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Hayden Christensen: Katsuya Dinner Date

Hayden Christensen: Katsuya Dinner Date

Hayden Christensen and a mystery male dine out at Japanense restaurant Katsuya on Tuesday (August 31) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old Canuck cutie certainly had something to celebrate. His new movie Takers took the No. 2 spot at the box office over the weekend with a cool $20 million! The Last Exorcism took the top spot with $1.3 million more.

FYI: Hayden is wearing a a pair of Creative Recreation “Pilotto” Shoes. He wore the same ones in brown while in New York City last month!

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Credit: Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! JJ – you really posted the worst looking picture of him. Wonder what he’s doing in LA. Also, how come if it were Rachel you’d say it was a “business meeting” but for Hayden you give off some sort of “romantic” spin.

  • Jamie

    @lexy hates bilson: Really @lexy hates bilson, lets not start with the Rachel hate again. This is a post about Hayden, no reason to keep bringing up his relationship with Rachel.

  • Alias

    Wasn’t Takers No 1 at the box office, where did you get your figures?

    And ‘mystery male” give me a break, RB pay you to say that!

  • me

    What a cutie.

  • Ben

    Is this tw*t on drugs or what?

  • God

    Looks like a business meeting to me, jmo

  • lexy hates bilson

    OK then…since the Hayden fans are experts – one said he didn’t own a car here in the US – so how does he get around? Is he driving a Ford Fiesta he rented from Avis at LAX?

  • ASAP

    That’s not true. Takers was #1 this week with the TOTAL amount of tickets counted at the send of sunda. Where are you getting your information?

  • Sacha,

    Not only is he ugly and a useless actor, he has the personality of a f*cking SNAIL. Smh.

  • PsychicChick

    Hi everyone, I have email celespsychic when she said that HC and RB whould get married. I told her I was a psychic too and gave a details about my own personal reading.
    She just ignored me cos I did disagree with her.
    I do not even read her blog anymore as she was just unfriendly to me.

    HC will soon meet his soulmate. She is clever, beautiful young woman. She is an artist too but does many other jobs on the sides.
    She is a also foreign born to him.

    Is there any other psychics here? Let’s have fun and give “serious” predictions.

  • Takers no. 1

    He does not look happy…

  • huh

    @PsychicChick: Foreign born to him? o.0

  • RoseThorne

    Takers was Number 1 at the Box Office, not second place.
    It pulled in 20.5 million. Last Ex only made 20.4 million.
    So how it made 1.3 million more is beyond me.

  • PsychicChick


    Yes, his soulmate is not canadian. She is a brunette, average height, feminine and everybody will love her (she is a good girl).

  • RoseThorne

    @lexy hates bilson: Im sure he can afford to rent a car if he wishes to.( Like Lindsay her new sports car is a rental) or he barrowed his brothers car. Either way doesnt really matter. God they picked the worst picture of him to use. Of course he doesnt look happy he has papparazzi in his face, wouldnt that make you frown after a public split?And what is with the title of this post? Dinner date? Mystery man? Oh come off it, its a business meeting, probably something to do with either The Genesis Code ( they might need a new director) or The Cold, or hell even talks for the Takers prequel or Jumper sequel. All four are suppose to be in the works on some level.
    Since when cant a guy hug another guy without it being twisted? Dont you think its takes a pretty comfortable person in their own skin to do that and not worry what others think?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`if this guy had any type of personality he might have a career.

  • Takers no. 1

    He is not frowning, his eyes look sad, whatever….

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Rose- I was joking about the car but I agree. JJ always has these women (not just Rachel) going to “business meetings” or dining with “gal pals” but with HC and some of the other men he gays it up with this dinner with a “mystery male”.

  • BlowFish

    He could of just had some bad sushi you never know ;p and thats why the grumpy face.

  • kroq

    I’ve had a crush on him for about a decade now, but after seeing Takers, he is finally killing the quiver. He’s just… awful. He simply doesn’t have much of a screen presence. He had the least swagger from that cast, I felt like I was watching a white boy trying too hard to be cool. And his line delivery in the beginning? *Cringe* He got a little better as the film proceeded, but it’s a bit sad that rapper T.I. comes off being more believable. I know he’s been good in the past in Higher Ground (where I first saw him), Life As a House, and Shattered Glass…. but those performances are way behind him now. I hope he stays away from these types of films and takes a chance with some better material to challenge him.

  • Andrea

    JJ, the early boxoffice showing Takers in no. 2 spot was due to estimates and was so close most expected it might change on Monday. Actual count on Monday showed Takers to be no. 1. The L.A. Times followed up on the story.

  • Flick

    Come on — he can have a male friend, can’t he? Or a business colleague? The intimation here is ridiculous. I didn’t see you saying Rachel Bilson was with a “mystery female,” just a friend. Based on having seen him around a lot, I’m about 99% sure Hayden Christensen is NOT gay, though it wouldn’t matter. The whole idea that you’re “catching” a male actor in some sort of “mystery date” situation is absolutely ridiculous.

