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Jensen Ackles: Motorcycle Giant!

Jensen Ackles: Motorcycle Giant!

Jensen Ackles rides around on a mini-bike while on break from shooting his CW show Supernatural on Monday (August 30) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 32-year-old actor’s wife, One Tree Hill‘s Danneel Harris, has said that if she were asked to guest star on Supernatural, she would say no! “Are you kidding? The fans would kill me. I’m so hated there,” Danneel said.

Last month, Jensen and co-star Jared Padalecki filmed scenes for their hit show, which returns for its sixth season on Friday, September 24th at 9/8c on The CW!

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Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Jordy

    The fans only dislike her because she’s a bad actress and every interview I’ve seen she acts like a complete snob. But I’m sooo excited for the new season!

  • Dan

    q delicia hein! venk lindeza

  • Dan

    q delicia hein! venk vem! auihauaha (6)

  • Kady

    I don’t hate Danneel, and not all fans do either. She’s not a bad actress, either. Sounds like sour grapes to me, Jordy.

  • Stevie

    oh Danneel – most Supernatural fans think you’re awesome and hot and a great actress. The rest are just jealous you’ve got what they want – Jensen!

  • N.

    The dude is gorgeous but I think he’s fab because of the fantastic job he does as Dean on Supernatural. I’m also excited for the new season, Jordy!

  • Danneel Sucks

    Danneel SUCKS. So who the f*ck cares??
    Any ways, Jensen is great and FYI, people don’t hate Danneel just because she’s married to Jensen. Everyone has their own reasons for hating her and trust me when I say that it has nothing to do with jealousy for most people. She’s a f*cking snob when she’s not sucking up and I’m talking from experience. End of story.

  • Anne

    We’d be more than happy to have her on the show if she could act. But lets face it, she can’t. I don’t know much about their marriage, hope they are happy. Jensen likes to stay low key and in the back ground. He would never marry anyone who had a chance of a career that forced him to be in the spot light 24/7. That’s why he picked Daneel. So whatever for whatever the reason Jensen married her, he knew what he was getting into.

  • Jenna

    I remember her from OTH and she doesn’t have much in the way of real acting skills.

  • hola

    he looks much older than his age, he has a lot of wrinkle on his eyes.

  • coachhandbagsonsale

    this is the guy from species??

  • karrrla

    we don’t hate you Daneel, we love Jensen and we’re happy if he’s happy.

  • merry

    Oh my. How can one guy be so hot and adorable all at the same time? It’s not really fair at all. Lucky Danneel. I’d love to see her on the show but the rabid haters ruin it for all of us as usual.

  • ??

    @Danneel Sucks:

    So basically she blew your @ss off & p!ssed you off?? Yep, sounds about right. Heck, why else would hold such anger for someone you don’t know. And please spare the details of how you *think* you know her. Do. Not. Care!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …he’s the epitomy of cool.
    …`i like chris evans and i think he’ll be a great captain america but i was definitely one of many that wanted jensen to get the role. even if they had to write him out of a few sn episodes it would have been worth it.

  • mrs. robinson

    Love Jensen. Thanks for photos.

  • qb

    Danneel is really bad actress and a bitch. She and Jensen are prefect match.

  • Nat

    Smart girl, yeah stay away cause you’re hated. Ever wonder why??

  • Nat

    Smart girl, yeah stay away cause you’re hated. Did you Ever wonder why??

  • Nic

    Um no honey, ignore the fantatics, not all fans of the shows hate you, or all women on the show, Just a bunch of morons, like always in life. I would love to see you on the show in an episode or two, and im a hradcore fan of the show since the start.

  • ****

    I wish Jensen Ackles would ride ME in a parking lot.

  • emma

    i love jensen pics :X

  • hermit

    I’m not excited so far for the new season of SN, not after what they did to Dean in season 5 and I haven’t heard anything that makes me want to watch the show.

