roll call soon.
    We fans all come from different backgrounds.race.creed.color. national origin, sex, political affiliation. beliefs.cultural.
    As long as we can agree 2 agree or disagree respectfully.
    That makes a community worth it..
    Have a lovely, productive day- in whatever you do that makes you feel validated, at peace with yourself.
    Morning Lara.Phool.Andamen2that.LLM.Mark.Aseret64 .Gingerbread welcome my dear. NAN.Trt. Muuah.
    Thanku dulcinea13.-1 more
    I am only one, but I am one.
    I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
    And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.

  • http://Neleh Neleh

    Reposting..Brad & Angelina ..Always Walking the walk.
    129 Neleh @ 09/01/2010 at 9:26 am
    Brad & Angelina in Pakistan- not new.
    Morning Gracie. Morning Aunt/s Soopx1.Irma.Ate Char.Dina#1. Vickie.Anoble.Ebmo.Feline.Thelookoflove1365.
    Catsup.Nenu.Ifsogirl.Brandfan.Cecile.Ms.Beth.Old lady.Dianad.Sera.
    If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
    Help someone who can’t return the favor.
    Ot Strictly.
    Please do not let Trollops control this board.
    Contact/Flag/Report 2 Jared/Chris ect., its its purpose.

  • Bigger

    All the support and love this couple has show how powerful they are. I think theres no need to bless them. They are already blessed.



  • Whocares

    Who cares…….

  • Beau Tocks

    His facial work looks successful.


    Why do you stinking stupid biitches keep changing your moniker and posting the same sh!t? Do you really think we dont notice? Oh, i get it, as a trash-reading littlee piece of sh!t, youre dumb enough to believe any fantasy, right? Got it.

  • Deleted

    Fine I’ll stick to calling him the Botox king and I won’t even bother make fun of brangies phoney relationship or brad being a complete wuss or anything about Shiloh/Jon

  • Kim

    @Deleted: So proud of both Brad and Angie 2 of the most soght after actors in Hollywood, Tony Scott wants Brad and Depp for Nemesis,producers want Angie for Cleopatra, Robert Duvall wants Brad for a film…Brad film Superbowl doc, MIR, Angie Un Work Pakistan Psa all that and parents of 6 kids,



  • Lara

    Brad and Angie are happy and in love, too bad if the haters can’t take the truth.

  • Forbes to ten
  • Jen’s loss Angie’s gain

    Angie is indeed a very lucky girl. Brad is the best husband in the world.

  • Lara

    @Jen’s loss Angie’s gain:
    Yes, and Angie is the best wife in the world too, so Brad is equally as lucky.

  • LYNN

    OH MY GOD. HE IS SO FINE. I certainly will be watching on Sept 8. I just love his voice. I know someone made the statement, that getting together with Angelina was the best move he could have ever made. Angie is smart and the two of them is working it. Jennifer was not smart enough for Brad. The girl could not help him to move foward. Her big mistake was to think she was the bigger star just because she happened to be on a hit tv show and it went to her head. This guy came from good background and was bound to be a star in Hollywood just because of his looks. That is not what he was all about, the guy is smart, knows business. He did go to college and his major was journalism and could be a commentator, unlike some of these so-called commentators he did study for it or has some training. He** let me stop blabbling and just admit that this is one hell of a man. Love you Brad, Angie and all the little cute kids . I would love to see a Christmas Card with all the family on it but I guess that would only be for close friends and family. Background New Orleans
    Good day everyone getting ready for work.

  • http://s Evelyn’s Eye

    We’ll definitely be watching- Brad has such a great voice. This is a very cool picture- Brad, as always, looks amazing & “Evelyn’s” eye (from the SALT artwork behind Brad) adds a special touch!!

  • NAN

    He He He,JJ ‘s machine is KAPUT again, maybe HOHUM Hennifer and WhamothehalfmanNajimy just blocking for BitterBiichBarren’s FORBES,he he he he he he he.

  • sea

    Old pic, younger :(

  • um


    um you dummy tihis was taken from the Salt premiere. Look at the background. It’s the poster from Salt. Talk what you know next time. That goes for all you trolls. You all clog up blogs with a bunch of crappola.

  • Passing Through

    # 34 Forbes to ten @ 09/01/2010 at 2:12 pm
    ROTFLMAO. I see Forbes is still hellbent on propping up X’s career. How in the hell can someone who’s last 4 movies tanked BIG TIME possibly be a 21 to 1 return on her salary? If this is the kind of accounting Forbes is doing is it really any wonder why the mortgage & insurance industries have fvcking bankrupt the country?
    By FOrbes’ own accounting X made $27MIL last year. THe movies included in that salary include Bountiless, for which she was paid $8 MIL and it earned $136MIL worldwide with the studio getting $68MIL. It also included Turkey Baster, which last year Forbes claimed X was paid $8MIL for, so let’s stick with their math. Turkey Baster is currently hovering around the $17MIL mark, of which the studio gets half or $8.5MIL. The last time I checked (68+8.5)/16=$4.78. If they’re being silly and counting the worldwide total – $136MIL + $1.1MIL for Turkey Baster – 137.1/16=8.57. Any way you slice it and dice it – it don’t come out to $21 to $1.
    I’d love to know what their criteria was because they’ve also got Cate Blanchett, Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicolas Cage in the top 10. In what world does Forbes live in where a Cate Blanchett movie returns $27 to $1? Are they counting CCOBB, which was Brad’s movie, and Indiana Jones Crystal Skull, which was Harrison Ford’s movie? And Sarah Jessica Parker who’s only movie to make money in the last 5 years are the 2 SATC movies and a minor hit with Matt McConaughey? And let’s not even get started on Nic Cage. For every National Treasure sequel there are 2 Bangkok Dangerous. Bang-what, right? Exactly. Seriously, Forbes, SHOW ME THE MONEY!

  • Forbes

    PT- I don’t think that Forbes is that supportive of her career. Look at their blog….
    I’m beginning to think that she is making these low budget movies for very little money . How is she still getting roles? Her next two movies “Just go with it” and “Horrible bosses” will probably do a little better because she is part of the supporting cast.

  • Tazzy


    I agree with you.

  • lulu

    Passing Through @ 09/01/2010 at 7:45 pm

    The crdiblity of Forbes is down the drain.

    Put any unknown , cheaper actor on Indiana Jones and the Harry Potter movie’s , it would stil make billion. there are other major factors which make those movie click not the two stars .

    And how did Maniston make to the list ? she had more bomb than hit. or may be her salary was not really 8 miilion .

  • Shar

    @Passing Through:

    PT, I personally think someone is lying about X’s salary. She only got paid $8 million for 3 movies: The Break-up, Marley, and Bounty. She got paid minimum amount of $ for all her other movies, which is what Forbes is basing her movie returns on. But because they’re only mentioning her movies where she made her maximum salary amount (which is still $4 million less then Kat Heigl, and $12 million less then the Jolie), just to make ppl think she was paid that amount on all her movies

  • Shar

    I don’t know if this was mentioned already, but if not, Kick Asss The sequel has been greenlit. Here’s the link:

  • yay

    Brad rocks.

  • Tina

    I love his voice.

  • melon

    Aww man.. we can’t give thumbs up anymore? Anyway, I can’t wait to watch it.. Brad has a really sexy voice.