  • @Flick

    Exactly dont you think if he was being caught on a dinner date with a mystery man he wouldnt be at KATSUYA which happens to be a papparazzi central and feeding grounds and he wouldnt hug the man as well. Katsuya is often used for business dinners.
    On a side note that mans name is David he works for an agency in LA. The same agency Haydens agent use to work for.
    So mystery man no longer.

  • the truth

    @Sacha,: @kroq: He i not ugly he’s cute and he did a good job with the part he play. Also jj just didn’t want to write about the movie anymore. But it was no.1 . And its alright to hug a guy in public. Girls do it all the time and we don’t say nothing about it. Hayden probably upset about the paz in his face and about the questions they ask him about his Ex. Like he can’t come to la to visit or buiness matter. He can come there if he want to.Things said that he haven’t moved on.But i see he has.He had moved on months ago.

  • He’s so Gay

    …it’s unbelievable. What a slime, to pretend to be engaged to Bilson! It’s clear to everyone with a brain and 2 eyes that he cared nothing at all for her, while she pimped out the relationship for everything she could get out of it and he milked it too– to appear less gay and more marketable. But it didn’t work. All the whole thing did was make him look even more gay, terrified of being discovered, and his behavior to his love made him look like he is a complete dirtbag with women.

    He used to be really cute looking too. Now he’s just past it and looking like the has-been he is.

  • Sammy

    @He’s so Gay:

    That guy is not a “mystery man” he’s an agent. And I think he looks really sexy. :O)

  • annie

    love hayden,buisness meeting the dude was carrying papers,hate,hate eveytime hes mentioned,who r the great actors on this blog?get over star w already.hes gonna be a actor til he wants to stop.

  • heess aswomee


  • @Ben

    @Ben: He probably had some “sake” while dining most people do there. What do you look like after a few drinks? Probably about the same.

  • Kay

    Whether Hayden is gay or not really has nothing at all to do with anybody else. Nevertheless, I would think, from the girlfriends he’s had and the engagement to a woman, he’s probably very secure in his sexuality. I would be if I was him. He is the epitome of mankind.
    Rachel Bilson, is in his past now, so why on God’s Earth do people keep bringing her up? She seems to have sense enough to move on with her life and find somebody with the same ideas of travel and commitment as herself.
    And you don’t have to be psychic to be enlightened with the fact he’ll probably end up with an artist, he’s creative himself, whether acting is the right thing for him or not.
    Stop all the Hayden hate people! He’s a genuine, safe guy.

  • @Kay

    It is really no ones business what he is. I will say this though his rumored girlfriends all turned out to be rumors in the end, even he admitted it in interviews that those rumors werent true.
    The only girl he seemed to claim was Bilson herself and no one knows what to think of that, it seemed cold and fake but who knows really. Maybe a mixture of fake with real wishes who knows?

  • Jamie

    @He’s so Gay: HE’S NOT GAY! He’s fricken HOT.

  • deadpool

    @PsychicChick: Predict me.

  • @32

    Ricky Martin is so freakin’ hot too but so freaking gay as well LOL

  • Jokergurl

    That’s his older brother Tove, he’s not gay, he’s not pretending to be engaged to Bilson either.

  • Viper

    To clue you in @35 that man is not Tove you need your vision checked. he seems to show plenty of affection now to anyone just never could tot he ex. I say he is much happier now then he ever was since the game is over.

  • @ 36

    I dont know, when i see his photos after the break up, he was only happy at the LA premier, after that, for me, he just looks off or stoned, even on interviews, well, i could be wrong. I hope he is okey.

  • ComeON

    @@ 36: Havent you ever taken a few bad pictures in your life where you looked a little ” off” give me a break.
    He looked just fine the other day when arrived at LAX unhappy to see the paps but fine.
    If he smiled for the paps then everyone would call him a presswhore so what is the man to do.
    Unhappy to see them somethings wrong with him, smiles and hes presswhoring.
    People just will ride him on things either way.

  • Sushianyone?

    That isnt his brother Tove ( who although has put on some weight no offense meant he hasnt put on that much also the man is too short to be Tove . Tove is taller than even Hayden himself)
    That mystery man is David Guillod.
    He is an agent that joined Paradigm late last year
    Paradigm is the talent agency group Hayden’s agent was wih till recently so maybe Hayden is getting a new agent or consulting with the group.

  • DOH!!!!!!!!!!!

    T.I.. busted for possession and violated his probation from prison so that Takers Prequel might be put on hold.

  • Bridie

    What’s with the “mystery male”-comments?? Jeez – give it a break! Can’t he just have dinner with a friend or colleague? And I don’t think he’s looking sad, just tired or annoyed.

  • Ruth

    Way to go Rose! Hollyweird and their “spin” off EVERYTHING, it’s always distorted. It’s all about selling their website, magazine, or pictures…so sick!! As if HAYDEN FANS care one lick what they say! They seem to love their own sick celebrity by doing this…just so depraved!