    I don’t hate Danneel and I agree, if she makes Jensen happy, then I’m happy, but I don’t think she should be on the show. We know if she was it would be only because Jensen requested it, and Danneel is her own actress with her own show. She deserves to be seen as an individual, just as Jensen does.

    On the shallow end, Jensen is hot, talented, and a great guy.

  • Mia

    He is sooo hot! I just love love love him..
    I’ve seen all the seasons of SUPERNATURAL!
    I live in Holland and here they don’t sell them anywhere.. really sad.
    How many seasons are there out now? 5 and 6?
    I can’t wait, Jensen marry me:P

  • Rio

    wow Jared why do you mention Mrs.Ackles?Jensen’s publist paid you?

  • lili

    Jensen Ackles, your woman is so classy. I wonder why you like her so much. Is it because you two are similarly bitchy inside or it is because something else. lol

  • lili

    Jensen Ackles, your woman is so classy. I wonder why you like her so much. Is it because you two are similarly btchy inside or it is because something else. lol

  • Jen

    Love this post. Jensen is so cute! Danneel knows what’s up. The fans would definitely not like that.

  • Nour

    Not all Supernatural fans hate her. Frankly, most don’t care about her either way.

  • Kiki

    I LOVE you Jensen. This man is so so hot!

    Danneel who???

  • Katie

    What’s with all the Jensen posts recently ? Not that I complain, Supernatural is a great show, but seeing some Jared shots would be nice as well.

  • Leonardo

    Jensen é foda demais <3 . E eu não odeio a Dan, amaria ver ela fazendo participação em Supernatural.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    wow Danneel is smarter than i thought..LOL… on justjared atleast 4 times a day lookin 4 Jensen or Supernatural topics. da 1 time i didnt, i miss JENSEN!!! LOL wel i luv it!! hes 2 cute & funny on his little motocylce!! wish he would ride me!!

  • jensenLUVER tanya


  • sped

    This man is totally HOT!!! Absolutely love Supernatural.

  • Frisco

    I love Jensen and Supernatural. Hey all you jealous haters, if you all love Jensen so much and think he’s great, then how could he be with someone who is so horrible? Give him some credit. You haters have the maturity of 14 year olds. Grow up!

  • sky10

    wooow!this guy is the reasoned why i like to watch supernatural….. beacuse of JENSEN!!! he is like…. a perfect man….more seasons to come.

  • sofie

    oh, no. daneel is absolutly amazing! i dont understand why people hate on her just because she’s married to jensen.

  • BTS girl

    Jensen isn’t just super hot but he’s also a total sweetheart. Just ask anyone that works with him.

  • http://FABIOLA100%GAROTA@HOTMAIL.COM fabiola


  • Lauren

    Awwh :( We dont hate you Danneel! As long as Jensen is happy then I’m happy for him. :) She’s a very lucky woman. :L
    Never seen Danneel act in anything. But I do think it’s a wise choice not appearing in Supernatural.

  • mahogany


    I have seen her in a couple of things and she’s not that great of an actress. I don’t hate her or think she’s a b****. My opinion has nothing to do with her being with Jensen. She’s just not that great. If he’s happy, then great. Her not being a big star, gives them a better shot at making it as a couple.

  • Dawn

    Stop hating on Danneel!! She is so sweet and it sucks that people hate her and Gen :( They both are beautiful, talented and sweet people who totally deserve Jared and Jensen, two of the hottest men ever! It sucks that people hate her :( It would be awesome if she actually came on the show for The French Mistake! it would make the episode so much better!! :)

  • supernaturalpam

    Well, that happens to me at times I hate it, sometimes I accept it, although I have lived my tantrums of rage because he married the most beautiful being on earth, loving, tender and sexy, too many for one woman and we we just have to settle with him in pictures. I have wallpapered my room and all of the l every day I wake up happy because there are men like my Jensen. Ahhhh, please do so soon to Jensen Junior, I want to see their pestañitas and eyes. What can we do, fell in love. We just have to be very happy.

  • annie

    Jensen is damn awesome ^^