  • Ruth

    @Flick: You go girl! I heartily agree! What the heck is WRONG with Hollywood lately? Looks like it’s just ALL paparazzi….sick individuals to be sure!

  • Ruth

    @He’s so Gay: You PROVE your “gayness” by all your comments! Just can’t stand it that HAYDEN has talent, business friends to talk over projects with, or HAS an ex-girlfriend! Your jealousy shows all over your stupid self! Perhaps YOU need to get a life!

  • Aww

    He has seemed really sad in pictures. :( I’ve read he’s really sad about his breakup with Rachel:

  • H728

    PLEASE, don’t blindly believe EVERYTHING you have read especially when it comes to gossip. Just saying.
    Like what #38 has said: “Havent you ever taken a few bad pictures in your life where you looked a little ‘off’.”
    He looks more like he’s not happy to see the paps for me.

  • jess

    man date – yes! and we even get a hug-shot, woo!

  • H728

    Really, I’m so sick of the people who keep saying how “sad” Hayden looks like recently.
    I bet you only take notice of the candids, because if you also take a look at the pictures about him attending events recently (such as the Takers premiere in LA & Las Vegas, the Reeve Foundation, etc.), he obviously looked happy.
    Since those are candids, what’s the big deal of him looking a bit “off”? Why it can’t be just because he is tired or annoyed to see the paps?

  • @Awww

    @Aww: Um actually that is a really really old post about when Hayden attend the Christopher Reeve Foudation event. It was just a day or so after she announced the split. So classy of her might I add but anyways back to my point.

    It was reported Hayden wasn’t sad at all but that when people tryed to interview him at the event one of his reps hovered around him and told them he would not be doing any interviews at the time.
    Trying to interview him at a charity event? So classless.
    He went outside for a smoke for about twenty mintues during the event and then came back and posed for pictures happily with every girl that asked him and circled the room talking to anyone that wanted his attention. It was just reported that the reason he wasnt doing interviews wasnt because he was depressed it is because he is a private man who hates to talk about these kinds of things to begin with( one of the endearing things about him) and on top of that people were trying to get the “scoop” on the split from his mouth when he was suppose to be lending his name and time to a worthy cause. He has known the Reeves for years and was asked to attend as a favor to them to help raise money and he kindly did help. If he was pissed at all that night it was because he had little rats trying to interview him about the WRONG thing at the WRONG time.
    If he is bummed about the split at all it is most likely because it got dragged out into the press instead of going away quietly( Something I am sure he would of prefered). So if he is sad it is probably because Bilsons people came forward and told everyone about the split when they really didnt need to. No offense to him but they werent exactly a couple everyone was always talking about all the time and they could of split quietly without anyone noticing really, but nope Bilson’s rep run to People and drag it back into the headlines. When they did split or I should say she told everyone they did months after the fact most people all over the place said I didnt even know they were together t begin with lol See it wasnt like they were being hounded by People for details or anything about the current state of their relationship at the time.
    If anyone hasnt noticed you havent heard a peep from Hayden’s reps about all this. To me that says alot.

  • Hypocritical

    From the Bilson thread on here. Someone under “BlankName” ( not the most original screen name ever I might add) posted this link. and comment.

    “” BlankName @ 09/02/2010 at 5:58 am
    Bilson’s statement in court taken this past June about the home robbery causes with the bling ring.
    She sounds like she got confused by their questions easily. but even worse she lied?
    She said that she was away for a month around the time the people broke him except they broke in around May 8th and she was in LA at the very end of April getting papped shopping for several days.
    Just didnt add up.
    Also she said clothes were returned that belonged to a “boyfriend” she had ” at the time” so they were already done for good way back in early June this year when she made this statement.
    Also she called him a boyfriend not a fiancee that is a major slip of the tounge or it proves their whole relationship was fake possibly and she had a REAL boyfriend in La the whole time.
    Im thinking so.
    Anyways thought I would share the link.”"
    End of BlankNames comment.

    Seems some of the people over there think that it proves Bilson and Hayden were a fake couple to begin with. I mean she never mentioned the clothes being Hayden’s and she did say “boyfriend” not fiancee also strange I must admit. So I wonder if maybe they are right and the whole thing was staged and they both had other people of the side. Oh well doesnt matter either way real or fake they are over.

    Speaking of which Bilson said her “boyfriend at the time” ( he was fiancee by then but thats not the point) she was speaking that means of Hayden in early June / late May this year( when her testimony was taken ) that they were already OVER.
    Even though she continued to wear the ring for another month,( till the end of June) then let it slip to UsWeekly at the event for her father “No ring no nothing” as she put it and then a month after that made the split official while Hayden was promoting Takers.

    I dont know that seems messed up to me somehow.

    Sounds like they split then way way back in May the last time anyone saw them together and then it was dragged out all the way till the beginning of August. I think it is kind of messed up to keep wearing a ring and acting ” engaged” for attention. When you are telling a court under oath that you are no longer together.